20 Facts We Learned About Kailyn Lowry After She Left Teen Mom

When Kailyn Lowry appeared on MTV’s Teen Mom for the first time, she had no idea where the show would take her. But today, Kailyn is a self-made boss mom with three boys and a college degree under her belt. From TV to books and promo appearances, Kailyn has an enterprise of her own making and doesn’t take any days off.

But there’s more to this teen mom than what MTV shows us, including cut scenes and other footage that didn’t make it onto the TV. Sometimes MTV wants to embellish scenes or imply that there’s more drama than what’s truly happening. Other times, they cut the dramatic scenes because of violence or other worrisome events- keeping fans in the dark when it comes to what’s happening to our favorite ladies. And despite all the drama on set and off, many fans are truly invested in the journeys of the teen mom cast.

That’s why Kailyn’s story is so fascinating for fans- she’s a perfect example of what hard work and dedication will get you. She also has some cautionary tales to tell about relationships, love, plastic surgery, and more. Here are twenty things we learned about Kailyn Lowry that didn’t come from MTV’s filming.

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20 She Doesn’t Back Down

Rumors of a fight on the set of a Teen Mom reunion special sparked controversy online, but Kailyn put a stop to the rumors with her honest words. The “physical altercation,” E Online reported, was actually between Briana DeJesus and her sister Brittany, Kailyn explained. Brittany pulled her hair, she admitted, but that was the extent of the “fight” that other outlets reported. She clarified, however, that she tried to “hash it out” with Briana, who “didn’t want to… I told her to get up. She wouldn’t get up. That was that.” Suffice it to say, Kailyn’s ready to duke it out with anyone who has something to say.

19 No Contact Dad

If the fact that IMDB’s bio page on Kailyn lists her third child’s father, Chris Lopez, as a “friend” isn’t enough for you, maybe it’s worth hearing from Kail herself about her baby daddy drama. When Kailyn spoke with Dr. Drew on a Teen Mom reunion episode, her son Lux was three months old, and his father hadn’t seen him in a month, E Online reported. Kailyn confirmed that, “he cheated on me my whole pregnancy,” which is reason enough for the two not to speak. But that no-contact also extends to their son, who Kailyn says friends have helped her raise so far.

18 No Girls Allowed

Kailyn is perfectly happy with her three boys, she told Dr. Drew, according to E Online, and she doesn’t want a daughter. She told Dr. Drew, “I don’t think I could handle a little version of myself.” At the same time, Kailyn is a hands-on mom who doesn’t mind the ‘dirty socks’ smell, and “is focusing on being a hands-on parent” to her three boys. Her Twitter is an indication of that- she’s always sharing about her boys and their adventures. From doing crafts together to struggling to get the laundry folded, Kailyn seems to love every minute of bonding with her boys.

17 Done, Baby, Done

Although she hinted that she doesn’t plan on having more children any time soon, fans still wonder whether Kailyn will go for baby number four. When Dr. Drew asked about more kids on a follow-up to Teen Mom, Kailyn’s answer was a somewhat vague, “I don’t think so.” Still, with the difficulty of dealing with the three dads of her three sons, it wouldn’t be surprising if Kailyn waited to have another baby until she’s in a long-term relationship. After all, it’s easier to parent when you have a partner- especially one that is on the same page as you are.

16 Travel Bug Bites

Her Twitter announces that she’s a “wannabe world traveler,” but Kailyn’s already making good on that goal. She’s not quite a jet-setter with three kids in tow, but the young mom has traveled to both destinations in the US and overseas. One Twitter follower got a kick out of Isaac, her eldest, telling his mom to ‘ask me where I got my shirt,’ just so he can answer: Rome! She also went to St. Thomas while she was 35 weeks pregnant with Lux. US Magazine recapped the Teen Mom episode, noting that a scare with pre-eclampsia almost resulted in an early delivery at the end of the vacation.

15 Almost Picking Plastic

After Lux’s birth in August of 2017, it seems like Kailyn was feeling down on herself for carrying a bit of “extra” weight- so much so that she traveled to Miami for plastic surgery. After all, having three children does change a woman’s body. But, US Magazine reported, Kailyn changed her mind a few hours before the surgery, opting to skip the liposuction and breast augmentation in favor of a nutritionist and working out. She took to Twitter with the explanation, noting that she had saved some cash toward the procedures that she planned to use for healthier means instead.

14 Surgery In The Past

Although she bailed on the most recent appointment for plastic surgery, Kailyn has had some work done before. Though I’ve watched plenty of Teen Mom episodes, either the show must have glossed over it, or they didn’t mention it at all. It was news to me that Kailyn has previously had liposuction, a tummy tuck, and a butt lift- but according to US Magazine, that’s what happened in 2016. Her doctor shared the before and after shots on Snapchat, the mag reported, complete with “a bloody towel” in the photos. It’s not for everyone, but we hope that whatever Kailyn’s had done, it helped her feel good about herself.

13 Wishful Writer

If you expected Kail to be one of those teen moms who capitalizes on her MTV fame to live on the rest of her life, you’d be wrong. Kailyn has her own mom boss goals, including publishing books. She’s written Hustle & Heart (plus a related coloring book for adults), Pride Over Pity, and A Letter of Love, but there’s also a children’s book in the mix- Love is Bubblegum. Kailyn also has a website and blog where she, presumably, writes about what she’s up to and what projects are up next. Suffice it to say, she’s not relying on MTV for her, or her children’s, futures.

12 Relationship Rumors

If you watched early episodes of Teen Mom, when Kailyn and her eldest son Isaac’s dad, Jo, were together, there were always cheating rumors swirling. Though the show cut their episodes to appear as if Kailyn and Jo had called it quits right before Kailyn started dating someone new, fans still speculated that Kailyn had cheated. After all, why else would Jo’s parents have been so upset about her dating someone new? But it didn’t end there- ex-husband Javi, as well as other past romantic partners, have also accused Kail of cheating. Plus, Javi “revealed” that he and Kailyn hooked up right after he split from Briana DeJesus, according to In Touch Weekly.

11 No Back-Up Babysitters

Although Kailyn credits her close friends with helping her with her three children, she admits that she doesn’t go out a whole lot. In Touch Weekly quoted her as saying that she goes out to eat with romantic partners, but notes, “I have never gotten a babysitter and gone on a date.” We knew she was a hands-on mom, but that’s a whole new level of dedication. Still, here’s hoping Kail is taking time for herself, maybe while her sons are with their dads. At least that way, she can recharge and have some conversation with other grownups, at least.

10 No Luck In Love

Via In Touch Weekly

I don’t recall producers advertising this one on Teen Mom, but it turns out Kailyn Lowry dates both girls and guys. In fact, People reported recently that Kailyn admitted she’d rather date girls than guys, at least at this point in her life. After her ex, and the father of baby Lux, Chris Lopez cheated and broke up with her, Kailyn explained, she couldn’t help but compare every man to Chris. She said, “Every man is like Chris. I want nothing to do with you. I had been with girls before Chris.” She went on to say that being with a girl means more “patience and whatever.”

9 Preference For Privacy

Although new information continues to surface about Kailyn’s relationship with ex Dominique Potter, Kailyn explains away the issues in the relationship with her concern for privacy on MTV. Heavy reported that although Kailyn admits now that she was in a relationship with Dominique, aka Dom, while filming Teen Mom, she didn’t want it on the show. At the same time, she “didn’t value how seriously she took us,” Kailyn continued, and admitted that she didn’t handle their relationship- or break up- properly. Dom is also one of Kailyn’s exes who accuses her of cheating- both with ex-husband Javi Marroquin and ex Chris Lopez.

8 Custody Concerns Her

MTV was filming when ex Chris Lopez filed for emergency custody of baby Lux, which earned him immediate visitation, People reported. And while Kailyn was reportedly happy with the fact that Chris took initiative and wanted to see their son, she was worried about the way he went about it, saying “I’m conflicted because I got what I wanted for Lux, which is supervised visits but I’m also upset, still. There’s no winning.” Unfortunately for Kail, this could be the beginning of a drawn-out legal battle, since Chris seems set on maintaining his rights as a father through the court system.

7 Reality (And Health) Check

After she and Kailyn broke up in early 2018, Dom Potter told OK Magazine, she didn’t realize at first that Kailyn had cheated. And although Kailyn maintains that the two weren’t in a serious relationship, saying “It was a situation-ship… I don’t think a peck on the cheek or lips is anything,” Dom says that they were involved in a serious romance. Dom also said that she was worried Kailyn was cheating while they were together, and she wound up getting checked for STDs. The test was negative, she confirmed, but she later found out that her cheating suspicions were, allegedly, true.

6 One Woman Show

Recently, Kailyn indulged her inner wanderlust and traveled Europe- alone. Yes, you read that right- she left the kids at home and had a delightful trip by herself. Between taste-testing caviar, chicken liver, and dining like authentic Romans (with adult beverages, of course), Kailyn traveled the country and took plenty of memorable photos of the experience. Although, at the end of the trip, she admitted that she couldn’t wait to get back to her babies. Still, it was likely a very well-deserved trip for the young mama, as she has said that she never leaves the kids with a babysitter to have time to herself.

5 Keeping MTV Close

Although Kailyn may not be in a hurry to get back on Teen Mom with her boys, her relationships, and all that baby daddy drama, she does keep in touch with many of the moms from the show. Between her podcast episodes with friends and other former teen moms and family events like Lincoln’s birthday, there are plenty of MTV-familiar faces around. The moms often tweet in support of one another and share pics of the fun they have, reminding us that relationships don’t end just because the MTV cameras stop rolling. Plus, many of the teen moms’ young kids are forming their own friendships as a result of the experience.

4 Not Every Move Makes Sense

Fans already know there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than what MTV shows in any given Teen Mom episode. But apparently, the stars of the show have questions too. Kailyn shared an article on her Twitter feed about the way MTV films scenes and interviews with different moms. She also noted that after the disaster where Brittany DeJesus pulled her hair, she had a meeting afterward where they told her they still needed to film her segment. In show business, apparently, the filming must go on no matter what- if only to be edited up or cut out later.

3 She Stays Real

Again with the editing MTV! Although there’s a lot of “movie magic” that happens behind the scenes, you can count on Kail to be real with her fans. On her Twitter page, for example, she talks about the crazy stuff that’s gone down on MTV and after episodes have aired, including apologizing if she’s hurt someone. For example, she was honest about her relationship with Dom and her past with Javi on her Twitter, getting raw and honest with fans. And as she says, “I can say I haven’t made some of the best choices over the last few months & Doing so on camera & then reliving them all over hasn’t ever been easy.”

2 The Villain Of Teen Mom

I have to admit, Kailyn has always been one of my Teen Mom favorites, and I’ve watched a lot of episodes. Not only does she keep it together for her kids, but she’s also doing more than just raking in cash from MTV. She travels, raises her boys, starts new business endeavors, and even blogs. But she revealed something interesting in a blog post about her trip to the TRL studio. Both she and host Spencer related to one another in part because they are both “painted as villains on our respective MTV reality TV shows,” Kailyn wrote. While I’m sad to read this, if someone thinks Kail is a villain, they likely feel threatened by her- which is a plus in my book.

1 Six Years To Degree

I remember watching Teen Mom episodes when Kailyn was struggling to work and take care of baby Isaac- but in 2017, she finally graduated from college with her Bachelor’s degree. It took six years, she admitted on her blog, mostly due to being a teen mom, struggling to get the cash together, moving around, and being married and divorced. But the fact of it is, now that she’s accomplished earning her degree, the success is that much sweeter with her (now three) babies by her side. Not to mention, the graduation photo shoot was completely adorable- complete with mom x3 + a degree written on her grad cap!

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