20 Expensive Toys Parents Buy (That Their Kids Never End Up Playing With)

When kids age past one or two, they start to develop an understanding of what toys are. From this age on, they begin to want things every time we go to the store. Most of the time, we can get away with telling them to put it on a list for Santa, but there are times in which they are relentless.

For parents, we often have to rely on birthday and Christmas lists because aside from these, we have no clue what our kids will play with and what they won’t. Throughout the lifespan of our littles, buying them gifts is a gamble: will they like it or not? There are going to be times when we hit the nail on the head with our presents and our kids play with them until they physically cannot anymore. At other times, they may seem surprised when the gift is opened but it never actually leaves the box.

Although this doesn’t seem like such a big deal, it is—especially when the toys we are buying are breaking the bank pretty quickly. This is a list of toys that—even if they didn’t go over $100—hurt our wallet when even a dollar gets spent on something that never brings joy to our children because it was never played with.

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20 Loving Family Sweet Home Doll House

Robin's General Store

It is every girl's dream to have a dollhouse at least once in their life.

Young children need some form of imagination in their lives, and toys that force them to make up their own stories and games are the best for them.

Not only does it give little ones the opportunity to be creative, but it can also help them get frustrations out by acting out scenarios that are happening in their real lives. Unfortunately, according to D. Schaller’s review on Amazon, her little girl seemed enthused at first, but over time she stopped playing with this $259 dollhouse and was on to other toys!

19 YOUniverse ATM Machine Bank


This $170 toy is perfect for kids who want to be just like their parents, taking money out of the bank when it is needed. Managing cash is crucial once kids become adults, and a toy such as an ATM is perfect for them to build knowledge of these skills.

The ATM has the child put in a card and a pin, and the machine will know your child’s name and how much money they have in the bank.

Unfortunately, for some kids, acting like a grown-up is not their ideal way to have fun. According to reviews on Amazon, Victor Wilson’s kids didn’t like the toy, and for Isbell, it was only good for older kids around age 8, not for her young ones.

18 Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Smart Phone


These days, the little ones are into our phones; many parents use them to quiet their children down when they are a bit crazy and a little quiet time is needed. The problem here is that screen time at a young age can alter brain development. The solution to this is the $30 Fisher-Price Smart Phone. This may seem like the perfect toy for the little ones, but according to Amanda C’s review on Amazon, her kids didn’t like it for a few reasons, but mostly because they knew it wasn’t a real phone and they wanted the real one.

17 Micro Mini Stunt Scooter


It is well known that children are rough on their toys—which means they have to be durable. Scooters are often used to help a child find their balance, so there is no doubt they will be falling a lot while on it. According to Bri’s review on the Product Review website, the scooter is fantastic until it breaks—which is very easy to do. She states that the brake has snapped off more than once and she has had to buy new scooters instead of merely fixing them. Durability is critical when buying kids’ toys, and all parents will be looking at the reviews before purchasing a Scooter over $100.

16 Balance Living Inflatable Jumbo Beach Ball Pool Toy


For those families with pools, it’s important to have toys, that way our kids can enjoy their time in the water. It is essential for everyone to be active, especially young children, and this pool ball is that perfect for that. Beach balls are the most popular pool toys because entire families can come together and play games like volleyball and such. As reported by Anne Newman, her family enjoyed the toy, but her grandkids didn’t use it at all. Maybe the $30 ball isn’t good enough for the little kiddies; they would rather have the small ones that fit into their hands easier.

15 Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset

via littlegardenia.com

Babies need to have stimulation in their everyday lives from the beginning to get their minds working correctly. For this reason, parents often buy their little ones playsets, including kitchens, houses, schools, etc.

This garden playset is priced at $80 on Amazon and seems like a neat toy for toddlers. The problem here is that children grow up so quickly that they eventually become too big and do not fit in the garden any longer.

Once they stop fitting into it, they will soon begin to lose interest, according to LCMcLean’s review on Amazon. It is a fun idea, but it only lasts for so long.

14 Zoomer Dino Sparky


Almost every child goes through their dinosaur phase, and a solution to this is the Zoomer Dino, which is priced at $118 on Amazon. Sparky is advertised as an interactive toy that can sense when your child is near and sounds their roars and movements. The dinosaur even has two moods, happy and angry, which include angry shouts and chomping motions with its mouth.

According to Chuck on OfferUp, his kids never played with it; they were more interested in other toys on their Christmas lists. There are a plethora of reasons as to why children would choose to play with other things rather than this dinosaur, but parents will never really know.

13 BeBoP Sing-Along CD Player


Sing along toys are the best kind to get for kids. Not only does it show them how to have fun, but it also allows them to speak up and express themselves through singing. The BeBoP Sing Along CD Player is a karaoke machine that also plays CDs, which means that the little ones can sing along to any of their favorite music.

The problem is that it’s expensive—priced over $30—and many kids don’t even end up playing with it either because they don’t have CDs or working parts, according to an Amazon review a few years back.

12 Infantino Right Angle Tummy Triangle

Babies and toddlers are the hardest to buy for because they quickly get bored and move on to other things as soon as they start with the first object.

According to many customers on Amazon, including Gabriel Young and M Miller, their kids just didn’t touch this toy at all. Gabriel has had three kids reject the toy so far, and she is hoping her new little one who has yet to be born will enjoy playing with it so it is not a complete bust. For Miller’s sons, they absolutely despised it.

11 Fisher Price Think And Learn Rocktopus

Best Kids Toys Reviews

Most Fisher Price toys are well sought after, but according to customers on the Walmart website, their kids never played with this toy. The Think & Learn Rocktopus introduces children to music for the first time.

They can hear different sounds and styles as well as learn about all of the various instruments such as guitars, ukuleles, and pianos.

This $60 gadget seems cool, but according to Jessica’s specific review, her young son couldn’t care less about the toy trying to teach him about anything. This toy doesn’t just explain music; it also explains the early concepts of math and has other games for them to engage in.

10 AMOSTING Magnetic Building Blocks


These magnetic toys were a favorite at one time, but over the years they have become increasingly more and more unused by children. It was made with the hopes that children would never get tired of it because of all the bright colors included in the kit. This toy, priced at $25, is popular for the first few days after the gift is received but once the shock of all the bright colors and cool magnetic abilities wears off, it is likely that our kids will toss them away. According to user MIA on Amazon, her kids loved them for a short time, but they got bored of them extremely quickly.

9 Peek-a-Blocks Sensory-Sound Sensations Blocks


There are a lot of sensory toys out there for kids at an early age or for those with disabilities.

This specific toy, priced at $80 on Amazon, is perfect for kids who need a distraction. These toys seem like standard blocks to the normal person, but in reality, they are made to hit different sensory areas like shapes, colors, noise, etc. According to Julie McAdoo’s review on Amazon, she loved messing around with this toy every once in a while, but her kids couldn’t care less about it; she found this to be very strange, but at least she got some good use out of it!

8 Djeco Wooden Blue Cow Shape Sorter Baby Toy


Every child needs developmental toys that allow them to explore colors and shapes and using their minds to figure out where the different blocks go.

This specific toy can only be found in the UK but can be ordered for anyone in the US through Amazon. E Lesse left a review on Amazon speaking to the fact that she thought this was the perfect toy to stimulate her kids, but they never ended up using it at all. Her kids use it every now and again to set their other toys on it but never for its intended use.

7 IKOS Red & White Spherical Building Blocks


There are a plethora of toys out there that are made specifically to challenge our kids. Their minds are still developing for a good portion of their young lives, and games such as these building blocks are perfect for them to use their brains. IKOS isn’t only a simple block toy; it’s more like a puzzle. The toy comes in multiple different pieces so our child has to think about before they put it together. This is a fun toy because kids love a challenge, but once it gets put together once, often kids will lose interest very quickly, according to several reviews on Amazon.

6 Mechatars—Wrexx

Sassy Mama In LA

There is a large fandom out there that builds robots specifically to bring them into an arena and allow them to fight each other. Young boys want to be a part of this world, but it can be dangerous; for this reason, Mechatars—priced at $15—were created. It is a remote-controlled robot that is made to play fight with others of its kind. According to a review posted by Dawn Phipps, “My kids never played with it! A complete waste of money.” He was more interested in his matchbox cars than fighting a few robots. Boys get bored with toys easily anyways.

5 LightUp Edison Kit—Learn Electronics


Electronic toys are a big hit with kids these days. Many little ones are in a rush to grow up, and for this reason, they are obsessed with understanding electronics. We may believe this means cell phones and computers, but there are electronic toys out there for those who are a little too young for a phone. The LightUp Edison Kit is made up of snap blocks that are used to build circuits. The $30 toy may not seem fun for little ones, but it gets their brains working at a young age, which is healthy for them. According to a review by Mother of 3 on Facebook, “Kids NEVER played with it. It is a ‘single use only’ toy.” Not everyone wants to be Einstein!

4 Tic Tac Toe Puzzle

La Toys Etcetera

Everybody loves a quick game of Tic Tac Toe that can be played everywhere as long as the creative side is pumping. In restaurants, at home, in the car, etc. Even though it can be played anywhere, it could be cool to have a specific toy entirely dedicated to the old-fashioned game. For kids who grew up playing Tic Tac Toe with parents or grandparents, they might get a kick out of this $20 game. But for Akella, as she posted on her Amazon review, her kids never ended up playing with it; there seemed to be no interest in this quick and mind-bending game.

3 Orbeez Jewelry Maker


Girls love to spend time putting makeup and jewelry on to be just like their mothers. But because kids are so messy and rough, giving them real necklaces and bracelets can be troublesome. For the mothers out there with little girls who want all the jewelry possible, this Orbeez toy is perfect. The problem with the $40 toy is that it takes much too long to produce any jewelry and kids lose interest fast, according to Dina Tolome’s review on Amazon. Toys have to be quick and easy for the most part because the attention span of kids is often very short.

2 Star Wars BB8 Walkie Talkies


The Star Wars fandom is massive these days with all of the movies, books, TV shows, etc. There are a certain few characters that kids are absolutely in love with, like Darth Vader and Han Solo. These $20 walkie talkies give the little ones the abilities to change their voices into the voices of their favorite characters. The toy is a pretty cool invention and concept, but according to an Amazon reviewer Jonathan Worley, his kids never used them at all for many reasons, the main one being that the voices were tough to hear, making the kids uninterested.

1 Crayola Spin Art Maker

NJ Playgrounds

Creativity is crucial for little minds that are still developing. Kids often express themselves through drawings and any form of art. The spin maker allows children to use paint in a way that isn’t as messy as usual when the paint is being applied. According to Kristie A’s review on Amazon, she thought this would be the perfect toy for her little ones to have fun without making a mess, but the paint bottles are too hard for younger children to use. She also revealed that the paint stains if it gets on clothes, which is bound to happen with little kids.


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