20 Eco-Friendly Brands For Young Earth-Loving Families

With so many threats to our environment in 2018, it’s important to do what we can to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Even doing the smallest of things can make all the difference (avoiding plastic straws for instance or scooping up pieces of trash while walking). These threats only seem to grow when a woman becomes pregnant. The instant realization of everything a mother puts in and on her body effecting her baby is mind-blowing. But the same can be said for after the baby is born, too. From toys, to bottles, to what the baby sleeps in — there are some brands out there that are doing more harm than good just to push a product for cash.

20 years ago there weren’t many options for eco-friendly goods. If a momma was looking for BPA-free bottles or paraben-free lotions, it was slim to none. But it’s a different story today. There plenty of brands out there nowadays that are going the extra mile to be kind to Mother Earth and our families. From recyclables, to where the products are made, to the ingredients we’re using — these 20 brands are some of the best, eco-friendly brands out there.

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20 L'ovedbaby

All babies deserve love, don’t they? L’ovedbaby creates 100% organic cotton onesies and clothes for babies that are soft (and safe) enough to make your baby feel loved. After the founder of L’ovedbaby couldn’t find a coverup she liked for breastfeeding, she created her own. A few years later, she began selling her own cover-ups and those transformed into the shop that it is today — along with sharing the good word of organic clothing. You can find L’ovedbaby goods all over the States, Canada, Australia, and more.

19 Oeuf

Oeuf (pronounced UH-f) means “egg” in French, and if that wasn’t innovative enough, just wait until you check out their adorable sustainable kids' store, supplying clothes, furniture, and more. Their style is clean and simple, which is also how nature likes to do its job. Even if you don’t have any kids yourself, Oeuf has a lot of adorable gift-sets for the child in your life that are also made with 100% organic cotton.

(When buying furniture, they also list how your item is eco-friendly and what it’s made out of!)

18 Mali Wear

Inspired by nature, Mali Wear knows that babies are curious, so they put things in their mouth — especially when they begin teething. So what did this small, family-owned business do? They created their own handmade, natural teething solutions for babies. They added bibs to the mix (being made from organic cotton), handmade pacifier grips (so your baby never loses their paci), organic cotton swaddles, and more. This family of seven had a natural dream in mind and made it a reality.

17 Seventh Generation

If you’re all about those plants, Seventh Generation might just be the eco-friendly brand for you! For the past 28 years, this plant-based company has been dishing out household products that are reliable and safe. Every product has kept the environment in mind and is made with plant-based ingredients. With natural cleaners and sprays, countertops can be cleaned without your baby breathing in harsh toxins. They also have diapers and wipes that are free from fragrances, lotions, and are hypoallergenic.

16 Charlie Banana

Charlie Banana is doing their part for the environment by creating adorable cloth diapers. Say bye, bye to all those diapers new parents trash every single day, and try cloth diapers to save money and our world. Using cloth over disposable diapers are naturally rash-free and softer on their skin (without all the toxins found in disposable diapers). The site also states using cloth diapers saves parents $1,000-2,500 by making the switch!

Charlie Banana has more than just cloth diapers, of course. They also have organic clothes, wipes, blankets, and more.

15 The Honest Company


If there are any Hollywood lovers out there, most people are familiar with The Honest Company due to its famous founder, Jessica Alba. The Honest Company creates products (diapers, baby food, vitamins, home goods, etc…) with honest ingredients. They even have monthly bundle packages where families can mix and match what they’re looking for and have it sent to their house every month! That means parents can skip the traffic and buy honest and organic goods from the comfort of their couch.

14 Lassig

Meaning “casual” in German, Lassig has everything an eco-friendly parent could ever want for their child. From diapers bags to backpacks, to even storage — Lassig has appeared to think of everything a new parent might need. One of the greatest things about their bags is that they don’t look like the average diaper bag; some bags are so adorable, you wanna keep using them as a purse! Besides their adorable prints and sizes, their products are also sustainable, recycled, and untreated; making them safe for all.

13 Bumbleride

Bumbleride believes you should get your baby from A to B without harming the planet. That’s why they only use materials that save energy, conserve water, and reduce landfill waste. That includes the fabric used inside the stroller as well.

These strollers are also extremely durable and are made to last long — especially for the more active family. They also have eco-friendly strollers for twins! But that’s not where the stop, their line also carries bassinets and accessories — all made with the Earth in mind.

12 SheaMoisture

SheaMoisture has a long history of wanting to do good. Dating back to 1912, the grandmother of SheaMoisture began selling shea butter and homemade hair and body products. Now, in 2018, the company promises to stay away from parabens, DEA, formaldehyde, and other dangerous chemicals. They now sell everything for the whole family, like scrubs, makeup, shampoos, and more. Since babies are so new to this world, washing and moisturizing them with only the best seems like a great starting point.

11 Babyganics

Fragrance-free detergents, teething-pods, chest-rub, insect-repellent — Babyganics is doing big things. After co-founder Kevin’s wife became pregnant, the pair began looking for products they felt were good enough for their growing family. After not being satisfied with their search, Babyganics was born. From there, every product is chosen for a purpose and has a value — and trust me, they do the research. On every product you select on their website, they give the “basics” rundown beneath it, so that you know exactly what you’re looking for. Families can find Babyganics online, Target, drug-stores like CVS and Walgreens, and beyond.

10 Natursutten

Most new parents are horrified when their newborn puts something in their mouth. They’re curious and don’t know the dangers of life yet. Unfortunately for many parents, they don’t realize that certain toys and products contain toxins that can be rubbed off when handled or licked.

*In walks Natursutten*

Natursutten is a European brand that makes bottles, binkies, teethers, etc., that are free from the bad stuff. Created by a mother of three kids, she can finally give other mothers what she was looking for in her pregnancy.

9 Re-Play

Mealtime is family time at Re-Play. This means that their mealtime products are made durable from sustainable products. Using recycled materials to make their plates, cups, and utensils, not only saves energy, but are free from BPA, lead, and other harmful toxins that “normal” mealtime products have. To make these products even more fun, they come in sets and have over 15 colors to choose from! As of this publication, Re-Play products are mainly found in the Southern US., but they do have e-commerce to accommodate all.

8 Earth Mama Organics


Besides having an adorable name, Earth Mama was created by a nurse who knew that women deserved to have the best of the best: organic and herbal products, free from ingredients we’ve never even heard before (have you ever looked at the ingredient list to some lotions that you’re using on your baby?). Earth Mama has 100% organic herbal teas, belly oils and lotions, and even natural deodorants. When a woman is pregnant, most feel their body is more sacred than ever before, so it’s sweet to have such wholesome companies care for those organic needs.

7 Belly Buttons & Babies


(Again, another adorable company name.)

Belly Buttons & Babies creates products for both mom and baby that are all 100% natural and non-toxic. From sunscreen to outdoor spray, to even moisturizer — Belly Buttons & Babies products have never been tested on animals, vegan, and all packaging is 100% recyclable. Not to mention the company gives back, too. A portion of all proceeds goes to Because I Am A Girl; a campaign to empower girls and to create a safer future for them.

6 Ergobaby

When two people have a baby, that baby goes wherever their parents are (unless they have a sitter, of course). But not every location is suitable or easy to get through with a carrier or stroller. That’s where Ergobaby baby carriers come into play. These wearable holders are also sold with organic cotton — making them extremely soft for your infant and were responsibly grown. They also sell carrier accessories, strollers, diaper bags, and more to keep every mom and dad prepared for the baby, keeping the environment in mind.

5 Green Toys

Having safe and effective lotions and cleaning supplies seems obvious at this point, but what about the toys our kids are playing with? Shouldn't they matter just as much when our kids are playing or chewing on them constantly? Green Toys are all made from 100% recycled goods. It’s also good knowing that every Green Toys toy box that gets recycled saves a gallon of water! Their toys range from Sesame Street characters to dough sets, to cars, and beyond. You also won’t break the bank buying here either!

4 Eco Nuts

Eco Nuts is doing their part for Mother Earth by creating non-toxic, organic cleaners for families. Even their packaging is sustainable! One of the best parts about Eco Nuts is their bundle packages. Families can buy a certified organic glass cleaner for $7.99 or make it a bundle by pairing it with other Eco Nuts products for their home to have the full set! Try out their Wool Dryer Balls, which are a safer version of the plastic dryer balls, to make your family’s clothes soft — plus these babies also reduce the drying time!

3 Finn + Emma

First of all, how adorable are the names Finn and Emma?! Baby apparel store Finn + Emma sells 100% organic and sustainable goods, skipping the toxic dyes that so many other companies have. Does that mean their baby clothes are solid and boring? Far from it. There are plenty of colors, designs and prints to dress your baby up — all while being sweet enough for their skin. Another bonus to these clothes (unlike many others) is how long they last. This means you can save them for your next baby or use them as hand-me-downs with them still keeping their fit.

2 Caboo

Caboo products are unlike anything else on the market. From paper towels to toilet paper, to baby wipes — everything is made consciously. All their products are made from fast-growing grasses (like bamboo and sugarcane), saving our trees along the way. When families shop for products from Caboo, they’re doing their part to save the rainforests, wildlife, and our water supply. Plus, these sustainable goods non-GMO certified and BPA-free. Find Caboo on Amazon, Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Urban Fare, and more. That’s a win-win, folks!

1 Nook Sleep Systems

Nook’s products are made from their family to yours. After getting pregnant in 2008, the founders were looking for organic materials for their baby to rest its head on at night and couldn’t find the right fit. That’s when they created cribs and mattresses that are organic, safe, and most importantly breathable. But that’s not all, they also create accompanying products to make your nursery adorable and eco-friendly. Parents should also check out their award-winning Niche Nursing Pillow which is comfortable enough for breastfeeding and tummy-time.

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