20 Dads Who Outparented Moms

Being a parent is a difficult task, especially when one becomes a parent for the first time. Raising a child is work that won't stop until this child becomes an adult. And even then, it doesn't stop, but transforms into something else.

Parenting is certainly hard for moms, who, most of the time, have to spend the most amount of time with their babies. They feed them, change their diapers, and take care of them non-stop. But for dads parenting is no picnic either. Good fathers are also committed to helping their children grow into intelligent, successful, and healthy individuals. And at times, they get extremely creative while fulfilling their parenting duties.

Dads develop their multitasking skills, come up with new ways to keep their children busy, entertained, and play games no one else would play with them. Some of these men let their daughters dress as a wolf or as a Wonder Woman, while others set an example by living healthy lifestyles (and including them in the activities). Regardless of how they do it, all of these fathers show their creative, funny, and cute sides to their children, creating some invaluable moments that they'll remember throughout their whole lives. Undoubtedly, these dads did take parenting to the next level!

So let's take a look at the dads who rock at parenting and follow their suit in the way they're using their creative skills!

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20 Super Multitasking Dad

Via: boredpanda

All parents need to learn how to become skilled at multitasking. Unless they master this skill, parenting will become extremely challenging for them. I mean, how many times will they have to rock their baby to sleep and cook dinner at the same time? Pretty much every day, I think!

But I'm sure that there are few parents who have mastered the art of multitasking as much as this guy has. Look at him - he's working out, playing a video game, and keeping his baby happy – all at the same time! This man is a genius and most other parents need to follow his example and develop their multitasking skills, as well.

19 Setting A Good Example

Via: womanista

Children learn by example all the time. They never do what parents say - they always do what they do. For this reason,  parents who want their children to know the value of physical exercise should work out with them, just as this dad does.

I mean, if a parent describes the advantages of working out, but spends most of his time lying on a couch, kids will never learn to be active.

But this dad does everything correctly. He's doing the plank along with his kids, and they are following suit. Even the toddler is participating in the process and looks extra cute! Way to go!

18 Someone Is A 'Star Wars' Fan!

Via: pinterest

Wow, this is the most epic baby stroller I have ever seen! I bet the dad made it by himself. I mean, I'm pretty sure it's impossible to buy a stroller like this in a store. Unless it's a Star Wars-themed baby store, of course. I wonder if this kind of store actually exists anywhere in the world, and if it does, I wonder what else they're selling there. Are there R2-D2 shaped milk bottles or lightsaber-shaped pacifiers?

Anyway, regardless of whether the dad made this walker by himself or bought it, it does look great, right? Of course, the baby doesn't understand how epic it looks, but they'll surely appreciate dad's effort when they grow up!

17 How To Rest And Keep Daughter Entertained? Easy!

Via: blazepress

Spending weekends with children can turn out to be rather tiresome, especially after a long working week. Most people just want to sit in the backyard with a glass of something nice and relax.

Some parents might think that it's impossible to do it when there's a toddler running around and wanting to play every minute. For them, it can be impossible, of course, but not for this dad. He applied his creative mind and came up with a remarkable idea to both take it easy and keep his daughter entertained. As a reward for this idea, he can just sit in the shade and sip on his drink. Isn't it perfect?

16 Matching Hairstyles

All parents know that kids should learn to groom themselves. These sweet little angels are preparing to grow into presentable adults and learning how to style their own hair is one of the many things they must learn. So they need constant practice!

When mommy's at home, she surely lets her daughter do her hair. But when mommy's away or needs some rest, it's daddy's turn to become a hair model, forgetting about his masculine side.

And, to be honest, there's nothing sweeter than seeing how a grown-up man allows his little daughter to do his hair. All dads who do it deserve a "best dad" award!

15 Let's Play Wrecking Ball!

Via: pinterest

When we were watching the "Wrecking Ball" music video by Miley Cyrus, some of us wondered how it'd feel like to actually swing on a huge wrecking ball and bust through a wall. I'm not sure if any of us will actually know how this feels, but this boy did experience it thanks to his creative dad!

I bet it was awesome when this boy's dad took him by the arms and legs and threw him into the wall of pillows! I mean, just look at his face - he's all smiles, just like his dad!

But I'm pretty sure that the boy's mom had no idea that they were planning to play a game of wrecking ball. She'd certainly forbid them from doing it!

14 Daughter Wanted To Be Wolf For Halloween

Via: blazepress

If a daughter wants to be a wolf for Halloween, what does it mean for her father? Does it mean that he can be a wolf, too? Well, it's unlikely, because going to the party as two wolves isn't fun. So if the daughter wants to be a wolf, it means that the dad has to be... Little Red Riding Hood!

And who cares that the daughter would be a much prettier Little Red Riding Hood, and the dad would make a more ferocious wolf? A daughter's wish isthe law for her father, especially when it comes to something as sweet and lovely as wearing couple costumes for Halloween!

13 Wanna Do My Pedicure? Sure!

Via: twitter

We've already seen a dad who allowed his daughter to give him a girly hairdo, and now we see another hero who also let his lovely little girl do something... well, something that is more traditionally feminine to him.

But while she was doing it, the dad preserved his sense of self and kept looking masculine. In this photo, he looks like he isn't phased by his daughter revealing his more feminine side. "My little daughter is polishing my nails? Nah, it's okay, I'll play my video game in the meantime." Isn't it a win-win attitude?

This way, he can do something he likes and keep this little pedicurist occupied!

12 Mini Copy Of His Daddy

What boy doesn't like to look like his dad? Most sons imitate their fathers and follow suit immediately when they see them doing something interesting. It's a good thing, because this way the father can raise his son into a good person with a strong character.

Some fathers allow their sons to imitate them so much that they turn them into their "mini-me". This dad even gave his son a tractor that looked like the exact copy of his real vehicle. And, posing for this photo, they look super sweet together!

I bet that this boy's mom likes to imagine how their son is going to grow up and become a man, how he will grow up strong and handsome, like his dad!

11 Superman And Wonder Woman, New Edition

Via: boredpanda

Behold, a comic book lover who is raising another comic book lover! If they were at some kind of costume contest wearing these superhero suits, they had to be ultimate winners there, because no one could beat these two with their super cute powers!

And you know what, I can see a hidden meaning behind this awesome look. If the dad wants to look like a Superman in his daughter's eyes, he needs to conform to this image and actually be Superman in her life! Besides, he also makes her feel like Wonder Woman - a courageous, brilliant, and beautiful Amazon, who can kick anyone's you-know-what! Isn't it an awesome feeling?

10 Dad's Sweater Is The Best

Via: mens-den

Well, it's one of two - either these boys were really cold, or they haven't seen their dad for a long time and missed him very much. I mean, why else would they want to get inside his sweater and sit so close to him?

I can't help but notice that this sweater is huge. I mean, there are three human beings inside of it in this photo! Of course, two of these human beings are small, but it still looks really, really big to me.

And, hey, is it just me, or does this man look totally like Paul Rudd?

9 Nothing Can Distract Him From Playing Video Games

Via: buzzfeed

Dads love playing video games so much and they are willing to do anything to keep playing, even when they have to take care of their little kids. At times, they have to be very creative and master their skill of multitasking to do it.

It seems that this dad is doing just fine feeding his little baby (who, by the way, is super cute!). He just had to find a good way to hold the bottle along with his controller, and then he was good to go!

I'm sure that the baby doesn't mind it, as long as it's lying on his daddy's lap and seeing his happy face. Adorable!

8 Napping Daddy Is A Perfect Playground

Via: pinterest

All parents get tired of playing with their babies all day long, and daddies are no exception. But, again, if a daddy has a creative side, he can find a way to both take a long-awaited nap and keep his boys busy.

Take a look at this man, for example. All he did was print a unique T-shirt design for himself. Now he can sleep on the floor for a little while, and his sons (who are apparently fond of playing with cars) can use his back as a playground.

It's a total win-win, because along with a nap, the dad also gets a little massage on his back! Isn't it amazing?

7 The Best Way To Keep The Baby Calm

Most parents like to arrange baby photoshoots. They always look adorable when you find them on the internet. But when you try to do them in real life, often something goes wrong and the photos don't turn out the way you want them to. One of the most major problems is when the baby is crying and doesn't want to stay still. So there must be some kind of secret to keeping the baby calm during a photoshoot, and, of course, we're not talking about sedating it!

But you know what, the secret to a perfect baby photo is very simple. Just lay the child onto his daddy's chest, and it'll lay perfectly fine, just like the baby in the photo above. I mean, who doesn't feel calm laying on their dad's chest? It's the ultimate safe place!

6 Another Cool Couple Costume

Via: virascoop

All kids like it when their parents dress up and go to a costume party along with them. In this case, the daughter wanted herself and her father to dress up like fairies. We don't know why the daughter didn't ask her mom to come with her (perhaps, mom just couldn't do it), but it seems that the dad didn't mind wearing the winged costume at all.

It's so great when dads aren't afraid of looking silly at costume parties. They just want their kids to be happy and they're ready to do anything for it. If what it takes is dressing up like a fairy (or Little Red Riding Hood, like we saw in one of the previous entries), then so be it!

5 Working Out With Three Kids

At times, parents with several kids stop taking care of themselves and quit their healthy habits (like working out) because they think that they don't have time for it any more.

Undoubtedly, little kids require a lot of time and commitment. However, it shouldn't mean that working out becomes impossible for parents. This man proves that even with three little kids, he can still do sports, and he can actually take advantage of this situation and do some weight training with them.

And again, by his behavior and dedication to a healthy lifestyle, this dad sets a great example for his kids, doesn't he?

4 Any Time Is The Best Time To Read A Story!

Via: blazepress

What child doesn't like it when their parents read them a story? At times, they want it even in the most inappropriate places, like when on public transportation, for example. But some parents don't think that these places are inappropriate for reading their child a story. They're ready to do it at any time, in any place.

For example, this dad doesn't mind kneeling down by his daughter and reading her a book, even though they're on the subway. In fact, why should it bother him, as long as he's keeping his precious child busy and entertained? Besides, the metro ride will seem to be much shorter with an interesting story, wouldn't it?

3 Peekaboo!

Via: twitter

Aww, this is so adorable! This father and their daughter have matching hairdos! There's something heartwarming about a man who can play with his daughter, not thinking about how he's going to look like or what others are going to think of him. He's happy as long as his daughter is happy.

I'm sure that when years go by, this daughter will remember how she played peekaboo with her daddy while they had matching pigtails. These memories will be precious for this dad as well, and the bond these two created during playing their sweet little games can never be broken.

2 Cutest Photo Ever

Via: boredpanda

We often see how mommies help their daughters do their manicures, but seeing a daddy doing the same thing is so rare! For this reason, the photo we see above is both sweet and unique.

Just look at the way this lovely girl is stretching out her finger towards her dad, and how he's attentively looking at it, preparing to cover it with the nail polish she chose. It's so adorable that I feel like my heart's going to melt!

This photo certainly belongs in a family album. In many years, both the daughter and her dad will look at it, recall this precious moment, and realize once again how they've always loved each other.

1 Want Some Tea, Daddy?

Via: pinterest

Someone's having a tea party in this photo! And it's a really fun one, because, I mean, how can a tea party with a daddy be boring? Dad is loving and caring. He's the big guy, who's going to do everything for his daughter to be happy. And he's also so funny when he's holding this tiny cup with his huge hands and pretending to drink from it!

Every child needs to share these moments with their dad, when they feel loved and protected from all evils in this world. These are the moments when lifelong bonds are created between parents and children, and nothing can break them, ever.

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