20 Dads Who Crossed The Line (And Upset Their Kids)

We've all had a parent who has crossed the line now and again. It just seems like they have a very easy time embarrassing their children. Doesn't matter what age they are, a parent can always find a way of pushing their kids’ buttons. This might be because they know their children soft spots better than anyone else. But as bad as we think our experiences have been, there have always been stories out there of kids who have experienced far worse. These can be moments of over-sharing or of indulgent and silly repercussions to poor behavior.

Although moms are certainly guilty of crossing the line, dads seem to have a far easier time doing it. And perhaps they’re better at it. The following stories are all real dads who have crossed the line and upset their kids because of it. We’ve included a variety of instances where dads have just totally gone overboard. Each of these amazing stories have been sourced from the internet. Not all the details are included below, but the links are. So, you can find out even more details, if you wish.

Without further ado, here are 20 Dads That Have Crossed The Line (And Upset Their Kids).

20 Live-Streaming The Gender Reveal Party

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A father in Wisconsin live-streamed his kid’s gender reveal party on social media for all his friends and family to see. In doing so, he compromised his child’s privacy and released details that really didn't need to be known by everyone. There are several other things wrong with this story. First of all, wouldn't all of the people who actually cared about his kid’s gender have been at the party itself? Sure, there must have been some who couldn't have made it, but does that really warrant a live stream? Additionally, could a gender reveal party for a baby be all that exciting? It would have been annoying to be there, let alone watch on the Internet. At the end of the day, this dad crossed the line by making it about himself.

19 A Secret Amongst Friends?

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Douglas and his family were dealing with several issues to do with their youngest daughter. Although they didn't know precisely what was going on, they knew that their daughter had some sort of learning problem. This would cause his daughter to act energetically, oddly, and with a lack of focus. While they were trying to figure out what to do about their daughter’s behavior, Douglas told a few of his friends what was going on. These friends were educators themselves and seemingly had a strong understanding and appreciation for the privacy of children. Unfortunately, the information got out and spread around that Douglas' daughter had ADHD. This wasn't precisely Douglas’ fault, but the fact that he shared his daughter’s private information allowed others to make fun of her for it.

18 Dad Shares Son's Grades On Social Media

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A very typical reason why parents must discipline their children has to do with their lack of participation at school as well as their lack of academic achievements. There are many ways that parents do this, but not all ways are good. One dad was so unhappy with his son’s grade that he decided to live stream his anger alongside images of his son’s report card. In the video, the son can be seen in the background. Obviously, he was quite upset that his father was sharing his abysmal grades to all his social media followers. Of course, this eight or nine-year-old couldn’t do much to stop his dad as he attempted to teach his son a lesson.

17 Sending A Real-Life Howler

Harry Potter fans all know what a howler is. But most have never seen one in real life. One father, whose daughter was away at boarding school, decided to send one. When his daughter received the card, she saw that he had directed her to open it in the cafeteria alongside all her friends. When she opened it, she found that the card contained voice recordings with an assortment of his bodily sounds. These sounds echoed in the large cafeteria, which was filled with everyone she went to school with.

The gag was ultimately very funny, but it did cause all her friends to snicker at her. There wasn’t any real tension between the father and daughter. But the daughter surely felt the repercussions of her father’s howler.

16 Daughter Sues Dad For Oversharing

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Sometimes over-sharing can really do harm on a kid. One 18-year-old in Austria felt that her dad had released far too many private photos of her on social media, so she decided to sue. The young woman claimed that all the photos that her parents released of her caused her incredible misery. This is because all her friends saw them on her social media pages. She attempted to stop them, but they wouldn’t budge. In total, they released 500 personal baby pictures for the world to see.

The lawyer defending this young woman claims that the parents violated a law that protects citizens from releasing personal images of others. Although this case seems intense the parents, especially the father, were reluctant to until it was taken to court.

15 Jason Biggs Shares Breastfeeding Photo While Driving

Actor Jason Biggs risked quite a lot to snap a priceless photo. In fact, he convinced himself that he was going to be locked up for taking a picture while he was driving around his wife and kid, Sid. But the real topic here has nothing to do with distracted driving. In fact, it has to do with the subject of the photo itself. While driving, Biggs took a photo of his wife, Jenny Mollen, while she was breastfeeding. He then decided to post the tender moment on social media for everyone to see.

Clearly, he had his wife’s permission to do so. However, it’s completely understandable that their kid will one day be unhappy that such a personal image is out for the world to see.

14 Father Records His Son's Walk Of Atonement

Of all the entries on this list, this one received the most blowback. In fact, people were downright furious with this father. For those who don’t know, this dad decided to punish his son for his bad behavior at school. He did this by getting his son to run to school with his backpack strapped to his back. He would not allow his son to be driven or get on the bus, which he was initially kicked off of.

While the son ran to school, the dad followed him in his car and filmed the whole thing. He then decided to post it to social media for all to see. At the end of the day, it amassed more than 1.6 million views; most of whom defended the child.

13 Father Airs His Son's Laundry For The World To See

A father in Florida named Michael Yager decided to punish his son on a whole new level. He did this by publicly outing his 13-year-old son who was made to wear a sign that indicated that he had been mean to people at his school. The son stood for hours at a busy intersection and was subjected to several honking horns and cries from onlookers.

Even though it’s unlikely that the son will engage in his bad behavior any time soon, most psychologists say that publicly shaming children is not effective overall. This is because it may cause them to develop a stronger resentment to their parents and take it out on future loved ones. The father’s decision to treat his son like this also is very frowned upon.

12 Left At A Police Station For The World To See

Like the entry before this, two parents in Staten Island decided to publicly denounce their 6-year-old daughter. This is because she was acting poorly at home and none of the consequences to her actions were doing their job.

Led by the father, the parents decided to drop off their 6-year-old daughter at a police station in order to make her believe that she had done something incredibly bad. They then left her there for a while to accept what she had done. However, the parents ended up receiving charges because they “dumped” their daughter and left her. The daughter ended up getting a significant amount of sympathy and love from the people at the police station while her parents were locked up for a couple of hours.

11 Father Publically Locks Daughter At Home

Sometimes parents feel like they need to get utterly creative with the punishments they hand out to their kids. One such dad, Juliano Parker, decided that he was going to turn his home into a state facility in order to teach his daughter a lesson. He even dressed his 3-year-old daughter up in an orange T-shirt so that she looked just like an inmate. She has then marched around and kept in the house as if she were a legitimate inmate. Needless to say, the daughter didn’t like this very much.

Parker took a bunch of photos of this and posted them on social media. Although it wasn't as bad as it sounds, Parker received a significant amount of pushback on social media.

10 Keeping Social Media Aware Of Child's Temperature

It seems like everyone is obsessed with social media. Every day they’re constantly checking their feed, commenting on others, and making sure everyone knows how great their life is even if it's not. One dad in Indiana took this a step further when he decided that he would keep his social media followers updated to what his daughter’s temperature was.

Meanwhile, his daughter’s temperature climbed to a noticeably high number showing that she was indeed quite sick. Instead of taking her to an actual doctor, or to the hospital, he decided that it was more important to ask around on social media and gain some sympathy. Luckily, his daughter ended up being fine. But his daughter would have been quite unhappy with him.

9 Father Shows His Daughter What Happens When She Talks To Boys

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Some fathers on this list are insensitive of their children’s feelings. Others push the line of what is socially acceptable. And then there is the father who decided to make a public demonstration of his perceived strength. This happened after his daughter brought home a computer from school. Apparently, she wasn’t allowed to do this which caused her dad to check the computer and find out that she was using it to speak with guys from school.

Instead, of just telling her that he didn’t want her to do this, he used the laptop for target practice. Somewhat counter-intuitively, this completely took down the piece of equipment. He then decided to photograph the remains and show it off on social media. Yeah, the dude clearly has some issues.

8 Father Outs His Daughter As A Theif

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Some children truly have some behavioral issues. One such teenager was Abbie Mills. Apparently, she had taken money from her parents and her brothers and sisters. Not only that but she even took her 9-year-old cousin’s Christmas present. Her father, Gary Mills, decided that he had enough of her behavior and took her to a Court House and left her out front with a sign attached to her that stated the details of her poor decisions.

Mills then filmed her and posted the videos online for everyone to see. Although Abbie was unhappy about this happening, she claimed that the event actually helped her to grow out of her troublesome phase. Still, an event like this can be very memorable in a negative way.

7 Dad Shares Kid's Bath Photos

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It's truly amazing how fast things can spread on the internet. One moment we think we’re sharing something with our friends and then next it’s plastered all over town. This is essentially what happened to a first-grade student whose father decided that it was a good idea to share his bath photos from when he was a baby.

They lived in a smaller town which made it easier for these photos to spread from his father’s social media page to the first grader’s school. The child was teased for these photos by his classmates. Clearly, this is not the kind of first-grade experience that most kids want to have. In fact, it can be quite an unhappy experience for them. And to think, it all started with a social media post.

6 Taking Public Precautions During Daughter's First Driving Lesson

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Some parents are excited for when their child first learns how to drive. It can mean that they’re no longer responsible for chauffeuring them to every destination imaginable. It's also a way for them to gain their independence. Understandably, it can also be quite worrisome for some parents as operating a vehicle is easily the most challenging thing that we do daily.

One father seemed particularly worried about his daughter learning how to drive. However, this seemed to be more about him than it did her. He decided to wear a helmet and a full protective body suit in order to shield himself from any possible harm. He then posted a photo of this on social media which, in turn, embarrassed his daughter greatly.

5 Chris' Dad Sets The Record Straight

Raising a teenager can be quite challenging. This is especially true when a teenager creates a false persona for themselves. Usually, this false persona has to do with covering some sort of insecurity. This means that the teenager projects a high level of arrogance. According to his father, this was certainly true of a real-life teen named Chris.

One day, Chris left his social media page open which allowed his father to get on and post information about Chris's past. The dad told everyone that Chris wasn’t as cool as he claimed to be. He mentioned that Chris slept with the light on until he was thirteen. He also told everyone that Chris cries at the end of Marley and Me. Obviously, Chris was deeply unhappy with his dad because of this.

4 Dad Shares Photo Of Daughter's Tattoo


Some parents really don't like when their kids get ink put on their skin. Other parents don't seem to be as bothered by tattoos. This is certainly the case for a father who decided to post a photo on social media of his daughter’s brand-new tattoo. This tattoo was placed in a rather particular spot. But still, her dad decided that he was going to share a photograph that displayed the artistry in full. This angered his daughter who asked him to take the photo down as he didn’t have permission to share it. However, the father really didn't want to take it down as he was very proud of his daughter for getting a tattoo. She continued to protest but he wouldn’t budge.

3 Dad's Silly Advice On Social Media

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Thanks to Reddit, we have another interesting story for you. A young woman named Bryanna decided to post a photo of her and her boyfriend, Andy, on social media. One day, she discovered that her father, Randy, had commented on the photo asking who the man she was with was. Irritated, Bryanna stated that Randy knew exactly who the man was and that he needed to accept Andy as her boyfriend.

The father then decided to publicly post his deep dislike of his daughter’s boyfriend. He then preceded to tell Andy to shave his beard because it would feel better on his daughter. Not only was this yucky advice, but it was also downright mean and caused Bryanna to get quite upset with her dad.

2 The Truth About Grandma

Families can be a challenging entity. Not everyone gets along. Although that's okay, it can sometimes be quite difficult for younger kids to understand. This is because they don’t yet grasp the complexities of family dynamics. In the case of Jessie, a 12-year-old, the revelation of his father’s true feelings for his grandma was quite an earth-shaker.

One day, his father decided to come clean about his feelings of his wife’s mother. Prior to this, he had been upfront about how judgmental he found his mother-in-law but always stated it in a comedic way. But this changed when he completely released his deep-seated anger for his mother-in-law in front of his 12-year-old. This forever changed his kid’s perception of his grandmother, something his kid never forgave him for.

1 The King Of Oversharing

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Finally, we come to an Aussie blogger who goes by the name “Reservoir Dad”. This blogger has been in the news quite a bit as he’s always been incredibly open about the details of his life. This includes everything to do with his children.

He writes about all of the humour that they bring his life, the celebrations, the hardships, and everything in between. He claims that his life and thoughts are out there for the Internet and everyone else to see. This is part of his fun as a stay at home dad of four boys. But this perspective has brought some negative feelings from both his kids and some of his readers who feel like he’s divulging too much information without his family’s permission.

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