20 Cutest, But Most Unnecessary Things We Can't Help But Buy For Our Babies

The mommy market is a colorful space full of designer diapers, eco toys, and smart baby monitors. Many moms and dads won’t hesitate to spend a fortune to buy their cute bundle of joy the best baby product or tech gadget.

In fact, data shows that the mommy market is worth $1.6 trillion and women are the primary decision-makers. They make 75% of decisions when buying new homes and 85% of consumer goods. Millennial moms, in particular, are not only spenders but "decision-influencers", which makes them a special target group.

On top of that, marketing strategies and online platforms target new parents and bombard them with products which companies claim they need. From slip-proof baby knee pads to the Windi gas and colic relief, some baby products are hilarious, and some are just weird.

Ads and online searches offer parents a funny variety of useless baby products. And while choosing baby designer shoes, moms and dads spend less on the essentials they really need, such as bottles, pacifiers, and strollers.

That said, there are some baby products which are way too cute and we can’t help but buy for our babies. Here are 20 products that will put a smile on your face. Will you bank balance agree?

20 Disney-inspired Moccasins

Whether it’s a funny baby hat or a designer onesie, there’s no doubt that baby clothes are way too cute. And of all baby garments, baby shoes are perhaps the most adorable thing ever. Even if you are not a shoe lover, mama, you’ll definitely fall for the Freshly Picked’s baby-moccasin designs which are inspired by Disney princesses.

The truth, however, is that your baby doesn’t need moccasins. As your newborn can’t walk (yet), baby shoes are unnecessary… But hey, many agree that shoes are the most important piece of clothing, so baby moccasins simply become something we can’t help but buy for our babies.

19 Wipe Warmers

The world today is full of weird products. Just like wipe warmers! Many companies offer wipe warmers, which are even marketed as energy-efficient devices. Basically, wipe warmers keep your baby’s wipes warm and moist and reduce unhappy cries during diaper changes.

Well, the truth is that your munchkin spends enough time in their wet nappy, so they can handle a room temperature wipe. As long as you keep your baby clean to prevent baby rash and discomfort, you don't need to buy a wipe warmer. In fact, washing your baby after poop is even more effective than wiping. Nevertheless, baby skin is very soft and sensitive, so we’ll understand if you want to buy a wipe warmer.

18 Pee-pee Teepees

Pee-pee teepees are another funny product that parents do not need. We all know that diaper-change failures can be frustrating and hilarious all at the same time. Pee-pee teepees are…

Well, the name is self-explanatory: cotton “tents” which parents can place on their boy’s wee-wee during diaper changes to avoid accidents.

While it’s true that boys have the tendency to pee the second one removes their diaper, pee-pee teepees are not necessary. When new parents learn how to handle diaper changes, things can go smoothly. On top of that, you can use a simple cotton cloth, mama, which is way cheaper. However, with their cute designs, pee-pee teepees can be really appealing.

17 Plastic Disposable Placemats

Taking your baby to a restaurant can be a wonderful experience, and colorful plastic disposable placemats can only add more fun to your meal. Yes, but no! First of all, going out with a baby is like a camping expedition: diapers, bottles, and clothes are all stuffed under the stroller, so the last thing you need is plastic disposable placemats getting between you and the pacifier which you need to prevent a meltdown.

As long as you wipe the table and teach your little one to wash their hands, you don’t have to worry about germs. What’s more, many restaurants offer disposable and paper placemats, so there's no need to worry about stains on the table anymore.

16 Shopping Cart Covers

Shopping is a wonderful way to relieve stress and waste some time with your little one. As a Gemini, I have to admit that I’m obsessed with new information and I can window-shop for hours. Taking your little one shopping is, in fact, a great way to expose them to new stimuli and social interactions.

However, carts can be disgusting. Yet, shopping cart covers are not necessary. If you really want to keep your mini-me healthy, do not forget that germs are all around us and can actually help kids build up their immune system. But hey, shopping cart covers look sweet and cozy... So we just can’t help but buy them.

15 Crib Bumper Pads

Bumper pads are another common baby product, which can be used to increase the safety of your baby’s crib. According to verywellfamily.com, though, all cribs in the US and Canada are sold with slats which are close enough so the baby’s head won’t fit through. Therefore, bumper pads are not necessary. In fact, the U. Consumer Product Safety Commission says, "we strongly believe that the risk of death from padded crib bumpers far outweighs any purported benefits." Note that wonder bumpers are a better option for newborns.

Nevertheless, crib bumper pads come in different designs, which are way too appealing and make them into something we can’t help but buy for our toddlers.

14 A Diaper Pail

Babies might be cute but their poop stinks. Therefore, many parents who dread diaper changes are easily tempted by the idea of buying a diaper pail. Diaper pails are designed to hide your baby’s messy diapers and mask the distinctive diaper odor that lingers for ages.

Diaper pails simply filter diapers into a plastic sleeve and keep things clean.

According to tthespruce.com, though, systems like the Diaper Genie are actually unnecessary. In fact, such units are not environmentally friendly due to the tons of plastic layers they need to be effective. In the end, though, we all know what it’s like being chased by that "lovely" diaper odor.

13 Designer Pacifiers

Pacifiers are soothing - they can help your little one calm down and fall asleep. Research shows that pacifiers reduce the risk of SIDS. On the other hand, according to babycenter.com, pacifiers have been linked to numerous adverse effects, such as nipple confusion, ear infections, and teeth problems.

Apart from all the pros and cons which one can find online, one thing is for sure: you don’t need a designer pacifier. We know that celebs affect the way we perceive motherhood but hey - your baby is cool without Gucci accessories. Better choose an orthodontic pacifier, or if you really want something more special - a glow in the dark pacifier!

12 The Bumbo

Bumbo is another unnecessary baby product. It’s made of foam and it's designed for kids from 3 to 14 months. Sitting is one of the crucial milestones your baby will master (usually between 4 and 7 months), along with crawling, rolling, and walking. Nevertheless, each kid is unique. So, never push or force your kid to do stuff they are not ready for yet. In fact, according to conversation.which.co.uk,

Bumbo seats can give babies a false sense of security.

You can consider a baby rocker instead - at least they can be fun. From personal experience, though, cross this off your list... Well, tiny humans are way too curious to stay still in a chair.

11 Designer Hospital Gowns

No doubt, mama, you can handle labor as a boss. You’re strong and beautiful, so we’ll understand if you buy a designer hospital gown for the big day! Nevertheless, no matter how beautiful designer gowns are, your big day can be full of surprises and you might even forget about your fancy dress.

Personally, we were very lucky to have friends who provided us with clothes, toys, and baby gear. And a nursing gown, which I wanted to put on straight after birth, of course! Well, I’m not sure how elegant my gown was: although I was never able to breastfeed properly, the only thing you could spot on my "cool" nightwear was milk stains on it.

10 A Changing Table

From painting the nursery to knitting baby socks, nesting during pregnancy is real… and adorable. Many pregnant women and new parents are determined to arrange and decorate their house before they meet their bundle of joy. Modern changing tables with their unique designs, comfy changing mats, spacious shelves, and organized drawers seem way too appealing.

However, you can simply save some space and money and forget about buying a changing table. Note that one can use a portable changing pad or a cot-top changer instead. Or just make use of the floor in their house (something we do), which is a great option for active and wriggling babies.

9 A Baby Alarm For Do-Dos

A baby poop alarm? What's wrong with your nose? This is one of the most ridiculous (and obviously unnecessary) baby products on our list. Well, I have to admit that this is something I’ve never heard of before, which is perhaps my biggest parenting mistake. The idea of having a baby poop alarm is just hilarious. Companies market this monstrosity as a must-have product which has a pooping and peeing wireless system, with a light sensor, an alarm and LED.

It’s like the smell is not enough?!

Well, on the bright side, in case one can’t smell when their baby has done a number 2, they definitely do not need to worry about diaper pails.

8 Potty Mitts

Potty mitts are another baby marketing creation which is simply absurd. As you can guess, potty mitts are designed to keep your baby’s hands clean while using the potty or the toilet. I totally understand that teaching kids personal hygiene and other everyday habits are crucial, but potty mitts are something that’s a bit over my head. Let’s not forget that germs help kids strengthen their immune system.

On top of that, potty training is stressful enough. Just imagine putting those on your little one – a real nightmare! So what’s next? A Hannibal mask? In the end, kids like licking dirty surfaces and toilets.

7 Rib-shaped Teethers

Teethers, rattles, and toys can be very soothing for babies. They can help your little one cope with pain when new teeth are developing. In fact, applying pressure on the gums is really helpful. It’s not only teething, though. Chewing on objects can help babies explore their environment. On top of that, munching encourages your bub to use their tongue, which is beneficial for speech development later in life.

Nevertheless, rib-shaped teethers won’t appeal to babies who simply prefer milk and purees. Your dog might like a rib-shaped teether, though! However, if you want a funny picture of your little "animal" – just go for it.

6 A Bathtub Thermometer

Bath time can be extremely fun. It’s no surprise there are thousands of bath accessories on the market which can help your little one dive in joy. Generally speaking, bathtub thermometers are useful: a reliable bath thermometer can help parents check if the water is safe in order to prevent scalding accidents.

However, never rely solely on a bath thermometer. In fact, the best way to measure the temperature of the water is to use your elbow or wrist. Note, though, that according to baby-safety-concerns.com, the perfect water temperature depends mainly on the age and the preferences of the child.

5 Perfume For babies

Babies are cute and happy creatures. And although their diapers stink, moms and dads love their baby’s smell. So, why on Earth would anyone think of buying a baby perfume? Well, the way companies, mainly big European brands like Dolce & Gabbana, market baby perfumes is sentimental: they try to evoke emotions and make mamas and their babies emit the same sweet aroma.

However, according to fashionista.com, cosmetic allergens are concerning and experts reveal that kids, especially babies under 2, shouldn’t wear any fragrance. There are enough toxins in the environment, so there’s no need to spray your sweet munchkin. They smell just fine!

4 Going for the Organic option

From breastfeeding and formula to solids, baby food is a topic which troubles many parents. More and more people try to feed organic food to their families. In fact, Millennials are the biggest group of organic buyers.

Nevertheless, according to babycentre.co.uk, "organic foods are not necessarily better for your baby than intensively farmed foods." Even organic fruits and vegetables may contain pesticides and organic meat may have been exposed to medication. We all want the best for our little ones, but often organic is just a label that adds an extra cost on top of products. The most important thing is to provide diverse and home-made meals, organic or not.

3 An Afterbirth Teddy Bear

There’s no doubt that the placenta is one of the most important organs during pregnancy. It’s no surprise that many cultures cherish its magical powers. We can witness celeb moms eating their own placentas. However, if you don’t want a placenta pill, get a placenta teddy bear.

According to babble.com, designer Alex Green created a DIY kit to help parents make a placenta teddy bear. How? "The placenta must be cut in half and rubbed with sea salt to cure it. After it is dried out, it is treated with an emulsifying mixture of tannin and egg yolk to make it soft and pliable. Then, you craft it into a teddy bear." Nice!

2 A Time-out Pad

Parents need to set boundaries and teach kids responsibilities. From time out techniques to naughty corners, parents and experts aim to create the best method to show kids that their behavior has been unacceptable.

Many psychologists claim that the carrot and stick approach works the best as it combines punishments and rewards in order to induce the desired outcome.

The timeout pad has a timer that can be adjusted and an alarm in case the child tries to stand up. However, today’s kids are obsessed with technology, so such a device can be more entertaining than anything else. In other words, time-out pads are kind of unnecessary.

1 Piles Of Toys

Toys are good for child development as they stimulate kids. There are different forms of play and different stages children go through. There are also different types of toys. Lego can stimulate a child’s spatial skills, while dolls – their emotional responses. Yet, parents and kids adore soft toys: they are cuddly, cute, and... soft.

However, buying soft toys for your newborn is not necessary. In fact, experts say that soft toys should be kept away from sleeping environments in order to reduce the risk of SIDS. In the end, though, we can't help but buy more and more little animals and soft creatures - just to see our little one smile.

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