20 Creative Baby Announcements Moms Will Wish They Thought Of First

For many couples, getting pregnant the first time was no easy feat. Maybe it took months before there was a pink strip on the pregnancy tests, or maybe there were complications with the first pregnancy.

So, the decision to have another baby is an extremely important one. Not only is it exciting to find out that there is another baby on the way, now the couple has to inform their family and friends about the wonderful news.

One of the traditional ways to announce that another baby is on the way is with a card. Mothers might post a notification of the pregnancy news on their social media platforms or send out cards in the mail. But why not have some more fun with the good news? This is another baby that is being brought into the world! Whether the baby is a second child or the 10th child, expectant parents can share the news with their close friends and family in unique and creative ways.

Check out this collection of pregnancy announcement ideas to get the creativity flowing. There are so many different ways to announce that another baby is on the way! So, celebrate the good news with family and friends in a spectacular way.

20 Get The Pets In On The Announcement

Live with dogs or cats? They can help make the announcement that another baby is on the way. Put a shirt on them that says that they will be a big brother or sister, or that they have to share snuggles with their human parents. Take a photo of the kitty looking at an ultrasound photo with a bubble caption that says: “What is THAT?!” It is a perfect way to announce the pregnancy on social media or as a postcard to close friends and family. Take a photo of the dog “reading” books about how to get treats when there’s a new baby in the house.

19 The Lego-Inspired Announcement

This couple created a Lego representation of their family and designed a graphic that announced that another baby was on the way. It is a really cute and fun idea to share the news on social media in a creative way such as this! Include the arrival date of the baby in the graphic. There should be no question as to what this is about, and friends and family will love the creativity. Legos are also just really cute in general.

18 Go Classic With A Twist

A photo of an ultrasound and a onesie can be perfect for announcing that another baby is on the way. Mom and siblings of the baby can sit in the photo, just showing their legs or feet or shoes, for a stylistic portrait of the new baby. It is visually appealing and easily shareable across social media platforms. It can also be used for custom postcards to be sent to family and friends. Make the photo unique with your own special touch.

17 Announce At Work With A Dozen Of Doughnuts

If you are ready to share the news with your co-workers, one of the funniest ways to do so is with a box of doughnuts. Bring in a dozen doughnuts and tack a note to the inside of the top of the box. It can say something fun and clever such as this: “Eat up! I don’t want to be the only one with a belly for the next nine months!” It’s a delicious and low-key way to announce to co-workers that you are expecting another baby.

16 Gift Funny T-Shirts To Your Partner

The first person who should know about the pregnancy (pretty much as soon as the expectant mom finds out) is the spouse or partner. Why not announce the news in an hilarious way? Wear a t-shirt that says “Mommy” on it and give your partner a shirt that says “Daddy” or "Mommy" on it. Or choose a shirt that says something like “We are pregnant” on it in scrambled letters to make it a bit of a game. It will be a fun surprise for the other parent-to-be!

15 Promote Your Parents To Grandparents

Reveal the news to your parents that another baby is on the way with this fun announcement. Even if they have already become grandparents because of your other children, they can be “promoted” to grandparents again. Send them a card that announces their updated promotion. What perks come with the job of being grandparents to multiple children? Make a list to remind them that hey, another baby is coming for them to totally spoil! They get to be the cool grandparents.

14 Share The News On Coffee Mugs

If the baby is due in 2018, the mugs could say “established in 2018,” and if the baby is due in 2019, the mugs can say “established in 2019.” Have your parents come over for a special breakfast and serve their favorite hot beverage in adorable mugs with grandma or grandpa scrawled in pretty letters on the side. Make sure to hand it to them in such a way that the words on the mugs are clearly seen by them. They might already be suspicious from the “special breakfast” you wanted to host for them, but these mugs help you make the announcement in a cute way.

13 A Safety Pin Family Portrait

Choose different sized safety pins that can represent the family. Larger safety pins would be mom and dad. Slightly smaller safety pins would be the other children. Then place a tiny safety pin inside of one of the larger safety pins to represent the baby on the way. No words are even needed for this clever announcement. Post it on social media or send as a card to family and friends, and they will have no trouble getting the idea.

12 Send Coupons To Close Relatives

Create coupons that announce the new baby as the grandchild or niece or nephew. The recipients of the coupons will be pleasantly surprised with the wonderful news and have a keepsake that they can put in a scrapbook or photo album. Having twins? Send a two-for-one coupon instead! At the bottom of the coupons, list the expected due date. And be ready to get a lot of phone calls and messages after family members receive the news. We can already imagine the happy squeals and jumping around!

11 Put A Flyer In The Morning Newspaper

In Parenting magazine, a reader shared that they created a special flyer announcing that their third child was on the way. They knew the newspaper delivery person and put the flyer inside of their parents’ newspaper so that when their parents read the newspaper, they would find the flyer inside. It was designed like a movie announcement to really get their attention. The announcement could be straightforward and just say “We are expecting another baby!” and include the due date. Or, you can have fun with it and create a pretend advertisement or movie poster to get the message across.

10 Send A Message In A Bottle

Little slips of paper that make the announcement can be placed inside of small vials. Hand them out to the people that you want to be “in the know” of your pregnancy. Another way to do this announcement idea is to place the announcements inside of larger plastic bottles or across beverage cans at your next backyard party. Guests will be surprised when they see the messages on their beverages! There’s another baby on the way! Congratulations! This idea is fun and only slightly subtle.

9 Let Them Piece It Together

Do friends and family like playing with puzzles? Create puzzle pieces that reveal the good news when they are put together. Send the puzzle game through the mail or provide them at a dinner party with the people who will be getting the announcement. Puzzle pieces are a really cute and fun way to announce big news, like having another baby. Friends and family might know that something is going on long before they put the puzzle together, but it will also be fun to watch them make the connection.

8 Send An Email

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

Babble reader Katrina took a photo of her digital pregnancy test and emailed it to her close friends and family. It got a great response. This idea works best if people actually check their email, though. But it helps to keep the announcement more private, as opposed to posting it on social media. This is a great way to share the news at the beginning of the pregnancy. Many people have email access on their Smartphones, so they will see it soon after it's sent.

7 Loves Starbucks From The Beginning

Show the love of your favorite coffee place with this cute idea. Take a photo of two Starbucks coffees next to a small baby bottle that has the Starbucks logo wrapped around it. Add the due date to the photo and post on social media or send as a postcard to close friends and family. This baby is probably going to grow up loving coffee as much as the parents! If Starbucks is not your thing, then use the same general idea for another favorite coffee place or beverage brand.

6 The Ideal Costume For A Pregnancy Announcement

As it gets closer to Halloween, it might be a fun idea to announce that another baby is on the way through costume choices. This couple went above and beyond with the news! She is wearing an oven with a bun baking in it, and her partner is wearing a chef costume with the words “The Bun Maker” printed across! A couple’s costume that reveals the news means that there is no need to bring it up first in conversation at the costume party; everyone should be able to figure it out.

5 Siblings Can Also Share The Good News

One of the cutest ways to make a pregnancy announcement is to take photos of the other children who will now become older siblings. They can hold a sign that announces the coming birth of their sibling and due date. Make it funny or keep it simple. A funny announcement might say something such as this: “Only child status expires on November 2018.” The other children might enjoy being involved with the new baby and learning about what it means to be a bigger brother or sister.

4 Pose For A Hilarious Photo

Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle created a cute and hilarious photo to share the news that they were expecting baby number two. Danielle has tons of food around her to reference pregnancy cravings, while Kevin looks stressed out as he reads a book on what to expect when you are expecting another baby. No words are even necessary with a funny photo like this. The photo makes a few jokes about becoming parents for the second time. And pregnancy cravings are serious business for those who have them.

3 Create An Animated Music Video

Have musical talent like Alanis Morissette? She posted an animated music video to announce the news that she was expecting her second child. It features animated versions of herself, her husband, and their first child Ever Imre. You don’t have to be a cartoonist or animator to create animated videos, either. There are different apps available for both Apple and Android that let users create cartoons with custom sounds and storylines. It's a fun and entertaining way to share the story of your pregnancy and how it will shape your family.

2 Get Tech-y With It

Are both parents computer engineers? If so, then this might be the coolest (and nerdiest) way to make a baby announcement. They wrote a programming code that announces that they are expecting a baby and used that as their sign. Even people who don’t understand programming should be able to follow it well enough to understand what the message is about. The photo is cute and fun, and it shows off their programming skills. It might not be an actual computer program, though, but it certainly conveys the message very well in its final output.

1 Announce It At The Right Time For You

As tempting as it might be to announce the pregnancy as soon as the doctor confirms that there is indeed a baby on the way, wait. The first few weeks—and even months—of a pregnancy are critical. Things could change. The first trimester is at high risk for miscarriage or other complications. In general, it is a good idea to wait until four or five months into the pregnancy before announcing the news to family and friends. Then make the announcement with gusto!

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