20 Craziest Outdoor Playhouses Only The Richest Families Can Afford

We've all seen them: those perfect mini-mansions that rich people call playhouses. They're immaculate, full of amenities, and they're often one hundred times better than the average middle-class home.

There are so many styles available, but they seem to all narrow down into a small handful of companies that make hundreds of thousands of dollars for a few custom-made playhouses a year. It's the dream job, really.

After the research I've done for this article, I would probably switch over into the rich-kid playhouse business if I had a carpenter thumb. Bringing imagination to life and building miniature versions of houses that pay for my home -- ahh, yes, that sounds like the good life.

It's amazing how much thought is put into these playhouses. It's not all about creating realistic tiny houses. There are some unique and wacky designs out there, and it takes a creative person to bring those ideas to life.

I wish this level of awesomeness was something I could achieve for my kids, but there is just no way. I would have start saving now to buy one for my great-grandchildren, long after I'm gone. And as cool as they are, we can't forget that kids lose interest fast. How long would they actually play in their $40,000 playhouse? Is it worth the risk?

Well, to some families it is! Let's take a look at the top 20 craziest outdoor playhouses that only the richest families can afford.

20 Under-The-Deck Playhouse

Playhouse Under Deck
via familymaven.io

How neat is this playhouse? It might not be as glamorous as the upcoming playhouses, but it definitely took a lot of work to build. Not only did they have to clear out the area underneath the deck and build the walls, they had to ensure that it's completely safe and supported.

The windowsill with the pot of flowers is absolutely adorable, and the heart in the door is darling. The parents didn't even stop there, though! They even made their kids' "front lawn" look spectacular.

19 Pennfield Playhouse

Pennfield Playhouse
via wayfair.com

Yeah, I gasped too when I saw this outdoor playhouse. Are you wondering how much it costs? It's a whopping $4,600! Yikes! Well, at least they offer free shipping within 1-2 weeks.

Seriously, this playhouse is nicer than my actual house. If it were full-scale, I'd be more than happy to move in! It even has flower beds and a bird bath in the front. I'm swooning just looking at it. I can only imagine how beautiful it is on the inside.

18 Tinkerbell Treehouse

Tinkerbell Treehouse
via etsy.com

This Tinkerbel- inspired playhouse is made by an Etsy seller named TinyTownStudios. This is possibly the most customizable playhouse ever, and the price tag matches! If you thought the last playhouse was expensive, hold on to your hat.

How much does it cost to give your little girl one of these? $40,000! That doesn't include shipping and assembly. According to the description, it comes with a "custom concrete tree, working water wheel and pond, large 20 ft of deck space, multiple whimsical shacks, interior package including lighting, finished interior, and fairy tale furniture. Unit also has bunk beds and sleeps 5 kids!"

17 Wacky Playhouse

Wacky Playhouse
via etsy.com

This funky playhouse is made by another person on Etsy. Though it's not nearly as expensive as the Tinkerbell Treehouse, it still runs pretty high. Created and sold by ImagineThatPlayhouse, this model costs $8,795, and they're willing to deliver and install worldwide.

It comes complete with a doorbell, covered 2-sided front porch, stained floors, and an interior loft with a ladder and rails. It's customizable in several different ways as well. You can choose whether you want it to look wacky or realistic, change the color scheme, and even add different features, including a rock wall!

16 Mini Mansion Playhouse

Mansion Playhouse
via lilliputplayhomes.com

This mini-mansion is built by Lilliput Play Homes, a renowned playhouse company that creates realistic and extravagant playhouses for children. They build indoor, outdoor, residential and business playhouses, and as you would imagine, they're pretty expensive.

There isn't much information on this particular playhouse, possibly because it's listed in their "Custom Design" gallery. The company designed this specific to someone's request, though I'm sure they're more than willing to recreate it for someone else should they want the same exact one.

15 Pirate Ship Playhouse

Pirate Ship Playhouse
via thestoneshopinc.com

How cool would it be to have this pirate ship playhouse in your backyard? You'd have to have a pretty large yard to pull it off unless you want it to take up the entire space, but your kids would love you for it. I'm not entirely sure who designed this playhouse, as most of the sources are strange, poor-quality blogs.

More than likely, it's a custom-made playhouse, built specifically for a rich, pirate-loving little boy or girl. I want one! And not even for my kids, but for myself -- don't you?

14 Exotic Playhouse

Exotic Playhouse
via etsy.com

Though upon first glance, this may look like a pile of junk (just being honest here), it's actually really cool. This playhouse was created by the same Etsy seller that made the Tinkerbell Treehouse above. It's reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic town, if that's what your kid is into playing.

In reality, the builder of this playhouse wrote, "The Exotic Tree House was specifically designed for a Texas Ranch with a design themed around African Airlines crashed at the ranch carrying exotic animals which are now on the loose. Even a Tasmanian Devil has escaped his crate."

13 Blue Castle Playhouse

Blue Castle Playhouse
via etsy.com

Also sold by ImagineThatPlayhouse on Etsy, this blue castle will run you almost $17,000! If you ask me, that seems a little steep, but hey, I wouldn't know the first thing about the work that goes into creating a playhouse.

The Etsy description explains that it comes complete with premium composite flooring, flags, chains on a pretend drawbridge, a secret passage, built-in chalkboard, and tons more. Just like their other listings, they're willing to take on the "whimsical" style, or you can opt for a more traditional, straight style.

12 Movie Theater Playhouse

Movie Theatre Playhouse
via lilliputplayhomes.com

Another unique idea from Lilliput Play Homes: A movie theater playhouse! I don't know how they came up with the idea, but I'm loving it. The $8900 price tag is a tad more achievable than some of the others on this list.

The description claims that the ticket window features a faux glass block, a lighted changeable marquee, hand-painted floors and theater bench seating. You can add your own flat screen inside and really make it fun! The company also says that they're more than willing to add a personalized "walk of fame" sidewalk, featuring your children's hand-prints. Absolutely adorable!

11 Master Wishmaker Playhouse

Master Wishmaker Playhouse
via dailymail.co.uk

This is another playhouse created by The Master Wishmakers. How much do you think this one costs? Take a guess!

Over $71,000 USD!

The price tag matches the quality though. The inside is even more amazing and well-made than the outside! There are custom tables, counters, cabinets, the whole nine-yards. There's even a ladder that leads to an upstairs area, complete with floors and doors! Again, aside from the wacky, fun aesthetic, it's nicer than my real home.

10 Cafe Playhouse

Cafe Playhouse
via designmag.fr

I wish I knew who created this playhouse, but it's been hard to find. I found it on a website in another language. So, while I'm not sure how much this adorable lemonade stand playhouse costs, at least we know it exists for some lucky child somewhere.

I can't begin to tell you how much I would have loved this as a kid. The little chalkboard menu, the stools, the lights, everything! This playhouse surely provides countless hours of entertainment for boys and girls alike.

9 Pretty Pink Playhouse

Pretty Pink Playouse
via designmag.fr

This playhouse was also listed on a website in another language, and we all know how well Google Translate works. I wish I knew who created this adorable pink cottage playhouse as it's absolutely darling.

And if the setup weren't cute enough, they have pink flowers growing everywhere along the path leading up to the front door. It's absolutely dreamy. By looks alone, we can't be sure whether there is a loft at the top or not, even if it were only one story, this would make any little girl squeal with joy.

8 Cute Trailer Playhouse

Cute Trailer
via homedit.com

Who says trailers can't be cute? This playhouse proves that they absolutely can. The green color really makes this playhouse pop, and though it may be small compared to some of the other houses on this list, its unique style and and character put it in my top ten favorites.

Imagine being able to play pretend that you're traveling the world in a tiny trailer, setting up home in different countries. Yeah, that leaves a lot of room for endless hours of fun.

7 The Hobbit Hole

Hobbit Hole
via homedit.com

We can only imagine how whimsical and adorable the inside of this unique playhouse is. It's small, but it's the stuff kids dreams are made of. I can't get over how awesome it is that the grass from their yard creeps up on the roof, and the round door is beyond cool.

If your kids are into magical story-lines with wizards and hobbits, this playhouse would be a perfect match. Props to whoever built this for their child. Talk about creative (and expensive).

6 Schoolhouse Playhouse

Schoolhouse Playhouse
via hayneedle.com

We all know real school is lame (totally kidding), but you know what's not lame? A schoolhouse playhouse! Maybe it will encourage kids to play pretend that they're teaching a room full of students, and they'll get some studying done.

Sure, they'll probably fight over who gets to be the teacher, but they say a great way to learn is through teaching. Get some desks and a chalkboard in there, and your kids will teach each other. Sounds like a solid plan to me. I know I would have been all over this as a kid.

5 Farm Barn Playhouse

Farm Barn Playhouse
via etsy.com

Does this style look familiar? That's because it's another original playhouse by ImagineThatPlayhouse on Etsy. Think of how cool this would be for kids who live on a farm. They can't always help their parents with the daily chores, because let's be honest - they get in the way.

The times where their farmer parents need to focus, they can direct their kids to their very own barn! Or, you know, a regular city kid could pretend he lives in the serene country, surrounded by horses. Both sound totally awesome.

4 Shopping Strip Playhouse

Shopping Strip Playhouse
via lilliputplayhomes.com

If you thought your kids would have fun in a huge outdoor playhouse, just imagine how much fun they would have if they had an entire shopping strip in their backyard. To be fair, according to the creators of this play "house," Lilliput Play Homes, this was created for a camping ground in White Plains, NY.

I'm sure there are a few happy, wealthy children out there who have this in their backyard, but this was not originally created for a backyard playscape.

3 Two-Story Playhouse

2-Story Playhouse
via pinterest.com

This outdoor playhouse honestly looks like some of the modern houses popping up all over my hometown in Austin, Tx. Honestly, can you tell me that doesn't look like a fancy hippie's house? It totally does!

I would live there, no doubt about it. The earthy tones, the unique shape, this playhouse has it all. Perhaps I'll move into a normal house that looks like this and buy one of these for my backyard. I'll buy some more reusable grocery bags and my kids and I will live the eco-friendly, earthy-toned life.

2 Car Wash Playhouse

Car Wash PlayHouse
via dailymail.co.uk

This unique car wash playhouse was created by a British company called The Master Wishmakers. The company told DailyMail, "Our customers are a mix of very wealthy private individuals and high-end businesses that are looking for the ultimate in imagination, design, quality and craftsmanship. As long as they have the budget we ensure that even the wildest of dreams is brought to life."

Well, that doesn't really come as a surprise. This car wash playhouse will set you back a mere $33,000 USD.

1 Realistic Mansion Playhouse

Realistic Mansion Playhouse
via pinterest.com

Well, here we are, folks. The creme de la creme. The ultimate mansion playhouse. Just look at how tiny that girl looks sitting on the porch of her massive house. I bet she's moved completely in there. Why wouldn't she? It probably has all of the amenities you could want. You could easily hook up electricity and figure out a water system if you have money to buy that playhouse in the first place.

I'm jealous, absolutely. It's not my preferred style of architecture, but hey. I'm willing to overlook that for those fancy doors and two-stories of perfection.

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