20 Celebrities That Don't Allow Their Children To Be Photographed

Kids are a sacred thing, and for celebrities who are often in the public eye, it can be worrisome to bring kids into that mix. Bringing a child into the world means letting the public into their lives as well as yours, and some parents don’t like that. Often the issue is that celebrity parents want to give their children the chance to have normal lives, and if they are spotted in public too often, that will go right down the drain.

Kids should have the opportunity to choose whether or not they have public lives like their celebrity parents, which is why they are often kept out of the spotlight until they are old enough to make that decision. Some parents are extremely strict and don’t let the public know anything at all about their children—this means no updates, pictures, public sightings, etc.—but there are also some parents who share photos of their kids once in a while but do not allow them in public very often.

A big part of celebrities going out in society are being photographed against their will. If a star cannot control photos being taken of themselves, then they don’t want their kids out in public because pictures will surface of them as well, which parents tend not to like.

Here are 20 celebrities that insist their children not be photographed.

20 George Clooney

Daily Mail Online

George and his wife announced the birth of their twins late last year and since then have not willingly shared any photos of their twins. In July of last year, pictures of twins Alexander and Ella were leaked in the French magazine by the name of Voici. As we could imagine, Clooney was livid that the first pictures of his new babies were taken and leaked without him or his wife knowing. The couple admitted to E! Online that people had been scaling their fences and climbing trees for weeks to get a picture of the twins. They also informed E! that the magazine company that allowed the images of their babies to be published is going to face legal action.

19 Emily Blunt

Closer Weekly

Emily Blunt and her husband have some common worries when it comes to being parents. Being that they are both in the acting business, they worry that they are not spending a lot of time with their children. The stars admitted to Marie Claire that they don't like dropping them off at school because they want to be able to protect them at all costs and they feel that they are not doing their jobs when their girls are away from them. But they aren’t too concerned with photos being taken of their kids because they are older and they can be asked whether or not they want to have their pictures taken.

18 Christina Applegate


Many celebrities don't like the paparazzi—not for taking pictures of them but for their continuous attempts to get pictures of their children—and Christina Applegate is one of those. Back in 2012 HuffPost revealed Applegate’s tweets about how she wanted her kids to be free without having the paparazzi taking pictures of them. Applegate also admitted that when she became an actress there was no paparazzi to worry about, and she misses that world. She also talked about how she might not have chosen to be an actress if there were a lot of paparazzi back then.

17 Jennifer Lopez

Today Show

Kids are the big ticket item when it comes to being photographed by paparazzi, and most celeb parents are completely against this. J-Lo admitted to Vanity Fair that she feels as though she has been pretty fair to paparazzi and all she asks is for them not to take pictures of her children or get into their faces. The singer talked about being frustrated that she gets bombarded every day so when she gets home with her children, she just wants peace instead of strangers incessantly trying to take photos of her kids. Her kids are where she draws the line.

16 Cardi B

Entertainment Metro

Out of all the celebrities with kids, Cardi B is the last one fans thought would hide her baby away. But according to Fatherly, many tabloids have been offering Cardi B a lot of money to feature her the first photo of her new baby. The singer has made it clear that she very much wants to protect her daughter's privacy and this is why there will not be any photo shoots featuring her in the near future. For now she wants to keep the baby just for herself.

15 Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes

Star Magazine

It’s hard to stay super private when both you and your significant other are both famous. This is the case for Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes who have two daughters together. Their entire relationship has been completely hidden for the most part. The same goes for each of Eva’s pregnancies—she proved to be good at hiding pregnancy bumps. This couple wanted their kids to have as normal an upbringing as possible, according to People Magazine, and this means keeping them out of the spotlight as best they can. Gosling admits that Eva has done a fantastic job raising his two girls and keeping them healthy, safe and happy.

14 Kerry Washington


Kerry Washington hasn’t shown any interest in sharing much of her daughter's life. The actress admitted to Page Six that she probably will allow her to be seen at some point but as of right now she would rather keep everything private. It’s been about a year since she had her daughter and not many—if any at all—pictures have surfaced of her little girl. She and her husband have decided together that they like private life a lot better than being watched and photographed all the time as most celebrities are. She knows that the paparazzi generally want to take photos of the kids more than their celebrity parents because everyone wants to see the kids.

13 Kate Winslet


Kate Winslet leads a different sort of life with her kids being that they have all come from mixed marriages. Although none of her kids have been shared much on social media or out in public, the actress hasn’t commented on how she feels about having them in the spotlight. She has shared with E! Online how she feels about them having their own phones and social media accounts though. Winslet has three kids between the ages of two and twelve, and the thought of buying the older one's phones apparently scares her. She acknowledges that she will have to let them use computers for school, but she’s not ready for the phone life yet.

12 Tyra Banks


For Tyra Banks, having a child took awhile, and it wasn’t such an easy road. According to E! News, the actress didn’t share any photos of her son for at least a year after he was born just because she wanted to keep him for herself. Banks admitted that she posted a picture of her child to her social media account, only after she believed paparazzi were going to get the first picture. She didn’t want them to have the satisfaction or the money from the first picture which pushed her to share her son with the world finally. Turns out, the paparazzi never ended up getting a good enough photo, and she shared him with the internet for no reason, which she kind of regrets!

11 Alexis Bledel

Parents Magazine

Former Gilmore Girls star admits that her son is none of our business, which is why nobody knew about him. The actress and her husband didn’t share the news of the pregnancy or the birth because they just wanted to keep everything private. Bledel does have social media, and there are zero baby photos there, which shows that the actress has a tremendous amount of self-control. This should not be a surprise according to Romper, because the actress almost never talks about herself or her personal life in interviews or on social media. Maybe one day we will see her little boy but not today!

10 Kate Hudson


Sometimes celeb parents post photos of their children on their social media accounts with emojis covering their faces or just of their kids turned around or facing away from the camera. Kate Hudson has always been one of those mothers, according to AOL. Recently though, as her kids have been getting a little older, she has decided it’s okay to share photos here and there of them which is why she recently shared a picture of her two boys posing next to a huge birthday cake for them. She admitted that their excitement on this day was too much not to share.

9 Orlando Bloom


Orlando Bloom is one of those actors who does share photos of his kids but he, like many other parents, puts emojis and other things in front of his kid’s face. According to InStyle, the actor rarely posts pictures of his son but if he does his face is almost always covered. Bloom says that he wants privacy in life—he chose to be the actor, not his son, and so he doesn’t want him to feel uncomfortable with all of the attention he gets because of dad’s fame. This is one of the huge reasons why he keeps his kid out of the media.

8 Kelly Clarkson

E! Online

While Kelly Clarkson currently features her lovely children often on her social media, there have been times in motherhood when she was more circumspect in putting her children in the public eye. Her son Remington was born on Father's Day of 2016, but Clarkson was slow to share photos of the bouncing baby boy she shares with husband Brandon Blackstock, as per E! News. She did tweet out a few photos, but putting her children out there in the public eye definitely wasn't a priority for the singer. Kelly Clarkson is also the parent to River Rose, and Blackstock has two children from a previous marriage.

7 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson


Fortunately for us, we get occasional snippets of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson's family life with his adorable kids and long-time girlfriend Lauren Hashian, but that doesn't mean he isn't super-protective of them. The Rock has an older daughter with his first wife and has brought his daughter Simone to the red carpet occasionally, according to Popsugar. While he often keeps his kids' lives very private, we get a few clues on social media. The Rock is open about how he feels about his children and his role as a father and works hard to provide them with at least a little privacy despite being one of the biggest stars.

6 Kate Beckinsale


It defies belief, but it's true—Kate Beckinsale firmly resisted social media until just two years ago. Because she shied away from the public sharing that social media encourages. Her personal life was only being seen through the filter of paparazzi and her work, and she explained that she just wanted to set the record straight, as per Belfast Telegraph. Beckinsale has one daughter, Lily Mo Sheen, with her ex-husband Michael Sheen. Her very first move on social media was recreating a birth photo with her ex. While she stated that she really got online to promote her movie, she's also shared quite a bit that we didn't know before.

5 Michael Jackson

via:Heavy Square

Although we certainly got a few famous and infamous photos of Michael Jackson's children, they largely spent much of their childhood as far out of the limelight as possible, until recently. Jackson's children are guarded so closely that they're rarely seen, but we get occasional updates now from his daughter Paris, who shared photos of her brothers in 2017, according to WSLS. Now that the children are older, they're developing their own social media presence, and have even talked to the media about why their dad would cover their faces as children in an effort to protect them from paparazzi. Michael Jackson just wanted them to have their own lives.

4 Bob Dylan's Daughter Desi


Sometimes the private lives of the famous are so private that we don't find out the details until years later. Folk singer Bob Dylan married his backup singer Carolyn Dennis in 1986, but very few knew about his daughter Desi, who was born before his marriage, according to Daily Mail. As quietly as the couple married, they divorced six years later. When Desi married her partner in Long Beach, California in 2014, many thought Bob Dylan would come, but he did not appear to be present. In fact, some of Desi's friends didn't even know that the folk-rocker was her dad—she was never photographed.

3 Chris Hemsworth


There aren't a lot of Hollywood parents more protective than Chris Hemsworth. He convinced his wife, Elsa Pataky, to move the family out of Hollywood and back to his native Australia, as per E! News. Hemsworth has vowed not only to protect his kids but to do everything he can to keep them from being exploited—a tough task for a Hollywood mega-star like Chris. He and his wife rarely share pictures of their children and are careful not to show their faces. Chris Hemsworth still has to be vigilant even in Australia but never lets his guard down when it comes to his kids and the paparazzi.

2 Anna Paquin


Private life is the easy way to go when you’re in the public eye and bring kids into the world. Paquin admitted to People Magazine that she has always been a private person and this has come back into play since having her twins. She and her husband, who both starred on True Blood together, have chosen to keep their kids out of the spotlight, and you definitely won’t see them sharing any pictures of them. Paquin joked at the end of her interview that her kids were not fair game for photos and she didn’t want anyone messing with her cubs.

1 Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan

via:OK! Magazine

Sightings of Everly, the four-year-old daughter of Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum are so rare that her appearance at the Kids' Choice Award got a lot of press. Even though Jenna and Channing are no longer together, they're in agreement about protecting Everly from the photographs of the paparazzi, according to Harper's Bazaar. For this family, control is key—they happily share photos and stories on social media, but they vigilantly protect Everly by never showing her face and shielding her from the public eye. Everly's appearance at the Kids' Choice Award was her first public appearance—they were there to support Channing, who presented an award.

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