20 Biggest Nursery Trends Of 2018

Pregnancy might be fraught with nausea and heartburn, but one of the best things about being pregnant is designing the nursery. Trust me, this is a room you want to get right. After my first baby was born I spent hours in the nursery, mostly in the middle of the night (so make sure you get a good night light)! I have so many sweet memories in that room, from feeding my daughter in my grandmother's old rocking chair to watching her pull herself up in her crib for the first time. This is a room that should bring comfort, peace, and a touch of whimsy. The fun part is that it's also a room that can reflect the parent's personal sense of style, which is what this article is all about.

Any mom who loves HGTV and "design trends" should listen up, because nursery fashion is a WHOLE THING and Pinterest is just the tip of the iceberg. Words like "Scandinavian chic" and "modern boho" don't just apply to living rooms anymore! Babies will eventually arrive, so they might as well arrive in style. For those moms who enjoy being "en vogue," here are the 20 biggest nursery trends of 2018.

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20 Round Shelving

Round shelves are a whole thing now, and we've got to admit, it's pretty darn cute (and way more creative than regular bookshelves). The fun thing about this trend is the up-cycling and two-dimensional aspect of it. There are so many round objects that can be repurposed as "shelves," and it's even cooler if they're vintage. Obviously, round objects don't work well as bookshelves, but they're the perfect "frame" for cute little baby items (baby booties, pictures, stuffed animals, etc).

19 Antiques

This is a trend I can fully get behind because I LOVE antiquing with friends. There's nothing better than grabbing a buddy and hitting up a store filled with bygone treasures, usually at discount prices. For crafty types, there are endless opportunities to bring some vintage charm to their nurseries. If you can find a sturdy, charming piece of furniture, usually all it needs is a fresh coat of paint and some new fixtures before it's ready to go. Trendy without breaking the bank? Yes, please.

18 Greenery

Adding some greenery to the nursery has become very popular, and it can be done in many different ways. Some parents have started adding living plants to their nursery, especially ones that are proven to clean indoor air (spider plants, for example). Other people have begun decorating with fake greenery, whether it be with wall hangings, murals or nature-inspired nursery mobiles. Regardless of how it's used, nursery greenery is sprouting up everywhere, a perfect symbol of new life and new beginnings.

17 Metallics

In the words of Hansel from the movie Zoolander, metallics are "so hot right now." Whether it be rose gold, silver, pewter, or copper, these colors are making their way into trendy nurseries everywhere. Metallic flair is showing up on changing tables, cribs, walls, or wherever you want it. If you're a fan of a modern (yet classic) look, metallics will give you both. I recently saw a picture of a nursery with silver, metallic stripes on the wall and it was gorgeous (and achingly trendy).

16 Modern Boho

"Modern Boho" is the combination of bohemian traditions with contemporary appeal. Bohemian style can often feel cluttered and too busy for the eye, but modern boho allows for a cleaner, sleeker look. For those who favor modern simplicity with a dash of eclectic comfort and whimsy, modern boho is definitely the look they've been waiting for. Pairing colorful, patterned prints with the clean lines of contemporary furniture creates a beautifully balanced room that everyone can enjoy. Boho doesn't have to be messy!

15 Buffalo Check

Buffalo check isn't just for lumberjacks (or Portland) anymore! Recently the classic (over 150 years old) pattern has been appearing in nurseries everywhere, whether it be on walls, curtains, crib sheets, rugs or wall art. This hipster-inspired look can be done in various colors, making it popular in both boy and girl's rooms. This pattern is a great way to draw the eye, particularly if done on an accent wall (like in the picture above), and a great marriage between classic and trendy.

14 Beaded Chandeliers

If you're going for a chic, sophisticated look, then a beaded chandelier is a perfect addition to your nursery. Smaller scale chandeliers can add a soft elegance to a nursery (as well as being an amazing statement piece). Even better, there is a large variety of beaded chandeliers to choose from, each with their own character and look. Whether you're going for an old-world sophistication or dash of feminine charm, there is a beaded chandelier for every nursery theme. Never underestimate the power of beautiful light fixtures!

13 Lavender

Goodbye pink, hello softer shades of purple!

In case you aren't aware, purple is the color of the year for 2018. Not everyone is a fan of "Barney purple,"  but lavender has made a huge appearance in nurseries this year and is now officially trending. Hints of violet are popping up in rugs, wall art, furniture, curtains, cushions, you name it. This purple-hued craze is even responsible for the emergence of lavender-colored cribs! Love it or leave it, this calming color is definitely a la mode.

12 Bird Accents

This bird trend totally reminds me of that Portlandia sketch - "put a bird on it!"

In case you haven't noticed on Pinterest, bird decor is definitely trending in terms of nursery decor. This includes everything from peacock feathers, bird mobiles and flamingo print (seriously, the sky's the limit). But honestly, is there anything sweeter than fledgling birds in their nests? Historically birds have represented gracefulness, freedom and a link between heaven and earth, so embrace the symbolism and add some feathery decor to a "nest" of your own!

11 Letterboards

Whether you use them to write a poignant message to your newborn child or to make nursery visitors laugh out loud, letterboards in nurseries are all the rage right now. These look great hanging on the wall (as pictured above) or propped up on a trendy, circular shelf. Even better, you can change the message as the child ages (or just for fun). This is a great way to be fashion-forward with a personal touch. They're also cheap and very easy to get a hold of (think craft stores, Amazon, or even Target).

10 Scandinavian Design

If you love IKEA, then you're in luck! Scandinavian design is known for its simplicity and functionality and is now being fully embraced in nurseries everywhere. The natural wood and clean lines make for a light, uncluttered space. Even better, this new trend is 100% affordable! Being trendy doesn't mean you have to break the bank! Head to IKEA and pick up the crib and the armchair pictured above (both for under $100 each) and start designing your own Scandinavian-inspired oasis.

9 Animal Heads

It might seem kind of weird, but animal heads are totally a thing right now. Not real animal heads (obvs), but ones made out of felt or paper mâché that you can hang on the wall for a pop of color and dimension. If the idea of having an animal head on the wall freaks you out (no matter what it's made of), this trend also includes framed animal prints and antlers. This unexpected decor idea can add a fun, slightly quirky surprise to an otherwise boring stretch of wall (especially in an animal-themed room). For more inspiration, check out "nursery trends: animal heads" on Pinterest.

8 Large Florals

Massive blooming flowers are all the rage in nurseries at the moment and are often seen in the form of wallpaper, murals or wall decals. There aren't many rooms in a house where you can have fun with gigantic flowers, but nurseries provide the perfect place to let your flower freak flag fly. Feel free to decorate with roses, sunflowers, lilies, or whatever your favorite flower is. This would be super cute if you had a flower-themed baby name (Lily, Rose, etc). The wall's the limit!

7 Velvet

Velvet crib skirts, blankets, cushions, and gliders are a pretty hot commodity in nurseries these days, so if you like plush furnishings, then you're in luck. Velvet canopies are appearing as well, adding a luxurious quality and royal vibe to a regular room. Plus, who doesn't love the feel of smooth velvet? It's not only relaxing for babies, it's relaxing for moms! Late night feedings are a lot more comfortable when you can kick your feet up on a velvet ottoman.

6 Polka Dots

Nursery dots have gone wild in 2018 and there's no end in sight! We've seen large ones, tiny ones, dot decals, dot watercolors, and dots simply drawn onto the wall. Dots remind us all of childhood, making them a perfectly playful addition to any nursery, regardless of gender. The dots don't have to be limited to the wall, however! Dotted crib sheets, curtains and rugs abound! Dots are simple and mischievous (in a good way), and easy to find or make on your own.

5 Hand Lettered Wall Art

Wooden wall art is popular in every room at the moment, so it's no surprise that we're seeing them in the nursery. There's something so comforting, sentimental and rustic about a wooden hand-lettered sign, isn't there? They can feature the baby's name, a favorite quote, or whatever strikes your fancy. They are beautiful hanging on the wall or propped up on an old, antique dresser (as seen above). You can have it customized or make one yourself, but either way, this a trend that isn't leaving anytime soon.

4 Glamorous Changing Stations

There's no doubt that changing tables are functional, but there's no reason they can't be functional and stylish! Glammed up changing stations are officially "a thing," with looks ranging from rustic, vintage, glam, or modern. "Elevate your station" by adding color, artwork, mirrors, greenery, decals, or even curtains (as pictured above). I've seen a lot of moms repurposing beautiful antique dressers, so DIY if you don't want to break the budget! Changing a diaper isn't glamorous by any stretch of the imagination, but that doesn't mean your surroundings can't be.

3 Modern Art

Nurseries aren't usually the first place you'd think to hang a piece of contemporary art, but it might be time to ditch the cutesy baby prints and step up your art game, because this is officially a thing in 2018. If you're not au courant with the art scene, never fear, just pick up whatever piece of artwork catches your eye (or matches your color palette/theme). Contemporary art doesn't have to cost an arm or a leg, but if you do have some money to burn, it would be super fun to have a piece commissioned for your nursery (with a signed note to baby on the back). Just a thought.

2 Boldly Patterned Walls

Boldly patterned walls are super popular these days and for good reason. “They’re dramatic, fun, and you can build the rest of your room around them,” says Pam Ginocchio, projectnursery.com’s co-founder. Whether it's done with wallpaper, wall tattoos, or paint, bold patterns can give the room a vibrant personality. Not only are they fun and different, they're also stimulating for the baby's eyes. You can fill up every piece of blank wall or just limit it to an accent wall, but either way, it's sure to make a statement.

1 Creative Crib Sheets

Via: Cadenlane

Ever since the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended against crib bumpers for SIDS prevention, statement crib sheets have taken center stage. From personalized print to polka dots, some of these crib sheets are absolute fire! This trend also blends well with the Scandinavian, minimalistic theme that's so popular these days (less is more, bumpers be gone)! Some of these adorable fitted crib sheets on Amazon are so damn trendy they make me want some for myself! Seriously, you can build an entire nursery around these things.

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