20 Baby Things Moms Won't Need Anymore After The Baby Turns 1

And suddenly, just like that, they’re not little anymore. Once the baby turns one, there are a number of products that mom can safely pack away or sell, perhaps with a tear or two. It’s no secret that babies grow fast and starting at a year old, there is simply no longer a point in keeping many of the products that were once useful.

These items instead start gathering dust as moms find themselves on the fence about getting rid of them. Whereas they may have been tremendously useful at one time, their practicality has long expired. Instead of cluttering the home with even more useless junk (after all, you probably have more than enough toys lying around already), there are 20 items that are guaranteed to no longer be useful after one year. Some depend on each child but most are universally applicable.

Once again though, the process of getting rid of most of these is bittersweet. While you may think that you may need these items at least one more time, the chances are high that you simply won’t. Don’t delay and get rid of them, either by storing them away for the next baby or posting them on a local buy/sell group for a quick buck.

20 All The Baby's Toys

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Sorry to break it to you hopeful moms but your budding one year old won’t suddenly find himself entertained by the colorful toys that he has had for a while. In fact, you may as well forego buying dozens of new toys altogether for their first birthday because, at this age, they don’t care about them as much as we would want them to as parents. They might spend a couple of blissful minutes playing with an old toy or the newest addition to their collection only to find themselves enthralled by your kitchen drawer filled with spatulas, wooden spoons, whisks… now those are way more fun.

19 An Exersaucer

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With that being said, you can pretty much sell the exersaucer for some extra cash too. Unless your exersaucer is one of those that convert into an activity-filled table-like structure, then it will just gather dust in the corner and take up valuable room. At a year old, babies are either walking already or too interested in crawling all over the place. Staying confined in one spot isn’t their idea of a good time, no matter how much they used to like it. I have to admit that I kept mine in the corner of the living room for way longer than I should have.

18 A Swing

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Another big thing just cluttering up your space. The beloved swing. Some babies hate, while others don’t want to sleep anywhere else but as of a year old (sometimes even before), it’s a thing of the past. You would be lucky if you could put your baby in one for longer than a couple of minutes without them squirming around and trying to get out. At a year old, babies want to feel independent and they won’t hesitate to try to figure out how to release themselves from the contraption on their own, effectively tumbling onto the cold hard floor.

17 Pacifiers

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If your baby is still using a pacifier by the age of one, it’s way past time to go cold turkey on that pesky thing your baby refuses to discard. In fact, if you’re reading this and your child isn’t one year old, consider giving it up before it gets even harder. The Baby Sleep Site explains: “The idea is that before 12 months, your child hasn’t had the time (or the cognitive ability) to form a deep attachment to a pacifier, so taking it away may not be as difficult.

Continuing to let a toddler use a pacifier past 12 months also has the risk of causing dental problems.

16 Noise Machine

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Up there with a pacifier, there is also no reason to continue relying on a noise machine once the baby turns one – ideally even way before then. But unlike the pacifier debate, advocating for the discontinuation of a white noise machine is touchy grounds. The web is filled with parents stating that they see nothing wrong with continuing to allow their toddlers to use white noise to sleep until they can decide for themselves that they don’t want it anymore.

Fair enough. However, some studies have shown that it can be harmful. In particular, a study performed on rats found that “continuous white noise sabotages the development of the auditory region of the brain, which may ultimately impair hearing and language acquisition

Concurrently, another study published in the American Journal of Physiology found “that environmental sounds may phase-shift light-dark and sleep-wake schedules in humans.”

All in all, it would seem that it’s best not to rely on crutches such as a white noise machine to help babies sleep, letting them learn to fall and stay asleep on their own.

15 Bucket Car Seat

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The bucket car seat (or infant car seat) should also be a thing of the past by a year old. For anyone still using one out of convenience, it would be a good idea to check the weight and height restrictions because unless your baby is really tiny, there is a very good chance that they have outgrown it. Either that, or they may just borderline at the limit. Those restrictions are there out of safety and continuing to use a car seat past those limits is incredibly unsafe. Investing in a highly rated car convertible car seat is the way to go next.

Not everyone likes to use the infant car seat but I have to admit I struggled to let mine go out of the sheer convenience of not having to undo and redo the car seat straps each time.

14 Shopping Cart Cover

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Germs are everywhere and there’s even less escaping them starting from when a baby turns one. Whereas when babies are under one year old, mom may have obsessively spent lots of time always wiping and disinfecting his mouth and hands, it just becomes too much after they turn one. Actually, starting as of nine months, they officially start getting into everything and there is just no way to keep them clean 100% of the time. With that in mind, shopping cart covers are just a time-wasting accessory that you would be better off removing out of your bag for good.

13 Bottle Warmer

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As LiveStrong explains it the best: “The idea that cold milk gives toddlers stomach cramps is simply an old wives tale. There is no medical necessity for warming your toddler's milk before he drinks it. Since warming milk can be tiresome and time-consuming, switching to cold milk can free up your time and help your toddler experience something new. While your child may prefer his milk warm, transitioning to cold milk is a fairly easy task when you take your time and offer plenty of praise.”

Starting from a year old, a bottle warmer will definitely be taking up valuable counter-space and is better off being removed.

12 Activity Center Playmat

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Let’s get real here: at one year old, a toddler just couldn’t care less for the one thing that used to occupy them for a while. Activity center playmats are so for babies and your little one-year-old is way past that. He wants to move more than anything and he couldn’t care less if you need to get work done on the computer, a pile of dishes to get through or a pile of laundry to wash and fold. Instead of trying to occupy your budding little one-year-old at home, you would be way better suited taking the plunge to the park instead.

11 Pack 'n Play

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As tempting as it might be to try to stick them in a pack ‘n play after one year of age, that handy contraption really needs to go. At one year old, all toddlers want to do is run and explore the world (aka the home). They don’t want to be restricted to the pack ‘n play while you try to sneak some floor mopping in. The only reason it might come in handy is for them to sleep in if you travel somewhere. Even then, investing in a toddler portable bed or a PeaPod would be much more worthwhile.

10 Jolly Jumper

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First of all, you probably shouldn’t even have been using a Jolly Jumper in the first place. Not only can the door clamp ones snap off, causing the child to fall, but the one with the stand isn’t any better either. As Dr. Cannon explained to KidSpot: “Jolly Jumpers encourage muscle imbalances, since they put the baby/child in a sitting or upright position long before their young developing spines and nervous system are ready for it. This imbalance is accentuated by the fact they are able to push with their feet (plantar reflex) and with prolonged use can cause foot deformities.”

Crazy! But at a year especially, it’s high time to expire this baby entertainer.

9 Those Cute Little Bibs

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All those bibs with their chevron, moose, arrows, spaceships, polka dots and whatever other designs are super cute indeed. They are great for the newborn spitting up and drooling stage; they may even be okay for the initial feeding sessions. But soon as the baby starts to want to feed himself and you give him his first spoon or fork, forget about it. By that time, it’s time to ditch the cute bibs and move onto bigger and better things. Instead of spending even more time on laundry, switch instead to the plastic bibs complete with arms for easy clean-up.

8 The Controversial Bumbo

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Just like the Jolly Jumper, parents shouldn’t have a Bumbo in their homes at all. Yet, the controversial baby product is still on the market and scores of parents continue to buy this seemingly innocent seat year after year. You can’t Google “Bumbo” on its own without also having the word “danger” pop up next to it. As with the Jolly Jumpers, Kid Spot also warned about the dangers of these, citing the case of a little baby who fell out of one and drowned in the shower. Once again, at a year old, all babies want to do is move around, so a Bumbo is best put away for good.

7 A Breastfeeding Pillow

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As sad as it may be, it’s highly unlikely that you will be needing a breastfeeding pillow even if you’re still going strong nursing your little one. The only reason to keep one is if you want to use it as a kind of body pillow to sleep with but even then, it wouldn’t be as comfortable as getting an actual pillow designed for that purpose. Not only do babies begin to nurse less as of one year old, but they also don’t care much to stay on an actual breastfeeding pillow anymore, rendering them quite useless. Your little muncher might just prefer to nurse upside down on the couch instead.

6 Specific Bottles

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Switching milk bottles is always kind of bittersweet, the same way that going up a diaper size is. With every switch, you realize your baby is moving further away from being an actual baby and this couldn’t be more real with ditching the bottles with nipples for good. If breastfeeding, then you can safely introduce a sippy cup with water starting at a year old, while formula-feeding babies usually switch to drinking cow’s milk. In either case, there are major signs that show that the baby is ready to move away from bottles with nipples. Mom Loves Best points out these include: taking forever to feed, flattening the nipple, sucking hard, smacking the bottle, getting aggravated, along with eating less during feedings, but getting hungry soon after.

5 Button Onesies

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While lots of 12-24, 12-18 and of course, 18-24 months onesies can certainly be found at all the popular kid stores, it doesn’t mean that you should keep on buying them. Not only can you retire all of the ones that are under the 12-month-size but you can also stop buying the bigger sizes. As with anything, this will come with a lot of controversies though. There are many who keep on putting button onesies on their kids all the way up to three years old. Others still, vouch for their removal from the wardrobe, citing that it’s harder to potty-train a child if they can’t dress and undress themselves. One thing is for sure: it depends on each child.

4 Diaper Genie

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A Diaper Genie or any other diaper disposable system is a godsend for many, eliminating the need to get up over ten times per day during the newborn stage to throw them out. After one year, there isn’t as much need for one anymore as you begin to change fewer diapers per day. Plus, many moms prefer not to use one for the newborn stage anyways, calling it a complete waste. Once again, it depends on each parent but as of the one year mark, it’s safe to say that you can sell the diaper genie for a quick buck and to clear up some much-needed space in your probably-already-cluttered-with-toys home.

3 Crib Music Mobile

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Many parents get rid of the crib mobile as soon as the baby starts to roll around in the crib. The general guideline is that it’s time to get rid of them when the baby can reach for it. In either case, there are many parents who wait way too long to get rid of a baby item simply because of the ease that it provides with regards to putting their babies to sleep. It’s easy to keep relying on old methods, especially if the baby is taking a little longer to sit up or stand up, but by one year, it’s certainly high time to get rid of the crib mobile, even if it’s one of those that hangs over top – just to be on the safe side.

2 The Baby Bullet

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By the time your budding tot is one year old, there is absolutely no longer any need to mash everything in sight. Although you could keep the baby bullet to make yourself mini-smoothies, it would likely be way more worthwhile to sell it and get a bigger adult version for yourself. As Dr. Sears details, “If your baby does well with [chunkier pureed foods], introduce soft, cooked vegetables and cooked fruits, breads, soft cereals, scrambled eggs and yogurt around 10 to 12 months of age. If your baby manages these soft foods easily, stop pureed foods. Ideally, your baby should not be eating pureed foods after 1 year of age.

1 Baby Playpen

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It can’t be stated enough that as of one year old, babies simply don’t and can’t be contained anymore. They want to move, explore and get into everything and anything that send you running screaming in horror. With that being said, you can safely fold away the baby playpen. You won’t even need it outside because there is a good chance that they will scream their little heads off until you take them out and let them roam free anyways. Babies are fickle little ones and once you give in one time into their demands, there is no going back.

References: Baby Sleep Site, ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, Physiology.org, LiveStrong, KidSpot, Mom Loves Best, and Kidspot.

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