20 Adorable Pics Of Dads Teaching Their Kids To Cook

Cooking is a form of art. Mixing tastes and spices, decorating cakes and bread rolls, chopping meat and homemade herbs. Cooking is also alchemy. Secret recipes and flavors, steamed vegetables and rice, cookware and silver cutlery. Most of all, cooking is life. It’s believed that cooking was an essential factor which fostered the evolution of human beings. It’s not only about reheating leftovers: it’s about changing substances, being creative, and dining together.

Cooking with daddy, in particular, is always fun. It gives kids a chance to spend more time together and help him with all the confusion and panic around sweet kitchen secrets, such as measuring cups and icing. Cooking together helps kids learn that moms and dads are equal and the kitchen is a family territory. In the end, cooking with daddy teaches a basic skill: to cook as adults. And it reveals a life lesson: we are what we eat.

Let’s have a look at 20 pictures that prove that dads are great chefs, too. From the mess they create in the kitchen to the fun activities they organize around the campfire, cooking with dad is a meal for the soul. It gives love, smiles, and chaos. Because even reheating leftovers for the family means more than eating alone at a fine dining restaurant!

20 Protein Shake

Cooking is all about the ingredients. Protein, for instance, is in every part of our body. Not only cyclists or athletes need proteins – everyone needs healthy protein foods. Actually, being a mom requires lots of energy. Exactly - juggling all the laundry, chores, career, and if you’re lucky, mani-pedis.

Eggs are a great source of protein. Protein shakes with eggs are a wonderful choice for one’s diet. Kids love milkshakes, with or without raw eggs. And this picture shows that making shakes with daddy is not only healthy but fun. Will the mom agree? Let’s hope they’ll clean up before we find out.

19 Once I Caught a Fish Alive

Cooking can be a challenge. In fact, life itself is a challenge sprinkled with numerous thrills. Like fishing! There’s no need to say that fishing is not only about catching the fish but about learning life lessons. It teaches kids vital lessons about life and death, worms and colds, and catching and cooking your own prey.

On top of that, fishing is a wonderful family hobby. Personally, I’m not a big fan of worms and staying still, but I do love fish. And I know that having an activity that helps fathers and kids bond is important. My father and I used to have small cherry pit spitting contests. Look at those smiling eyes!

18 Smooth Smoothies

Cooking is also about health and energy. Smoothies are wonderful drinks which provide vitamins and nutrients. There are many recipes out there: smooth smoothies, super-healthy smoothies, detox smoothies, and so on and on. Kids love smoothies… especially when there’s lots of ice-cream in them.

Making smoothies is not only about chucking stuff in a blender. It’s about making a mess with daddy. My baby daughter is only a year and a half, so she hasn’t had a smoothie yet. Nevertheless, when her dad makes juice for her, I always wonder how two apples can create a disaster in the sink.

17 Sweet Chaos

Childhood is messy, so is cooking. It’s not a secret that parents spend hours and hours cleaning up after their kids. Seeing your cozy home messy might be hard but letting your child explore the world is vital. Experts say that getting messy helps kids develop motor skills, imagination, and independence. It’s a joy for their five senses.

At the same time, helping kids tidy up is important. It helps them appreciate aesthetics and personal belongings. In the end, kids absorb their surroundings. For instance, my daughter copies everything. Once she got a hold of a sponge and started rubbing the floor, which made me wonder if I’m really such a clean freak in her eyes…

16 Dine Out With Dad

Cooking is a pleasurable activity but it can become a burden. Especially if it happens every day, three times a day. Let’s not forget that in some countries, people still make their own bread every single day. We are lucky, though: there are takeaway places and restaurants where we can go and enjoy a nice meal…

Dining out with dad is just like cooking – a pure joy. Usually, dads do not hesitate to give fries and soda to their kids, which many moms avoid. But hey, experts say that the 80/20 diet is healthy. When you eat healthy 80% of the time, the remaining 20% can consist of burgers, cakes, and ice-cream.

15 Tea Time, Daddy

Cooking is like a game in which the melody of the pots dances with the aroma of the spices. Pretend cooking is a wonderful activity, which can help kids get into imaginative play. On top of that, kids love copying their parents and pretend cooking can be the first step towards the actual act of cooking with children.

Pretend-cooking should be encouraged in boys. In the end, society won’t benefit from individuals who cannot make simple things like scrambled eggs. As we can see, dads should get involved and show kids that cooking is a family activity. So, moms, simply relax and have an imaginary cup of tea.

14 BBQ Time

Cooking is primitive. Ancient humans used various hunting techniques to survive. Then, people learned to plant and domesticate animals, they even tamed the changing seasons. We are still hunters; although many people abstain from certain products, meat is an essential part of one’s diet.

Grilling is a wonderful activity and it’s not only about eating meat. Grilled vegetables and roasted marshmallows, by the beach or in the woods, grilling can help kids understand and acquire some basic survival skills, such as building a campfire and cooking. In my family, the BBQ is not a men-only zone - perhaps because I’m a caver and I love camping and grilling. In the end, cooking should bring everyone together.

13 Light My Fire

Cooking is divine. It brings inspiration and emotions. No doubt Chris Hemsworth knows that. Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor known for portraying Marvel hero Thor. In Norse mythology, Thor is the god of thunder and lightning. We can see the sparkles in his eyes.

In fact, Chris Hemsworth has three kids, India Rose, Tristan, and Sasha. His wife Elsa Pataky is a lucky woman. Having such a cool cook at home is wonderful. On top of that, it seems that Chris is not afraid at all; quite the opposite, he loves cooking with his little daughter. Because gender discrepancies in home cooking are not okay.

12 Big Boys

Cooking can be sexist. Fortunately, cooking is not women’s work anymore. Kitchens should not be designed only for women. Years ago, cooking and cleaning were associated with the female gender. While sexism and inequality still exist today, more and more men are changing the concept of the kitchen, especially in the West.

Cooking with dad is fun. It shows that boys and girls are equal and there’s nothing scary about being a big boy who loves experimenting with recipes and flavors. Sometimes life challenges people. For instance, my maternal grandmother passed away young, so it is my granddad who I remember cooking for the whole family when we were visiting.

11 Cooking Is Hot

Cooking can be hot. Fathers can show kids that cooking is not only a hobby but a metaphor for life. It requires lots of training and patience but its results are fulfilling and delicious. And of course, one can make money from cooking.

Gordon Ramsay is one of the hottest (okay, I won’t lie - I do like him) and most popular chefs on the planet. And perhaps the wealthiest cook. His daughter Matilda Ramsay, Tilly, is also fascinated by the magic of cooking. Like a good father, Gordon Ramsay supports Tilly. Most of all, he showed her that cooking with dad is fun.

10 Conquer the Mess

Cooking with dad is fun and messy. Multitasking in the kitchen is an essential factor for success. Cooking with kids adds an extra challenge to the process. Parents should make sure that the kitchen is a safe environment for their little ones – because often knives are magnetic toys and chili peppers tricky lollipops.

On top of that, multitasking can help parents organize their space. You don’t have to wait for dishes to pile up – you can start cleaning up while waiting for the pasta to boil. Sometimes I wonder if my hubby gets hypnotized by the oven – burned toast, a stack of dirty dishes, and a baby covered in food.

9 Little Helpers

When it comes to dirty dishes, modern parents can rely on one of their best kitchen friends: the dishwasher. It’s interesting to mention that the first mechanical dishwasher was designed by Joel Houghton and registered in 1850 in America. The machine was made of wood. It was in 1887 when Josephine Cochrane inspired the production of a more successful machine. Her drive? To protect her china!

Dishwashers attract children. Perhaps dirty water mixed with washing-up liquid is yummy. At least my 18-month-old daughter loves licking the inside of the machine. As we can see from the pic above: dishwashers can act as 2-in-1 inventions: bathe the baby and clean the dishes.

8 Social Time

Cooking is a great social activity which brings family members together. In today’s technology-driven society, cooking can inspire social media. Let’s have a look at some popular Instagram posts and videos: it seems that the majority of people throughout the world enjoy sophisticated dishes, colorful macarons, and elegant cocktails.

There’s one thing that doesn’t need any filters: cooking with dad. As we can, John Legend and little Luna can be wonderful chefs and create legendary dishes. It’s in the family: it’s not a secret that people love Chrissy Teigen’s recipes. Maybe baby Miles Theodore Stephens will be also a foodie.

7 My Family and Other Animals

Kids are curious and absorbing: they simply love exploring their surroundings and interacting with other living creatures. It’s not a secret that children and animals love each other. Having a pet can teach kids vital lessons and responsibilities. Since I’m a plant lover, it’s funny to watch how my daughter tries to water the plants… and eat the soil. On top of that, the noises she makes when she sees a dog are so cute – sincere excitement and love.

However, having kids and other animals in the kitchen is a dangerous combination. As we can see from this photo, this father learned a lesson.

6 Cooking Is a Sport

Cooking is a sport. It can be competitive. People need to react quickly and experiment. In other words, cooking challenges our physical and mental abilities. We can see that even Tom Brady is willing to take up a new sport: cooking. Tom Brady and beautiful Gisele Bundchen have two kids, Vivian Lake Brady and Benjamin Brady. Also, Tom Brady shares a son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, with Bridget Moynahan.

Tom Brady and Gisele help their kids follow healthy habits. On top of that, cooking with Tom is inspiring: people find his exotic recipes, such as avocado ice cream, delicious.

5 One with Nature

Camping is another family activity which can bring people together. Just like cooking. And after a long day out, after hours of hiking or fishing, everyone needs a delicious treat. Camping with babies and toddlers may be difficult but there are many kid-friendly recipes for the little adventurers. Make sure that on your next family camping trip you have all the cooking equipment to prepare a meal to remember. It doesn’t have to be Beef Stroganoff - baked potatoes made with love are enough.

This picture shows that camping with dad is fun - kids can learn how to set up a tent, cook, and enjoy being one in nature.

4 Sweet Love

Cooking is sweet. Especially with daddy. Believe it or not, moms and dads may start arguing about food. For instance, my husband never shares his food with our daughter because he thinks she is too young for table food; he gives her biscuits instead. At the same time, from time to time, he lectures me about healthy habits; me – who gives apples and cherries.

In fact, a study showed that dads are more relaxed when it comes to food. 93% of kids and moms admit that dads give more junk food. Well, it’s not that kids complain about that;  just look at the picture again – sweet times and lovely smiles.

3 Moms Vs. Dads

Cooking with dad is fun. It’s not a secret that dads are the fun ones and moms are the ones who force beans down their baby’s throat. In fact, expert Fielding-Singh said, "Feeding and caring for children’s health is central to motherhood. Moms are continually judged - by themselves and society - by how they feed their families."

It’s the same for cleaning. Dads are the ones who play and make a mess – and take a picture of it, while moms are the ones who force kids to tidy up. It’s the same in our family: in the end, I’m the one who gets constant 'No’s', while my hubby enjoys sweet hugs.

2 Pure Joy

Cooking is a pure form of joy. Dining out or eating in front of the TV, it’s all the same. When we share with our loved ones, we get not only nutrients but love. Kids go through different stages and the daddy stage is a common phenomenon. Thus, simple things, such as sharing popcorn with dad in front of the TV, mean a lot to kids.

We all need to relax and watch something. However, don’t forget that eating in front of the TV can increase the risk of obesity and eating disorders. Simply because people, especially kids, do not pay attention to what and how much they eat.

1 Cooking is Love

Cooking is love. Cooking for yourself or for your family – a nice meal shows that you value your body and soul. When I was a kid, I used to read my mother’s cookbook and experiment at home. Okay, there were a lot of unsuccessful attempts, such as my cake without flour (that’s right, when you leave milk and eggs in the oven, they start to boil and the steam damages the walls). But there were many good memories: handwritten recipes, broken plates, and laughter.

There’s no doubt that cooking with dad is fun. Dads can teach kids how to cook. However, cooking together as a family is love.

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