Viral Post Shares Hospital ‘Instructions For Mothers’ From 1968

I think we can all agree that times have changed a great deal since 1968. And, in a recent Facebook post, there is no question that much has transpired over the last fifty-one years; especially after having a baby.

In the viral Facebook post, which has now been shared 7,500 times and growing, it's hard to imagine having to abide by the instructions outlined in a hospital document from many moons ago.  The post has left many in disbelief over the instructions, and many sighing in relief that times have changed.

Micala Gabrielle Henson shared the story on Facebook, where she wrote, “My mom was going through her things and we saw this, it's rules in regards to just having a baby. It gave me a chuckle. How things have changed! This is from 1968! How cool! Thank goodness things have changed, I can't imagine! Feel free to share!”

My mom was going through her things and we saw this, it's rules in regards to just having a baby. It gave me a chuckle....

Posted by Micala Gabrielle Henson on Friday, March 29, 2019

Some of the instructions included that baby would only be on display at the Nursery window from 2:30-3:30pm and from 7-7:45pm. The final sentence states, "do not ask to see baby at any other time." Yikes! Baby did come out of your lady bits, right? Hasn't that earned you the right to decide when you see your baby? On the other hand, labor or a c-section is hard work, so I guess the extra sleep and rest would be nice.

Next up? No dads allowed! During the specific times baby is brought to be fed, nobody, and we mean nobody, was permitted in the room.

Of course, we couldn't help but notice the fact that smoking while baby was in the room was prohibited. Otherwise, light 'er up! And, whatever you do, DO NOT let anyone sit on the bed and crinkle the linens.

But, what most people can’t seem to wrap their heads around is the section regarding nursing.

As we are all aware, those adorable little bundles like to eat. They like to eat a lot. And, they want to eat immediately. For those who choose to breastfeed, the female body is usually ready and when too much time passes between feedings, well we all know what happens.

These instructions are hard to grasp. It states that during the first twenty-four hours, baby will nurse for five minutes, during the second and third day, a whopping seven minutes and, the fourth and fifth day, ten to fifteen minutes. If bottling baby, the nurse would bring the formula to you.

We can’t forget the section in full blown CAPS LOCK  about what new moms were prohibited to snack on. The list includes: chocolate candy, raw apples, cabbage, nuts, strawberries, cherries, onions, or green coconut cake. We aren't even sure what green coconut cake is. However, whatever a woman craves after birthing a human, you better believe somebody better make it happen.

Back off, Nurse Ratched, you aren’t the boss of me.

Henson told Scary Mommy, "I just thought it was a very cool piece of history. I also thought it was hilarious and crazy!"

We agree with Henson. Even though we had a little chuckle over the list, it's also interesting to be able to look back and see how much has changed.

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