19-Year-Old Teen Killed By Passenger While Driving, Days After Her Birthday

It was a tragic day in Marion, Indiana on Tuesday, November 26th. Annalysa McMillan was driving in her car, just about 70 miles north of Indianapolis, when she lost her life. This was not due to a tragic car accident; this was due to a gunshot.

The Marion Police Department stated, that Annalysa was driving when a gun was discharge from the passenger seat that was directly behind her. There was impact. The gun was an AR-15 style rifle, which was in her own car.

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Police were initially called to the scene of a car accident, but when they arrived to the scene, it was more than just that, it was a homicide. Annalysa was unresponsive. The officers on the scene immediately tried to resuscitate Annalysa. However, she was pronounced dead when she arrived at Marion General Hospital. The cause of death was listed as one gunshot wound in her back, and her death has been ruled a homicide.

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Not only did Annalysa lose her life, but the gunshot did result in a minor accident with another driver who was on the road at the time. Who shot the gun? Austin Smith, 22, was sitting directly behind Annalysa and had possession of the rifle when it was discharged. Austin is currently being held on bond, on charges of reckless homicide and criminal recklessness. In addition, he is being charged for possession of a deadly weapon.

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It is unclear at this time, if Austin has a lawyer, and CNN has reached out to the lawyer’s office for the prosecution. It was the beginning of Annalysa’s last year as a teenager. She had just celebrated her 19th birthday, 5 days before the incident happened. Annalysa was always described as a, “bubbly young lady, who had a bright future.” She regularly attended Eastview Wesleyan Church, and the pastor is reaching out to the family to help them through this time of grief.

Apparently, the last text that Annalysa had sent was to her stepfather, and she was telling him that she loved him. The reason is unknown, as to why Annalysa was shot, but more is sure to come as the investigation continues. May she rest in peace.

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