19 Things Women Won't Remember 3 Months After Delivery

When a lot of people say that it feels like their children grew up in the blink of an eye, they do really mean it. That’s because, from the moment a mother gives birth, to her child’s first day of pre-school, everything can feel like it’s happening so fast.

From the first time you lay your eyes on your newborn child to their first birthday, there are so many rapid changes that happen that it’s hard to really take in every moment, let alone remember anything. Regardless if you are doing it on your own or if you have an entire team behind you, motherhood is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. It will keep you on your toes, as it’s the one job that forces you to learn as you go. And unfortunately, you are on your baby’s watch, and not your own.

With that being said, here are at least 20 things that most women won’t remember three months after the delivery. You’d be surprised over all the little things that most moms forget, despite having them ingrained in their day-to-day lives (like having coffee in the morning or brushing their teeth!). Check out our list below and let us know what you think!

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20 You Won’t Remember What You Wore

Believe it or not, there’s a very good chance that you won’t remember what you wore the day you went to the hospital. That is unless you’ve taken several selfies before heading up to the labor and delivery ward. Otherwise, did you wear that tank top you got on clearance at Nordstrom Rack? Or was it that Old Navy maternity dress you couldn’t get enough of over the summer? Or if you headed to the hospital in the middle night with contractions, you might have been wearing your pajamas. Either way, you likely won't remember. But rest assured that you likely did wear something.

19 Your Last Thought Before Giving Birth

It doesn’t matter if you gave birth naturally or if you had to have a C-section, there’s a very good chance that you won’t remember your last thought before giving birth. You might remember what your doctor was telling you (most likely “push”) but as far as the activity that went down in your head, forget about it. This mom said on Facebook, “If it weren’t’ for the pictures that my husband took, I wouldn’t have remembered a darn thing. I was too nervous. I wanted to make sure everything would turn out fine. And it did. We have a beautiful son that I love and cherish with all my heart.”

18 The Intensity of the Pain

If there is one thing that a lot of women worry about, especially if they plan on giving birth naturally, it’s the pain that is associated with childbirth. But believe it or not, by the time you head home from the hospital, you might have forgotten all about it. According to the Psych Central, there’s a good reason behind it, too. Professionals write, “The memory of labor pain usually reduces over time. After five years, nearly half (49 percent) of the women remembered birth as less painful than when they rated it two months after the birth. Just over a third (35 percent) rated it the same, but 16 percent rated it as more painful.”

17 The fact that you were burning up

Were you hot? Were you cold? Were you dying for ice chips? Or did you want someone to crank down the AC? Either way, your body was feeling something, but you just don’t remember it. That’s because all you could focus on was what was about to happen to your body and of course, seeing the face of your newborn child. This mom said on Facebook, “Of course I was hot all over. I was sweating like a pig even though the room was utterly cold. I couldn’t even grip the sides of my bed because my palms were that sweaty. My body sure did a number on me.”

16 What Your Doctor Said To You

Do you remember the last thing that your doctor said to you before that final push? Was he or she being reassuring? Did your doc say anything about the appearance of your baby? Or what the last score of the Super Bowl was? Chances are, you don’t remember. Your doctor could have easily recited the entire the Bible from the first verse to last, and you wouldn’t have remembered it. “My doctor could have asked me for my social security number or the access code to my bank account and I wouldn’t have remembered. And I would probably have given it to him, too!”

15 Or What Your Partner Said To You

These days there’s more of a chance that a woman will want her partner in the labor and delivery room than be without him. That’s because, a) it’s his child and he’s just as nervous, and b) she needs someone to squeeze her hand when the going gets rough. And trust us, it will get to that point! But what were the last words that your partner said to you during the final moments of your pregnancy? Do you remember? Or did he say nothing at all? Chances are, he might have been just as frazzled as you were, if not worse!


13 Where You Left Your Favorite Flip Flops

Do you remember wearing footwear before heading to the hospital? And if so, what was on your feet? There’s a good possibility that you won’t remember it, let alone whatever happened to your shoes the moment you started your first push. A mom named Elizabeth said on Facebook, “I really didn’t have an idea of what was going on and by the time I ended up in the car and my husband was driving me to the hospital I realized that I didn’t have any shoes on. Yes, I was a barefoot mama. And I didn’t have any packed in my hospital bag, either. It totally didn’t cross my mind to get an extra pair just in case.”

12 You Might Forget To Brush Your Teeth

Here’s something that a lot of women forget to do, but just don’t want to admit to: they often forget to brush their teeth while they are taking care of their baby during those first crucial weeks of their lives. And it’s not because they don’t want to, it’s because it simply slips their mind. As this mom confessed on Facebook, “I will tell you – no joke – that I went three days without brushing my teeth. How my husband tolerated my breath during those 72 hours, I will never know. But he never said a word to me about it.”

11 Or Warm The Baby’s Bottle

Here’s something else that you’ll often forget to do, and unfortunately you’ll only be reminded after your baby cries, and that’s to warm his or her baby bottle. If you are bottle feeding your baby, there’s just so many things that you need to do, and chances are, you might forget a few things along the way. One mom, Kayly, said on Facebook, “It’s always the little details that you forget the most. I’ll forget to warm the baby bottle, but I’ll also forget where I put the baby bottle, to begin with. Ha! But trust me, it does get better.”

10 You Might Forget Your Doctor’s Appointments

This is rather important but another thing that many mothers forget to do during the first three months post-partum: go to their doctor’s appointment. While yes, you would never forget to take your baby to his or her doctor, there’s a chance that you might neglect your own. That’s because you are already used to putting your baby’s needs ahead of your own. But that’s not necessarily a good thing. You need the same medical care you had pre-birth as you do now, post-birth. If you have to, bring your baby along. But whatever you do, don’t skip out on your doctor appointments.

9 Or To Call For Future Follow-Ups

You’ll soon realize that maintaining or keeping up with your social calendar, let alone anything else in your life, is not going to be as easy as it used to. You can forget about the weekly or bi-monthly trips to the spa for a manicure and a pedicure because that’s not going to happen. First and foremost, you’ll want to call for future follow up doctor appointments. But that’s not going to happen, either. That’s because you’ll forget to do it all, let alone even find your phone to make those call in the first place. No one said this would be easy.

8 You Might Forget About Your Friends

Don’t worry: if you forget about your friends, they’ll understand, especially if, a) they are truly your friends like they say, and b) they are moms themselves. When you have a newborn in your life, there are just other things that take top priority and a mom’s night out isn’t one of them. One mom named Liz said on Facebook, “It took me a few good months to feel like myself again. I didn’t even want to go out with any of my friends because I was always leaking and I didn’t even fit any of my pre-baby and pregnancy clothes.”

7 And The Housework

Honestly, there aren’t a lot of moms who are worried about this one: they’ll also forget to do any of the common household chores and work. But it’s not like the house won’t stand without you, right? This mom said on Facebook, “Some of my girlfriends actually got together and bought me a Groupon package for housecleaning services. Let me tell you it was the best damn present I’ve ever gotten in my life. And after the baby is when I needed someone to clean my house the most. It was glorious in every sense of the word. I loved it.”

6 You’ll Forget What 8 Hours Of Sleep Feels Like

Here’s another portion of the show (that we like to call motherhood) that you certainly won’t remember: how eight hours of sleep feels like. And why, you may ask? Because your baby won’t let you have it for many months to come. “It’s been seven years counting and I still can’t remember the last time I had a full night of rest,” says a mother-of-one on Facebook. “Even though she’s sleeping throughout the night now, it’s me who can’t sleep. I’ve got too many thoughts running through my head now. I only sleep 8 hours at night if I am utterly tired.”

5 Or what Life was like Before Breastfeeding

Here’s something that you’ve probably thought about but haven’t really talked to anyone out loud about, though. Yes, your body will go through plenty of transformations after you start breastfeeding. And no, the “girls” will never be the same. This mom said, “I had to buy all different bras during and after our breastfeeding period. Even though I was the same size, it just wasn’t the same. The weight shifted elsewhere. Sure, I loved the experience, but it did change my body. I’ll admit that it will never be the same though. I can see and feel the difference everywhere.”

4 You’ll Forget What Your Pre-Birth Pants Feel Like

There are some women who are extremely lucky. They can step out of the hospital wearing the same pants they came in with. And then there is the majority of us who won’t feel what their pre-birth pants (or entire wardrobe) feels like for a good several months after they’ve given birth. This mom confessed, “A lot of moms will drop the weight almost instantly. I had a thyroid issue that I didn’t know about, which made it harder for me. My metabolism just wasn’t working. It took 18 months until I could get into my pre-baby pants again. Yes, it was that long.”

3 Or How You Feel After A Yoga Session

As we all know, everyone has different levels of energy. It might take one mom several months until she hits the gym again. With others, they are just itching to get back at it, but only after their doctor has given them their approval. And yes, if you are a yoga lover, your yoga sessions will also feel a little different for you. But don’t give up on your yoga altogether. This mom said, “Right after my first post-partum shower, I used a belly wrap. It helped the uterus to clamp down, stabilize the internal organs, and support my lower back, which is what I needed for yoga.”

2 You Might Forget What Life Felt Like Before The Baby

A lot of people will tell you this same thing: your life will never feel the same, ever again. And depending on how you look at it, it might not necessarily be such a bad thing. This mom confessed on Facebook, “I totally changed my lifestyle the moment I brought my baby home. No more alcohol. No more late nights. I even changed the way I dressed. My life was different now and I wanted to be a better role model for my daughter. This meant keeping the past in the past, too. It was time to move on to bigger and better things.”

1 You'll Forget To Take Care Of Yourself

Now that you have a little baby girl or boy to take care of, chances are that you might forget to take care of yourself. But don’t worry, you aren’t the only one who will feel this way. It’s a huge adjustment for all. “The only time that I truly felt like myself again, is when I remembered about myself again,” says mom, Lauren, on Facebook. “We had Irish twins, which means I had back to back pregnancies. It took years for me to remember who I was. I don’t regret it, but I won’t say that it was easy. It took a year for me to even remember to book an appointment for a haircut!”

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