19 Mom Pics Everyone Questions (Until They Actually Know The Story)

Hypnotized by the buzzing mantra of our tech-driven society, we can spend a huge amount of time online. Although social media channels have the potential to connect people and help businesses flourish, many platforms are slowly turning into an online circus. Photo-sharing websites, in particular, give people the unique chance to present their lives... as they are not.

From filters to frames, photography has evolved dramatically since 1826 – the year when the first photograph was ever taken. In fact, people do not mind being photographed anymore. After all, soul theft through photography is just a myth... Or maybe it isn't? With 500 million daily active users on one Social Media platform only, is photography taking over our reality?

Nevertheless, moms and dads love sharing photos of their babies. Who wouldn't? Babies are adorable. Though other parents sometimes end up seeing a picture of their kid circulating the online world - a picture taken without their permission. Either way, the sad truth is that the online parenting police love scrutinizing parents worldwide. Sleep training, screen time, and clothes - there's no aspect of parenting that hasn't been a target of online trolling. So here are 20 pictures everyone questions until they know the story.

19 The Queen Bee - Maternity Photos Are Honey For The Soul

1991 changed maternity photography forever. After pregnant Demi Moore appeared on Vanity Fair, maternity photography evolved, helping women celebrate their beautiful pregnant bellies. In fact, according to parents.com, approximately 8 out of 10 women consider maternity photo sessions.

Maternity photoshoots do not need any editing to reveal the true emotions parents-to-be experience. Yet, some people take photography to new creative levels. Mother Emily Mueller came up with a unique idea: she had 20,000 honeybees around her pregnant belly. Although some people found her pictures questionable, Emily – who is a beekeeper – simply reminds us that bees are the most important pollinators of crops.

18 Princes Can Wear Dresses | Raising Kids Gender-Neutral

From social media feuds to Photoshopped photos, celebs are setting trends that change the way we perceive motherhood. And let’s face it – some decisions can be confusing. When Megan Fox and her children got caught by paparazzi, the world exploded. You may wonder why! Look at her older kid: nice long hair, a beautiful dress, and a charming face. Well, the problem many people had was the fact that her little "princess" is actually a boy.

However, toys and pretend games have no gender, so people should stop labeling kids. In fact, many parents, including Adele and Angelina Jolie, support gender-neutral parenting in order to help kids explore.

17 21+ | Organic Food Can Be Unhealthy

With millennial moms being the biggest buyers of organic food and bio-products, it’s no surprise that Social Media and blogs are flooded with pictures of healthy meals. However, as moms and dads are often on the edge of exhaustion, funny accidents happen.

Just look at the picture above! Mom Sarah told today.com, "I grabbed what I thought was a V8 Fusion out of the fridge and put it in my son's lunch bag. It turned out to be a BEER... I thought he was getting his veggies - not so much." Yup, sometimes organic food can be unhealthy.

16 World’s Okayest Mom

Huffington Post

Mommy brain is real. Hormones, exhaustion, and new social roles challenge moms and their cognitive abilities. Although research shows that baby brain disappears a year after birth, we all have to admit that sometimes we are way too forgetful. So many stories online prove that!

Mom Natalie Gwyn admitted, "A dear friend Jessica asked a favor of me. An easy thing, really. Our children attend the same school…Would I mind picking up her four children and meeting her at the gym? "Sure. Absolutely no problem. Anything for a friend." I went to the school and I drove through the pickup line and I loaded up my children and I waved at her children and I drove to the gym."

15 Put On A Social (Chewbacca) Mask

In a world where pictures, videos, and tweets guide our lives, social media platforms are like a stage decorated with short-lived publicity. According to socialpilot.co, only on IG, more than 95 million pictures and videos are updated every day. It’s no surprise we often put on a social mask and a filter.

But mom Candace Pavne decided to put on a Chewbacca Mask instead… and her video went viral, with more than 140 million views. From show features to an impressive scholarship, her popularity helped her uncover her true calling.

14 Barbie Mom: "My Life Is Better Than Barbie’s Now"

Barbie dolls with their nostalgic value are loved by many people throughout the globe. Some men and women, though, simply can’t let go of their childhood… and do not hesitate to start transformations to look like Barbie or Ken.

Nannette Hammond is one of the many people who have spent a fortune to look and live like Barbie. She told cosmopolitan.com, "My husband Dave and my children are just so proud of me and what I've achieved... They think I look great - my life is better than Barbie's now." Well, no doubt her kids are happy to have a Barbie mom to play with...

13 The Art Of Shopping With Kids


Shopping with kids is one of the most dangerous things that can ever happen. Just wait till the sweet bundle of joy starts screaming for chips, not understanding that you have to pay for them first.

So, don’t blame the mother who started storing food on her boy. She was just lucky enough to not have to deal with a playful toddler. As mom Kim Baber admitted, "I didn't plan this shopping trip very well! I either should have gotten rid of some things or gone another time when my husband was available to watch the baby. But I ran out of room and started stacking things on top of him!"

12 Like Mother, Like Daughter – Finding An Idol

We all have a person we admire and follow. Mom Georgina Clarke and her daughter Kayla, found their idol - Katie Price, known as Jordan. Georgina, a mother of four, said, "I didn’t care about my looks, I didn’t wear make-up. I had mousy brown hair, was quite shy and wasn’t anything special. Being a mother came first, my looks were the least of my priorities." While we all can relate to that, not everyone would go through major transformations.

At least we can’t deny the fact that Georgina and her daughter Kayla, have a relationship which appears to work. Like mother, like daughter.

11 Little Lady – Should Your Pierce Or Not To Pierce?

Infant eye piercing is a controversial topic and a trigger of online debates. To prove a point, mom Enedina Vance posted a picture of her baby with a piercing on her cheek, saying she owns her baby and it’s okay to pierce her cheeks… for which she received threats.

The truth is that Enedina is against ear piercing and her sarcastic message and Photoshopped picture were simply misunderstood. This story proves that social media is not the best place to search for legitimate information. Note that the AAOP reveals there’s no medical risk in ear piercing but recommends waiting until the child can take care of the piercing on their own.

10 A 'Like' To The Kardashians? 

El Horizonte

Fashion icons, singers, and influencers – there’s no doubt that celebs are reshaping the society we are living in. Yet, people argue that celebs are a "sign of our social decline." So when Kim Kardashian revealed the magazine cover for Interview, people around the world exploded. Although Kim, dressed to look like Jackie Kennedy, and her sweet North West, look stylish and adorable, the cover triggered numerous heated debates.

Even fans said that this Jackie-inspired photo session was way too much.

9 My Family And Other Animals - Funny Kid Trends

Do you use social media platforms? Yes? Then there’s no doubt you are familiar with one of the most popular baby trends - pictures of little cuties holding funny signs about all the wild and silly things they’ve done. Well, if everyone keeps posting pictures of their pets, why can’t parents share their toddlers?

Just look at the picture above! And it’s not only dog food. Mom Rebecca said, "When the twins were 2 years old, we had one week where they ate our dog's food, the babysitter's cat's food, and then I turned my back to get my camera out at a farm birthday party and they were both crunching down on goat food!"

8 Breastfeeding And A Glass Of Red: Facts Mean More Than Myths 

It’s not a secret that pregnant women and nursing moms should follow a healthy life. So, don’t you find the picture above just stomach-turning? A mom drinking around her baby? In public??? Well, you shouldn't.

Sadly, health coach Arielle became a victim of online bullying after she posted a picture of herself having a glass of wine while breastfeeding. Although there are many myths that surround breastfeeding, the truth is that it takes some time before the alcohol passes into the milk. Usually, the concentrations peak after 30-90 minutes and then, there’s plenty of time to process a small glass of wine before the next feed.

7 Classic But Toxic

One of the most viral pictures ever is that of Britney, the Queen of Pop, driving with her son Sean Preston, perched on her lap. Okay, okay, we all know that safety is crucial. But we have to admit that snapping pictures without someone’s permission is just not okay.

Well, this is what paparazzi do (and we all love them!). Britney explained that her encounter with the paparazzi forced her to grab her son and drive away, I love my child and would do anything to protect him."

6 Worrying About Screen Time? Just Another Way To Blame Moms

It’s a weird paradox: people use social media, the Internet, and their phones to preach tech-free childhood! It’s common, though. People (often without kids) use their expensive gadgets to Tweet how bad parents are for letting their kids watch a video on a long-haul flight (instead of… doing outdoor activities).

So, in an anti-mom-shaming session, mom Abbie Fox sent a powerful message: Leave moms and dads alone! In addition, research Alexandra Samuel told vox.com that worrying over kids engaging with technology is just another way to blame moms for their parenting skills.

5 Online Or Real Revenge?

People think that diaper changing is a bad experience. But come on, let’s be honest – many people look at the toilet paper when they wipe. Just normal bodily functions! So, it’s really sad when people blame dads for changing their baby’s diaper in a parent's room, moms for diaper changing in public, and parents for trying to potty-train their little ones.

Parents can take revenge on their accusers… and throw a diaper on their windshield. Just like mom Alexandra Gerrard! She wanted to park in a space meant for moms and kids, but a stranger got aggressive and started insulting her. So, her twins Osian and Rhydian left him a nice surprise.

4 What's Wrong With Pretend Breastfeeding?

The Internet has become a mental place where people do not hesitate to target kids. We all know stories about women being trolled for breastfeeding in public. At the same time, moms who use formula are also being scrutinized. Sadly, people are okay with "all" women's clothes but not with moms who are trying to feed their little ones.

The truth is that breastfeeding accusations start early. A mother was confronted for taking a picture of her daughter who was pretending to breastfeed. In response to Internet armchair philosophers, dozens of moms shared pictures of their girls and boys breastfeeding their toys.

3 Double The Trouble Or How To Deal With Unwanted Questions

Social media channels give people the unique chance to share photos and connect with people. At the same time, the online world is an arena of unwanted advice. Negative comments can flood one’s life, just like the weird ads that bombard people’s social media feeds. Therefore, privacy becomes crucial.

Nevertheless, a mother posted a picture of her twins with some intimate details. The reason? Too many annoying questions! We all know that pregnancy and birth come with lots of insensitive questions, so we all have the right to block not-so-smart comments.

2 "Giraffe Mom": A Baby Or A Calf?

Have you ever attended an interview where a person asks you the philosophical question, "What animal would you be?" Well, no doubt mom Erin Dietrich would have replied, "A giraffe!"

In a seven-minute video, pregnant mom Erin Dietrich walks and dances wearing a giraffe mask in order to show solidarity with another pregnant creature – April the Giraffe. Erin’s spoof video went viral. As Dietrich said, "Omg I did not think this many people would get a kick out of this!" No surprise Erin and her baby boy met April and her offspring. Well, perhaps the new mamas had a lot to chat about… Another streaming video?

1 Where Are Those Rose-Tinted Glasses, Pink?

And although mommy wars are real, celeb moms deal with Internet trolls the most. Beautiful singer Pink was bad-mouthed for posting a picture of her kids cooking. While kitchen safety is essential, can we really judge parents based on a single photo? Pink said, "My daughter cooked with me from the time she was a baby, it was a beautiful experience that we still share today."

True, cooking with kids can be magical. As long as parents teach their kids basic safety rules, children can start helping in the kitchen and add extra fun and ingredients to the secret love recipe called "parenthood".

The parenting police can just take some time off from their online bubble.

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