19 Celebrity Moms That Refuse To Hire Nannies (And 1 Who Proudly Does)

Hiring a nanny is nothing to be ashamed of. Working moms are doing everything they can to provide for their families, and there are times where they will require extra help taking care of their children. Having a child is a lot of responsibility, and it takes a strong woman to leave them at home to go out into the world and work. Although every mother wants to be there for their kids 24-7, in reality, as times are changing, moms are working moms more and more.

Not only does this mean leaving the kids at home, but it also means leaving them in the company of a complete stranger until we get to know the nanny. There can be so much judgment–people out there think leaving kids with the nanny will screw them up, but as long as our kids see the effort is there and understand that mom is out working to provide for them, they will be just fine. This is a list of celebrities who, although they’re very busy ladies, refuse to hire a nanny to watch their children.

These women are all about doing everything on their own despite how difficult it can be.

20 Celine Dion Is Dedicated To Her Kids


Because being a mother is so rewarding, there are plenty of moms out there who want to do all the work themselves, and the “My Heart Will Go On” singer is one of those moms.

She gave birth to twins at 42 years old, and after her struggle with IVF, she is determined to be the only one who takes care of them and her older son—a job that has undoubtedly grown more difficult since her husband's passing.

According to ZEENEWS, Dion was asked during an interview about a nanny for her kids, and she answered that she "didn’t have her kids not to take care of them herself." That is the perfect answer from this mom of three.

19 That ‘70s Couple


Some celebrities have kids and believe that they will be able to take care of them regardless of their crazy schedules. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are parents who fit into this category. For the first few months of parenthood, they refused to hire a nanny.

Before Mila went back to work, she was on feeding duty while Ashton was the diaper changer. According to E! News, the couple who met on the set of That ‘70s Show work together to make sure their kids always have a parent at home rather than any nannies. Mila had the day shift while Ashton had some nights and weekends.

18 Nanny Is Out Feat. Mariah Carey


Some celebs use nannies, and some don’t, but only one is well known for firing them all the time. The “All I Want For Christmas” singer admits to Hello Magazine that she hates the idea of having nannies, but she has to have them with her line of work.

The mother of two also revealed that if the nannies seem to get to close to her kids, they get the axe.

Carey makes it known that she is the mom and nobody should be closer to her kids than her. Many haters out there think she loves to leave her kids with the nanny, but in reality, it is the complete opposite.

17 Gossip Mom


For most celebrity mothers, as long as they have an attentive dad, they do not need a nanny on top of that. Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively has her husband Ryan Reynolds around all the time to help with the little ones. According to her husband, he has no problem waking up in the middle of the night to take care of their daughter.

The couple loves being at home with their child alone without a nanny, as reported by People Magazine. It is essential for them to spend as much alone time with their kids as possible early on so that when they eventually do have to go to work, their children aren’t left wondering who their parents are.

16 The Hitch Mom, Eva Mendes

OK Magazine

Eva Mendes and her husband Ryan Gosling have two young daughters: a two-year-old and a nine-month-old. This couple has their heart set on raising their daughters as normal as possible, and this means no nannies.

They keep their lives very private and try to spend as much time with their girls as they can.

Being in movies and on TV proves to be a busy life, so it is essential that they are the ones their girls grow up with, not nannies, according to People Magazine. Similar to J-Lo, if they need anybody to watch the kids, the family is enlisted.

15 Ghost Whisperer Mom, Jennifer Love Hewitt


It is super surprising that even the busiest of actresses, such as Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt, refuse to hire help for their children. She has made it clear that she wants to be able to do everything possible for her kids and this means she is always home with them, not nannies.

Taking care of kids is the best part of having them in the first place.

Bringing them into the world, and seeing them grow up is so rewarding–no mother wants to give those moments up to a nanny. According to People Magazine, Hewitt doesn’t have a nanny or a nurse to help during the night and she probably never will.

14 The Office Mom, Jenna Fischer

Celebrity Baby Scoop

Some mothers feel strongly that they should be the only ones watching their children–The Office actress is one of those moms. Fischer made it very clear to Momtastic that not only does she not have nannies, but she also doesn’t use drivers or a personal chef either. She has made taking care of her new baby number one priority.

Other celebs may look at her like she’s crazy, but she wants everyone to know that she is normal–that it is normal to be the only one to look after your child. Her son joins his mom on almost every occasion–walks, grocery shopping, date night, etc.

13 SATC Mom, Sarah Jessica Parker


SATC star Sarah Jessica Parker may not have nannies living in her home, but there are some occasions when she does use them. She admits to Vogue that she and husband, Matthew Broderick, try to be as hands-on as possible, and this means only having nannies when they need it.

Parker is in charge of everything kid related: she keeps track of all the doctor's appointments and school projects, and always makes sure to keep up to date on everything she needs to as a mother of three.

Just because they use a nanny some of the time doesn’t mean they are bad moms.

12 The Big Bang Theory Mom, Mayim Bialik


The Big Bang Theory star admits that motherhood isn’t easy–it is rewarding but not easy. It’s hard to be a big-time actress and still raise two kids without any help, but it’s doable. Bialik admits to The Hollywood Reporter that her kids are always with their father if she is working; there are no nannies involved in the process.

She and her husband are the ones who brought the babies into the world, and for that reason, they should be the one to watch them, that is her motto for nannies.

The parents want to be there for every milestone and new experience that comes with having a kid–this means no nannies.

11 Mommy From The Block


This singer has made it known to the world that she does not use nannies for her kids. According to Hollywood Life, Jennifer Lopez does not have any nannies, and only her family helps out with her little ones.

J.Lo admits that she hates being away from her kids and she would never want to leave them with anyone other than her or their father’s family.

Although nannies can be helpful, mothers can be stubborn. It is important for them that their kids only see one person as their mother and if a family member is taking care of them, that hope will stay intact.

10 Stay At Home Mom, Amal Clooney


Twins are not easy for two very busy individuals such as celebrities—it means two of everything and double the work. George Clooney and wife Amal were blessed with a nurse who came out of retirement specifically to help them transition into life with two babies according to People Magazine.

The Clooneys don’t claim to need the help of a nanny, but a nurse here and there is used to educate the pair on everything twins.

The nurse revealed that it is easy for parents to dread twins unless they fully understand how to take care of them, and for the Clooneys, their twins’ nurse has taught them so much.

9 The Good Place Mom, Kristen Bell


Motherhood is difficult especially for full-time Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell. Not only does she take care of her children on her own, but she works full-time as an actress as well. She recently revealed to Us Weekly that she was ready to go back to being a full-time mother instead of working as much. Her dream is to be a hands-on mother who does all the cooking and cleaning and is there for her family. Nannies aren’t necessary for her and husband Dax Shepard; they work together to always be there for their little ones at all times.

8 Jersey Shore Mom, Snooki

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Nicole Polizzi is most well known for her time on Jersey Shore, but the mother of two spends most of her time with her kids these days. Snooki and husband Jionni have two kids and have always been the primary caretakers.

Nicole and her best friend Jenni recently took all of their kids to Jersey Shore while hanging out, according to Us Weekly. Both Shore moms want to be with their kids full time which means no nannies!

For many moms, being the sole provider is vital, they want their kids to be close to them only–nannies threaten this relationship.

7 Black Widow Mom, Scarlett Johansson

Lipstick Alley

Some mothers are open to the idea of leaving their children with babysitters and or nannies – others not so much. Scarlett Johansson is very adamant about not having a nanny. She would much rather have a teenager come over to babysit for her when need be than hire a nanny.

Her daughter would have a better time playing with someone closer to her age than being with another grown-up all day long. This mom likes seeing the joy on her child's face when her favorite babysitters come to watch her. Johansson admitted to People Magazine that she wouldn’t feel right leaving her kids with a nanny – babysitters only for this household, and that's how Johansson likes it.

6 Model Mom, Elle Macpherson

Although there are a plethora of nannies available to moms out there who need it, Elle Macpherson does things a little differently. The mother of two is working to raise boys all by herself because the father is no longer in the picture. Specifically, because dad is no longer in the picture, Macpherson hires only male nannies, referred to as mannies. She understands since the family of three does not have a man in their lives the boys have no male role model, and according to Daily Mail, hiring mannies is how she fixes that. It’s easier for boys to do “boy things” with a male instead of mom, and Macpherson wants to provide her sons with someone they can look up to.

5 Designer Mom, Camila Alves


The fiancé of Matthew McConaughey works extremely hard on her handbag line, but she has had to put a little pause on it since becoming a mother.

The new mom works on designing each handbag with her mother, who has been a designer for a long time. Alves made it clear to Today’s Parent Magazine that she and her mother are the only ones who watch the kids. She admits that she doesn’t judge those that use nannies, but she likes being a hands-on mom. This means she loves making lunches and bringing the kids to school. Nannies aren’t needed in this household.

4 One Tree Hill Mom, Hilarie Burton


Since giving birth to her son, neither Hilarie Burton nor husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan has appeared in public. The couple is so secret about their lives that nobody even really knew that the One Tree Hill star was pregnant.

Burton admits that looking after a baby while both working as much as they do can be difficult, but they figure it out. According to Fanpop, the couple uses babysitters once in a while when they are desperate, but never nannies. This parenting decision is a huge reason why nobody has seen them out in public in quite some time.

3 Heathers Mom, Selma Blair

Celebrity Baby Scoop

Blair split from her baby daddy back in 2012 when her little boy was one. Since then she has been a single mother, and it hasn’t been easy according to Us Weekly. For a long time doing it all by herself meant no nannies. She was juggling little Arthur as well as working, and although she loves motherhood, it did take a toll on her.

She admits that she found support in a group called the Alliance of Moms—a group of people who have made her life that much easier. It’s important to remember that there are always other people going through similar situations and support makes all the difference.

2 Tennis Mom, Serena Williams

Todays Parent

Tennis star Serena Williams is the last person the world thought would become a mom. Now that she is, she admitted to Good To Know that she never goes long without seeing her daughter. There hasn’t been a day since Alexis has been born that mom has left her alone, this means no nannies.

Williams has many sisters and a mother who are there to help her all the time–which means she is able to get her mommy time in every once in a while without hiring a nanny. The new mom tells the world that everyone has an attitude change when she is away from her baby – she is irritated, and baby is emotional.

1 Gwyneth Paltrow, Proud Nanny User

NY Daily News

There has always been a stigma about whether or not to use nannies. For Gwen Paltrow, she sees no reason she should feel bad about getting a little help. Her nanny has gone public telling parents it is wrong to feel as though they have to give up their lives just because they had a kid.

According to Daily Mail, parents should always have designated personal time–it makes them much better parents. Having everything revolve around the kids at all times allows a parent to become much more frustrated and angry with their lives. Paltrow's nanny has a plethora of mothering tips that she loves to give to the families she works for. They must be good if Paltrow keeps her around.

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