18 Things We Know About Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian's Baby (And 2 That Are On The DL)

Oh, Dream Kardashian- the only one of the recent outpouring of KarJenner babies who actually has the family’s last name. If only it was that way for more of the babies, but things are just much more complex. It’s difficult to explain to people who aren’t caught up on the baby saga but that can’t be helped.

Remember all those moons ago when Blac Chyna's pregnancy was announced and we had no idea of all the KarJenner babies we were about to get? Then again, remember when it seemed like Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian weren’t fated for the most awkward feud of all time? Those truly were the days.

Dream Kardashian sort of has all the elements in place to inherit the role of family black sheep, like her father occasionally occupies. Then again, it seems like adorableness has conquered pettiness again and united a family. Or at the very least, she’s super cute. Anyway, Dream’s life since conception has been a lot more ambivalent and gained more mixed responses than her cousins, but that’s not stopping her from having a great life. There have been complications and difficulties as her parents get it together, but it’s clear that’s not being allowed to affect little Dream.

Before we get to the 2 things that Rob and Chyna keep on the DL, let's look at the 18 things we know about Dream...

20 She's Tight With Her Dad


The same way that we all know the sky is up and the ground is down and pizza is amazing, we can be absolutely positively beyond a shadow of a doubt that Dream is the best thing to ever happen to Rob Kardashian. And that guy once was in love with a Cheetah Girl!

No, on a much more significant and lasting level, Rob Kardashian has clearly made raising his daughter well his new mission in life.

It’s a really nice anchor or grounding for someone who’s been through such rough transitions where family seems to take the back seat to personal problems.

19 And The Rest Of The Kar-Jenners


It’s really nice that the family seems to make a very determined effort not to let past feuds or Rob’s reclusive tendencies get in the way of Dream bonding with her cousins. She’s the only female cousin of this latest generation not to be only a few months shy of her peers- she’s somewhere between Stormi and Saint in age. It’s not that big of a difference, but when her other female cousins are quite literally developing in tandem, it’s enough to feel left out. That’s why it’s nice that the sisters are clearly making a concentrated effort to make sure their brother doesn’t veer too far away from his family.

18 And Her Birthday Party Was Kardashian Hosted


You can always tell the Kardashian’s allegiances by who throws what parties and who receives which letter-shaped balloons. That family seriously loves sending room-sized bouquets and sentence-long arrangements of alphabet balloons.

Anyway, if it weren’t official enough that the Kardashians have no intention of letting their niece feel left out (or her father), they gave her a blow-out first year party.

Her aunts clearly aren’t letting any past weirdness get in the way of the here and now- it’s really nice to see a child not at all be held responsible by family members for their parent’s mistakes.

17 But Her Mom Is Seeking Legal Action


It’s a really difficult decision when holding someone responsible for their serious mistakes can also jeopardize the happiness and safety of your family. That’s why it’s difficult that Chyna has to sever ties in such formal and legal ways from the Kardashians, despite them sharing a daughter. Sure, things haven’t been great between Chyna and the Kardashians for a long time and she’d never admit it over social media but it’s inherently difficult to not be able to share in your child’s life with their family. But not enough time has passed for Rob and Chyna to be in the same room and for things to be normal and civil- hopefully that point will come.

16 But Chyna Does Think Rob Is A Good Father


It’s pretty big of Chyna, besides everything, to separate Rob’s behavior as a partner from his performance as a father. Chyna’s lawyer Lisa Bloom attested that,

“Chyna is not concerned about Dream being around Rob. She has said he’s a good father, there are nannies around when the baby is with him and she hasn’t had any reason to be concerned.”

It’s really easy for someone’s mistreatment of you to color the way you see their treatment of others so it just seriously bears repeating that for Chyna not to deride Rob’s parenting after their rocky relationship is one last bastion of dignity in a really rocky ride.

15 Her Dad's IG Was Scrubbed Until The Beginning Of October


As part of Chyna’s temporary legal action against Rob, he was court mandated not to post any pictures of Dream on social media. It’s not entirely clear why this demand was made, but a judge approved it so there must have been some reason. This is why his feed is clogged with observations on sports- way less interesting unless you go to the Kardashians for your baseball coverage (watch ESPN like a normal person and let me see more KarJenner babies). However, something must have expired because in the beginning of October, he once again graced us with adorable pictures of Dream.

14 But He Did Just Post For The First Time Since August


Whatever clause in the legal filings was adjusted or expired, Rob Kardashian is definitely taking full advantage of it. His pinned tweet, front and center on his Twitter feed, is an adorable picture of his little one on a swing set (featured her) and besides his eclectic interest in the LA Dodgers, some environmental news and videos of women singing, the only other thing he posts are pictures of his daughter. Sure, these aren’t the Kardashian-grade selfies that include adult and baby but it’s definitely a development for the sometimes recluse. Hopefully his love for Dream will color his view of the rest of the world and his treatment of himself.

13 And His Health Seems To Be Under Control, At Least For Her


A source shared this low-key troubling statement with People magazine,

“He only cares about [daughter Dream] and loves spending time with her, but that’s about it… He doesn’t seem excited about anything else.”

Of course it’s great that his love of life has been reignited by his daughter, but that’s so much pressure to put on a child and if it doesn’t stabilize by the time she’s a little older, she’ll definitely recognize the responsibility her father has put on her. It’s one thing to have the expectations of being a Kardashian but also being a full grown adult’s sole purpose in life? That’s just too much for a kid to handle.

12 Whoever Is Doing Her Hair Is Pure Talent


When Dream’s hair isn’t being clipped into extensions or otherwise over-worked, it’s honestly perfect. We just went from tiny ‘fro to perfect ringlets in a few pictures- how do you even do that? What are in these Kardashian genes that are making such gorgeous curly-headed babies? The biggest concern Kardashian critics have is that self-interests will prevail over protecting innocence in the latest crop of Kardashians. Definitely some actions have made Chyna and Rob’s parenting especially in question, more so than his sisters. That’s why these pictures of Dream looking adorable in comfortable, natural outfits and styles are such a reassurance.

11 Blac Chyna's Estranged Mom Pleaded To See Little Dream


Woof, this is another feud that’s just not worth getting in the middle of. Tokyo Toni, Blac Chyna’s mother, took to Instagram to plead with Rob Kardashian to at least DM her a picture or video of her grand baby. This is the midst of a long, seriously messy feud between mother and daughter (Chyna and Tokyo, not Dream and Chyna… that would be next level) as well as a mandate keeping Rob away from Chyna. That doesn’t branch out to include him avoiding her mother, but it would be a pretty huge fire starter if that were to happen.

10 But Kris Definitely Sees Her


Again, the Kardashians come out on top of things.

While Tokyo is making some seriously sad social media pleas to have any kind of relationship with her grand child, Kris is soaking up rays and sitting criss cross applesauce with her grand daughter on her lap.

Heck, Dream even knows her great-grandmother MJ which is a pretty huge privilege since not every one is fortunate to have relatives who live so long. It’s really important that Dream has the support system of her Kardashian side, but it’s pretty noticeable how fractured and distant she is from her mother’s family.

9 Rob And Chyna Seem To Share Custody


Chyna claims that the proof of her and Rob’s peaceful co-parenting is in the product- “There’s no way I could have a beautiful baby girl as super smart as Dream if it was any other type of way… You can look into her face and just tell she’s made of love… She’s like perfect.” Chyna also may not have any interest in rekindling a relationship with Robert, but it’s obvious she appreciates how much he rubs off on their daughter. Chyna shared that, “Her dad wears the blue Dodgers cap all the time. Makes sense, that’s why she likes blue.”

8 But She Seems To Celebrate With Dad's Family


Even if the respect for parenting styles is mutual, we’re just not at a peaceful enough point for everyone- Chyna, Kylie and Rob- to all celebrate together alongside their little ones.

The past is the past but it definitely still stings. For whatever reason- maybe it’s because of busy schedules or the hefty price tag of a Kardashian-grade event- it seems like most of the big parties to mark the passing of time are done with Dream’s father’s family. It might just be that the Kardashians are more in the habit of hosting, say, a lavish cupcake party and posting about it than Chyna is.

7 Although Some Celebrations Are Done Separately


That said, Chyna definitely also goes hard when it comes to Dream’s celebrations. There was the mermaid-themed first birthday she threw (separate from Rob’s party for her) that was more legit than some people’s weddings- there was a five-tiered cake with scales and performers dressed like mermaids and y’know, everything. Anything that could be at a mermaid party only the adults will remember was going down on the largest level. So even if Chyna is fine with sharing her daughter with the Kardashians (is it sharing if you’re totally excluded?), it’s obvious she won’t compromise on also making memories with little Dreamy.

6 Let's Just Discuss How Adorable She Is For One Second


We’ve mostly been talking about the factors surrounding Dream Kardashian and not the little girl herself. It makes sense, since a one year old is pretty much totally dependent on their parents and compliant with whatever deciding factors are at play. That said, it’s important to focus on this kid and not just the people she’s surrounded by.

And this kid is seriously adorable- Chyna definitely has a point when she said you look at Dream and know she’s full of love.

It’s not just that she’s a cute baby (and honestly, most babies are cute)- she’s clearly beautiful inside and out.

5 Seriously, This Situation Has Been Rough But She's A Gem


The KarJenner babies obviously are associated with unreasonable luxury for such young children- of course, the adults are too but they have an idea of what’s going on around them. Then again, there’s the very natural desire to give your child the best of everything. All that said, there’s no toddler (not even a Kardashian) for whom an unending sneaker collection can bring total happiness.

That’s why little Dream’s obvious joy is so important- she probably has some awareness that her mom and dad aren’t together, even if words are way beyond her.

It feels weird to call a Kardashian with multiple cars (as a baby) resilient, but if anyone is- it’s Dream.

4 Even If Not Everyone Likes Chyna's Parenting


This picture… got some reactions. Look, if the clip-in extensions don’t hurt the kid (and while Dream doesn’t look like she’s in discomfort, the process itself might have been time-consuming and difficult) then it’s not totally fair to say this look is too “mature”. I mean, it’s definitely bizarre to give a barely-toddler extensions but if money isn’t at all an issue… Of course, there’s the question of her being supervised around such long hair since there’s just no reason for a baby to naturally have hair this long. Also, her natural hair obviously looks a ton better than this look but apparently that’s subjective…

3 And Her Big Brother Is Crazy About Her


There’s been some headlines that give us reason to believe King Cairo’s relationship with Robert Kardashian may not be… amazing. But the way more important fact is that King is clearly over the moon about his little sister. It’s part of why it’d be so nice if the families could mesh- when Dream is with her cousins, she doesn’t get to see her half-brother and vice versa. Who knows if such an idyllic future can ever be a possibility but it’s a nice… Dream. Wow, pun very much intended and so sorry about that. Let me make it up to you with this adorable snapshot.

And here's what Rob and Chyna are keeping on the DL...

2 We Don't Know If Or Who Chyna Is Dating

Blac Chyna lost interest in one red carpet interview super quick once dating came up. Back in April, Chyna’s Six Flag incident involving a thrown stroller was accompanied by her eighteen year old boyfriend and musician YBN Almighty Jay. Then again, that news didn’t come to us from her own mouth so much as a pedestrian-taken video more intent on capturing the incident than confirming a relationship. Her boyfriend is seriously baby faced but that break-up was confirmed one month after the throw-down at the amusement park. Since then? There may be someone in Chyna’s life but we aren’t privy to that info.

1 Or Rob, For That Matter


No one is saying Rob is ready to be in a relationship- who knows, he might be but it’s very understandable if his emotions just aren’t under control enough to be at all ready for that next step. He’s also, obviously, the father of a young child and figuring out how to co-parent. So this isn’t a question of should Rob Kardashian be dating so much as is he- it’s that difference between could and should. Anyway, on both fronts he’s been pretty quiet. Hopefully this means he’s taking time for himself, which is really time for his daughter since both are benefitted.

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