18 Signs From The Universe That Mom Is Ready For Another Baby (And 3 She's Not)

Some moms know exactly how many children they want and exactly when they plan to have them. Others are surprised by pregnancy and life just happens. Either way, most moms experience baby fever at some point in their lives, and between society and biology, there’s a lot of pressure for mamas to make decisions about baby-making and child rearing.

One of the biggest questions moms ask themselves is Am I ready for another baby? And while it varies from mom to mom and family to family, there are plenty of signs that it might be time for you to start thinking about adding two more feet to the family. If you’re lucky enough to have a choice, it’s a difficult topic to grapple with.

Most women debate over sibling spacing, when to stop based on how many boys or girls they might have, both mom and dad’s overall health, mom’s age, and more.

In the end, it’s often not a quick decision, making that conscious choice to get pregnant again, no matter how many hints you get from the universe. But for those moms who wonder, from the logistical happenings to the more emotional ones, here are 18 signs from the universe that mom might be ready for another baby—plus three signs that it's definitely not time.

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21 Baby Cravings Arrive

Via Brit Plus Co

When you’re in the thick of parenting your first baby, a lot of it is pure survival. There are moments when you get to smell your baby’s sweet head and snuggle, in between feeding, changing, puking, and everything else. But later, when they’re older, you’ll still reflect back on that time fondly. Especially when you’re walking through the baby aisle at Target! The thing is, sometimes those biological urges you feel are really your body (and the universe) telling you that it could be time for another snuggly infant.

After all, your body doesn’t crave anything that’s bad for it, right?

20 Thinking “Wow This Is Easy”

Via Today's Parent

No matter what your expectations are with your first child, it’s still tough when you begin parenting. First, there’s so much to learn—about infant feeding, sleep, and diapering, what’s normal and what’s not, how to get some amount of sleep, and more. And next, you have to figure everything out on-the-go as your baby grows. But at some point, you might realize hey, this isn’t so tough. And even if you’re lying to yourself, having the thought or feeling that parenting is feeling pretty easy might be a sign you’re ready for another child. After all, the rest of us have no qualms about complaining about how tough it is, so you know you’ve got this.

19 Things Fall Into Place

Via Glass Half Spilled

Some moms live their lives by their children’s milestones. Like, mom might plan to stay home with the kids until they start school, then she’ll go back into the workforce. Other moms plan to stay home until their kids leave for college, while still others time their career moves by the length of their maternity leave and when the tots can start daycare. So sometimes, the fact that your toddler gets into the best preschool or your infant gets accepted into an exceptional daycare program could mean your timeline is looking rosy for planning another child. After all, it’s hard to balance work and life, so when things fall into place, that’s the universe hollering your name.

18 Getting Horoscope Hints

Via Caffeine and Cuddles Blog

Sure, plenty of people completely discount astrology as fake news. But there are many mamas who swear by their horoscopes to help them navigate daily life—and if you believe in horoscopes, you might notice the universe beginning to drop some serious hints. Big changes ahead, more love to go around, and similar predictions might suggest that your wishes for having another baby might be about ready to come true. Of course, there’s also the fact that we’ll read into our horoscopes what we hope to hear, so there is some self-fulfilling prophecy happening in terms of being ready for another baby.

17 Independence Arrives

Via Toronto Star

Many moms that I’ve met have explained that they spaced their kids close together because they wanted to get diapering done all in one go. I say, there is a benefit to spacing them farther apart—and that’s the fact that the older one could already be potty trained and able to take themselves to the toilet.

Basically, when your older kid(s) begin to show signs of being more independent, that’s when the universe is hinting that you could start trying for another baby if you so choose.

After all, when your kid is developing skills that make them more independent, it’s less work for you—and theoretically more time for another sibling.

16 The Older Kids Are Grown

Via Mason Hedgecoth

Another instance in which the universe might be telling you sweet nothings is when your kids are much older. Rather than waiting for the older ones to potty train, you could even wait until they’re tweens or teens—or older. Modern moms have so many choices when it comes to creating families and maintaining their professional and personal lives, so there’s nothing wrong with having a baby when your older kids are much older.

If you still have baby cravings but your tweens and teens are mostly self-sufficient, that could be an indicator that now’s the time for adding to your brood.

15 Ideal Sibling Spacing

Via Happy Grey Lucky

Another straight-from-the-universe message comes in the form of time passing. Most moms have an idea of how far apart they want their babies, but sometimes, life just about passes us by before we really make plans. Just think about it: even if you’ve just had your first baby, if you want multiple children two years apart, you’ll need to start TTC when your first child is just about a year old. Whatever spacing you want, you’ll be reminded why you chose it by the universe in some way, even if it’s in the form of time passing.

14 Older Kids Ask!

Via Business Insider India

If you’re undecided on whether to have more children, one surefire way the universe will tell you it’s A-OK to add to the nest is if your older kids are encouraging you.

If even your littlest tot talks about being a big sibling, that could mean your family’s not done growing yet.

Most kids are pretty selfish, so if you’re fortunate enough to have one that is seriously asking for a sibling and you know you want more kids, you may want to consider it! After all, the more excited your older kids are, the more willing they’ll be to help out when the time comes, right?

13 Exhaustion Finally Lets Up

Via Asthama

While we’re not saying you can expect a full, restful night’s sleep until your kids are beyond college age, there is something to be said for the exhaustion lessening over time. You might not be sleeping more, but you’ll feel more rested and less exhausted. That’s one of the ways the universe is hinting you might be ready for another baby—you can stay awake through most of the day, don’t have to drink multiple gallons of coffee to make it through, and you don’t hate your existing kid for waking you up in the middle of the night because you’re so used to it already.

12 Room For Two (Plus)

Via Two Best Friends in Love

Maybe you were just hoping to buy a small condo for you and your spouse, but you wound up making an offer and getting accepted for a bigger house with separate bedrooms for the whole clan. Maybe you had an unfortunate accident or your car just up and died and now you’ve got your choice of SUV, minivan, or another family-friendly vehicle. Whatever the mode of expansion, that’s an indicator from the universe that there’s room for more children if you want them!

Maybe that’s the reason why so many moms choose minivans—built-in encouragement toward growing our families even more.

11 The Perfect Child

Via Baby News Archive

Many more experienced moms will likely caution you against believing the universe on this one, but having a picture-perfect first child might be your sign to go on ahead with adding to your family. After all, parenting your little angel has been so easy, you’ve only enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to do it all over again with another baby. Of course, this could be the universe’s way of pulling a fast one on you.

Plenty of mamas who had angelic first babies went on to have what you might call... difficult children afterward. So you’ve been warned!

10 Painless Delivery Sparks Planning

Via Beijos Events

If you’re one of those moms who had an ideal delivery with little to no pain, whether medicated or not, you might have been inspired to have more kids just based on that. And it could be an indicator from the universe that you should go on ahead! Of course, there’s no guarantee your second delivery will be as efficient or painless as the first, and no one should expect to be so lucky two times, in the end.

But if you’re up and walking around feeling like you didn’t just get hit by a Mack truck, you’re probably getting the hint that you could easily give birth a second time with little effort.

9 Recovery Was Unremarkable

Via Mom Beyond Baby

Whatever the experience of your labor and delivery, your pregnancy probably impacts your feelings about having more babies, too. So if your pregnancy was symptom-free and uneventful, it’s entirely possible that additional babies might arrive the same way. Even if things were a bit rough—nausea or discomfort—there is something to be said for an easy recovery afterward, too. Even if you had a traumatic birth or wound up needing a bunch of stitches, if you healed up okay and didn’t feel too awful, you might be willing to go another round with baby number two sometime sooner rather than later.

8 Eggs Are At The Ready

Via OK Magazine

For mamas who need a bit of extra help conceiving their babes, the availability and condition of surplus embryos is an important consideration. Depending on when you have eggs extracted (if that’s something you need to do), when everything is frozen, how many embryos you have ready, and other factors, it might be a “go” for the next baby sooner than you’d think. If you get a call from your embryo storage facility or a reminder in the mail, maybe that’s the universe reminding you that there’s no time like the present to try for another baby.

7 Mom Met Someone New

Via WSTale

With the way families are formed these days, mamas don’t have to fret if they feel like they’re not done having kids following a separation or divorce. Whether you meet someone or not, you know that you can always choose to have more babies later.

But the universe could come knocking in the form of a new partner who wants to have kids, too.

In that case, you and your new beau may have fallen into place at just the right time, and the universe is delivering you the things you’ve always wanted—a supportive partner and the ability to have more kids.

6 Partner Support Is Steady

Via Sun Sentinel

When you’re a single mom or underemployed and struggling to make ends meet with a partner, it’s hard to consider growing your family, even if you want more kids. But it’s a different world when you and your partner have financial stability and your partner is super supportive of your desires to be a mom many times over. Therefore, a sweet setup where your partner is on-board with the two of you having as many babies as you can could be a sign from the universe.

Not that you have to go all 19 Kids and Counting on us, but if you have a healthy and supportive relationship and the desire for a big family, what’s stopping you?

5 Mom Achieved Her Education

Via People

So many mamas lament the fact that they didn’t complete (or even begin) their education before starting their families. But just because you already have one child (or a handful!), that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your educational goals, too. If you’ve achieved your ideal education level and completed all the necessary steps, the universe could be congratulating you for a job well done and opening up the way for you to embrace a growing family. On the flip side of that, if you have no desire to go to college or anywhere else, the fact that you’ve decided you’re done with school can similarly be a cosmic indicator that it’s time for babies.

4 Timely Layoff Turns Positive

Via Red Tricycle

Losing your job is practically never a good thing—unless it frees you up for something bigger and better. In this case, that bigger and better something is your family—both existing and future children. For many mamas, finally leaving a job that was toxic or unfulfilling can allow for more free time with family, even room to expand your family if you so choose. And other times, getting let go from a job can mean that a mom can finally stay at home if she wants to. Things falling into place both career-wise and financially can be a clear sign that it’s alright to think about the children first and your work later if it’s what you want.

3 Not: Period Comes Back

Via Scary Mommy

Some moms are super lucky and don’t get a period for months (or longer) after giving birth. And while it’s common for nursing moms to skip their cycles for a while, even moms who don’t breastfeed can even skip a few periods.

But regardless of when and how it comes and goes, the regular return of your monthlies doesn’t mean anything other than your body is getting itself back to normal.

While it does mean that you’re ovulating, it doesn’t mean that you need to start thinking about another baby. Just because you’re physically healing doesn’t mean it’s time for another baby—unless that’s what you want, universe be darned.

2 Not: Overwhelming Mom Experience

Via WonderOak

Unfortunately, many mamas experience baby blues and postpartum depression after their first and even subsequent babies. But for some reason, many people just tell us to buck up and that motherhood is hard, so we’d better get used to it. Some moms think that being stressed and nervous all the time is just part of being a parent—and yes, it can be. But if you’re perpetually anxious and stressed out, that’s not an indicator that it’s business as usual and you should keep planning to expand your brood. Plus, just because it’s normal to be harried as a mom doesn’t mean it’ll be that way forever.

1 Not: Recovery Keeps Her Guessing

Via Daily Mirror

Even if you had plans for back-to-back pregnancies and babies, life doesn’t always let you have your way. Or, more accurately, your body may not cooperate with your plans. Some moms need extra time for recovery, and science even says that moms should space pregnancies out at least a couple years to give themselves the most time to recover—both in a visible and internal way.

So noticing that your body isn’t exactly thriving through recovery may be a sign you should slow down on your family planning.

Unpredictable periods, lingering pain, and infections or other difficulties aren’t signs of your new mom bod—they’re signs of serious problems, things that need attention before you go through pregnancy and birth again.

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