18 Problems The Olsen Twins Had While Filming Full House (And 3 Things They Miss)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have come a long way from their Full House days. They are now respected in the world of high fashion and they have no desire to go back in time. There were aspects of their childhood, including their time on Full House, that they definitely didn't enjoy.

The Olsen twins are in the news a lot lately because they've launched a new menswear line under their own high fashion label, The Row. For years, they have made women's clothing that features clean lines and costly fabrics. Now, they're offering luxury items for the guys, including sweatpants made from cozy and expensive cashmere.

These days, Mary-Kate is married to Olivier Sárközy, who towers over his petite wife. Mary-Kate likes to ride horses and enjoys being a stepmother. She lives a posh and happy life. Ashley is spending time with Louis Eisner, who is an artist. In the past, Ashley's been linked to Jared Leto and Justin Timberlake.

Now that you know what the Olsen twins are up to lately, let's turn back the hands of time by taking a look at their Full House days. While filming the show, they had plenty of problems, but there were also a few things that they surely miss today.

21 John Stamos Got Them Fired (Temporarily)


John Stamos found the process of acting with the very young Olsen twins to be challenging sometimes. It's fairly difficult to get babies or young children to do what they're supposed to do in front of the camera. Also, John noticed that the twins cried frequently on the set, according to People.com.

John thought that his work life might be easier if the Olsen twins were replaced with another set of twins, so he got them fired. He soon discovered that things were just the same with other twins. Plus, he thought the second set of twins didn't look as good.

20 They Had To Wear Dentures During Filming


Since the twins were playing one character, they had to look the same. But how do you make two people look the same when they don't lose their baby teeth at the same time? Hollywood magic in the form of dentures were used to ensure continuity in Full House scenes, according to Teenvogue.com. When Mary-Kate and Ashley wore their fake teeth, they looked the same from scene to scene.

While it seems strange to put dentures on very young kids, it's all about continuity. Characters need to have the same look. The twin's character couldn't have different teeth missing in different shots. Hopefully, the dentures weren't too uncomfortable for the tots.

19 Their Fame Prompted The Divorce Of Their Parents


Did the twin's Full House fame put a big strain on their parent's relationship, and ultimately trigger the divorce of their Mom and Dad? Yes, it did, according to information found at Lifeandstylemag.com. Their parents divorced when they were nine and kids who are that age generally find the divorces of the parents to be extremely rough.

Apparently, the growing pressures of Mary-Kate and Ashley's fame caused a rift between their mom and dad that just couldn't be repaired. Relationships are complicated, so there were probably other factors that led to the split. Still, having famous daughters probably changed their marriage a lot. It would almost have to.

18 Mary-Kate Felt Like A Performing Monkey


Mary-Kate has issues with being put to work so young. She hasn't been shy about expressing the fact that she felt like a performing monkey during her Full House years, and possibly afterward, according to Marieclaire.co.uk.

She has also said that she wouldn't want other children to have the same type of childhood that she had.

I see her point. Children aren't supposed to be working when they're infants, toddlers or of school age. They're supposed to be finger painting, watching cartoons, doing schoolwork and making friends. Mary-Kate and Ashley were too young to make decisions about their own lives when they started filming Full House.

17 They Were Surrounded By Grown-Up Humor On The Set


Grown-up humor seeped in on the set of Full House. Fortunately, the very little Olsen twins weren't able to understand most of it. They did sense that stuff was being said which was for adults. Bob Saget wrote a biography and he admitted that he had a particular sense of humor, according to the Dailymail.co.uk.

He wasn't the only cast member who occasionally told off-color jokes, although the cast did behave well in front of the twins most of the time. There is a lot of dull wait time on TV sets and boring lulls tend to provoke cast members to act up a little bit.

16 The Show's Sad Reviews At First


Did you think that Full House was a great show? Many critics hated its blandness. It wasn't one of those shows that wins major critical acclaim, especially at the beginning.

Critics didn't appreciate its vanilla qualities too much. In fact, they had a field day with Full House in their reports.

Mary-Kate and Ashley may have been too young to read the bad reviews, but they probably heard cast mates talking about the bad reviews. No one who works on a TV show wants it to get dragged by critics. These days, on Rottentomatoes.com, critics award season 1 of Full House a 40 percent rating, while viewers give it 78 percent.

15 Bob Saget & The Doll Incident


Bob Saget is a typical comedian who is used to getting a little wild with his humor. When he was pulled into Full House, playing the ultimate clean-cut character, he wasn't necessarily that wholesome character in real life. He was actually miles away from being Danny Tanner in real life!

Sometimes, he'd act up on the set, including a time when he would make very unsavory gestures to a "stand-in" doll of Michelle Tanner (played by the Olsen Twins), according to Elitedaily.com. Saget had to use the stand-in doll during rehearsal times when the twins weren't available as babies and child actors aren't allowed to work for too many hours per day.

14 Older Actors Had A Little Too Much Fun On-Set


This story isn't as bad as it sounds, but it does show just how bored the actors on Full House would get between scenes, and how they'd find wacky ways to entertain themselves while their crew got the set ready for the next shots. At one point, when boredom struck, according to Morningafter.gawker.com, Bob Saget, John Stamos and Dave Coulier decided to have some fun with cans of Whip-Its.

Did the twins see any of this? They might have but since they weren't on set all of the time, they might have gotten away with not seeing this unfold.

13 The Twins Looked A Bit Different As They Got Older


Mary-Kate and Ashley look very much alike. It's really hard to tell the twin sisters apart, even today, when they are so much older than they were while they filmed Full House. However, as they did the show, small differences in their appearance became apparent and these differences caused problems, because they were playing the same character.

A lot of people don't realize that the twins are fraternal twins, rather than identical twins, but it's true, according to Bustle.com. One of the twins developed a freckle that almost cost her her job. It was Ashley. Producers considered keeping Mary-Kate and firing Ashley, but changed their minds.

12 They Were Offered Candy To Improve Their Acting


Imagine yourself directing a TV show and trying to get baby or child actors to do what they were supposed to do. It would be hard, wouldn't it? What would you resort to in order to get the shot? A lot of money is at stake on the set and getting the shot is really pretty important. If you don't get the shot, it slows down production.

During the filming of Full House, the twins were often bribed to get them to perform.

That's probably part of the reason why Mary-Kate feels like she was a performing monkey. The little twins were offered candy to do their jobs, according to Huffingtonpost.com.

11 Older Actors Would Get Into Shorts On Set


Sometimes, actors find it hard to give good performances, due to their moods, problems on the set or other factors. When this problem cropped up, according to Brain-sharper.com, Dave Coulier encouraged the male cast members to take off their pants during filming. He thought that this would change the atmosphere and make it possible to finish the scenes.

Unfortunately, some moms of younger cast members showed up while the whole cast and crew were laughing at the pants-free antics. It wasn't the twin's mother, though. Candace Cameron's mom did see the guys without their pants, as did Jodie Sweetin's mom.

10 Their Mom Almost Took Them Off The Show


There was a time when the twin's mother considered pulling them off the show and money was probably the issue. During 1989, according to Bustle.com, Mary-Kate and Ashley's mother and father got an attorney because they wanted more money for their twin girls. At that point in time, the twins were making four thousand bucks per episode.

After re-negotiation, the sum was raised to twenty-five grand per episode. Their salary peaked at eighty thousand dollars per episode, which is a pretty significant chunk of change.

When the twins became a bit older on the show, they branched out by doing other projects which gave them more influence and leverage.

9 Bob Saget Almost Left Because The Show Was Cheesy


Full House was a bit cheesy, so it's not surprising that a seasoned comedian like Bob Saget would find himself a little red in the cheeks by some of the lines that he had to say as he played clean-cut Danny Tanner. According to Brain-sharper.com, he found distasteful elements with the show and he considered bailing out.

In his view, the show was of low quality and he didn't want to be associated with it. Saget did stick around, but it's interesting to hear his views on the TV show that he starred in. Clearly, it wasn't to his taste.

8 Bob Saget Was Only In It For The Money


Since Bob Saget thought the show was so cheesy, he found it hard to act wholesome behind the scenes on the set, even though very young cast members and their parents were often around. As a result, it's not all that surprising to know that Saget was just in it for the money. He doesn't really deserve any judgment for this. He had kids and knew that his salary would set them up for college educations.

Full House was a job for Saget. It's wasn't a passion. According to Thepennyhoarder.com, Bob's worth one hundred million bucks today. Full House really got the gravy train rolling for him.

7 There Were Weird Plot Holes


It's not unheard of for sitcoms to have plot holes. Writers try their best, but, sometimes, they come up with story lines that have a few gaps and holes. According to Bustle.com, the last name of John Stamos' character, Jesse, changed during the show, which left some fans scratching their heads. Danny Tanner also morphed into a clean freak, after being slovenly during earlier episodes.

Most people don't care too much about sitcom plot holes. Sitcoms are light entertainment but some of these Full House plot holes were actually very noticeable. They didn't negatively impact the popularity of the show, though.

6 Bob Saget's Potty Mouth


Saget found it so hard to tone down his crazier comedic instincts while he was on the set of Full House. According to the Nypost.com, he would frequently get into trouble for using bad language and doing other stuff that fit the grown-up category, rather than then child-friendly category.

Bob Saget was clearly an guy who was trapped on a G-rated show.

He would always test the boundaries and joke that he lacked a moral compass. A snarky comic who likes to surprise is going to feel like a square peg in a round hole on the family-friendly set of Full House.

5 Producers Tried To Hide The Fact That Twins Were Playing 1 Character


Brain-sharper.com reports that producers on Full House didn't really want people to know that the character of Michelle Tanner was being played by twins, rather than just one child actress. So, they kept this information quiet. Of course, the little twins deserved to have their hard work recognized. Eventually, as the show grew more and more popular, its fans did realize that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen shared one role and no one seemed to mind.

In fact, it sparked the phenomenon of Mary-Kate and Ashley's fame. Full House led to so many other lucrative opportunities for these telegenic twins.

4 The Olsen Twins Didn’t Want To Do Fuller House


Fuller House didn't exactly get rave reviews. A lot of people were surprised by its moments of adult humor. In particular, Candace Cameron's fans, who share her strong beliefs, were surprised that the show's jokes were sometimes off-color.

While this show wasn't a hit with the critics, no one really expected it to be. From the get-go, the Olsen twins had no interest in being a part of it. They didn't answer messages about appearing on the show, after being formally invited by producers. They just went about their business. The Olsen twins have moved on from Full House, according to Elitedaily.com.

3 They Miss Being The Youngest Producers In Hollywood


Breaking new ground is exciting, so the twins probably missed the feeling of achievement that came from being the youngest producers in Hollywood. According to the Dailymail.co.uk, they were just six years of age when they launched their own production company, which was appropriately named, Dualstar.

These days, the twins are into other types of challenges. Show business doesn't do it for them anymore.

They're hitting their goals by making it in the competitive fashion world. They deserve respect for the success of their respected and popular fashion line, The Row, because making it in fashion is extremely difficult.

2 They Miss Being Millionaires By Age 10


The Olsen twins are rich, rich, rich. That's cool, because they've been working since they were babies. It could be argued that they had to trade their childhoods for the financial stability that they enjoy now. In that sense, they earned their riches fair and square. Becoming millionaires when they were ten must have given them quite a rush.

According to Newsweek.com, they've still got a ton of money, thanks to an array of successful investments and companies. Today, they produce designs for their fashion line in New York factories, rather than outsourcing in cheaper countries. They make money while also helping their home city.

1 They Miss Getting To Design Their Own Pint-Sized Fashion Outfits


When the twins were young and working on Full House and later projects, they were allowed to give input about their wardrobes. They could let costume designers on set know what they wanted and then have it made for them. They must have loved this and may reminisce about this aspect of their Full House experience. Today, they still love to play dress-up. They've made high fashion their career, according to Vogue.com. The fashion that they make through their own brand, The Row, is a lot more sophisticated than the colorful clothes they wore on the set of Full House.

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