17 Times Dads Knew Mom Was Pregnant Before Her (And 5 Times Moms Had No Idea Until Way Later)

Women are almost always the first to discover their own pregnancies, but there are always exceptions to the rule. One of my closest friends (who had been trying to get pregnant for years) had her mother show up unannounced at her doorstep with a fruit basket. "You're pregnant, you need to start eating healthy," she said. Sure enough, my friend was 8 weeks pregnant (and she didn't even know it)! Crazy, right? How can friends and family know our bodies better than we do? Sure, we've all heard about a particularly intuitive mother or a sister, but baby daddies are notoriously clueless when it comes to pregnancy. Or are they?

Despite men not having a great reputation when it comes to noticing details or having a "sixth sense," a surprising amount of them are able to recognize their partner's pregnancy before she does. Sometimes the signs are obvious (like a pregnancy test left on the bathroom counter), but not always. Most people would also assume that a woman would sense her own pregnancy after a certain amount of weeks, but that's not always the case. Here are 17 dads knew mom was pregnant before she did (and 5 times mom had no idea until much later).

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22 How He Knew: Cravings

When asked on Reddit whether he knew if his significant other was pregnant before she did, one guy claimed that it was her cravings that gave it away.

"Yes I did. I was driving home from work and she asked me to pick up ice cream. I can still remember it now like its in slow motion. 'I want an Orreeooo ffrrreeeezzzzzeee.' In the three years I knew her at that point I never saw her eat ice cream. The only reason it was scary to me is that we were unwed and I was 20. But luckily it gave me a day to freak out until she found out her self."

21 How He Knew: Smells Like Baby

One Reddit user claimed that his wife just smelled different. Weird, I know.

"She smells different when she's pregnant, so, yeah. I was expecting it though, we'd been trying."

When asked exactly how she smelled different, he struggled a bit with the description.

"You know, I've been sitting here since I wrote that trying to come up with a description for it. The best thing I can come up with is that it's a little like baby-smell. Sniff a baby's head some time. There's this kind of musky sweet scent, with just a hint of sour milk or poo."

Hmm...not too sure that's how I'd want to smell for nine months, but okay.

20 How He Knew: Saw It First

Not every "I knew before she did" story involves a father's intuition (or sixth sense). Sometimes guys can find out early by just stumbling across a pregnancy test.

"I knew before she did but not for that reason. She took a pregnancy test and left it on the bathroom counter for that 10 min or whatever it is. Forgot about it as she was minding the other kids. I came home from work and went to wash my hands and saw it first."

Ugh, I would hate it if my husband found out that way. Half the fun is finding out a creative way to tell him.

19 How He Knew: The Pregnancy Glow

Who knew guys paid so much attention to detail?!

"After a negative pregnancy test, I was taking a close-up, face-only photo of my (then) girlfriend. As I looked through the lens, I noticed that her skin, just under her left eye looked different - somehow healthier, more colourful, hard to describe but definitely different. I got her to do a second test and, sure enough, it came up positive."

I'm 100% sure my husband never noticed any "glow" during my nine months of pregnancy, but it would have been nice if he had!

18 How He Knew: Good Old Intuition

Who says guys don't have intuition?

"I knew at least 2 weeks or more before she took the test. She kept saying she wasn't. Finally one night I just pointed to the bathroom and told her not to come out until she took it. I knew because of her appetite, mood, tiredness, and just intuition, I guess."

Most guys would have just thought she was PMS-ing, but this guy hit the nail on the head. I'm not going to lie, I'm impressed.

17 How He Knew: Pregnancy Rage

Ah, good old pregnancy rage. Not everyone experiences this, but my road rage was out of control when I had a bun in the oven. This guy knew the minute his wife started acting a fool.

"Yep. When my ex-wife gets pregnant, she starts arguing over stupid shiz and escalating beyond reason. I realized she was knocked up when she got into a screaming rage because I tidied the bedroom wrong and JUST KEPT GOING. Called it. 9 months later cute little fella born."

16 How He Knew: Acting All "Motherly"

When asked if anyone else knew they were pregnant before they did, one WeddingBee user claimed that her husband was quick to notice her "motherly" vibe.

"My darling husband knew before I did. Pretty much IMMEDIATELY. He’s creepy like that, LOL. He just looks at me one day and says 'Yep, you’re pregnant.' I was like 'I am not, how MEAN! I’m not even a little fat!' But he didn’t mean fat, he meant I was acting 'motherly' or something, and also that my eating had violently shifted without me noticing!"

15 How He Knew: Shared Morning Sickness?

Is this actually a thing? According to Parents.com, it totally is! A certain number of fathers-to-be experience sympathetic pregnancy symptoms, called Couvade Syndrome, and apparently, it's not as rare as you'd think!

One particular user on BabyCenter swears that it happened to her own baby daddy.

"My boyfriend actually got my morning sickness and told me I was pregnant. I didn't believe him until not one, but four tests later, and I was convinced the two pink lines were right."  

14 How He Knew: Sixth Sense

Either this guy was just a lucky guesser or he truly has a "sixth sense!" Either way, take him to Vegas!

"I was on my way to Mexico for a family trip when my partner insisted I take a pregnancy test before I leave because he was certain I was pregnant. I refused, telling him I know my body better than him...plus I was cramping (later to find out it was implantation). Turns out I come home from our trip a week later and had not started my period. Took a test and the 'fortune teller' was right...I was 5 weeks. I had NO symptoms to my knowledge; however, he sensed it."

13 How He Knew: Sometimes You Just Know

Sometimes people just know things without any tell-tale signs, and this woman's husband was one of them.

"My son's father knew I was pregnant before I did. He kept asking are you sure you're not pregnant? All of my home tests were negative and I took about 9 and he still said I think you are pregnant. So I scheduled an appointment to find out if I was pregnant or not at the hospital and sure enough, it was positive. I am now 32 weeks and 5 days having a little boy." 

12 How He Knew: It Just Felt Different

Romper.com shared nine stories of dads who "knew" their partner was pregnant before she did, and one dad, in particular, could tell just by getting intimate. Honestly, it should come as no surprise that pregnancy can effect sexy times (and that guys would notice it).

"This might be sort of weird or gross, but I felt it right after we were intimate. I know it sounds corny, but we'd been trying for a long time and had so many losses and this time I just knew. I know I couldn't know but I guess I'm a pretty good guesser." 

11 How He Knew: Things Are...Bigger

Any mother will tell you that pregnancy does wonders for your cup size, and let's be real, it's not like your partner won't notice. When it comes to chest size, suddenly all men have a sixth sense.

"My boyfriend totally predicted my pregnancy. He noticed a change in my boobs. And said babe...you're pregnant. I didn't believe him until I injured my arm and went to the ER for an MRI. Before any testing that may expose radiation, their protocol is to take a pregnancy test. Sure enough, it was positive." 

10 How He Knew: Recognizing The Signs

Not every guy has to rely on intuition! Some men can just figure it out on their own by looking at the FACTS.

"I was the one who suggested she take a pregnancy test. I grew up with a million aunts, cousins, and sisters, so I knew how to put the signs together when they started appearing. Boobs hurting plus random craving plus I don't remember the last time I saw tampons in the bathroom garbage equals you're knocked up." 

9 How He Knew: Man Flu

It's been proven that men can experience morning sickness alongside their partners, but apparently, some guys have a next-level sickness (also known as "man flu") that can include fatigue, dizziness, AND nausea. Are you rolling your eyes right now? One woman swears it happened to them.

"Yes, my husband knew. He had crazy fatigue and was very nauseated a couple of days prior to me finding out. Then I told him and he was all I KNEW IT!!!"

Huh. At least the man-flu came with a side of baby this time.

8 How He Knew: With A Hug

Aww. In this case, all it took was a hug.

"About 2 days after we conceived my husband hugged me and said, 'I think you're pregnant. You feel different.' I told him there was NO way I could be pregnant yet! It would be another 2 weeks before I could get a positive on an hpt, so even if the egg was fertilized it wouldn't have implanted yet. He was sooo confident too. Turns out, he was right! The weirdest thing is that we had been trying for 28 months, with one miscarriage, and he had NEVER said that before. So weird!"

7 How He Knew: Skin Changes

We don't want to think that men notice when we have a case of the pizza face, but sometimes they do.

"Mine didn't tell me till after we found out. I literally never break out with pimples, even when I have my period and all of a sudden I was getting these huge cystic pimples randomly on my face. I was also overly tired and just generally crabby. Well, when my period was 5 days late which also wasn't normal for me I took a test and then about 5 more and every single one was positive. A few days later he told me he had a feeling I was pregnant because of my pimples and mood."

6 How He Knew: Stuffing Her Face

I'm going to be honest, I stuff my face every day (no pregnancy required), so something like this would have NEVER tipped my husband off. I guess if a woman typically eats like a bird before pregnancy then overeating could be a big sign.

"Once we ordered a pizza and she ate almost all of it in one sitting. I'd never seen her do anything like it, I literally had to fight her off to get more than one slice for myself. I figured she had to be pregnant, and I was right."

5 Finding Out Late: False Negatives

"I found out when I was 3.5 months. I had gone to the doctor a few times, and even the ER once because I wasn't having periods and was having weird symptoms but all the home tests I took came out negative. So did all the tests I had to take at the doc office and the ER. I guess my body just didn't want me to know yet, but I never had any morning sickness. Just a bunch of other symptoms. Finally, I was going to go back to the doc again and decided to take another home test just for kicks, and it came back positive. So they did an u/s and I was almost 4mos already."

4 Finding Out Late: Zero Symptoms

Can you imagine finding out you were pregnant when you were five months in?! That's exactly what happened to this woman, whose pregnancy symptoms were totally nonexistent!

"With my DS, I found out when I was 5 months. I had no symptoms (no m/s, no pains, no cravings, and had light bleeding for 3 mos straight). I have very irregular periods. I don't even remember feeling him move."

Seriously, that would feel like the shortest pregnancy ever. At least you wouldn't have to wait for a gender reveal!

3 Finding Out Late: Blame The Medicine

Fooled by medications? It happens!

"My aunt's friend was 27 weeks! She was taking some medications and they were causing her to miss her period. She went off of them because she thought they were making her sick. Being that she already had 3 kids, just got off meds she figured her cycle wasn't coming from stress/medications. She started to work out, lost weight, looked really good. No one had any idea she was pregnant! She found out somehow at some DR appointment. She attributed the flutters to gas, working out she lost weight and the missed period she figured from meds and thank goodness she did stop taking them. She had a very healthy baby boy."

2 Finding Out Late: Mistaken For Endometriosis

Believe it or not, even the doctors can miss a pregnancy.

"I was on Depo-Provera and I got the shot 3 times (every 2 months for endometriosis) and I was 30 weeks pregnant before it was confirmed!!! Here the doctor should have been pregnancy testing me each time I went, which was every 2 months, and he wasn't! He also told me all of the symptoms I was having was because of the shot and the endo! So now we are 33 weeks and there is so little time to prepare. It is so overwhelming!"

1 Finding Out Late: More Than Just Gas

If these stories are teaching me anything, it's to never trust the Depo shot!

"I am also at about 30 weeks and just found out, I was also on Depo (the shot must not be as good as they say). The worse part is I thought something was going on but every time I brought it up to my doctor he just waved it away and said I was overreacting and crazy, in not so many words. I've been apparently feeling baby move since at least mid May, I had also brought up the movement to him on one of my doctor visits and he said I was probably just having gas related stomach issues." 


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