17Before: Too Afraid To Ask The Doctor Nitty-Gritty Questions


Write down those questions and don’t hesitate to ask the ones you are most afraid to ask.

If you are a first-time mom, you probably have many questions running through your mind the days and hours leading up to that due date. What do contractions feel like? What if I can’t follow my birth plan? What will the baby look like? What if there are complications? The

questions go on and on because, well, labor and delivery are big deals. Not only because a new life is coming into the picture, but because it is a lot of physical and mental stress for the mom.

It’s important to remember every single question you have and ask the professionals when you get into the hospital (or when the midwives come to you – whatever your birth plan may be).

Medical professionals in the field have seen and heard it all. Nothing will surprise or scare them and they more-than-likely have heard your questions and worries before.

To be prepared, you have to ask the questions. The more you know, the better! This can help relieve some of the stress if you know what to expect.

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