17 Celebrity Halloween Costumes We Still Talk About Today (And 3 That No One Wants To Remember)

Every year, children all-around eagerly look forward to Halloween. Even celebrities and their kids have fun dressing up and sharing photos of their costumes on social media. Some celebrities are modest with their costumes while a handful of others take Halloween to a whole new level.

Halloween is a celebration observed worldwide at the end of every October is derived from the term All Hallows Eve (or All Saints Eve). This celebration is observed for three whole days in remembrance of the dearly departed, saints and martyrs.

And while many still uphold this tradition, Halloween has evolved into a fun-filled festival with people from all walks of life dressing up as ghosts, vampires, monsters, edibles, and even Superheroes.

Here we check out 17 of the most memorable Halloween costumes donned by our favorite celebs and their adorable kids and 3 of which should never have seen the light of day. Drumroll for the most entertaining and awe-inspiring costumes, please...

20 Justin Timberlake - Toy Story

The former Mickey Mouseketeer and Prince of Pop is now a respected musician with abounding awards and accolades under his belt. Not only is he a world-renowned artiste, he is also a proud father and husband.

One can see the love he has for his family via postings on his social media account (excuse me, while I quickly go stalk his Instagram) and no one can deny his taste for fashion especially when it comes to dressing up for Halloween.

One of his posts on Halloween went viral with a photo of him dressed up as Buzz Lightyear, Jessica Biel as Jessie and their child as Woody.

Now, this mama wouldn't mind going to infinity and beyond for Buzz *Justin* Lightyear. Mmhmm, no siree.

19 Jessica Alba - Vampire Family

America's sweetheart and the girl next door. Jessica Alba and her family never let their fans down on Halloween. One particular year, the whole family dressed up as vampires.

Sure the costumes were not as flashy as other celebs ', nor were they as elaborate and expensive but what we liked about their Halloween costume was that it was down to earth and relatable.

You literally see 8 out of 10 kids dressed as vampires every Halloween. So while it may have been a tad bit boring, it still made its way to our top 17 for being sweet and endearing.

18 Pink - The Descendants

Never one to bore or play it safe, Pink dazzled in well, a pink wig and had her entire family dress up as the cast of The Descendants. The trick or treating must have been a massive success because everyone was seen beaming with joy.

Even the baby was grinning from ear to ear. Of course, it helped that Pink had unlimited access to her hair and makeup department so no questions about how they got to pull off such an amazing look. It's always nice to see such a joyful family snap, even if one of the kids appears to be sulking.

17 Alec Baldwin - Wizard of Oz

Many were surprised When Alec Baldwin did not dress up as a certain orange-haired president, but perhaps he had gotten bored walking the walk and talking the talk.

Then again, who wouldn't be? Instead, the talented actor dressed up as the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz while his family dressed up as Dorothy (complete with matching red shoes), the heartless lion (looking pretty fierce though), the Scarecrow (a cute one at that) and the fairy Glinda.

The family went around the neighborhood with plastic pails of Halloween pumpkins for lots and lots of goodies.

16 Jessica Simpson - Willie Nelson

Many people spoke ill of Jessica Simpson when the photo was uploaded, not because of her impersonation of Willie Nelson but because she had supposedly dyed her daughter's blonde hair brown (eye roll).

Serious fans defended the star saying that they were only brown steaks and that her daughter's natural blonde hair was still intact on her head. Oh, the drama.

But put that aside and you actually get a very entertaining bunch. Country singers and Belle from Beauty and the Beast posing for a photo.

Now, you don't get that combination every day.

15 Celine Dion - Maleficent

Celine Dion rocked as Maleficent. And while her kids looked slightly out of place (we don't understand how Maleficent could be hanging out with a zombie and a werewolf), they managed to impress by pulling off the serious smoldering look.

Future heartbreakers perhaps? In any case, this family managed to tug at our heartstrings for their effort in their costumes, looks and surprisingly matching background.

If this were a Facebook photo it would definitely receive a thumbs up from us.

14 Fergie - Peter Pan

Peter Pan and a blown up version of Tinkerbell came to visit for Halloween. Both mother and son struck a similar pose and looked absolutely breathtaking in their costumes.

Junior looked extremely comfortable in his Peter Pan costume while Fergie managed to tone down her usually femininity-embracing side by wearing a black sweater and tights underneath her costume.

This was probably to avoid any nosebleeds she might otherwise cause when going trick or treating with little Peter Pan. After all, she definitely lives up to being Fergalicious and there's "no other lady [who can] put it down like [her]".

13 Justin Trudeau - Superman & Superheroes

The prime minister who proved that politicians could be hot managed to gain even more supporters during Halloween when he donned on a Clark Kent/Superman costume.

Heck, if he auditioned for Superman he would be a shoo-in! Wife and daughter rocked as another DC character, Wonder Woman while her son had fun posing as a werewolf (complete with claws....rawr).

The most adorable was probably Mr. Trudeau's youngest daughter in her pink Skye costume. Well, who said the Paw Patrol Pup couldn't hang out with Clark and Diana?

12 Neil Patrick Harris - Star Wars

Of all the celebs we had been checking out, Neil Patrick Harris and family was voted as the most creative of the bunch.

Not only do they manage to pull off cute and memorable Halloween costumes year after year, but they also have fans begging for more.

We had trouble choosing their best Halloween costumes (there were just so many!) but here they cosplayed as members of Star Wars with Neil Patrick Harris as Obi-Wan (complete with beard and the fierce look), David Burtka looking surprisingly very much like Harrison Ford's Han Solo and their kids as Luke and Leia.

11 Kardashians - Aladdin

The Kardashians never fail to make headlines and on one particular Halloween, they managed to turn heads yet again (in a good and not so ghoulish way).

The kids donned an Aladdin and Jasmine costume and had a cute photo session on a 'magic' carpet. While both kids looked bored, they nonetheless rocked their outfits.

Mama Kim brought cosplay to a whole new level when she dressed up as Jasmine too. For all we know, she could have stepped out from Disneyland with her flawless cloned look of the Disney Princess.

10 Amber Rose - Chucky

Via: Daily Mail

The former Ford Model surprised everyone by dressing up her son as the murderous doll Chucky and herself as Chucky's bride. If you ignore the grotesque look then you might actually see the humor in their costumes.

Both mother and son seemed to be immersing themselves in character and having a blast.

Not sure if little Sebastian understood what his character was supposed to be doing but hey, kids just wanna have fun. So why not go all out as little Chucky?

9 Jaime King - Power Rangers

Fans of the Power Rangers rejoice! Jaime King and family has paid homage to the Rangers by dressing up as the Rangers themselves.

No price for guessing how Jaime King got her costume (she did after all play the Pink Ranger in the reboot), while hubbs dressed up as the Blue Ranger.

Methinks her husband's costume was also obtained directly from the movie set. Her two kids also had fun trick or treating in their Black and Red Ranger costumes.

Now all that's left is for Elizabeth Banks to pop up in a Rita Repulsa costume.

8 Jessica Alba - The Incredibles

Jessica Alba and family again? Well, yes and no. This time they portrayed The Incredibles because well, they are an incredible family.

While the costumes looked like they were probably purchased from eBay (no pun intended), Jessica Alba and her family managed to dazzle those who laid eyes on them.

I mean, how on earth did she manage to get her waistline back after giving birth? The rest of us would cringe and hide rather than be caught dead in a body-hugging costume like that. Life's not fair! Sob!

7 Beyoncé - Michael & Janet Jackson

Even after he has been long gone, Michael Jackson still has a special place in our hearts, minds and CD collections. And so it is without question that many still impersonate the undisputed King of Pop.

Here we have one of the world's biggest record selling artist dressing up as Michael Jackson's little sister, Janet and her son dressed up as the late Michael Jackson himself (complete with a toy microphone). And boy do they look adorable.

6 Nicole Richie - The Addams Family

Ahhh, what would Halloween be without the Addam's Family? And who could better portray the quirky family other than America's very own Nicole Richie?

Former BFF-turned-nemesis to socialite Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie proved that one does not need to dress scantily all the time to draw the attention of the masses.

Here, she dressed up as a Gothic-looking Morticia Addams complete with powdery white skin and blood red lips with a hand on the hip for a 'take it or leave it' stance. Oh, we'll take it any day Ms. Richie!

5 Neil Patrick Harris - Monsters

Neil Patrick Harris and family has once again made it to our chart of top 17 Halloween costumes! Take one look at their photo and you'll know why.

There are the normal monster/vampire costumes for Halloween and then, there's the Neil Patrick Harris version of monster/vampire costumes in which exquisite care was taken to ensure the finishing touches were top notch.

We kid you not when we say that this family took Halloween costumes very seriously.

4 Busy Philips - Tinkerbell

Momma Philips had fun dressing up as Tinkerbell (complete with Tinkerbell's fairy shoes!) and her daughter as another cute lime green fairy.

While Fergie spotted a more comfortable looking costume, one cannot deny that Busy Philip's costume was a more accurate rendition of Peter Pan's number one fan's attire.

I mean, just look at the hairdo and shoes! This is basically a clone of Tinkerbell and we so dearly approve of it.

And the 3 Halloween looks that we would rather forget are... Oh dear Lord, please wipe the slate of my mind clean! Oh the horror!

3 Let's Forget: Gwyneth Paltrow - Skeletons

Gwyneth Paltrow wins hands-down in the acting department but being too gifted in the acting department does have its disadvantages.

For one, she and her daughter both ended up looking way too much like real skeletons.

And while we admire the artistry and effort they put into the makeup, it does look a tad bit scary. At the same time though, they definitely could have improved their make-up a little given their easy access to make-up artists. This kind of photo could give little kids nightmares for a whole week. So, nope, it's definitely not in our list of favorites.

2 Let's Forget: Elle Fanning - Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, who could ever forget the blonde beauty who took the world by storm only to have her candles snuffed out before her time?

Perhaps Elle Fanning had wanted to pay homage to the late actress but somehow dressing up as the iconic actress just didn't sit quite well with us. In fact, for some disturbing reason, the photo kept reminding us of illegal activities.

Sorry, Elle, no offense meant but we'd rather not have seen this photo at all. Her parents really should have proofed this one a little better before she stepped out with complete hair and make-up.

1 Let's Forget: Goldie Hawn - Anarchy

And last but not least, we present to you, Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson. The mother-daughter duo teamed up with a bunch of friends to dress up as Sons of Anarchy (in this case, daughters) for Halloween and while we commend them for their spunkiness, we can't help but go tsk tsk tsk like a bunch of old ladies who disapprove of younger girls showing off a little bit of skin.

What would their mothers say? Oh wait, the mother is part of the team too. Facepalm.

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