17 Celeb Mamas Who Looked Amazing During Pregnancy (And 3 Who Went A Little Too Natural)

Every woman is different, so all women don't feel - or look - the same during pregnancy. Some sail through the gestation period, while others find that morning sickness, swollen ankles and heartburn make their pregnancies uncomfortable experiences.

How a woman feels while she's expecting may impact her pregnancy look. Women who feel great may be more inclined to glam up and show off their bumps, while ladies who aren't feeling fantastic may prefer to go natural because they aren't in the mood for makeup, hairstyles, and fashion.

Glam or natural, it's a woman's choice and there is no right or wrong way to look during pregnancy. That being said, female celebs often use glamour, as well as talent, to become household names. When they chill on the glamour during pregnancy, they may look quite a bit different than they usually do.

Today's list features seventeen ladies who maintained their chic and glam images while they were expecting, plus three who went for a style that was natural and basic. When it comes to pregnancy style, women have choices. They can deck themselves out in stylish dresses or separates with high heels, or go for simple t-shirts and minimal makeup if they want to. These celeb maternity style looks can help moms-to-be to decide which type of pregnancy style is right for them.

20 Heidi Klum Rocked The Red Carpet


It's no surprise that supermodels like Heidi Klum look amazing while they are pregnant. It's their job to look amazing and most models have grooming and style down to a science. While they're working, makeup artists and stylists teach them all of the tricks of the trade. Plus, they have a lot of natural beauty, which is why they became models in the first place.

In 2009, the German supermodel revealed her maternity style secret. When she's expecting, she chooses clothes in size ten and doesn't wear "real" maternity clothes. By choosing non-maternity outfits in larger sizes from Marc Jacobs and The Row, she keeps her style on point, according to PopSugar.

19 Cindy Crawford Kept Her Figure


Cindy has two kids who are now teenagers and her son and daughter are both following in her model footsteps. Her son, Presley, was her firstborn and he's now 19. Her daughter, Kaia, is currently 17.

According to Abcnews, Cindy isn't one of those women who tried to hide her bump while she was expecting. During her pregnancies, she opted for body-conscious dresses and separates, which fit well, without being too tight. Cindy does believe that women should dress fashionably while they're pregnant and she helped to design a capsule collection of practical, cute pieces for moms-to-be (they were sold on Estyle.com) while she was expecting Kaia.

18 Kristen Bell Went A Little Too Natural


Kristen Bell is stunning and extremely talented. She's also known for being frugal, so she may not have been interested in spending a fortune on glamorous maternity wear.

That's understandable, as maternity wear isn't a long-term wardrobe investment unless a woman plans on having a lot of babies.

Kristen would dress up for the red carpet, but kept things way more natural off-duty, by pairing sneakers with blazers and stretchy t-shirts. According to Instyle, she prefers loose sundresses for warm-weather pregnancy styles.

Kristen is often photographed by the paparazzi without makeup or styled hair, so she's not too concerned with looking "Hollywood" every single minute.

17 Behati Prinsloo Didn't Need Maternity Clothes


You don't get chosen to be a Victoria's Secret Angel without having certain attributes, such as long legs, gorgeous, shiny hair, and a beautiful face. Most models want to be a VS angel but only a handful are chosen. Behati Prinsloo made the cut and she looked wonderful during pregnancy.

According to Fitpregnancy, VS angels like Behati pay close attention to exercise and diet, which helps them to look wonderful while they're expecting. They stick with healthy, clean diets, start their pregnancies at ideal weights and exercise throughout most of their gestation periods.

Behati also continued to wear high fashion, such as Gucci, while she was expecting. The glam didn't stop when pregnancy started.

16 Candice Swanepoel Embraced Boho


VS angel, Candice Swanepoel, went for boho style during her last pregnancy, according to Popsugar.com, and she looked glorious.

Loose and flowy dresses are very flattering on pregnant women, so you may want to go for this type of hippie-inspired style while you're expecting.

Boho dresses are feminine and they give expectant mothers plenty of breathing room because they aren't too snug.

Candice kept her makeup very natural while she was pregnant. Concealer, mascara and lip tint are her basics. She didn't overcompensate by adding more makeup. She recommends added earrings for instant polish when you don't have a lot of time to do your makeup. Jewelry, especially, can help complete a look.

15 Blake Lively Still Pulled Off The Heels


When has Blake Lively ever not looked amazing? This willowy blonde is dazzling, whether she's done up in Gossip Girl high fashion or decked out in the coolest maternity clothes.

One of her pregnancy style secrets is high heels. She feels more attractive with them on and didn't give them up while she was expecting.

High heels can be dangerous. Women should think twice before donning them, especially in the last months of pregnancy. Whether you wear heels while you're pregnant is a personal choice.

According to Harpers Bazaar, Blake wore lots of colorful prints during pregnancy, as well as separates with embellishments. Prints and embellishments draw the eye away from pregnancy bumps.

14 Drew Barrymore Went A Little Too Natural


Drew glams up sometimes and goes super-basic at other times. She's not afraid to be photographed without a bit of makeup, in very casual t-shirts and sweatpants. Pregnant or not, women need a break from getting dolled up sometimes. Luckily, most of us aren't being chased by the paparazzi when we don't bother dressing up or applying cosmetics.

Women relate to Drew because she's authentic. She loves makeup and fashion but doesn't feel uncomfortable without it.

According to Eonline, Drew thinks women should give themselves a break when they expecting. They shouldn't worry about looking a certain way. She thinks that happiness is the key to looking great.

13 Jenna Dewan Barely Had A Bump


On top of being an actress, Jenna Dewan is also a dancer, which helped contribute to her staying in stellar shape when she became pregnant with her daughter, Everly. Dancers generally have a lot of discipline when it comes to workouts and diets. Jenna sticks to a clean diet that's vegan, according to Womenshealthmag.co.uk.

She is health-conscious and her good habits helped her to look amazing during pregnancy. Also, she didn't stop wearing fashionable designs. She continued to express her personal style while her bump grew.

Jenna would wear fancy dresses for special events and cute ankle boots and dresses while running errands. After she gave birth, she bounced back in record time.

12 Nikki Reed Pulled Off Some Daring Looks


Nikki Reed and her hubby, Ian Somerhalder, had some amazing maternity portraits taken while Nikki was expecting. In one memorable shot, Ian nuzzles Nikki's bump. The lighting is soft and vintage-inspired, and Nikki is dressed up in a flowing, sky-blue gown that gives her an angelic look.

If you're pregnant, be sure to treat yourself to some maternity portraits, even if you're on a shoestring budget. Ask a friend to take the pics if you can't afford to hire a family portrait photographer.

According to Eonline, Nikki wasn't afraid to go for plunging necklines and other daring maternity looks, but she usually wore them after dark, when going out on the town. Her daytime looks were generally modest and very pretty.

11 Kim Kardashian Make Pregnancy Fashionable


Kim Kardashian is only five foot two, according to Hellobeautiful, and women of shorter stature tend to look a lot different in the latter stages of pregnancy. A big bump is very noticeable on a tiny woman!

Instead of hiding behind baggy maternity wear, Kim K. chose form-fitting maternity wear to streamline her silhouette. She also used color to her advantage while she was expecting. She veered away from basic black often, by wearing icy white, scarlet, yellow and royal blue.

Wearing color is a smart pregnancy style strategy. It won't make you look a lot bigger. It'll make you look healthier, as long as you choose colors that suit the undertones of your skin.

10 Kirsten Dunst Stayed Confident The Whole Time


Kirsten gave birth to a bouncing baby boy in May 2018. She's engaged to Jesse Plemons, who used to be a part of the Friday Night Lights cast and now appears on Fargo, according to Harpers Bazaar.

Kristen embraced pregnancy by posing in a gorgeous gown from Rodarte. The picture was published in Harper's Bazaar, as part of a series of designer portraits. Kristen has always been very beautiful and she was radiant during pregnancy, too. She went for high fashion that made her feel confident. Kristen is loving motherhood and prepared for it by being a loving godmother to a friend's baby.

9 Kourtney Kardashian Wasn't Afraid To Indulge


Kourtney Kardashian is another health-conscious lady whose good habits contributed to a radiant pregnancy glow.

To look her best, Kourtney, who is admittedly naturally gorgeous, did yoga during her pregnancies, according to Fitpregnancy.

While she's definitely into organic food, she wasn't afraid to give in to some occasional pregnancy cravings and found herself wanting sandwiches made from pickles and cheese, plus Nilla wafers.

Kourtney's got a ton of money, so she can buy beautiful maternity clothes, from white lace dresses worn with fashionable hats to form-fitting, stretchy mini-dresses worn with high boots. She tended to go short a lot. Showing some leg is one of her pregnancy style secrets.

8 Mariah Carey Worked It Into Her Style


According to Stylecaster, Mariah Carey's ex and baby daddy, Nick Cannon, purchased a bunch of flat shoes for her because he was worried about her wearing high heels while she was pregnant with their twins, Morrocan and Monroe.

Mariah wasn't really feeling the flat shoes though as she prefers to wear high heels all day long, even while she's expecting.

Mariah is all about sparkly glam. She's a true diva with an amazing voice and the clothes to match. She wants to stand out and feel feminine, and she didn't change her typical style when she was expecting. Take your cue from Mariah and keep your style personality during pregnancy.

Watch out for the high heels, though.

7 Beyoncé Kept It Casual


Beyoncé is a woman with so many blessings, who uses hard work and discipline to make the most of every natural gift that she's been given. Blessed with gorgeous skin, tons of talent and a pretty smile, Bey has also been blessed with three beautiful children, named Blue Ivy, Sir, and Rumi.

According to Hello Magazine, Mrs. Carter relied on SoulCycle workouts while she was pregnant with her twins. She attended these classes in Los Angeles, reportedly, on a daily basis.

Stylewise, she'd shift between ultra-fancy printed blouses and bling and more casual jeans and t-shirt outfits. Of course, all of it was high-fashion and she looked adorable in everything.

6 Shakira Kept The Glam Going


Shakira has tons of charisma and confidence and she didn't lose her mojo while she was pregnant. According to Mom.me, Shakira has two boys (Sasha and Milan) with her soccer player partner, Gerard Piqué, whom she describes as the love of her life. She met him while promoting her World Cup anthem and babies soon followed.

Shakira always looks so fresh and rested, even while pregnant, and she seems to have a very sunny outlook on life, which surely helps her glow.

During pregnancy, she kept the glam going, by choosing sheer and leopard-print blouses, chic fedoras, chunky, high-heeled boots and beaded jackets for evening.

5 Britney Spears Went A Little Too Natural


Britney is one of those women who looks fantastic sometimes and a bit more basic at other times. Her style fluctuates from form-fitting dresses and catsuits to more casual designs, such as tanks and sandals.

Throughout the years, she has shown time and time again she dresses according to her mood.

While she was with Kevin Federline and expecting her two boys. Britney's pregnancy food cravings may have played a role in how she felt and how much attention she felt like giving to personal style.

According to Theloop, Britney was believed to have some strange cravings during the gestation period and may even have eaten dirt. Britney seems very happy these days, thanks to a strong relationship with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

4 Olivia Wilde Didn't Need A Lot Of Maintenance


Olivia Wilde does have impressive pregnancy style. She doesn't shy away from bold pantsuits, cute and trendy overalls, and form-fitting Gucci frocks while she's expecting, according to Instyle.com. During her natural days, she generally wears enough makeup to look glam. She's known for doing a smoky eye and has maintained this makeup signature during pregnancy.

If you're expecting, taking the time to put on just a bit of makeup daily may boost your confidence. It's about maintaining your usual routine.

You may also want to throw a moto jacket over your outfits for instant edge. Olivia did this frequently while she was pregnant.

3 Blac Chyna Rocked Athleisure


Blac Chyna looked very cute while she was expecting Rob Kardashian's baby. In one pregnancy pic, she wore a cozy onesie which is very different from her usual "nightclub-style" attire.

According to Us Magazine, she favored jumpsuits, short dresses, and athleisure during pregnancy. At that time, she was engaged to Rob, so she also wore a big diamond engagement ring with all of her maternity outfits.

Since Blac Chyna typically wore clothes that were less revealing during pregnancy, we all got to see another side of her personality. She definitely prefers the body-conscious fashion look during pregnancy and you may feel the same.

2 Chanel Iman Embraced The Changes


Chanel Iman is a successful high-fashion model who paid close attention to personal style while she was expecting a baby, according to Instyle. Chanel has always been naturally thin, like a lot of models (but not all of them), so she loved watching her body get fuller while she was expecting.

She didn't mind the pregnancy weight gain one bit and found that her hair grew a lot while she was pregnant. Her pregnancy style tip is to invest in maxi dresses. She went up a size, rather than buying maternity dresses. She prefers maxi dresses in stretchy, flowy materials.

1 Miranda Kerr Spared No Expense


Miranda Kerr has great style in general and nothing changed during her two pregnancies. She put as much care into her outfits and grooming as always. She isn't afraid to wear dresses with heavy embellishments or bold prints while she's pregnant. These things looked fabulous on her and may suit your pregnant body to perfection, too.

So, don't be afraid to try on whimsical pieces. Some of Miranda's fave designers for maternity looks (Miranda bought bigger sizes of clothes, rather than purchasing "real" maternity outfits) are Balmain, Diane Von Furstenburg and Stella McCartney, according to Instylemag.com.

Of course, Miranda has a bit more to spend on clothes than the average lady.

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