17 Celeb Dads Who Are Way Older Than We Thought (And Some Are Still Having Kids)

While watching award shows, it is only natural to want to pick up one's phone to check on how old a particular celebrity is. Don't be shy about it, since anyone with even a passing interest in celebrity culture has done it. As years pass by, guessing a celebrities real age is growing harder and harder. The diets, wellness trends, and the daily beauty regimes are helping every celebrity look as if they are in their twenties. Don’t think so?

Well, we have brought together a list of 20 celebrity dads who are way older than you think. And to top it off, five of them are still having babies! Seems interesting right?

When it comes to becoming a father there doesn’t seem to be a right age to so. You can become one at the age of 25 or even 60. However, research states that an average man becomes a dad at the age of 27 through 30. Nonetheless, there might be a lot of men whom you know who have become dads way earlier or way later than this age. As a matter of fact, there are even celebrities who have doubled the average to become dads.

Let us jump over to the list of 5 celebrity dads who are still having kids first.

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17 Mel Gibson- Welcomed His Ninth Child At 60


The whole world knows this guy for his action hero roles, especially the ones in the Mad Max post-apocalyptic action series. Currently 62, Gibson is a father to nine children. Gibson has lived quite a dramatic life. From his first marriage, up until the birth of his last child, he hasn't seemed to stop.

Gibson first met with Robyn Denise Moore after filming Mad Max in the late 1970s. Moore was a dental nurse, at that time, and Gibson an unknown actor. Their relationship blossomed and so they tied the knot on the 7th June 1980.

Once married, the couple had a bunch of kids resulting in one daughter and six sons.

Unfortunately, the couple separated in July of 2006, putting an end to their 26 years of married life.

In 2009, at age 53, Gibson made an appearance on the red carpet with Oksana Grigorieva – his model girlfriend. Though they together had a daughter on 30th October 2009, the couple split in June 2010.

As of now, the actor is in a relationship with Rosalind Ross, who gave birth to their son in January 2017 when Gibson was 61-years-old. Gibson is currently the father of nine children and grandfather to three.

16 Larry King- Welcomed His Fifth Child At 66


Larry King has never paused to look back or slow down once he kick-started his career. How old do you think Larry King was when he started his career? 40? 45? Or 60?

Larry King started his television career as host of “Larry King Live” in 1985, when he was 52-years-old, and continued till 2010. He currently hosts the show “Larry King Now”. Larry is now 82-years-old. After suffering a heart attack in 1987, he quit smoking and started exercising regularly. He is said to go out dancing two to three times a week in the name of health.

Larry has been married eight times to seven different women (he married Alene Akins twice).

His first wife was his high-school sweetheart Freda Miller at age 19. The marriage was annulled by their parents deeming them too young. Larry then married Annette Kaye and they had Larry's first child, Larry Jr. However, the marriage was not to be and Larry only met Junior when he was in his thirties.

King is currently married to Shawn Southwick. They have two children, Chance, 19, and Cannon, 18. Larry was 65 when Chance was born and 66 when Cannon was born. He currently has 5 children, 9 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren.

15 Jason Statham- Welcomed His Son At 49

Daily Express

Born on 26th July 1967, Jason has played many roles in the entertainment industry. He is an actor and producer, and he used to model as well. Nonetheless, he is best known for his action-thriller roles. Right from the beginning, Jason has always performed his own stunts and combat scenes. He is trained in Kung fu, kickboxing, and karate. In short, he was a magical kid who loved to blur the line between what is possible and impossible.

At age 50, Jason has taken long enough to meet and settle down with the right person. He started dating Rosie Huntington Whiteley in 2010. Rosie is an actress, model, designer, and a businesswoman. Like Jason, Rosie loves playing different roles in her life. With many awards lining her shelf (mostly for her work modeling), she won a ticket into Jason’s life.

After around six years, the couple decided on taking their relationship a step further and got engaged on 10th January 2016. The couple welcomed their very first child on 24th June 2017. The baby boy was named Jack Oscar Statham. Jason was 49-years-old at the time.

Alongside the many roles that Jason loves to take on, being a parent became yet another.

14 Pharrell Williams- Welcomed Triplets At 43


If you are seeing him for the very first time in 2018, you might end up taking Pharrell Williams for a guy in his mid-twenties. It’s when watching Williams that the saying ‘being happy keeps you young’ comes to mind.

He could surely pass for a college kid if he put in some effort. But Williams has been in the industry longer than you think and he is an older dad with little tots trotting around him too. Pharrell married Helen Lasichanh – a model and a designer on October 12th, 2013. Helen was his longtime girlfriend and the couple already had a son named Rocket Williams born in 2008 when Pharrell was 35 years old. The Despicable Me song and the Rocket’s theme song were specially written in honor of Rocket Williams too. Later in 2016, the couple announced that they were expecting their second child. However, what they did not announce was that they were expecting three children as Helen gave birth to triplets in January 2017. Pharrell was 43 at the time of those births.

Pharrell has already lived a long life in the industry and built a $35 million after-school center in his hometown, Virginia Beach. His charity “From One Hand to Another” is pretty popular and is made especially for youth aged 7 to 20.

13 DMX- Welcomed His Fifteenth Child At 46 Years Old

Nicki Swift

DMX, aka Earl Simmons, is a rapper, actor, and a record producer. None of his fans would ever know that he is 47-years-old if he hadn’t revealed it to the world. The guy looks dashing as ever and is still selling albums worth millions.

DMX had a rough childhood that included arrests and stays in group homes. However, struggles are always a part of success and so was the case for DMX. His career began in 1991 and his stage name DMX was a tribute to the one instrument that he had used, the Oberheim DMX drum machine.

If you couldn’t believe his age, then you would definitely be surprised if you hear he is the father of 15 children.

DMX married Tashera Simmons in 1999 and they parted their ways after eleven years. DMX had a couple many extramarital affairs and some of which produced children. His last child was born in 2016 when DMX was 46-years-old.

A major event in his life would be the incident where he was found lifeless in Ramada Inn. He was later resuscitated and rushed to the hospital. A witness stated that DMX had ingested a substance before collapsing, but there was no illegal substance found on the property. DMX later stated that it was due to an asthma attack.

12 Clint Eastwood- Welcomed His Daughter At 66 Years Old


Aged 87, Clint Eastwood is taking his time playing with his pet rabbit at home. However, if he stands near his eldest daughter, Clint appears just a few years older than her. Now that is quite hard to achieve when the aging process hits.

Clint has been married twice, though he has had many longterm romances. His second wife was Dina Eastwood. They divorced in 2014, but before that they had Clint's last known child.

In 1996, Dina gave birth to a baby girl, Morgan Eastwood. Clint was 66-year-old at the time.

As stated earlier, happiness really does make you look young. Clint has stated he has been quite lucky for the person he is, because as he gets older, all the people he had around him are not there anymore.

Clint is in superb shape considering his age. Though he is not aging as gracefully as other stars, he is proving to be one of the more energetic older stars with movies still coming out. Wrinkles and age patterns can’t be kept under control every time with just the normal diet plans but proper exercise keeps the aging process slow to take over.

11 John Travolta- Welcomed His Son At 56


This actor, dancer, film producer, and singer turned 64 this year. He first became known in 1970 and became quite popular due to his role in the television series Welcome Back, Kotter. Travolta was the youngest among his five siblings. His father was an Italian-American and his mother an Irish American which explains his chiseled features.

Even Princess Diana couldn’t resist his charms as she danced with Travolta in 1985. Travolta married Kelly Preston in 1991 and the couple had a son name, Jett. Their daughter Ella Bleu was born in 2000 and their son Benjamin in 2010. John was 56-years-old at the time of Benjamin's birth. Unfortunately, their eldest son, Jett, died of a seizure at the age of 16 while in the Bahamas. His son's death was later the center of an alleged extortion plan involving the EMT who was at the scene and a former Bahamas Senator.

This guy has a whole lot of titles to his name and one among them is a pilot. Travolta is a private pilot and owns four aircraft. There have been rumors about him undergoing plastic surgery procedures in the recent years which is said to have taken away his handsomeness. But whatever the case, we still love this gentleman.

10 Bruce Willis- Welcomed His Daughter Was 59

Celebrities Details

At the age of 63, most people would want to start to slow down in life and enjoy a peaceful retired life but not Bruce Willis. It seems he has no plans to ever slow down, neither with his looks nor with his career.

Bruce has been married twice, first to Demi Moore, then to Emma Heming. Demi and Bruce had three daughters: Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah. After marrying in 2009, Emma and Bruce have had two daughters.

Emma gave birth to Mabel Ray in 2012, when Bruce was 57, and Evelyn Penn in 2014, when Bruce was 59. Yet, he still looks great.

Being an action star, he has had to leap from helicopters, tumble down hills, and even shoot himself. Nonetheless, it appears that turning 63 was more challenging than any of his roles in the movies. So what keeps his aging from surfacing up?

Well, Willis has an army of nutritionists and personal trainers to assist him in remaining as youthful as ever. But no matter how many trainers you have employed for yourself, it takes a whole lot of discipline to follow a well-balanced life.

A ton of this A-list actor's movies have been released in the last few years, and, yet, we still can't get enough of his all bald appearance and boyish smile.

9 Walker Hayes- Will Be Welcoming His Seventh Child At 38

One Country

Aged 38, this guy looks nothing like a dad. There are teenagers who still have a crush on him. But what they don’t know about this cool looking celebrity is that he is married, has six children to care for and another on the way! Walker is a singer and a songwriter.

Hayes’ wife Laney has been standing by his side right since childhood. And, every time he gets a chance, the singer is never hesitant to praise his wife for every single thing that she had done for him. Maybe this is what makes him even more appealing in our eyes. The couple is parents to six children and baby no. 7 is on its way.

Throughout the time that we have known Walker Hayes, the one thing that makes him special would be the fact that he is 100 percent a family man. Walker Hayes is a dad to three girls and three boys, and the seventh child he said would be a tiebreaker baby. Though Hayes is always on the road, and though the children are all being home-schooled, Hayes doesn’t restrict them from coming out from their house. In fact, they are given complete freedom. The baby no.7 is due June 8 and we are all eagerly awaiting to see the little bundle of happiness. Hayes will be inching his way into the older dads club when baby no.7 comes out while Hayes is 38-years-old.

8 Demetri Martin- Welcomed His Son At 44

Google Images

No matter how hard you try to guess Martin’s age, odds are you would end up guessing somewhere around mid-twenties to mid-thirties. Nothing more, nothing less. This 45-year-old actor, comedian, and artist looks eternally youthful though he is married and has a kid driving him crazy. He is best known for the role that he portrayed as Senior Youth Correspondent on The Daily Show.

Demetri recently marked his directorial debut with the film Dean. Demetri got married to Rachael Beame in 2012. Rachael was Dean’s longtime girlfriend and they welcomed their first born in 2017. Demetri was 44-years-old when their son was born.

With Martin looking as young as a thirty year there is always one question that everyone wants to ask him, how does he do it? And yes, someone did ask him this very same question:

“You are a 45-year-old, but you look like you are in your thirties. Do you have a youth potion or a Benjamin Button condition?”

Martin’s reply to the question was even more hilarious. He replied saying it is his bowl haircut that makes him look kind of young. But the boring part is that part of the reason he looks so young is that he never partied a lot and he loves to sleep. He even stated that, being Greek, he has oily skin.

7 Robert Downey Jr.- Welcomed His Daughter At 49


People sometimes say that some men age like a fine wine. If you don't believe this, then we have the perfect example to prove it.

Yup, we are talking about Robert Downey Jr. Our favorite Iron Man obviously looks much better and dashing than when he first came on the scene. He has always proved himself to be unstoppable with both his charms and acting skills. At 53-years-old, he still looks great.

Like many of the actors on this list, Robert has been married twice. First, he was married to Debra Falconer in 1992 and they had a son, Indio, later that year. Second, he married Susan Levin in 2005. They have had two children together. Exton Elias, their son, was born in 2012 when Robert was 47; Avri Roel, their daughter, was born in 2014 when Robert 49.

Early in his career, he was very successful. But nothing stays stable forever. Robert's successful life was later turned into one of abusive. But that wasn't enough to stop Robert from achieving his dreams. He made a strong comeback in 2001 and starred in a plethora of top grossing movies. The "Iron Man" and "The Avengers" movies are obviously among them and have greatly marked the success of his career.

6 George Clooney- Welcomed Twins At 56 Years Old


In the entertainment industry, it looks that often leads the livelihoods. And thus, aging can be often considered a great issue when it comes to the lives of Hollywood actors and actresses. To defeat the aging process there are even actors who would put a knife to their skin and undergo Botox and fillers during their everyday grooming regimes.

Nonetheless, there are actors and actresses who declare that they wouldn't resort to plastic surgery just for the sake of remaining in the industry. Recently, George Clooney has become a part of this debate when he said that middle-aged men shouldn't undergo surgeries to defeat the aging process. Rather, they shouldn't be afraid to age graciously and they should flaunt their salt and pepper hair rather than applying dye all over it. At the age of 57, George might know something about the topic.

In his aging, George has recently decided to settle down for the second time.

In 2014, he married Amal Alamuddin, now Clooney. In 2017, they had twins Ella and Alexander. At the time of their births, George was 56-years-old.

Gorgeous Clooney is ready to let the mother nature do her job and he isn't afraid of all the wrinkles and freckles that would appear on his face when in the process. George Clooney may not put a knife to his skin to look gorgeous, but it would surely take us a good amount of time to look as beautiful as him.

5 Robert DeNiro- Welcomed His Sixth Child At 68


Robert DeNiro might be the next actor who doesn't give space for newbies to come up. Even at the age of 74, he looks as good as if in his mid-fifties. His latest film "The Irishman" is all set to hit the theaters this year and we know how much we are waiting to see this handsome guy on the screen.

In the movies, Robert and his co-actors were made to look young in order to shoot a flashback scene. And to make this scene look perfect, the de-aging job was done on the artists. This technological effect made him appear much more appealing than ever. So it's rather true that Robert doesn't age at all.

Robert was married to his very first wife Diahnne in 1976 and they together welcomed their son named Raphael. Robert also adopted Diahnne's daughter from a previous relationship, Drena DeNiro. Though, they later divorced in 1988.  He then had twin boys via surrogate with long-term girlfriend, Toukie Smith, in 1995. In 1997, he married Grace Hightown. They have had two children, a son named Elliot, and a daughter born via surrogate named Helen Grace. Elliot was born in 1998 when Robert was 55-years-old and Helen Grace entered the world in 2011 when her father was 68-years-old. Robert is now the proud father of six children!

4 Jeff Goldblum- Welcomed His Son At 64 Years Old

Daily Mail

Jeff Goldblum has starred in some of the highest grossing movies in the history of Hollywood. He has appeared in Jurassic Park and its sequel, as well as in the 2018 installment of the series. He kick-started his career in 1974, at the tender age of 22, and he has been standing steady in the industry ever since.

Jeff married Patricia Gaul in 1980 and even starred with her in Silverado in 1985. The marriage didn’t last longer than six years and Jeff moved on and married Geena Davis in 1987. Their relationship went steady for almost three years. Jeff even starred with Geena in three films including Transylvania 6-500, The Fly, and Earth Girls Are Easy.

After breaking up with Geena Davis in 1990, Jeff was slow to get back into the game. That is until he met Emilie Livingston and got engaged in 2014. The couple was married in November 2014. In July 2015, the couple had their first son, Charlie Ocean. Jeff was 62 at the time. Later, in the year 2017, Goldblum announced to the world that Emilie was pregnant with their second child. The baby again a boy this time was born on 7th April 2017. The couple named their second child River Joe. Jeff was 64-years-old at the time.

Jeff Goldblum is 65-years-old now but only time will tell if this actor is done having kids.

3 Steve Martin - Welcomed His Daughter At 67

The Best Daughter Of 2018

It seems as if Steve Martin has found the elixir of eternal youth. His manly looks are something that every man would want to have in real life. Stephen Glenn Martin, aka Steve Martin, is an American actor, producer, comedian, writer, and musician who doesn't seem to age at all despite his 74 years.

If you ask me whether Steve has good genes or good doctors then good genes would definitely be the only answer possible. He started his career as early as 1967 and has been active ever since.

After marrying Victoria Tennant in 1986, they broke apart in 1994. However, in a surprise ceremony, he married Anne Stringfield in 2007.

In 2012, she gave birth to a daughter, making Steve into a father for the first time. Steve was 67-years-old at the time.

Martin isn't a person whom we would walk away from when you get to know him better. He is am an avid collector of art pieces and works with museums to build certain exhibits. After having a shot ring out in his ear in 1986 while shooting "Three Amigos", Martin has suffered from tinnitus where he feels the constant ringing in his ears.

In all, this list just goes to show that fatherhood is not limited to the young!

2 Alec Baldwin- Welcomed His Fifth Child At 60

mogaz news en

Raven haired, this extremely handsome actor was born on April 3rd, 1958. He is the eldest among the four Baldwin brothers and has been extremely popular.

Alec first made his appearance in the entertainment world as early as the 1980s. Baldwin and Kim Basinger fell in love as soon as they met at the set of The Marrying Man in 1990. They tied the knot in 1993 and had a daughter in 1995. The happy couple named her Ireland.

Five years later, the couple broke apart and walked their way. However, that wasn’t the end of Alec’s journey as a family man. In August 2011, when he started dating Hilaria Thomas, he was 53-years-old. Hilaria was a yoga instructor and the couple married in 2012. The couple has four children altogether. Carmen, their daughter was born in 2013, followed by their two sons, Rafael and Leonardo Angel Charles born in 2013 and 2015 respectively. It seems as if the couple isn’t done yet, as they welcomed the newest member of their family in May 2018 when Alec turned 60. Alec is surely trying to be a family man trying to take care of his five children.

1 John Stamos- Welcomed His Son At 54


John Phillip Stamos is currently 54. He is an actor, film producer, musician, and singer. He started his journey in the entertainment industry during the 1980s. His role as Blackie Parrish on ABC's television series "General Hospital" gained much recognition and helped make his career a bit brighter.

From his childhood, John was a great fan of Elvis Presley. He paid homage to Elvis Presley in the show Full House and is the voice of the Graceland tour. John’ high profile love life began when he started dating Rebecca Romjin – a model and an actress. They met in 1994 at Victoria’s Secret fashion show where Rebecca was modeling. The couple got engaged on the Christmas Eve of 1997 and tied the knot on September 19, 1998.

The couple parted their ways in 2004. John was the first to file a divorce in 2004 which got finalized in 2005. In 2016, John met his next leading lady, Caitlin McHugh. They were engaged in October 2017 after dating for a year. In December 2017, the couple announced to the public that they were expecting their first child. The couple got married in February 2018, and in April 2018 welcomed their first son named Billy. John was 54-years-old when his first child was born.

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