15-Year-Old Boy Killed While Protecting 5-Year-Old Sister During Home Invasion

TW: mentions of crime and death. A Florida teen has died protecting his younger sister from a home invasion last week. Khyler Edman was just 15 years old when he died protecting his 5-year-old sister after a burglar entered his family's Port Charlotte, Florida home.

According to a press release issued by the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, they had initially received reports last Thursday that there was an “injured white male walking in the streets.” Police were able to detain the man they identified as 27-year-old Ryan Clayton Cole. Cole had several stab woulds on his side and hands when police apprehended him.

As police were canvassing the area they discovered Edman's home and found the teen inside. “The suspect had broken into this residence, a violent encounter ensued where we believe that teenager was trying to protect the home and protect their younger sibling,” Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell said at a press conference. "It was a senseless crime and we're doing our best to make sure that justice is served," Prummell said.

Credit: GoFundMe

Cole is currently charged with Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling and Petit Theft although there is still an ongoing investigation into Edman's death.

Khyler's family has started a GoFundMe account to help raise funds for Kyler's burial. "On September 26th Khyler lost his life being a hero protecting his 5-year-old sister when a man broke in our home in Port Charlotte," the page states.

"Please help my family at this time give Khyler a proper burial he deserves, he was only 15 years old and lost his life due to a senseless act of a stranger. My son had a long life ahead of him, that was taken too soon."

Family spokesperson Crystal Stone told WINK News that “there is no hero that can amount to Khyler,” adding, "He loved his family. He was his sister’s keeper." Another neighbor spoke fondly of the teen stating, "Khyler was a hero. He was a gentle soul. His life was taken away too early."

The family set a goal of $25,000 and has almost tripled that with over $72,000 raised. According to an update, "the next step is Khylers Law which will set a new standard for the society."

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