15 Ways Heidi Montag Is Doing Motherhood Right (And 5 Ways She’s Doing It Wrong)

Heidi Montag became a household name thanks to the popularity of the MTV reality series The Hills, which included other A-listers like Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port. During the show, Heidi met her future husband, Spencer Pratt, who appeared to be just as obsessed with fame and fortune as she was. The pair ended up marrying in 2008 (though their formal ceremony was in 2009), despite much speculation that their romance was all for show.

Even after The Hills ended in 2010, the couple tried to remain relevant through their over-the-top antics, including having guest appearances on other MTV shows. In 2010, Heidi released her debut studio album Superficial, which was an unfortunate flop. The couple later admitted to spending over $2 million on Heidi’s music career, only for it to not take off in the end. Afterward, the two continued to make sporadic appearances on other reality shows, including Celebrity Big Brother, but slowly began disappearing from the public’s eye.

However, Speidi made headlines once more in 2017 when they welcomed their first child, son Gunner Stone. The couple revealed they were unsure if they’d have kids after multiple years of trying, but in the end was a success. Now, with the reboot of The Hills set to appear in 2019, it sounds like Spencer and Heidi are ready to try their hand at fame and fortune once again- this time with baby Gunner on the show, too. Read on to discover what there is to know about Heidi’s parenting.

Let's start with the 15 ways Heidi is doing parenting right...

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20 Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

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Heidi and Spencer may have led a wild lifestyle during their time on The Hills, but they clearly have different priorities nowadays.

In an interview with Paper Magazine 6 months after their son’s birth, Heidi admits she put more effort into cleaning the house than ever since she’s determined to keep it germ-free for baby Gunner.

"It's weird to think I was a person before Gunner," the reality star shared with the magazine. "It's either covers on or shoes off. I want to keep the floor germ-free for the baby,” Heidi added before explaining that most guests they have over at their home are instructed to wear disposable shoe covers to keep everything as sanitary as possible.

19  No Nannies In Her House

via Closer Magazine

While there’s nothing wrong with hiring a bit of extra help if you need it and can afford it, Heidi revealed she’s holding off getting a nanny for her son. Rather, she’d prefer to be as involved with him as possible so she can work on strengthening their bond.

"I don't want a nanny. I'm not ready to share him," she told Paper Magazine of her decision. "Gunner's given me a whole new strength that I didn't know. I feel like I am stronger than I've ever been emotionally. At the end of the day, I'm his mom, and that's my main priority."

18 Already Taking Baby On Hikes

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Teaching kids the importance of physical fitness is important from a young age, and Heidi sure wasted no time in introducing her passion for hiking to baby Gunner.

The celeb has posted various photos online showing her in hiking gear with her son either strapped to her back or front.

Many parents find it difficult to get out of the house with young children, especially one under two, so props to Heidi got being able to manage plus get her daily workout in. Talk about #momgoals!

17 She Loves Changing Diapers

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Though her husband publicly declared he’d never change diapers during her pregnancy, it doesn’t sound like Heidi minds. Actually, according to her, she loves changing messy diapers.

During an interview with OK Magazine, Spencer revealed Heidi won’t let him change any diapers because she loves it so much.

“I wouldn’t want to take that fun away from Heidi. You would think it was the present under the Christmas tree,” he said. “She even loves the smell. I gag and she loves it, so why would I take that away from her? ”Heidi added, “I don’t want him to because I love changing diapers. That’s my job!”

16 She Brings Baby To Work

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Heidi is a busy gal- she and Spencer run their own podcast, she does tons of deals and endorsements, she has a jewelry collection, is preparing to go back to reality TV in 2019, and is, of course, a mama.

What’s her trick? The celeb has revealed that she often takes baby Gunner with her to work when she can. For example, when they launched their podcast only months after welcoming a baby, the couple revealed their plan was to have the baby in the studio with them.

“This podcast is gonna be the greatest podcast. It’s just starting. When Gunner starts talking, it’ll be on the podcast — wait for his first words!” Spencer excitedly revealed, Page Six reports. Heidi added, “We bring Gunner every time [we record in the studio], so it’s pretty entertaining.”

15 She Already Launched A Collection Inspired By Her Son

via People

Despite being a new mama, Heidi hasn't lost time getting back into career-mode. This summer, the reality star debuted a stunning jewelry line, called Stone Love, that is completely inspired by her son. How the heck does she have time to care for a 1-year old plus design jewelry?

“It’s just a California, outdoor, kind of goddess-luxury feel. Something that you’d wear and feel like a princess in the woods,” the celeb said of her line, adding she’d begun working on it before Gunner was born, Page Six reports. “With Gunner, most necklaces I wear have to be chewable,” she continued. Heidi added that she’s hoping to make matching mother-child jewelry in the future.

14 She Gushes Over His Milestones

via Star Magazine

Like every new parent, Heidi and Spencer couldn’t contain themselves when Gunner started reaching big milestones- including learning to walk!

While the famous couple used to only talk about themselves and their careers to the media, Heidi couldn’t stop talking about her baby boy’s progress when approached by E! News last September.

"He is starting to scoot, so that means, like, when he's standing and holding something he's doing side steps. So he'll probably be wanting to walk pretty soon," the proud mama gushed to the magazine. "He can say 'Mama' and 'Dada' and 'Ninja,' which is our dog."

13 They Want Him Involved With Sports

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Sports are an important part of any child’s upbringing not only to keep them physically active but to also introduce them to new activities. Heidi and Spencer have been open about their hope that Gunner is interested in sports- and will maybe even make a career out of it!

“He’ll probably be a pitcher, so when Gunner steps to the mound, he’s going to be gunning those throws down home plate,” Spencer told Us Weekly.“If he wants to be a skier, he’s going to be gunning down those moguls. It just applies to a lot of sports.”

12 She Feels Healthier Than Ever

via People

For many years, it appeared Heidi struggled to accept herself. But now that she’s seen what her body can go through during pregnancy and birth, the celeb has a newfound appreciation for herself- and is determined to keep herself healthy and active for the sake of her baby.

“I’m eating healthier than when I was pregnant, ironically, because I want to make sure Gunner has all the nutrients he needs,” she explained to Us Weekly. “Having a baby has made me really appreciate [myself]. It’s just amazing, the human body.” We love how positive and accepting Heidi’s outlook on herself has become!

11 They’ve Got Big Dreams For Him

via Star Magazine

Heidi and Spencer have maintained that all they want is for their little boy to grow up happy- and successful. While they seem open to the type of career their baby pursues in the future, both parents have made it clear they’re hoping he’ll get into a profession that’s lucrative.

“You’re not a good parent if you’re not trying to get your son set up to potentially get a $250 million gig,” Spencer explained to Us Weekly.“If doctors were getting paid $250 million, we’d hit the books hard, but currently, that’s not the reality.”

As long as these parents are supportive in whatever Gunner does (regardless if it makes him millions or not), then that’s all that matters!

10 Not Afraid To Breastfeed In Public

via OK! Magazine

Many moms feel uncomfortable breastfeeding for in public. And for some, it’s not because they don’t want to do it, but rather they’re worried about other people. Let’s face it: the world can be pretty judgemental and opinionated about mothers feeding their babies, which puts moms in a tough place.

That’s why it’s refreshing to see that Heidi isn’t worried about naysayers and happily breastfeeds in public when she needs to, which she often shows off on social media. The reality star even posed while breastfeeding for a glamorous photoshoot celebrating her new arrival last January. We love this mama’s confidence!

9 She Gets Mom Advice From Friends

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If you’re a new mom, then chances are you’re overcome with the number of things you don’t know or have never experienced. That’s why it’s important to have a strong, support group when you arrive home from the hospital- and why we’re so glad to hear Heidi had mom friends she can turn to.

Back in July, her old The Hills star Kristin Cavallari, who’s a mama of three, said that Heidi regularly texts her for advice. Heidi has texted me with any and every question about being a mom," Kristin told Andy Cohen. "I talk to her all the time. She's doing great." We can only imagine how cute the Playdates must be between The Hills kiddos!

8 They Both Share The Responsibilities

via EOnline

Many times, moms feel that the bulk of childcare falls on them rather than their partners. So it’s refreshing to hear that Heidi and Spencer appear to have a good division of the parental responsibilities.

“He’ll rub my shoulders. He always asks if I want him to get up with Gunner instead and give him a bottle,” Heidi explained to Us Weekly about how her husband wakes up alongside her for nightly feedings. “Spencer is an amazing dad,” she continued. “He’s very fun, interactive and loving. They have their own little language.”

7 Wants Him To Learn From Their Mistakes

via Radar Online

Heidi and Spencer made a ton of headlines in the mid-2000s at the height of The Hills popularity. But many of the reasons they were in the news weren’t so positive.

The couple did many crazy antics in the name of fame, including all of the drama that went down on their reality show. Likewise, they famously went through a financial crisis after spending millions on Heidi’s singing career, which never took off. So, it’s safe to say they want Gunner to learn from their mistakes.

“I just want him to enjoy his life, and not live in his parents’ mistakes or shadows,” Heidi shared with Paper magazine, adding they’re unsure if California is the best place to raise him or if they should do it in their hometown of Colorado.

6 They Were Together Forever

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One of the biggest signs you’re ready to have a baby with someone is if they can put up with you through thick and thin. Heidi and Spencer have been married since 2008 and dated for years before that. So given that they’ve been together well over a decade, it seems like this couple can power through anything- even parenthood.

"I've always wanted a family. I've been with Spencer for 11 years now, so I told him, 'You had me alone for 10 straight years,'” Heidi explained to Paper Magazine how the couple waited so long before expanding their family. “We have a great marriage, and it was the perfect time for us to move into this next chapter."

And here are 5 ways Heidi is doing parenting wrong...

5 She Had A Makeup Artist In the Delivery Room

via Us Weekly

Heidi and Spencer seem to have come a long way in terms of vanity and fame since their time on The Hills. But it turns out this mama still has some Diva-ish antics, as evidenced by what she chose her delivery to look like.

According to E! News, the celeb had thousands of dollars worth of crystals illuminating her hospital room as well as a makeup artists on hand to make sure she looked picture-perfect despite, you know, being in labour.

“When Montag gave birth to Gunnar last October, $27,000 worth of crystals adorned the delivery room and a makeup artist (now the baby's godmother) was on hand applying concealer between contractions,” the site wrote. "I was like, 'Just [put] it on as fast as you can,'" Heidi recalled saying to her makeup artist.

4 Already Teaching Him Social Media

via OK! Magazine

Heidi and Spencer have always been very active on social media, so it should come as no surprise they’re planning on teaching the ins and outs to their son from a young age. But some fans were surprised at the lengths the parents say they’re going to go to.

Even before the birth of Gunner, Spencer was saying they’re going to teach him the art of being social media savvy. “This kid will have an iPhone at birth. I’m gonna teach this kid how to Snap when they’re born, like, ‘Put your finger here,’” the dad said, People magazine reports.

“You walk around, everybody’s making their own content all day long,” Spencer continued, adding he thinks these skills will benefit his son in the long run. “We live in a new world where everyone’s a fame [monger] so I’m happy to let him be at an advanced level.”

3 Can’t Get Into 'Mommy & Me' Groups

via Time Magazine

Given their celebrity status, you’d think Spencer and Heidi wouldn’t have any trouble signing themselves up for Mommy and Me groups. But evidently, their star power is working against them.

"Heidi's like blacklisted from the Mommy and Me cliques, which I keep telling her, 'Who wants to be in a selective Mommy and Me mean girl [group]?'" Spencer admitted during an episode of their podcast last January. "I thought 'Oh maybe I could be a normal person who gets in there' like 'Ugh washed up reality star, do not let her in," Heidi pitched in. "It's so weird, every time I keep going up to the Mommy and Me groups they're like 'Group's full.' I'm like, okay, group's full? I've tried joining day one when the group was not full!"

The solution? "So I'm just gonna join a Mommy and Me group at a church or something," Heidi said, while her husband suggested she tried signing up for a group under an alias.

2 Spencer Refused To Change Diapers

via Zig

Regardless if it’s mom or dad, no one likes changing a poopy diaper. But that’s just one of the things you’ve got to do if you have a baby. However, up until the birth of his son, Spencer was adamant that you’d never find him changing a diaper.

“He’s made it very clear that he will never, ever change a diaper. He’s been so unsupportive,” a source told Life & Style about how Spencer was treating Heidi during her pregnancy- and it didn’t sound good.“Heidi is thrilled about being pregnant, but Spencer is making the experience very difficult for her.”

1 Baby Is Already In The Spotlight

via Starcasm

There are tons of celebrity parents who go the extra mile to keep their kids away from the paparazzi or refuse to post pictures of their faces to social media. But that’s not Spencer and Heidi.

Baby Gunner has been in the spotlight since the day he was born- seriously, the family did a magazine cover when he was only a few weeks old. Likewise, they’re constantly posting adorable snaps of their little one on social media.

Probably their most controversial move to date was taking 10-month old Gunner to the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, which made some fans question whether it was an appropriate venue or not. Gunner was even dressed in a Gucci jacket, identical to the one his dad was wearing. To each their own!

Sources: Paper Magazine, E! News, People Magazine, Life & Style, Metro, US Weekly, Entertainment Tonight, Page Six.

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