15 Rules The Kardashian Nannies Follow Every Day

Celebrities have busy lives. Each of their moves is coordinated and scheduled with photo shoots, filming movies, interviews and more. With that in mind, it's easy for us to guess how hectic it would be for these celebrities to handle their kids. Thus, it is obvious why they hire nannies or babysitters to help them out with their kids. But what does it feel like working for the Kardashians?

The Kardashians are both glamorous and famous, I don't think I am the only person who wonders about how they treat the people who work for them.

Naturally, a nanny’s job comes with a lot of rules and responsibilities. Even normal parents set up a series of guidelines just to keep their children disciplined. There can be diet restrictions, TV restrictions, and more. Well, it is the same case for celebrities. However, nannying for the Kardashians is a whole different ballgame. They have got a list of strict rules for their nannies. Most of the rules aren’t necessarily made public, but they are definitely there.

Now let’s look at 15 of the rules that these poor nannies have to follow. I promise that you won't be expecting some of these weird rules!

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15 They Have To Put Their Life On Hold


Generally, nannies have a pretty tough job. They need to put their lives on hold even when working for regular families. Similarly, working with celebrities comes with a whole lot of restrictions. Celebrity nannies are usually live-in nannies. Thus, they have to work from sun-up to sun-down. This is especially true when working for the Kardashians given that they are always on the go. More importantly, your time is never your own.

If you work for the Kardashians, you need to push all of your own priorities to the bottom of your list.

The nannies are on call 24/7 and, irrespective of what time of the day it is, they have to rush to work no matter what.

The Kardashian’s lives become your life and, thus, working for the Kardashians means that you keep your freedom and your personal life completely on hold. Sometimes, the nannies even have to travel with the children to whichever part of the globe that the Kardashians ask them to. Thus, when working for the Kardashians it would be best to not make any plans in regards to your personal life in advance as you will certainly be disappointed when you have to postpone your plans.

14 They Cannot Get Too Close To The Kardashians

The Cut

The Kardashians value their privacy a lot. In fact, pretty much every celebrity wants their personal space and privacy. This is simply because life as a celebrity can be tiring. When your life is always in the spotlight, and even a small issue can become great news for the people, you eventually want to avoid that drama. Thus, it is obvious that these celebrities try to keep their personal life away from the spotlight as much as possible.

Kim Kardashian made herself clear when she hired a nanny to look after her kids. She doesn’t want the nanny to intrude on her personal space and wants the nanny to not get too close to her. She is their boss and the person who decide where each of them stands. Every woman who takes care of her children has to maintain their distance both emotionally and physically. As a matter of fact, Kim co-ordinates each of the nannies movements and wants them to trudge behind her in a ‘V’ formation. You know, in the same way the geese fly in a 'V' while flying south for the winter.

In short, the nanny requires authorization before taking any move when working for the Kardashians.

13 Attractive Nannies Are Banned


When it comes to hiring a nanny for her kids, Kim has a special rule.

The nannies cannot be attractive. If they are, then they are banned from being her kid’s nanny. After welcoming her third child, Kim has firmly banned attractive nannies. Apparently, she justifies this 'ban' by telling friends and family that she is trying to spice up her marriage and doesn't want Kanye West's eyes to be wandering away from her.

 The nannies that Kim has hired are pretty plain.

She has reportedly said that she doesn’t want to make any mistakes like other celebrities whose marriages have been spoilt due to the attractive nannies who used to work for them.

According to Radar, Kim doesn’t want to place any temptations in Kanye’s path as they are still working hard to make their love life perfect. Reportedly, Kim and Kayne’s marriage was on the brink of separation in November 2017 as Kim thought that Kayne isn’t putting much effort into their relationship like she does. Kim wants her husband to be there for her whenever she needs him both mentally and physically. However, this wasn't happening as Kayne was spending most of his nights in the studio. Thus, for obvious reasons, Kim would like to be on the safer side.

12 They Have To Be Fashionable


Most celebrities are fashionable and keep up with the latest trends. However, the Kardashian clan tops the list when it comes to the most fashionable celebrities in the world. Fashion evolves day by day. The Kardashians simply find a way to dress as per the latest fashion trends and, in the process, set future trends. Furthermore, it is not just the Kardashians who must follow the latest trends, but they expect the people who work with them to do so as well. Whether the person is their personal assistant or their kid’s nanny, it is important that they know fashion and keeps up with the Kardashian standards.

Above all, the paparazzi are always on the lookout to snap the Kardashian kids' photographs. Thus, it is important that the nannies give extreme importance to what they wear when they are with the Kardashians. They are watched by the photographers all the time, and the Kardashian clan can’t allow the people who work for them to be seen wearing something ugly. After all, how embarrassing would it be for the Kardashians to be photographed with their employees walking with them in old, worn-out, and shabby clothes? In short, the Kardashians have high standards and expect the same from their nannies.

11 Maintain Confidentiality


Confidentiality is an important quality that every nanny requires when working for a family. You need to respect the family’s secret and shouldn’t intrude on their privacy. But, this becomes an even greater concern when you are working for celebrities like the Kardashians. We all know how hard it can be to not share all of the teeny bits of things that we see and hear during work with our best friend or even a family member. When working for celebrities, it is definitely a whole lot harder. However, the Kardashians don’t want their nannies to go around gossiping and sharing their private lives with the press.

If the nannies do break the rules, however, they are obviously met with severe consequences.

During their time taking care of the children, there might be a lot of things going on in and around the family. They may sometimes see and hear the things that they should not have. However, what is important is that whatever they see or hear remains confidential. On the other hand, if they happen to share that information with the press, the chances are that they would lose their job. Surely, the 15 minutes of fame isn't worth losing a job over!

10 Undergo An Audition To Become A Nanny

ABC News

Unlike a normal nanny gig, you can’t become the Kardashian's nanny with just a resume and an experience certificate. The Kardashians are extremely strict when it comes to their kids' safety and protection. Thus, they have come up with an interview process to select the best nanny from among the hundreds who apply for the position.

However, the Kardashians don’t jump straight into meeting the candidate from just looking at their resume. Even before studying their resume, the agency runs a background check and then a few interviews with the candidates. And once a couple potential nannies pass this test, they are brought in for the audition. Unlike other job interviews, there won’t be any general knowledge based questions for the potential nannies in this process. However, the audition is also not held so that the candidates meet with the Kardashians and their children. This audition is held to examine the candidate’s personality, fashion sense, and intelligence. Though it sounds like a tough round to pass, with the right qualities in hand, the nanny can take up this role with ease.

Regardless of the nanny's qualifications, there are many rules that the Kardashians would surely want the nanny to follow, no matter how intense.

9 Multi-tasking


Generally speaking, when you get hired for a job in your field of expertise, you are asked to focus on the particular tasks associated with that knowledge. But that’s not the case when it comes to the Kardashians' nannies. The Kardashian clan already have a bunch of people working for them.

This means that, if you are hired as a nanny, taking care of the kids is not the only thing that you will have to do.

According to the Kardashians, as long as you are on their staff everyone is replaceable. Thus, you don’t get to do the only job that you are hired for. Rather you will have to work multiple roles and fulfill even the most bizarre requests of the Kardashians.

When it comes to makeup, we know that Kardashians take a whole lot of time to get themselves ready. However, they don’t use their own arms as to swatch makeup. They can make anyone lend them their hand to test out a color, even the nannies. As a matter of fact, when working as a nanny for the Kardashians, you will be asked to do a lot of other jobs which may include cleaning their room or getting your arms ready to be makeup swatches.

8 They Cannot Participate In Reality Shows


Yes, we have all seen the famous reality show that narrates the life of the Kardashian family. ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ also commonly known as the ‘KUWTK’ deals with the daily life of the Kardashian clan. It has been on the air for over ten seasons now.

However, one thing that has been noticed about the 'reality' show is the absence of the nannies. Though the Kardashian kids make appearances once in a blue moon on the show, we hardly ever get a glimpse of their nannies. If you are wondering why that is, then we have the answer for you.

The Kardashians have made it extremely clear to their nannies that they aren’t allowed to appear in front of the camera. For this very reason, there might be many people out in the world who still think that it is the Kardashians who take care of their own children though the reality is quite different. Admittedly, they probably just don't want their nannies to be more concerned with fame than with their children's health and safety. However, the funny fact is that despite all of this, the Kardashians still want the nannies to dress up properly, in accordance with the latest trends.

7 Photos Are More Like The Forbidden Fruit


We live in the digital age and we always have our cell phone within arm's reach to capture all the special moments of our life. After all, photos are the best way to weave memories. No matter what kind of a life you are leading, photos are always a part of our life. However, if you are working as a nanny for the Kardashians, taking photos is off limits.

There are two reasons in particular as to why the nannies aren’t allowed to take photos. First of all, nannies are prohibited from using their cell phones during work hours. This is because the Kardashians want the nannies to give their complete attention to the kids to avoid any dangers.

However, they can use their phone during emergencies or call the parents.

Now, the second reason is quite strict and there is no bending this rule in any way. The Kardashians are extremely protective when it comes to their children’s photographs because a picture of their kids is worth a ton of money when sold to a magazine or even when it gets uploaded social media. Thus, the nannies should be ready to leave their jobs before deciding to snap a photo with the Kardashian kids.

6 A 20 Page Book Full Of Rules


When working as a nanny, obviously, every family will have a certain set of rules to abide by to ensure the child's safety and well-being. But unlike any other celebrities, Kardashians may have gone a little too far with their rules for nannies. Once the nannies are hired, they are given a textbook of twenty pages that contains custom-made rules that they must follow to the letter. It is true that every parent wants what is best for their children, but coming up with a textbook full of rules must be a little weird. Imagine the nanny's face when she realizes that she will have to go through all the rules over and over again to perfectly remember them. Seems like a rough ride.

The textbook is said to include rules such as taking care of the children’s skin several times a day, taking them to the gym, and also giving North a massage done in a specific way. The textbook even includes rules about the way the nannies are supposed to dress and more. It appears as if the nannies will have to walk with the textbooks in hand to not forget all the instruction or else they are going to be in big trouble.

5 Jewelry Isn't Made To Be Worn Around


No woman’s outfit is complete without putting on at least a single piece of jewelry. Jewelry has been a part of every woman’s life since time practically began and thus it is obvious that every woman loves to put some on when working or taking a stroll in the street. But it is not the case for Kim Kardashian. Ever since she became a mom, she has always been extremely careful in all aspects of her life in order to protect her kids.

In 2016, Kim was robbed in Paris, and after that incident, she was quite shaken and disturbed.

The incident prompted her to decide to closely guard her family's home and prevent everyone in their household from wearing jewelry during the daytime.

This includes both family members and visitors. Thus, it obviously applies to the nannies too. And even if you come to their home wearing jewelry, they would surely make you leave it at the door.

The Kardashians-Wests don’t want any danger to ever befall their children. And they think that wearing bracelets, watches and earrings are dangerous when taking care of children. Moreover, jewelry can become an object of theft and it may risk their children’s life.

4 Perfect Outfits For The Kids


The Kardashians have been our fashion icons for a long time. Kardashian's main businesses revolve around the fashion industry and they won't ever be able to find better models than their children. They don’t have to pay them and they receive a whole lot of publicity. Thus, it is important that the nannies get them dressed up to perfection. Moreover, the Kardashian kids' photos are always in demand. So there is no better way of promoting the Kardashian brand than through their children.

Once during the summer, North was spotted wearing a dress that looked like a corset. This caused a huge uproar as people thought that a corset was not something that was appropriate for a child to wear. Now imagine the nanny who dressed North up that morning's situation. She could have easily kissed her job goodbye.

But, Kim later explained via Instagram that the dress was not a corset. Rather, the corset was simply a decorative detail on the front of the dress. She then made it clear that she would never put her baby in a corset.

Either way, with the media storm that brewed around that particular choice of outfit, it must have been a tense day in the Kardashian-West household!

3 No Questioning Back


As a nanny who works for the Kardashians, there might be a whole lot of things that they make you do. You must be available 24/7. This is important to keep in mind as if you have made any arrangements for a family dinner or a date, then you should be ready to give them up too, because the Kardashians may call at any time, day or night. If they do call, you should rush to them as soon as possible.

No matter what, there is a single golden rule that every nanny must abide by in order to work for the Kardashian family for a long time. Kardashians are your ultimate boss and no one comes above them, not even your significant other.

Thus, no matter what they say to you or how mad they get at you, you have absolutely no right to question them.

Being the nanny of the house, you may not approve of the clothes that North is made to wear, or you may not like the fact that Kourtney lets her kids sleep in the bed alongside her. But the nannies have to keep all their disapproval to themselves and keep their mouth shut. You will have to smile at all the craziness and do what you are asked to.

2 Take All The Blame

Information Nigeria

Living life as the Kardashian kid’s nanny might at first seem to be a glamorous and fun job to do. But keep in mind that it is just the calm before the storm. As more and more time passes by, the job will grow to be more stressful, especially when the Kardashians have a bad temper. The nannies get blamed for almost everything, even for the things that were out of their control. They get blamed and yelled at when there is a power failure or when their phone runs out of batters even if there was nothing that they could do.

However, with all this craziness going around them, they still want the nannies to stay calm. You can’t freak out and yell back at them, shouting words of disgust. Celebrities lives aren’t always filled with glitz and glamour. At the end of the day, they are all ordinary people like us. But still, the paparazzi and the photographers make it hard for them. At times like these, a nanny should be an epitome of strength and she should manage to handle all the situations in the best way possible. Trying to keep everyone calm and pleased can be very difficult, but that's why there is such a rigorous application process.

1 Taking Care Of The Fur Babies


When you are hired as a nanny, you probably imagine just taking caring of the children, perhaps some light housework. However, the Kardashians have a lot of fur babies in their homes along with their children, and it is the nanny's job to take care of them both.

Kim and Kanye have a great affection towards their pets.

In fact, you have probably even seen their pets running around the house through social media platforms. Though nannies are traditionally kept to look after children, Kim and Kanye have rewritten the tradition by making their nannies take care of their pets. With the kids and pets running around and doing whatever they want, being a nanny for the Kardashians may not seem as glam as you would have thought it.

Nannies have to run to the pets to care for them as soon as they are done with the Kardashian kids' daily routines which include gym, skin care treatment, and massages.

Currently, the Kardashian’s have three nannies and we wonder how they manage to cope with the daily rollercoaster. It seems like a job not made for the weak-willed or meek. We hope that they enjoy their work because it's made us dizzy just writing this article!

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