15 Parenting Choices Kylie Has Made (And 6 The Kardashians Actually Agree With)

After living a public life on social media for so many years, Kylie Jenner stopped the world in its tracks when she stopped posting. At the same time, pregnancy rumors were swirling and spiraling out of control. Coincidence? We think not. One of the biggest celebrities and public figures in the world was suddenly gone from Instagram and Snapchat, only posting selfies that hid her growing baby bump. Kylie never confirmed or denied the rumors surrounding her pregnancy until the evidence was staring us in the face. Boom -- Stormi arrived! At 20-years old, Kylie welcomed a baby girl with rapper Travis Scott.

The mixed reactions online nearly broke the internet. Some fans were convinced that 20 is too young to raise a child -- but remember, Kylie is not your average 20-year old. Forbes magazine predicts she'll become the world's youngest billionaire thanks to her booming makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics. Money is no issue and she has the world at her fingertips. So, what does Kylie have in store for Stormi's future? What values and morals will she teach her? For now, we've rounded up 15 parenting choices that Kylie has made and six that the other Kardashians have imposed on their children as well.

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21 Stormi Stays Out Of The Public Eye

Via: heavy.com

Kylie has no problem showing off Stormi on Snapchat and Instagram, but when it comes to public outings, her baby girl is pretty MIA. Think about it, as one of the biggest celebrities in young Hollywood, Kylie has places to go and people to meet.

Stormi, however, stays at home and away from the photographers.

The only time we see Stormi is when Kylie decides to post something cute. Meanwhile, we're seeing Kim and Kourtney's kids all over the place: Disney World, restaurants, and the beach.

20 Mom And Dad Need Their Date Nights

Via: people.com

Not only has Kylie's body bounced back after giving birth, but so has her romantic life with baby daddy Travis Scott. During her pregnancy, Kylie went silent on social media and kept to herself at home for the whole nine months. No partying, red carpets, or socializing outside her house. It's no wonder she's itching to get back out there! Since giving birth, Kylie and Travis have been spotted at multiple restaurants, clubs, and basketball games -- sitting courtside, naturally. What a life!

19 That Time Kylie Rapped About Her Daughter

Yes, you read that correctly. Kylie rapped about Stormi in one of Travis' songs -- something none of the other Jenners and Kardashians have done. Not even Kim with husband Kanye West.

It's not like Kylie was spitting lines like Dr. Dre or anything major, but her voice does appear in the outro to "Watch."

She says, "We got bust down Rollies, bust down Rollies. And I told him I wanted to have a bust down baby.” Huh? Apparently, "bust down" is a slang way of saying "very expensive."

18 Stormi's Pierced Ears Got Some Backlash

Via: explica.co

The act of piercing a baby's ears gets mixed reactions. Some moms don't see the big deal while others would rather wait until their baby is old enough to make the choice for themselves. Regardless of personal opinions, Kylie faced some backlash online after people noticed Stormi's pierced ears at 5-months old. One user wrote, “I think there should be an age limit on it. Like you can’t have them done until you’re 13 with parents' consent. It’s ridiculous." Some fans rushed to Kylie's rescue to say, "Not your baby. Not your problem."

17 What Baby Girl Wants, Baby Girl Gets

via: Instagram

Obviously, money is no issue in Kylie's world.

Anything Stormi wants, Stormi gets -- even if she's too young to say anything about it.

It's normal for the Kardashians to pamper their babies, but Kylie went above and beyond to show off her daughter's shoe collection on Snapchat -- shoes that she'll likely grow out of in a few months. The collection includes multiple $68 Nike Air Force 1’s, $1340 custom Giuseppe Zanotti’s, $355 Gucci flats, and a colorful pair of Louis Vuitton trainers.

16 Anyone Who Touches Stormi Must Be Sanitized

This next one is based on reports. According to The Sun, anyone who touches Stormi must be sanitized from head to toe. "Kylie got boxes of medical masks for people to wear around Stormi because she doesn’t want her exposed to any germs, she’s still so brand new," a source told the outlet. This may seem a little extreme, but at least Kylie is prioritizing her daughter's health and safety. It's so easy for babies to get sick as their immune system isn't strong enough to fight off diseases.

15 Laughing Off Those Ridiculous Paternity Rumors

via:Us Weekly

Kylie is the only one in her family that faced a paternity crisis from the public.

Some fans thought ex-boyfriend Tyga was the father while others were convinced that it was her bodyguard, Tim Chung.

The rumors got so out of control that Tim decided to speak the truth on Instagram. "I would like to set the record straight that my interactions with Kylie and her family have been limited in strictly a professional capacity only." Kylie always knew that Travis was the father.

14 Fresh Air Does The Body Good

Despite staying out of the public eye, Stormi is getting plenty of fresh air thanks to her mother's parenting style. Based on what we've seen from her Instagram page, Kylie is always cuddling her baby on her private balcony or pushing her carriage on her private property. One picture even showed Stormi and Kylie laying by the pool together. Getting fresh air on a regular basis can improve the digestive system, blood pressure, and the immune system. It can also clean your lungs and elevate your mood.

13 Pregnancy Should Be A Personal Journey

Kylie is the only one in her family who kept her pregnancy under wraps. Shortly after being linked to Travis Scott, rumors began circulating that Kylie was pregnant with his child.

She never confirmed or denied the reports until Stormi's birth, which was evidence enough that the tabloids were right all along.

The evidence mounted after Kylie posted selfies (keeping her body hidden) and eventually stayed off social media altogether. After Stormi's birth, Kylie shared hers and Travis' journey with a sweet video.

12 Let's Do A Mom And Dad Photoshoot

Via: gq.com

Instead of doing a pregnancy photoshoot (like Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe), Kylie and Travis did a mom-and-dad photoshoot together. The spread was published in GQ magazine. In the accompanying interview, we learned the two met at Coachella, which happened to be one of the stops on the rapper's tour in 2017. And the rest is history. "So he said, 'I'm going back on tour, what do we want to do about this?' Because we obviously liked each other," Kylie gushed to the publication.

11 Bye Bye, Lip Fillers

It took a while for the truth to come out, but Kylie finally fessed up to having temporary lip fillers a few years back. Her growing lips caused quite a stir on Instagram, but at the time, Kylie kept saying she overlined her lips with lip liner to make them look bigger.

Naturally, her priorities changed after becoming pregnant. She stopped plumping her lips for the safety and health of baby Stormi.

After a few skipped sessions, fans could tell the difference in her lip size -- but she still looked beautiful!

10 Will Stormi Appear On KUWTK?


Kourtney's children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, regularly appear on the show. The same goes for Kim's eldest daughter, North. It's so cute to see them playing and growing up together, but can we expect the same of Stormi? When ES magazine asked if Stormi would appear on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie replied,

“I have thought about it but I haven’t come to a conclusion yet.”

Ugh, could we get some specifics over here?! Maybe some more detail?! Kylie is keeping Stormi's future vague.

9 You're Never Too Young To Be A Mom

via:The Cut

Kourtney was 30-years old when she had Mason, Khloe was 34-years old when she had True, and Kim was 32 when she had North. Kylie was 20 when she welcomed Stormi. Yeah, big difference. The lip kit creator is living proof that you're never too young to be a mom. In fact, Kylie spoke so often of becoming a young mom that Kim predicted it would happen in Season 17. "We used to say, 'Season 17, Kylie has a baby," she told E!. 'Oh, that just happened.'"

8 Social Media Silence

Via: today.com

Oh no! This must have been a bad experience for the new mom. According to multiple reports, Kylie received threats after posting photos of Stormi on social media.

Some extreme haters thought she was making the wrong parenting choices and wanted to "rescue" Stormi from Kylie.

In response, the makeup maven put all photos and updates of Stormi on hold. Kylie has since shared new photos of her daughter so we can only assume the threats were taken care of by her security team.

7 Stormi Is Already Getting Makeovers

It's no secret that Kylie loves experimenting with different looks. Her hair, makeup, and clothes are always changing -- she even has a closet section dedicated to rainbow-colored wigs. In the past, she's flaunted pink, red, blue, and pastel green locks. These sorts of makeovers have rubbed off on Stormi, who was spotted wearing a mini ponytail in the picture above. We can't wait to see how Kylie dresses her daughter as she gets older. We predict that she's going to be the next biggest trendsetter.

6 Luxury Getaways Are A Way Of Life

Minus the paparazzi and invasion of privacy, living the Kardashian and Jenner life seems pretty sweet. They say money can't buy happiness, but it can lead you to private beaches in Miami and the Bahamas. Isn't that the same thing?

Kylie and her sisters are always jetting off to exotic locations with their kids.

They've been to Mexico, Turks and Caicos, Thailand, Greece, Bora Bora -- the list goes on. We need to stop talking about it right now or we'll be feeling the pangs of jealousy.

5 Only Vegan Food In The House

Kourtney has never been shy about keeping her children on a healthy diet. According to Byrdie, her personal diet is one of Los Angeles' most intense. She has a no gluten, no dairy rule at home and her kids have been vegan since birth. "I found some bakeries that make gluten- and dairy-free chocolate chip cookies," she told Pop Sugar. "Different stuff so we're not totally missing out." Her signature avocado pudding only includes three ingredients: avocado, coconut milk, and Manuka honey. It's reported that Kylie has Stormi on a vegan diet, too.

4 Flaunt That New Mom Body

Via: vogue.com

The Kardashians and Jenner are all about curves. If you got it, flaunt it, right? That seems to be their motto as every other social media picture features barely-there bikinis and skintight dresses.

It hasn't even been a year since Stormi's birth and Kylie is already fitting into her regular-sized clothes.

It must be nice to have some of the best nutritionists and fitness instructors in the business by your side. Mothers Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe are no strangers to flaunting their curves either.

3 Baby Fashion Should Not Be Overlooked

Via: nbc.com

We read about Stormi's impressive shoe collection earlier, but she's not the only stylish baby in the Kardashian empire. In March, Khloe revealed a glimpse of True's purple and pink closet with onesies that read, "I Heart Mom" and "I Heart Dad" on the bottom. And guess what? Kim and Kanye are taking things one step further by launching their own line of baby clothes. Kanye has experience in the fashion industry with his Yeezy line, so this should be good!

2 The More The Merrier

Via: nbc.com

Coming from such a big family, it's no surprise that Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Kylie want to recreate that same experience for their children. It was a dream come true for Kylie and Khloe's pregnancies to overlap. Meanwhile, Kim was expecting her third child from a surrogate. Brother Robert also has a baby, Dream, with Blac Chyna.

Now we really can't keep up with the Kardashians anymore. There's too many of them!

As we keep getting older, the number will keep on multiplying.

1 No Volvo-Driving Moms Here

Not that driving a Volvo is a bad thing, it's just not one of those cars that you'll see in Kylie's garage. Or Kim's. Or Kourtney's. Or Khloe's. Instead, you can spot them driving around Calabasas in Bentleys, Range Rovers, and Ferraris. These girls get a new car on every special occasion -- birthdays, anniversaries, and the holidays. It seems unsafe for a baby to drive around in a sports car. Can a car seat even fit inside a sports car? They must have other mom-mobiles.

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