15 Life-Changing Products for Sleep Deprived Moms (And 5 For Dad)

It is not too surprising that sleep is hard to come by when couples become new parents, or that sleep deprivation can really take a toll on one's body. But extended lack of sleep can bring on a lot more than just the random grumpiness or need for caffeine.

Sleep-deprivation can even limit one's ability to express joy and other emotions (aside from exhaustion) which can severely limit a person's ability to communicate with an infant, and since babies rely on facial expressions for reassurance, exhausted parents can actually hinder their babies ability to pick up on social cues and develop feelings of comfort in their parents, according to Psychology Today.

Try not to worry, though there are no magic beans that can miraculously get a newborn to sleep soundly throughout the night, there are a few habits and sleep products moms (and dads) can try to help their little ones sleep better and longer in the beginning. Which can be a real sleep saver since the National Institutes of Health research claims that new mothers get 1.5 fewer hours of sleep than during pregnancy, broken up into an average of three sleep sessions rather than one continuous session. So, bye bye REM sleep, hello sleep products!

For 20 life-changing products for moms and dads, read on.

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20 The Zen Sack

Looking for a way to reassure your little one that you are still near without actually being near? Check out the Zen Sack, from Nested Bean.

The sack mimics the feeling of your hand on your baby’s chest, comforting your little one for a restful night's sleep.

There are even adjustable shoulder straps so your little one can have a bit of room to grow while he or she learns to self-soothe. The best part is, the sack can be worn in reverse for babies that like to sleep on their tummies. So, let your little one's sleep be as flexible as you have been. Good night, mom.

19 Make Some Noise

Making noise may be the last thing you think of when trying to get your little one to sleep. But white noise is a naturally relaxing sound for babies who are used to hearing a gentle whoosh in the womb. It’s also a great way to muffle any other noise going on, so you don’t feel like you have to tiptoe around while baby sleeps. White noise machines come in many varieties but if you are into making it simple you can even use Amazon Echo or your cell phone to play ambient noise all night. 

Sleep medicine expert Dr. Christopher Winter said that our brains still process sound while we sleep, so white noise could mean the difference between a baby who sleeps and one who doesn't.

18 Get Smarter Sleep

Parents are constantly looking for new clever ways to get the baby to sleep, for a smart way to ensure smart sleep for an infant, The Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand is a pretty good option.

The baby smart band is actually kind of like a smartwatch, it can schedule and track events for mom and baby like weight, exercise, and sleep.

The smart band is even great for parent reminders: you can track and receive an alert when it is time for diaper changes, pumping, and your little one's nap schedule. And because sites like the baby sleep site express just how important consistency is, having a schedule that you can literally wear will really help get better sleep. 

17 Gerry The Giraffe

Does your little one just love being rocked to sleep? Are you exhausted and devoid of energy to keep the rocking going? This fully portable rocker will allow your little one to be rocked to sleep anywhere, it is compatible with car seats, bouncers, rockers, and cribs.

The giraffe rocks babies to sleep while also giving your little one a really cute stuffed animal giraffe to look at. The rocking can be adjusted through 4-speed settings which will give you and your little one the most efficient rocking he or she needs for a calm sound sleep throughout the night or during nap time.

16 The DreamGlider

If you are not quite sold on a rocker to improve your little one's sleep habits, perhaps try out a glider or a swing. The DreamGlider Gliding Swing and Sleeper is one of the first of it's kind to be as fast as it is, and a really fast gliding swing is one of the easiest ways to get a fussy baby to fall asleep, but are you ready for the absolute best part?

This swing also reclines! No more worrying about your little one's potentially restricted airway from sitting upright in that swing you purchased last year, now you can swing your little one to sleep and make sure that he or she sleeps safe and soundly for a while.

15 Sleep Deprived Mom Kit

Well if you are going to be sleep deprived you may as well get yourself a kit to make the fatigue not as bad.

The sleep-deprived mom kit consists of coffee, pillow spray using an essential oil like lavender, and an under eye mask for the bags you probably feel you have.

This will not exactly help the baby get to sleep, but knowing you have a little something for you will help you feel a bit better about not having any sleep, it should also help you be a bit more patient in helping your little one drift off to sleep.

14 A Good Headspace

Looking for a way to help your little one sleep that may be a bit untraditional? Try meditation for mom and baby!

Mediation has been shown to help people stress less, focus more and even sleep better. But mediation is more than just deep breathing, an easy way to learn how to meditate is through the headspace meditation application.

The app teaches tired parents about a few useful exercises just a few minutes each day. If you are ready to learn about a new way to better your mental state while creating space for growth and more energy and better sleep, maybe meditation is for you.

13 For Easy Changes

Just when you think you’ve found the perfect swaddle solution, your little one starts rolling over, which typically starts around 3–4 months, and now you’re back to square one.

The best way to get over that is to think about getting a really great wearable blanket for your little one. This will also facilitate late night changes when you need to swap out the diaper.

There are some brilliantly designed wearable sleep blankets that make sure your little one stays warm without any loose blankets laying around. HALO’s SleepSack Swaddle line is particularly impressive.

12 Soothing Center

Does your little have a hard time transitioning from the bassinet to the crib? Or perhaps their crib to a big kid bed?

HALO created a pretty nifty design that is perfect for infants or toddlers who are restless due to being in a larger space. Insert the SnoozyPod. The snoozy pod works with cribs, toddler beds or even twin size and it will gently creative vibrations and slight sounds to calm your little one to sleep.

The best part? It's Bluetooth compatible so you can control it with your phone, which is particularly great because if your little one starts to stir during the night you can just make a simple adjustment without ever entering the room.

11 All-In-One Pillow & Bed

You are breastfeeding, you are tired, you are co-sleeping, sound like you? The Sleep 'N Feed is pretty great. It is a multifunctional pillow that grows with your baby it goes from a nursing pillow for newborns to a tummy time mat to travel bed for one-year-olds.

All you have to do is displace the pillow attachments to adjust it to your little one's size. The best part is that the fabric is temperature regulated and stain resistant.

If you co-sleep this pillow is such a great option that will allow you to sleep with peace of mind because it sits on top of the sheets, so your little one will be protected from the rollover or getting your blankets pulled on top of them.

10 Less Clutter Happier Sleep

It's hard to get a lot done with a newborn around. Cleaning up the nursery can possibly be the last thing on the list of things to do with all the other things going on.

According to US News Health, studies have shown that sleeping in a cluttered or messy room can impact your quality of sleep. The good news is, this is a fairly easy fix and though you will not necessarily have to hire help, you can just try to get some organizing bins to keep things in their place.

This will also help you find your little ones snuggle toy a lot easier at night.

9 Tranquilo Soothing Mat

Vibrations and heartbeats and calming mats oh my! The Tranquilo Soothing Mat is also based on Dr. Karp’s five Ss.

Created by a maternity nurse and certified Happiest Baby Educator from Boston, the roll-up mat calms babies using three levels of vibration and two heartbeat modes. It can run for an hour at a time using the built-in timer, and the batteries reportedly last up to 60 hours before needing to be replaced.

Tranquilo mats are washable, water-resistant, and come in two sizes ⏤ one for the crib, and a portable option for the stroller, car seat or carrier.

8 Swaddle Blankets

When your little one is a newborn, and perhaps for some time after, he or she may be missing the feeling of being warm and snuggled inside your womb.

Now that they are out in their strange new world, it is only natural that they have some trouble sleeping. Luckily there are a few things you can do to bring back that feeling of safety and security for your little one, namely, swaddling. You’ve probably heard the endless advice about swaddling your baby, and after we've tested it out, the advice is pretty sound.

Swaddled babies just sleep longer. These are our favorite swaddles.

7 HeartBeats

One of the most soothing sounds for a little one is his mother's heartbeat. If you are in need of more sleep and would like to be a bit further than a heartbeat away from your little one in order to catch some real Zzz, the Lulla Doll by Roro can work miracles on baby sleep issues.

The soft, huggable doll plays a real-life recording of a mom's heartbeat and breathing for up to 8 hours.

Place it with your baby and the makers of the doll guarantee a soothed baby. Keeping the doll on your person before giving it to your little one can help give him or her added comfort so it smells like you.

6 Blackout Curtains

Looking for a way to really set the mood for sleep for your little one? Try blackout curtains.

As the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) points out, light coming in to your room from outside regardless if it's sunlight or light pollution, can impact your quality of sleep so if you have a really annoying street light right outside of your baby's nursery, consider these blackout curtains that are the cutest addition to any little boy or girls room.

The best part is, they come in more than 20 different colors and seven different sizes, so they're sure to fit just about any room and decor.

5 For Dad: Extra Pillows

In order to get a really great night's sleep, consider swapping your pillows out. During your pregnancy you were probably quite the pillow hog, so now return the favor and make sure dad has some really nice pillows to sleep on.

The National Sleep Foundation notes that doctors generally recommend replacing your pillows every two years not just for aesthetic purposes, but so they can actually support your neck properly!

For really restful sleep check out these shredded memory foam pillows that adjust to whatever position you sleep in–they even provide better ventilation to keep you cool as you sleep.

4 For Dad: Moonlite Bedtime Story Projector

For Moms well deserved nights off, dad might need this Moonlite projector to help the little one get some sleep, so he can sleep as well.

Moonlite is a portable projector that uses a smartphone’s flash to shine bedtime stories up on the wall or ceiling.

It comes with 12 different images that create a story, and the device just snaps onto any smartphone and you can read the book inside the free app. The story comes up on the phone's screen and the images display on the wall. Kind of genius for a bedtime story.  Not only that, but each story comes with sound effects so you don’t have to continuously make horse noises every time the story involves a horse.

3 For Dad: Smart Links


Is Dad a bit of a tech-spert? If so you may want to consider getting him this smartphone adaptable baby monitor. It really takes the grunt work out of monitoring baby.

With this monitor, you can easily see what baby is doing at any time, day or night right from your phone.

No more looking for the monitor or running to the nursery at the first whimper in the middle of the night. Knowing that your little one is safe and sound will give the entire family peace of mind and sweet dreams, which is great for you sleepy parents.

2 For Dad: Snuggle Toys

If your little one is having a hard time sleeping, one of the best and most traditional standby solutions is the snuggle toy. If Dad needs an extra hand in getting the little one to sleep soundly get your baby a snuggie.

1 For The Forgetful Dad

Establishing a consistent bedtime routine is extremely important for ensuring a successful night’s sleep for infants. In the newborn stage, this usually involves a soothing nightly routine which can mean bathtime, story time, massage, swaddling and feeding/nursing.

However, when it comes time for Dad's turn to get the little one ready for bed, using a Bedtime Routine Chart will really help, so that they can visually see the steps they need to take before heading to bed. This can also be great for older toddlers too. Not only does this give them some more independence, but also helps train their minds and bodies to unwind in preparation for sleep.

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