15 Hilarious Ways Moms Rocked The Baby Bump On Halloween (And 5 Moms Who Took Things Too Far)

A baby bump can utterly redefine your Halloween. If you’re someone whose creativity is only pushed further by a few restrictions, maybe it’ll totally inspire you to ditch the hot cat for at least this year and go with something more out there. If you’re someone who likes to stick to the classics and just wanted to wear a toga for the tenth year… well, the good news is that togas can definitely qualify as maternity wear. And while you can’t go back to your old, familiar costumes, there’s no reason to compromise feeling beautiful on Halloween when you're wearing a great maternity costume. If you’re going with a partner, there are even more opportunities for the clever silliness to manifest.

All that said, there are the people who rose to the challenge of a pregnant Halloween costume and then… just kept rising and rising until they flew into outer space. And we could really stand to have these people slow down, dip back down into our atmosphere and take a breath. And maybe make a new costume if there’s time because some of these are way, way too much. Anyway, within your baby bump is the miracle of life but for one night this year (or for one week if you're really into it) your soon-to-be kid can be part of your costume!

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20 The Best Reference

This one is just objectively my favorite. It’s funny and nostalgic and surprises you with memories you hadn’t visited in a long, long time- which is the ultimate goal of any reference. Also, super duper easy. Just cut hole arms into some brick-patterned paperboard and color in a Kool-Aid Man. You don’t even have to free hand draw it. This is a costume you can do entirely from the comfort of the couch and you don’t even have to stop watching your favorite show while you do it. All for a hilarious costume that involves you wearing your own long-sleeve t shirt? Yes, please.

19 When It's Not Sweet Enough

This one definitely takes slightly more work, unless you already have a gum ball machine skirt (and even that only takes care of the lower half) You'll have an evening of cutting, gluing and a little bit of sewing ahead of you. Of course, some people love that element of craftiness and work that comes with making a costume.

Hot gluing all those pom-pom balls on sounds super meditative and calming to us. Oh, and the beret is just super fun.

What a great excuse to buy a red beret, which is just something you do for your own self.

18 Furever The Cat Lady

The best thing about this costume would be seeing it years later as this woman’s child and being like, yup my mom was always an adorable nerd. Also, growing up with a cat sweet enough to be squeezed into a costume. That cat will do well with a toddler. To have a parent who photographed themselves dressing up with their cat as a reference to sci-fi movies…. that’s very sweet to have in a photo album years down the line when you’re perpetually arguing with your mom. And you take the time to remember deep down, we’re all just dorks.

17 The Updated Kitty Cat

This is a great example of the way creative restrictions and demands inspire different people to do different things on Halloween. If you’ve loved going as a cat since you were a little kid, find a circular accessory for the cat to have and you’re in business.

Time to bust out those kitty cat ears and become the mama cat.

The yarn is super adorable, whether it’s glued on or brought around as an accessory. Some people have very specific needs and demands from Halloween, and those include dressing up like a good looking cat no matter what it takes.

16 The Super Literal

Some of us just want a hilarious, super clever costume and here's proof that can also be done with a pregnancy costume. We don’t need to dress up like our favorite character or wear a cape. Just be the walking version of a great pun.

If you’re the type of person who loves some classic road sign humor, this is the kind of costume for you.

Sure, you have to go to your local print shop and print out a very gigantic replication of a sign and you’ll probably bonk into people with your sign head wear but that’s all worth it for a funny costume.

15 Such A Solid Spin-Off

This is the way cuter, slightly less nerdy version of the Star Wars costume. I mean, this is the movie that just came out so it’s fresh for everyone. By the way, that’s not saying it’s necessarily better. Can you imagine how adorable it would be to one day look back and know your mom based her entire Halloween costume off a very specific quote from a movie that came out decades ago?

This is the recognizable, more popular version of that same reference. It’ll get more reactions from people other than hardcore Star Wars fans, and it’s just genuinely impressive.

14 Straight Up Adorable

I’ve never considered it before, but I guess you are allowed to dress up like characters from other holidays for Halloween. Like, you could presumably be a leprechaun or Cupid, couldn’t you? No one’s stopping you.

There’s no Halloween police deciding if a fictional character is holiday appropriate.

Sure, she’s specifically dressed as Olaf but I definitely had some reactions about going as a snowman for Halloween. Then again, it may be weather-appropriate in some regions. More importantly, it’s absolutely adorable and a super fun way to stay warm (a scarf and cozy hat while taking the kids trick o’ treating, plus the heat of the tummy? Yes, please).

13 And The Best Couple Costume Goes To...

Okay, this is just a very well thought out, adorable costume. Sure, they could’ve been a bit more detail oriented (could her shirt have been the front part of a super fancy bank? Could he be walking like a cartoon criminal when they creep on their toes to avoid the feds? Of course. But the concept is awesome and makes a vague kind of sense. If you think about it too hard, that falls away but this isn’t about the most air tight back story. It’s just two imaginative, cute, complimentary costumes. And that bag of money baby tummy is one of the cutest things ever.

12 Two Friends From The Hundred Acre Woods

This is such an adorable costume nodding at the childlike wonder that so much of dressing up on Halloween is all about, while also being a really sweet portrayal of this couple’s relationship. They’re just the kind of couple who are also best friends and that’s obvious because, like, the dad dressed up as a child and the mom dressed up as a bear.

That’s some best friend material costumes.

Like they say, the couple that dresses as Pooh and Christopher Robin together, ends up making corny parent jokes together. Yeah, that super common phrase. Also, donut ears? That's just so cute.

11 Model Level

This one requires some body painting skills, which not everyone has, but all you really need is one good friend with a basic grip on shape and color and a good amount of patience.

This costume obviously took a little more work than some of the others, but it’s so worth it. How gorgeous would you feel?

And there are definitely costumes that can be worn when not pregnant, but this is one of those costumes that you can get away with, unless you’re very, very pregnant. This is one of the costumes that is straight up evergreen and just belongs to the pregnant ladies forever.

10 Too Many Cooks

Y’know, just a can of Italian soup and a French chef hanging out with Darth Vader. What’s more common of a sight? Totally kidding- the little one obviously wasn’t in on the the plan for the costume. His parents were like, and do you want to be an adorable little garlic roll with us? And the kid was like, um no. What? Who dresses up as bread? And then dressed up as their favorite character, which is weirdly a villain. Just two adults with super innocent costumes and a kid with a kind of ominous one- that family dynamic, you know.

9 When Dad Broke From The Plan

Okay, it’s clearly too late to reprimand this but I’m still going to. It’s not just that the dad’s costume as Rick from “Rick and Morty" (if you don’t know what that is, it’s fine but it’s a show that a lot of people feel very strongly about) doesn’t back up his partner’s Wonder Woman costume. It’s not just that he left her hanging. It’s that his costume isn’t even that good while hers is pretty impressive and planned out. Dads who think you’re more clever than you are- take a deep breath. And as for this lady, you clearly have a child as well as an adult child but you look amazing.

8 Some Classic Couple Costuming

This is how you do a couples costume: it’s two parts of a whole.

It’s like a yin and yang that tells a pretty simple, but endearing and funny story all through some clothes you bought for this holiday and some stuff you already had.

None of these universe-bending crossovers. Sorry, Rick Dad. Moving on. They really nailed it between the glass bottles (are those really full of milk? That won’t end well after a few hours) and his hat. And her extremely well done 1950s housewife attire. Nice job- you breathed new life into an old cliche. While also making new life! That’s some serious multi-tasking!

7 Just A Very Funny Psychic

This mom definitely didn’t choose her costume because she was amazing at drawing crystal balls and I like her even more for that. Just get a cloudy-looking, opaque base and draw some squiggles. Who cares if it looks amazing or even like a convincing crystal ball? What’s important about this costume is that it’s very funny and clever and also a Halloween costume you can pull off while wearing a flannel, sports bra and enough make up and hair accessories to still feel fly. There are so many levels on which this mom independently nailed it and we should all be proud of her.

6 A Realistic Level Of Commitment

It’s not just that these are super easy to buy and were clearly constructed during an evening spent together, coloring and cutting. And it’s not just that this is the kind of easy costume that you can just wear on a neck strap, so not the most ambitious.

But it allows for wearing your own clothes and that’s a huge plus.

And it’s not even that this couple told a funny joke that also involves a delicious brunch staple. What I love the most is that even the unborn baby has a costume. Okay, so being the pit is the worst part but it's so cute that they actively involved the baby as their own thing.

We'll pass on these...

5 Coulda Tried Harder

These are the costumes we don’t love. Maybe they went too far or accidentally got super concerning. Or they just fell very, very flat- which is difficult when you’re literally working around a bump. For one thing, this costume doesn’t make sense. Mike Wazowski (remember Monsters, Inc.? No? Watch it and maybe your kid will become obsessed with it, which is lucky since it’s actually super funny and well done) purposely had his body stop after the eye. So if her upper half was, for instance, Sully (the big blue furry monster... remember? Still nothing?) jumping out, that’d be awesome. But the execution here is just lame.

4 Whoa, Slow Down

I know this couple thinks their costume is adorable and not… really worrisome. Am I super morbid or does the nature of the costume imply that the golfer will hit the golf ball with a golf club? That’s what the sport is and that’s their costume.

But the golf ball… isn’t a golf ball at all.

It’s a baby. Inside a woman. I just don’t think they thought this one out as much as they felt like they did. And they should go home and change. Sorry, I know Dad was stoked about that sweater. Maybe you should both be golfers next time around.

3 A Little Too Much Fan Fiction

Umm… Dany and Jon Snow are aunt and nephew. I know that we all know that and it’s nothing new for Game Of Thrones which is all about taking it too far but… this costume implies your baby is the child of an aunt and her nephew. It’s just not cute, like at all. I get how it’s empowering to go as Dany and that black dress is really gorgeous but… not a fun subtext. And the drunk people at the party are definitely going call you out on your costume being unsettling as the night progresses and you’re the only sober one.

2 The Worst Parts Of Whimsy

Wow, yup- I had never before wondered about the issues that go along with unicorn births. Not until now. I mean, I really want to say that unicorns don’t grow their horns until they hit at least puberty but I don’t know that for sure. This is a magical creature, maybe they do impale their mothers while being born.

It just feels super unfair to the observer to see someone acting like their costume is so adorable and super sweet when it’s really, really upsetting.

Is your Halloween costume saying a lot of unicorn mothers die during childbirth? That’s the worst sentence I’ve written in such a long time.

1 The One That Just Isn't Recognizable

Have we been referring to pregnant women as “cooked”? Seriously? Um, so can we stop? So women who don’t have biological children are… raw? I’m so lost. Yes, bun in the oven is a phrase. And that’s about baking and this is about cooking so they’re… the same? Except they’re not. Also, and this is getting pretty in-depth, but if the common link that’s supposed to be clever is that women have eggs and she’s an egg… it would be a mother’s worst nightmare for their egg to end up fried and someone’s breakfast. Also, I have no idea where the egg white begins or ends.

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