15 Celebs Worth Getting Parenting Advice From, 4 Not Worth The Time, And 1 Couple Who Changed

Celebrities, artists, bloggers, musicians – public figures play a big part in many mom’s lives.

While some people can’t stand social media, television, and technology, it can be pretty tough not feeling some sort of impact. With public figures on billboards, clothing, covers of books, magazines, and all over the television and social media, it’s no wonder Moms become intrigued with certain people. It isn’t always the person themselves who intrigues Moms to dig in deeper, it is often the lifestyle they have built or put out there.

It is a known fact that celebrities are famous because they are in the spotlight. Some get there by auditioning for movies or shows, putting forth hard work in a specific area of expertise, being involved in a worldwide group, or “breaking the Internet” for one reason or another. Of course, some of the reasons public figures become public figures aren’t always positive. However, there are many celebrities, musicians, and authors who are tremendous role-models – especially in the parenting community.

Motherhood changes a person and, most of the time, that change is a positive one. Public figures often share their experience with others through social media, publications, or albums in hopes of spreading that knowledge and support. However, there are some celebrities who change, but not in the way many hoped they would. They remain selfish and spiteful and sometimes use their new “title” to get more attention. It’s unfortunate there are people like that out there – especially people who are so widely recognized in the public eye. Luckily, many of those public figures learn from their experiences and move forward in a positive way.

‘Many’ being the key word, of course.

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20 Worth It: Joanna Gaines


Joanna Gaines made a name for herself on HGTV’s "Fixer Upper" as a creative mama of four (now five) who flips houses for families alongside her outspoken, oddball husband, Chip Gaines. Not only did their unique personalities win the hearts of many, but their tight-knit, family-focused mindset made mamas all over the world swoon.

Family always comes first for the Gaines family – so much that they recently said goodbye to their "Fixer Upper" fans to focus more on their family and family business.

“They are just fantastic and really teach their kids the value of a dollar,” says mama of two, Meaghan Elizabeth. Being a strong businesswoman making time to appropriately teach her children right versus wrong takes a lot of time and patience – especially when the whole world is watching her every move.

19 Worth It: Ali Fedotowski

Reality World

“TV, blog, Instagram. She shares a lot about her life with her babies. Sure, she has money, but in my opinion, she’s very down-to-earth and real,” explains mom of one, Breanna Yung. “She seems to live a somewhat typical life with her babies. For me, a positive role model is someone who actually parents and spends time with their kids. From the looks of it, she does.”

When a person can go from being a reality TV star to becoming a down-to-earth parent – that shows guts and devotion. It’s tough seeing celebrities post on their social media pages without wondering if their social media life is genuine. However, if that celebrity is staying in the public eye for positive reasons and is spreading positive messages, they deserve “role-model” status.

18 Worth It: Tiffany Jenkins

A Plus

It is great seeing moms utilizing social media to promote helpful content as well as share a positive message – and a laugh. Tiffany Jenkins does just that through her “Juggling the Jenkins” website, blog, and social media pages. Not only is she a mom, author, and blogger, she also is a recovering addict who speaks up to spread awareness to mental health issues.

“She shows that it’s okay to be a hot mess and still be a great parent,” says mom of six, Amy Stanton.

When you’re a hard-working, mama of six, you need a relatable role-model who makes you laugh and spreads a positive message.

17 Worth It: Rachel Hollis


“She is so empowering, inspiring, and raw,” says mama of one, Mallory Wisniewski, of lifestyle blogger and event planner, Rachel Hollis. “She is blunt, but with grace and kindness. I listen to her podcast every morning.”

Rachel is a mama of four who has a podcast, lifestyle blog, website, and book discussing ways to empower yourself as a woman and a mother. She also has e-courses on her website to help prepare meals and brand your business if you’re a mom working to get into the social media spotlight – or just trying to make a quick meal.

16 Worth It: Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba went from being one of the most-wanted celebrities in the 2000’s to a billion-dollar businesswoman and dedicated mother. Jessica Alba rarely makes appearances in movies or TV shows these days and sticks to her very obvious passion: family. Her business, The Honest Company, was started not long after the birth of her first daughter and since then, she has been able to focus on her family and her successful line of essential baby products.

It's important you're not, "trying to do everything at once,” Alba tells Parents Magazine.

“Lay out what you can get done now and what will take longer. Don’t be hard on yourself. Doing your best to be present wherever you are is important.”

15 Worth It: Kristin Bell

Kristen Bell has been a public figure who has won the admiration of many women because of her laughable, raw, relatable posts on social media. She may be a great actress, but the realistic pictures, videos, and interviews she has posted over the recent years have made moms look to her as their role model. Being able to admit your faults or difficulties openly, especially when you’re a celebrity, is not an easy task and Kristen does it flawlessly.

“I like how down to earth she seems and how blunt she is about motherhood,” states mom of three, Bree Hudson.” Being blunt without judgment is not an easy task in Hollywood – or anywhere, these days. However, Kristen Bell has found a way to discuss the real trials of motherhood in a way that makes women look up to her.

14 Worth It: Alecia Beth Moore (Pink)

Pop Sugar

“Pink is a good mama. I like how she was so passionate about teaching her daughter to be her true self,” says mama-to-be, Jennie Lea Alessi.

When you need a mom to look up to and learn from, finding someone who teaches their children about embracing the person you are is important.

“So much so that she made her [daughter] a PowerPoint and talked about it at an award show.”

Alecia “Pink” Moore has always come off as that in-your-face musician from the 2000 era. She continues to embrace that persona she created almost two decades ago but she does it in a positive, uplifting way. This shows her children the importance of being yourself, following your true passions, and using the support of others to guide you.

13 Worth It: Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris

HGTV has become a channel that creates positive role-models for moms. Mom of one, Katherine Ballinger, believes Jillian Harris, from Love It or List It, is a positive public figure Moms should be following. The energy she gives off, not only on her show but on her social media accounts, is contagious and incredibly uplifting.

She answers many questions from fans with a very real and relatable tone and puts herself out there to make her look less like a public figure and more like a ‘real-life’ mom.

Her exquisite style and fashion is enough to make any mama jealous, intrigued, and impressed all at the same time.

12 Worth It: Jesse James Decker

via instagram.com

“Jesse James and Eric Decker. They’re so genuine and seem to have true values to give back and be good people,” says mom of two, Meagan Elizabeth. It’s comforting when a reality television couple focuses on promoting a positive message rather than name-brand things or an unrealistic, upscale lifestyle.

It can be tough relating to celebrities at times because, well, their lives are a bit different than a low or middle-class mom’s life. Even a hardworking mom who lives rather comfortably may still look at public figures and grow envious. However, when you are able to find a celebrity couple, such as Jesse and Eric Decker, who live a somewhat relatable life, it can make an overworked mama feel less flustered.

11 Worth It: Jennifer Garner


Jennifer Garner started as an actress who slowly created her own little empire behind the scenes. Since becoming a mama of three, she has found a passion for organic, natural baby products. Her line of organic baby food blends, Once Upon a Farm, has taken off and she has continued to build upon it by adding personal recipes to the mix. She is a regular on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she discusses relatable, real-life situations she has faced during motherhood.

Not many celebrities are able to stop living that “glamorous life” and transition to living a genuine, down-to-earth life as a mom and entrepreneur.

Even though it is possible, it isn’t always the easiest transition to make, but Jennifer Garner has shown the world you can follow your passions and be a terrific mother while finding time to uplifting others.

10 Worth It: Danielle Monaro


Her voice has become recognized across the world as that Halloween-loving, loud-laughing, tough mama from the Bronx. Danielle Monaro has been a major part of the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show almost since the start and has given listeners an intimate glimpse into her world as a mom. She was part of the radio show when she became a mom for the first time and has always discussed how important family is to her.

Even though she lives a very busy life on the Elvis Duran Show, she also makes sure to make time to be a good, loving, fun mom. She always makes sure to see her boys onto the bus that first day of school and to create memories with them every single day – especially during the Halloween season. She has shown the world you can be a strong, funny woman as well as a family-oriented mother and wife – and still look great doing it.

9 Worth It: Rachel Brathen

Rachel Brathen, also known as “Yoga Girl” has created a bustling community devoted to empowering others, providing holistic exercises, and uplifting other mamas. “Our mission is to provide support for healing and to expand self-love into a modern lifestyle so that we can find the ground from which to give,” states Rachel on her well-known Yoga Girl website and blog.

“In order to change the world, we must first begin with ourselves. We allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to share our shortcomings, our struggles, and our pain.”

Rachel’s ability to let go and show her true self is one of the many reasons mama, Katherine Ballinger, sees her as a positive role model for mothers. Her social media accounts speak directly to real-life mamas in that she doesn’t hold the truth back. She shows her true self and moms need a role-model who does just that.

8 Worth It: Hilary Duff

Celeb Baby Laundry

Hilary Duff went from being an over-dramatic, pre-teen Disney star to a mom on a mission. Currently staying busy with the Younger TV series, she also stays busy co-parenting her son and preparing for her daughter to arrive. Watching this actress grow and mature into a dedicated young woman without getting stuck in the chaos many young actresses do is truly what makes her stand out.

She did not fall into the deep, dark hole some child stars fall into which has given her necessary “role-model” status.

Being able to keep your life afloat while maintaining a positive family dynamic is tough to do, but Hilary Duff has proven it is possible.

7 Worth It: Jodi Picoult

UV Index

Jodi Picoult is a bestselling author of novels such as My Sister’s Keeper, Nineteen Minutes, and, most recently, A Spark of Light. Her stories often incorporate the importance of family into the storyline as well as an edgy plot and relatable characters. Not only is she a talented, educated author – she is the ultimate multitasker. While she is writing her current novel, she is also publishing her previous book as well as researching for the next book she has yet to start writing.

She does all of this on top of being a wife and mother of three. That is proof you can chase your passion while still spending quality, family time with your loved ones.

6 Not Worth It: Farrah Abraham


From blunt, opinionated mom-to-be on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” to blunt, opinionated mom with many “haters,” Farrah Abraham sure has done what she set out to do: Make a name for herself.

She has said many hurtful, selfish things about motherhood and parenting that have turned fans away.

Even though her parenting style has been questionable since the start (along with many of her odd behaviors as well), the one statement that hit home to many moms was when she “wanted a break” from her daughter. Though it was for her to “focus on her bachelor’s degree,” for those who follow her social media accounts, or just follow her in general, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Since that statement was made, she has seemed to focus quite a bit on her unique new “line of work” and her ever-changing, physical traits.

5 Not Worth It: The Entire Kardashian/Jenner Clan

ABC News

Some people love them; some people despise them. However, when it comes relatable, realistic situations, the Jenners and Kardashians simply aren’t any of those things. Since they live quite lavish lifestyles, it can be tough for new moms to really relate to the issues they face when it comes to motherhood.

“There’s no way we can ever reach that level of ‘perfection,’” says mom, Bree Hudson. After every child any of the Kardashian/Jenners have had, they have almost immediately jumped right back to their “old bodies” and old way of life. Realistically, that isn’t the case for 99% of moms out there. “Let’s be honest, that’s all just a front – a very expensive front that almost all of us could never afford.”

4 Not Worth It: Jenelle Evans

MTV did it again when it comes to bringing those rough-and-tumble moms to the forefront. Jenelle Evans was known as the aggressive, angry, in-your-face teenager on “Teen Mom.”

From being arrested for numerous times starting at 15-years-old to her ongoing custody battle, Jenelle is someone who definitely needs guidance when it comes to stepping into that “role-model” position.

Being she recently was attacked by the media for cursing, screaming, and bringing a handheld weapon out in front of her oldest son, Jenelle still has a lot of personal and professional growth to do.

3 Not Worth It: Jenny McCarthy


The “Jenny McCarthy Vaccine Dilemma” has been a discussion many people continue to have still almost a decade after it started. Jenny McCarthy strongly believes that vaccines were linked to her son’s diagnosis of autism. She continues to believe that vaccines also were the reason behind his seizure activity.

Even though no one wants to see a child suffer or struggle, it is tough to follow her reasoning – especially when she forces it into the public eye.

“She spreads so much fear and misinformation,” explains mom of one, Kira Literalee.

Another mom of one and nurse, Heidi Mercado, agrees with this frustration. “Even the doctor that stated he did the study said he lied and it has been proven time and time again that there is no connection. Correlation does not equal causation.”

2 Not Worth It: Kanye West

Vanity Fair

Kanye West needs a separate section aside from the Kardashians’ because he is his own entity when it comes to the factors making up a negative role-model. Though many enjoy his music, clothing line, and ability to vocalize everything and anything he pleases, others simply do not. This is especially true for parents hoping there will be positive role models in the entertainment industry when their little ones start personally connecting with public figures.

Career success and parenting are two very different things and Kanye West is proof of how one thing does not always impact the other.

He has found unique and, sometimes, aggressive ways to succeed in the entertainment industry. However, as a parent, the behaviors he has shown and the statements he has made when in his “work shoes” have made many parents worry about how he will be a positive role model for his children and those who follow his every move.

1 Surprise, Surprise: Heidi And Spencer Pratt


It’s hard to believe that the couple who showed the world their true colors on MTV’s “The Hills” are now down-to-earth parents. The ups and downs Heidi and Spencer Pratt have gone through made many channels and networks cut them off due to their scatter-brained behaviors and the negative statements they’ve made. But we now know they've moved on and grown up.

After the birth of their son, they flipped their mindsets and worlds upside down – for the better.

“Her son is her life. Her and Spencer are both super inspirational people. They lost all the money they had blowing it on superficial things and that changed them,” states mom of one, Lauren Reed. “She’s actually tried several times to get a nanny, but can’t deal with the separation.” When people see beyond the “look” they’ve tried desperately to get or all the name brand clothes and shoes, they can see what really matters in the end: moments spent with family.

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