15 Celebs Who Homeschool Their Kids (And 5 Who Send Them To Public School)

When most people think about the lives of celebrity children, they think of posh boarding or private schools. They think of them getting all of the luxuries of life while receiving an education that most children could never even dream of. While the vast majority of celebrity offspring do live these lifestyles, there is a handful who don't. In fact, a notable few have been homeschooled by their parents, or by educators willing to work one-on-one with these kids.

Celebrities choose to homeschool instead of sending kids to private school for an assortment of reasons. Even more unusual is the fact that some incredibly wealthy and successful celebrities have chosen to send their children to public school but they're few and far between.

Regardless of the institution (or lack of one) that these parents send their kids to, they all have their best interest at heart. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two from them. At the very least, we may learn what not to do. Without further ado, here are 15 Celebrity Parents That Homeschool Their Kids (And 5 Who Send Them To Public School).

Let's start with the 15 celebs who homeschooled their kids...

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20 Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

In 2011, Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay front-man, Chris Martin advertised they were searching for a very well-referenced tutor for their two children, Apple and Moses. This tutor would come to their home and teach the children to speak French, Latin, and Ancient Greek (yes, you read that right). It's believed that they were offering over 62,100 pounds for these extra-curricular classes.

Apple and Moses were going to go to a private school on top of this, which means these classes would have occurred on the weekend. However, it's unknown what the precise reasoning was but we do know the family wasn't happy with the schooling system and wanted to take matters into their own hands.

19 Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

Via: People

During an interview in 2009 on Live with Regis and Kelly, Will Smith spoke about Jada Pinkett Smith's and his decision to homeschool their children, Jaden and Willow. Smith mentioned that after speaking to eight or nine other parents who homeschooled, they felt inspired to do the same. In fact, he actually organized that all of these families join up and get homeschooled together. This allowed the kids to have a slightly more mainstream education, while still being incredibly private and controlled.

Smith elaborated by saying that the teachers they employed had a powerful educational concept that they deeply believed. He also added that the design of the system "revolutionizes" public education. Yep, pretty strong words.

18 Kate Gosselin

Via: Today Show

We learned quite a bit about Kate Gosselin and her relationship with her eight children. This is thanks to the multiple reality shows that followed her and her ex-husband around as they attempted to raise their eight children. Yep, it was no easy task. We also learned a lot about the children's level of education from the show, but chances are most readers don't remember the specifics.

Initially, all of Gosselin's children went to a public school. However, after two of her eight kids got removed from the school, she decided to homeschool all of them. This seems like a big move to make, but it seems to have worked for them.

17 Jennifer Lopez

Via: Today Show

Jennifer Lopez only partially qualifies for this list. That's because, in 2016, she admitted that she sometimes homeschools her young twins, Max and Emme. The rest of the time, they go to a private school and live a fairly normal life, even though they're the children of an international superstar.

However, during the periods where her work life is all over the map, she removes Max and Emme from school and hires someone to tutor them. This way, she can spend more time with them as well as have them on the road with her while she's pulling in all that "Jenny From The Block" money.

16 Mayim Bialik

Although her character on The Big Bang Theory may not seem it, Mayim Bialik is actually very devoted to her faith. In a 2012 interview with a faith-based homeschooling blog, Bialik spoke about how she and her husband chose to homeschool their children. This is because they enjoyed the flexibility due to their odd working schedules.

They also didn't want their children to be held to a standard that other children are in public and private schools. In short, they didn't want them to be labeled.

Additionally, homeschooling would allow them to properly integrate their faith into their more flexible system that a fancy private school wouldn't have allowed.

15 Billy Ray And Tish Cyrus

It makes complete sense that Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus chose to homeschool their daughter, Miley. After all, Miley was already working full-time before she was a teenager. Not only did she have tons of small parts in movies like Tim Burton's Big Fish, but she also starred in the Disney Channel's Hannah Montana. With that kind of schedule, it didn't make sense to enroll her in a public or private institution.

Miley told Seventeen Magazine that she worked really hard with her tutors throughout her schooling. This allowed her to graduate from the program early and enroll in some college classes. This is on top of her successful life as a talented musician.

14 Emma Thompson

At one stage, Love Actually and Harry Potter star Emma Thompson had her teenage daughter, Gaia in private school. However, in 2015, Thompson revealed that she withdrew her 15-year-old daughter because she was unhappy receiving "formal education".

Thompson then had a classroom constructed in the garden of their London home and hired a private tutor or two to teach her almost every day. According to Thompson, Gaia's education schedule is now a lot more demanding than her previous one. However, it works better for her as she didn't like being in an environment that felt like a factory as opposed to an actual educational institution.

13 Kris Jenner

Of course, Kris Jenner homeschooled Kendall and Kylie Jenner by the time they were 15. They were constantly working, after all. Jenner needed to keep an eye on her daughters as they received an education while also participating in all of their family's business ventures.

Not to sound too pessimistic, but it would be hard to believe that this family would do anything that would get in the way of making money. Unfortunately, going to school does exactly that. This doesn't mean that Kris Jenner didn't care about her daughters receiving a stellar education. It's more than probable that Jenner hired some of the best educators money could buy instead.

12 John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Via: Showbiz411

It's not uncommon for members John Travolta and Kelly Preston's belief system to homeschool their children. There are a lot of reasons for this, some of which, you can find in Leah Remini's docu-series as well as the HBO documentary, Going Clear.

However, this could be one of the reasons why Preston and Travolta decided to homeschool their first child, Jett. Sadly, Jett passed away in 2009, before his education was complete.

Clearly, the decision to homeschool Jett worked well for the family as they continued to the tradition with their daughter, Ella Bleu.

11 Katie Holmes

Via: Bankrate

At the time of her marriage to Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise, actor Katie Holmes decided to homeschool their daughter, Suri. In 2010, Holmes told The Huffington Post that Suri enjoyed a quiet and very personal education schedule with her teacher. Holmes preferred that her daughter received one-on-0ne attention from an expert instead of trying to get a word in edgewise in a larger institution.

Holmes also stated that Suri has become strong-willed and determined because of this opportunity. However, after Holmes' divorce from Cruise, she enrolled Suri in a private school in NYC. There's no telling why she did this, but maybe she wanted her daughter to have the best of both worlds.

10 Nicole Kidman

Via: PopSugar

Not unlike Batman Begins star Katie Holmes, when Nicole Kidman was married to Tom Cruise, she too decided to have their two children homeschooled. Actually, Kidman and Cruise's adopted children, Connor and Isabella, were homeschooled by Cruise's own sister who was an educator.

The pair of Kidman and Cruise kids continued to be homeschooled. Nowadays, Connor has become very close to his father, while it's unclear where Isabella stands. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that they've maintained a strong relationship with their mother.

Kidman has since had two more kids with her current husband, Keith Urban. Both of their kids go to private schools and are not homeschooled.

9 Marcia G. Harden

Much like Jennifer Lopez, Academy-Award winning actor Marcia G. Harden also only occasionally homeschools her children. In 2010, she spoke to Parade and told them that her then 12-year-old daughter Eulala would be homeschooled for a full year. This would allow her and her daughter to have a very special time to bond.

She did this because she worried that the two wouldn't have a chance to bond since parents and children tend to grow apart.

However, after that year was up, she would return to her private school where she could be around an assortment of kids her own age and learn in a more social environment.

8 Erykah Badu

Most of the celebrity parents who decided to homeschool their children made sure that they hired the best private educators that money could buy. However, hip-hop and soul singer Erykah Badu decided that she was going to educate her three children herself.

Badu told Babble that she loves to teach her children herself. She believes that it allows them to solve problems in a very nontraditional way. In theory, this would give them a skill that most kids will never have.

Although she was very passionate about what this decision would give her children, Badu didn't explain why she was so against public and private educational institutions.

7 Michael Jackson

Via: The Independent

Before legendary pop star Michael Jackson passed, he set up a private world for his children, Paris, Michael Jr., and Prince. This private world included a space where all three of them could be homeschooled. They continued to be educated by private tutors until they were all about 13-years-old. At that point, they all switched to fancy private schools. However, Prince continued to be homeschooled until he was old enough for middle school.

Family sources tell TMZ that Prince wanted to go to The Buckley School in the San Fernando Valley in order to have "a social experience." Here's hoping that he got what he wanted from it.

6 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Although Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt aren't together anymore, they are easily the most famous celebrity parents out there. After all, they spent a great deal of their time traveling the world and giving children a second chance at life by bringing them into their family.

Jolie graduated from Beverly Hills High School, but she decided to homeschool her six children. In 2017, she told The Daily Mail that she oversees this process with the tutors. Her children are being taught courses such as reading, math, music, and an assortment of foreign languages. Each child has chosen a specific foreign language to focus on.

On top of this, the children are enrolled in physical activities such as skateboarding, soccer, and self-defense classes. Their father, Pitt, also encourages this.

And here are 5 celebs who send their kids to public school....

5 Keith Richards

Via: iHeartRadio

Okay, so Keith Richards has had a few children throughout his life. But we do know that he sent two of them to a public school in Weston, CT. This is incredibly odd since the Rolling Stone musician is one of the most successful in history. We don't know anyone who would have thought that he would want to send two of his daughters to a public school in the middle of nowhere.

However, due to his level of stardom, Richards adores living in the quietest parts of the country as it allows him to have privacy. In turn, it did the same for his daughters who probably thrived at the public school as they flew under the radar.

4 Pamela Anderson

Via: The Sun

Growing up, Baywatch star Pamela Anderson was so stranger to public schools. After all, she grew up in a fairly rural part of B.C, Canada. Even after she became a really successful star, she didn't lose her love of these institutions.

When her boys were old enough, she sent them to a public school in Malibu. Clearly, she wanted her kids to have as normal of a life as possible. She even volunteered to tutor kids in math at the school and also worked as a cross guard. She did everything she could to ensure that her kids didn't feel overshadowed by her stardom by hiding them away at home or in a private school.

3 Madonna

Via: Today Show

Of all the people on this list, it's sort of odd that Madonna is one of the only ones who actually sent her kids to public school. Well, she did this with Lourdes, but not necessarily her other kids.

Madonna, of course, is one of the most successful pop stars of all time. She could send her daughter to any school of her choosing. Instead, Lourdes when to LaGuardia High Shcool in Manhattan. However, this school is known as being one of the best public schools in New York. It's possible that Madonna wanted her daughter to get the best education possible while still having a somewhat normal life.

2 Sarah Jessica Parker And Matthew Broderick

Via: People

Both Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, have been outspoken about the importance of public education. They have donated funds and even enrolled their children in a public Montessori-like school in New York City.

Parker and Broderick have more money than most of us can even dream of. But even still, they have found part of the education system that works well for their kids. Instead of being "above it", they clearly wanted to give their children a great education while allowing them to have a somewhat "normal" lifestyle.

At the end of the day, it seems like Parker and Broderick, as well as the other parents on this list, just want to support their kids' education in the best way they know how.

1 Cynthia Nixon

It makes sense that Cynthia Nixon would send her children to a public school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. This is because she was very vocal about fixing issues in public education as well as supporting it on the whole.

Sure, many celebrities do this and still send their kids to private school, most notably because most of them don't have to worry about being called out on the matter.

But Nixon ran for the New York office in 2018. There's no way voters would have taken her seriously if she sent her kids off to a fancy private school and then spoke about the importance of public education.

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