15 Celebs Parenting Solo (And 10 Who Depend On The Nannies)

There are different ways to be a mom. Some moms may be single mothers from the day their babies are born, while others become single parents later on. There are also married moms, moms who parent alongside partners (without marriage) and moms who parent while getting a lot of help and support from dads, whether they are separated or divorced.

With so many ways to be a mom, it's no wonder that some famous moms parent solo and others depend on nannies.

Today, it's time to have a look at fifteen celebrity moms who parent alone. Some get help from former spouses or partners, while others, such as Michelle Williams, don't have that option. Michelle Williams, for instance, lost her baby daddy, Heath Ledger, and then parented daughter Matilda solo for years. Recently, she found love again, so this story has a happy ending.

Every mom has a story and we're going to look at celebrity single moms today, as well as other famous moms who depend on the nannies, such as Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen. Of course, the moms who parent solo may use nannies, too, or babysitters, or whatever. Some do and some don't. They are still single parents and being a single parent is a hard job. It's fulfilling but different than parenting with a live-in partner.

25 Sandra Bullock – Parenting Solo


Sandra had the misfortune of choosing a faithless husband. This isn't gossip and is a fact her ex-hubby admitted to. She was married to Jesse James of Monster Garage fame and his womanizing tore his marriage to Sandra apart. The embarrassment must have hurt Sandra Bullock deeply as she seems like such a sweet woman.

Anyway, after her divorce in 2012, she didn't wait around for Mr. Right. She completed the adoption process as a single woman. Today, she's a single mom to son, Louis, who is eight years old, and daughter Laila, who is six years old, according to Cinemablend.

24 Zoe Saldana - Depends on Nannies


Zoe had twins and then hired a nanny for each baby, which isn't uncommon in Hollywood. It makes sense if a mom can afford it, and Zoe has an estimated net worth of twenty million dollars, according to Celebritynetworth.

She can afford all of the nannies she wants! Zoe's husband, who is the father of her twin boys, actually took Zoe's last name after marriage, which is unusual and pretty cool. His name is Marco.

Zoe and Marco found the nannies helpful because they assisted the couple when they were still learning the ropes. The nannies helped with sleep training. Zoe never posts pics of her twin's faces online because she doesn't want to invade their privacy.

23 Amanda Stanton - Parenting Solo


Amanda rose to fame when she appeared on Season 20 of The Bachelor. After that adventure, she appeared on Season 3 and Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise.

After a very rough breakup with her husband, she became a single mom. She experienced a lot of painful emotions as she came to terms with the fact that her two girls wouldn't have a live-in dad anymore.

Of course, she handled it just fine and today, she's thriving. She uses her personal website, Amandastantonblog.com, to share her feelings about single motherhood and lots of other things. Her daughters are named Kinsey and Charlie.

22 Kim Kardashian - Depends on Nannies


Kim Kardashian is a queen in her own court. She's the diva who set the world on fire with her racy pics, steamy videotape and antics on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. While her sisters are famous, too, Kim is the most recognizable Kardashian.

She's one of the most famous women in the world. Kim has a lot of business responsibilities, as well as the desire to take good care of herself, so she relies on nannies to keep her life balanced.

According to People.com, Kim doesn't always sit with her children at restaurants. The official explanation is that Kim doesn't always want them on camera, so she places them away from her with nannies.

21 Malin Akerman - Parenting Solo


Malin Akerman became a single mom when her marriage failed. One of her co-stars, Tom Arnold, thinks Malin is doing an amazing job of parenting solo, according to the Huffington Post. He has watched her take care of her baby and he finds her "inspiring".

Tom is less thrilled with Malin's ex-hubby, who filed for divorce several months after the couple's first baby was born. At sixteen, Malin, who is Swedish-Canadian, was scouted by a modeling agency while visiting a shopping mall.

Apparently, her beauty isn't just skin deep. She really cares about her son, Sebastian. In 2017, Malin moved on by getting engaged to someone else. She's still not married but could be soon.

20 Gwen Stefani - Depends on Nannies


Sometimes, there's a downside to a nanny dependency and Gwen Stefani learned this the hard way. She went through so much emotional turmoil when she discovered that her long-time hubby, Gavin Rossdale, had been getting with the family nanny, which had reportedly gone on for years.

Gwen has three boys with Gavin, and their nanny, Mindy Mann, got way too close to the man of the house. The whole situation was toxic and Gwen and Gavin's relationship ended in divorce, according to People.

Gwen's learned that you have to be careful who you trust. Since she's an amazing woman, it's good that she was able to move on and put the past behind her.

19 Jewel - Parenting Solo


Jewel was with her ex, Ty Murray, for sixteen years. They were married for six years and share a son, Kase. According to People, Jewel is confidently parenting solo and places a priority on reinforcing the value of change and re-invention. She wants her son to know that change is good sometimes, especially when a person's life isn't really reflecting who they are on the inside.

Now that she's 43, she's gained so much perspective on life and she shares it with her child. She's dating a pro athlete, Charlie Whitehurst, who is a backup quarterback in the NFL. Her ex-husband has since remarried.

18 Chrissy Teigen - Depends on Nannies


Chrissy Teigen laid down the law by banning "hot nannies" from the household, according to Parents.com. This rule was in place before she even had kids! Now that she does have children with her crooner hubby, John Legend, she relies on help from a nanny, plus her own mom, to keep her family's life running smoothly. Her daughter is named Luna and her son is called Miles.

Chrissy has said that she has tons of respect for single moms and moms who don't have the option of hiring baby nurses and things like that. She understands that she's lucky. She was also open about her battle with post-partum depression.

17 January Jones - Parenting Solo


January Jones, who was so memorable as Betty Draper on Mad Men, is one of the most famous single moms in Hollywood. The identity of the father of her baby is a closely-guarded secret which has had tons of people online playing the guessing game.

It's really no one else's business, but this doesn't stop people from speculating. January doesn't feel ill-equipped to go it alone. Being a single parent feels natural to her. She's said that she doesn't really feel like she needs anyone else to parent her son.

According to the Daily Mail, she admitted that she's "glad" she's doing it all by herself.

16 Angelina Jolie - Depends on Nannies


Angelina was married to Billy Bob Thornton when they adopted Maddox. When she was married to Brad Pitt, she had help parenting their big brood, which grew to include six kids, according to The Sun.

Now, she's a single Mom again, although Brad is reportedly very invested in keeping his relationship with the children strong, which is truly admirable. Angelina is constantly photographed with her kids, but she has had a lot of help behind the scenes.

She's extremely wealthy and nannies help her to live the ideal lifestyle. Her brother, James, even worked as the main nanny for a while.

15 Michelle Williams - Parenting Solo


Michelle Williams lost the father of her daughter, Matilda. Matilda's father was the late Heath Ledger, who was beloved and is still missed today. According to Vanity Fair, Michelle faced a lot of fears and overcame them while parenting her daughter solo.

She had money fears and also had to protect her daughter from the press and overzealous fans. Many people were obsessed with Ledger, who won acclaim for his unforgettable portrayal of The Joker.

These days, Michelle has been lucky enough to find love again. After years as a single parent, she recently married. Her husband is a single parent, too, who lost his wife to cancer.

14 J. Lo - Depends on Nannies


J. Lo calls her kids her "coconuts", which is really cute. This little tidbit comes from her official account at Instagram.com. To care for her coconuts, Jennifer Lopez, who is enjoying a happy romance with A. Rod these days, isn't afraid to spend a little money on nannies. With so many career commitments to juggle, it's no surprise that "Jenny from the block" has relied on nannies to help her handle it all.

J. Lo hired a "manny" in 2015. She went for a male nanny because her son Max (she has twins, Max and Emme) needed a male influence while living in a house filled with females.

13 Denise Richards - Parenting Solo


Denise Richards seems like a strong and stable single mother. She handles a lot on her own and does it with grace. Denise is slated to appear on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

This show should give America and the world a glimpse into her parenting style. She's already won respect by offering to care for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's kids while their troubled parents were dealing with their own issues.

Sure, Denise has probably had help from nannies and babysitters, but she's almost always there, being a mother. She's present for her children. According to the Dailymail.co.uk website, Denise is a "doting" mother to her three children.

12 Beyoncé - Depends on Nannies


Beyoncé has three kids and a red-hot career, so she turns to nannies for assistance. You'd probably do the same. Her eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, may pitch in to help with the twins, Sir and Rumi, but it's safe to say that Beyoncé has the power to hire the world's most respected nannies, thanks to the money that she has earned, plus Jay-Z's incredible wealth.

In fact, this Hollywood power couple is reportedly worth 1.16 billion bucks, according to Forbes.com. It's not hard to imagine the luxurious lifestyle the Carter family leads.

We've all seen glimpses of vacations on yachts, Blue Ivy's designer wardrobe and so on. Nannies are just a part of that type of life.

11 Katie Holmes - Parenting Solo


Tom Cruise allegedly has little contact with his daughter, Suri Cruise. It this is true, as Hollywoodlife.com reports, then Katie has definitely been parenting her daughter alone for a long time, but possibly had some help from Jamie Foxx!

Suri is 12 now - she's growing up so fast. Known for her expensive shoe collection, she's a little girl who seemed very close to her loving mother. Suri has an adorable smile, just like her mother and father, and seems to have quite a bit of star quality. She's always dressed in the height of fashion and apparently wanted to don high heels for streetwear long before most girls do.

10 Mariah Carey - Depends on Nannies

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Mariah Carey is known for an extravagant lifestyle and there's nothing wrong with that. It's in keeping with her status as a pop diva with a vocal range between four and five octaves, according to Thetoptens.com.

Her twins, Monroe and Moroccan, do have nannies, but Mariah says that the cute girl and boy are becoming more independent all of the time, so they may not need nannies for much longer. Mariah's baby daddy is former husband, Nick Cannon.

Although she has nannies, Mariah loves to spend time with her kids and counts swimming with them as one of her fave activities.

9 Padma Lakshmi - Parenting Solo


According to Bravo TV, the host of Top Chef is rocking single motherhood, while also excelling at business...and show business. She knows that being a single parent isn't easy, but she thinks that it's an honor.

I agree. Padma's own mother was a single mom, so it's familiar territory for her. She hosts Top Chef and also has her own line of frozen food, as well as a range of home accessory companies.

Plus, she's a busy philanthropist. Padma does get help when she needs it. She has a nanny who cooks and has a military background.

8 Camila Alves- Depends on Nannies


Matthew McConaughey's wife, Camila Alves, is a designer and fashion model, as well as a loving mother, according to En.wikipedia.org. She's Brazilian-American and a mother of three kids, named Levi, Vida, and Livingston.

Camila's nanny of choice is her own mother. There is a trend towards celebrity moms choosing their mothers as secondary caregivers for their kids. This trend makes sense. Family is about trust, so Camila knows that her children will be in good hands. Plus, she won't need to worry about her mom leaking juicy tidbits to the press.

7 Charlize Theron - Parenting Solo


Charlize plays strong women and she is a strong woman. She's a single mother and she gets help from nannies, in order to juggle parenting and life on the Hollywood A-list. Charlize has two children.

Her son is named Jackson and her daughter is named August. While she credits her Mom with giving her the most backup with her kids, according to Etonline.com, she does hire nannies. Charlize is a powerful figure in Hollywood and she needs assistance to keep all of her plates in the air. Despite a lot of help, she's often photographed out and about with her children. She's hands-on as a parent.

6 Kourtney Kardashian - Depends on Nannies


A lot of Kourtney Kardashian's public image hinges on her devotion to motherhood. Her Instagram.com profile often features pics of books that she's reading to her children at night. She's also talked about how she and her kids (whom she had with baby daddy, Scott Disick), pray before they turn in for the evening.

However, her life is a mixture of motherhood and high-maintenance glamour, so she needs some time to herself occasionally and this is where nannies come in. Apparently, the nannies have to call Kourtney, "madam".

5 Meghan Fox - Depends on Nannies


Meghan Fox seems remarkably down to earth, in light of her mega-beauty, but even she needs some downtime. According to US Magazine, she reportedly told her hubby, Brian Austin Green, that she needed a nanny or they were headed for divorce.

No matter how much kids are loved by their parents, they are a lot of work and, sometimes, that work puts a strain on relationships between couples. It's ok to ask for help or pay someone to help when it's needed.

4 Miranda Kerr - Depends on Nannies


Miranda Kerr isn't one of those celebrity moms who doesn't believe in hiring nannies. In fact, according to Abcnews.com, she makes certain that a nanny is present with her son Flynn while he visits with his Dad.

Apparently, Orlando doesn't mind at all, as it gives him a bit of extra help and peace of mind while he's spending time with his son. Miranda remarried after her divorce from Orlando and is now the wife of the "Snapchat guy".

3 Kylie Jenner - Depends on Nannies


Kylie Jenner definitely didn't stop with one nanny for her beloved daughter, Stormi. She hired four nannies, according to Life and Style Mag. Stormi is Kylie's first baby and Kylie finds that having four nannies working together or working different shifts is the key to easing any fears that she has about parenting.

Since Kylie's racked up a billion bucks running Kylie Cosmetics, it's understandable that she'd want to spend some of it making sure that her daughter gets the best of care.

2 Blac Chyna - Depends on Nannies

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Sometimes, celeb moms are spotted out and about with their kids and nannies. Blac Chyna was "papped" with a couple of nannies and the pics showed up at the Daily Mail She has two kids, Cairo King (a boy), whose baby daddy is Tyga, and Dream, whose baby daddy is Rob Kardashian.

Blac Chyna runs her own business and does showbiz stuff, too, so it makes sense that she'd hire people to help with her children. Like most famous moms in Hollywood or NYC, she relies on nannies so that she can live the lifestyle that she prefers.

1 Behati Prinsloo - Depends on Nannies


Namibian beauty, Behati Prinsloo, is married to Adam Levine from Maroon 5 and The Voice. She's now 30 years old, according to En.wikipedia.org, and has two daughters named Dusty Rose and Gio Grace.

While Behati and Adam get help from nannies when they need it, they also do things with their kids without taking the hired help along, such as taking their children to visit friends. Adam says he wants loads of kids, so maybe there will be more on the way...and more nannies, too.

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