15 Celeb Kids Who Look Just Like Their Parents (And 15 Who So Don't)

One of the unique things about bringing a child into the world is getting to see if they look more like mom, dad or both. The parent with the more dominant genes will usually be seen more in the child, but in some cases, the recessive genes shine through when a child ends up with blonde hair or blue eyes.

There are a plethora of celebrities out there whose kids are the spitting image of them from the minute they are born until now. Some don’t start to look like their parents until later on in life, but when they do start to look like their parents, they look almost like twins. On the other hand, there are also quite a few children who look nothing like either of their parents. It almost seems as though they are adopted because none of their features match up to either of their parents—but sometimes that happens.

This is a compiled list of how many celebrities have children that look exactly like them and then a few who happen to look nothing like either of their parents.

Let's start with the 15 celeb kids who look exactly like their parent...

30 Brooklyn (Victoria Beckham)

Hello Giggles

Victoria Beckham has transformed over the years from a wildly successful pop singer as part of the Spice Girls into a well-respected icon in the fashion industry. Now it appears that her son Brooklyn has a passion for fashion photography—and mom Victoria is all for it, according to Bustle. The two share more than just an eye for fashion, however. Numerous photographs have captured Brooklyn giving us that famous Victoria Beckham gaze and seeing the mother and son together; it's blatantly clear.

29 Emme And Max (Jennifer Lopez)

Today Show

Recent photos of singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and her twins Emme and Max have everyone talking—they look so much alike! Daughter Emme—older by 11 whole minutes—has been dubbed Jennifer's 'mini-me' by JLo fans, but it's clear that mom's genes had a strong influence on both the twins' appearances, as per E! News. JLo has been balancing an incredible work schedule with family time for years, and often brings her kids with her. As we've watched them grow, we've also watched the resemblance grow.

28 Ireland Baldwin (Kim Basinger)


Kim Basinger, once an it-girl in Hollywood who was both model and actor, passed on quite a bit to her daughter, Ireland. Fans can't stop talking about how closely Ireland resembles her mother, especially when compared to Kim during her modeling heyday, as per InStyle. Ireland following in her mother's footsteps hasn't been surprising to anyone. While mom Kim Basinger and Ireland Baldwin are definitely lookalikes, Ireland is statuesque at over six feet tall, hovering over mom Kim's more average 5'7” frame.

27 Shiloh (Angelina Jolie)

Us Weekly

An interesting mother-daughter duo who look a lot alike is Angelina Jolie and her daughter Shiloh. The well-known actress has many kids, but Shiloh looks a lot like Angelina when she was young. When Shiloh was spotted at her mother's movie premiere, E! Online commented that the girl had the same pout her mother had at her age as well as the big blue eyes. Not only are their facial features similar, but the two even combed their hair in the same ways.

26 Jaden Smith (Will Smith)


Much ado has been made about lookalike photos of Jaden Smith and mom Jada Pinkett Smith, but we think that in the right light, Jaden bears a strong resemblance to his rapper/actor dad, Will Smith. The father-son duo shares a lot of features in common, including the same ear shape and even the shape of their eyebrows, as per The Mercury News. Jaden is a rapper like his father and has also acted, including co-starring alongside his father in The Pursuit of Happyness in 2006, according to IMDb.

25 Maya Thurman-Hawke (Uma Thurman)

Daily Mail Online

Maya Thurman-Hawke is in the public eye more than ever now after garnering a role in the third season of hit show Stranger Things, as well as for her role in the newest Quentin Tarantino film; and now we can't get over how much she looks like her mother. The only major difference is the hair—Uma still sports blonde locks while daughter Maya is a brunette, as per Daily Mail. With all the acting parts Maya's getting lately, it appears her success may mirror her mother's as much as her looks.

24 Kendall (Kris Jenner)


Although the changing looks of the Kardashians and Jenners are frequently discussed, more than one of Kris Jenner's daughters clearly favor her. One daughter's striking looks, however, were revealed to be uncannily like her mother's when Kourtney Kardashian posted a photo of young Kris—and the Internet couldn't get over how much young Kris looked like daughter Kendall Jenner now, according to Life & Style. Fans did a double- and triple-take at the vintage Kris posing with her mother. In this case, Kendall really did get it from her mama.

23 Mamie Gummer (Meryl Streep)

New York Post

When Meryl Streep looks at her daughter, it must be like seeing a blast from the past. Mamie Gummer is the spitting image of her mother, and photos of Meryl in her 20s could easily be mistaken for photos of her daughter Mamie, as per Who What Wear. The two share an eerily similar visage now, but flashback photos are even more spot-on. A strong jawline, twinkling blue eyes, and the exact same smile illustrate the close resemblance of this talented mother and daughter duo.

22 Colin (Tom Hanks)

Hollywood Reporter

Tom Hanks' son Colin has always looked just like his father, but unlike many other celebrity children, the resemblance grows stronger over time. Now that Colin is 37, fans and observers can't help but notice that he's literally indistinguishable from his father circa Forest Gump days, as per Metro. If anyone ever decides to profile Tom Hanks' life in a biopic, we know the perfect actor who wouldn't even need any makeup—Colin's strong resemblance to his father is certainly undeniable.

21 Gwyneth Paltrow (Blythe Danner)


Talk about a celebrity powerhouse family! Actress and lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow has built an empire and is well-respected as an A-list actress, yet many forget that she's the daughter of another A-lister—Blythe Danner. Gwyneth and mom Blythe share more than just monumental talent—they're also two peas in a pod as far as looks go, as per People. Mom Blythe is clearly supportive of her talented daughter, who in addition to acting founded GOOP, Gwyneth's sometimes controversial online lifestyle blog.

20 Ava Phillippe (Reese Witherspoon)


One child who weirdly looks almost exactly like both mom and dad is Ava Phillippe, born to actors Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. Recently, Business Insider discussed the fact that as she gets older, she looks even more like both parents. The 18-year-old could easily pass as her mother's twin or younger sister. Most recently she has started posing for photos as part of her modeling job, and people are beginning to say she looks strikingly like her father. Ava is the perfect cross between Ryan and Reese.

19 Rafferty (Jude Law)


Rafferty, son of Jude Law and Sadie Frost, is climbing the ranks as a model. Now in his early 20s, Rafferty has been working in the modeling industry for years and has frequently drawn attention for looking so much like his famous actor father, according to Daily Mail. Although it's not unheard of for kids to go into the same business as their famous parents, Rafferty won't be flashing his baby blues on-screen like his father—he prefers to continue to pursue both modeling and music.

18 Jane (Jim Carrey)

Digital Spy

It's not often that daughters mirror their fathers so closely, but Jane Carrey definitely looks a lot like her famous dad, Jim Carrey. Jane isn't the type to ride her parents' coattails, though. The musician started the Jane Carrey Band and has worked to get into the industry on her own merits, according to Providr. Her comedian-actor father has been quieter in recent years and doesn't take on as many high-profile roles, so maybe now it's Jane's time to shine.

17 Alice Richards (Tina Fey)


It's definitely twinning when a daughter looks so much like her mother that she plays the younger version of her mother in her mother's TV show. Alice Richmond, the young daughter of the actress and comedienne Tina Fey, guest starred as the young Liz Lemon on 30 Rock and continues to bear a strong resemblance to her mama, according to Life & Style. It's unclear whether young Alice will do any more acting as she gets older, but her striking resemblance to mom Tina Fey is undeniable.

16 Rumer Willis (Demi Moore)


Another twin-like mother-daughter duo is Rumer Willis and Demi Moore. When Moore was her daughter's age, she was modeling and appearing in specific ads such as Gap, and it’s crazy that her look-alike daughter is doing the same thing her mother was at that age. Hello Giggles highlights quite a few social media photos posted by Rumer and Demi that show the pair standing next to each other in identical outfits confirming that these two are pretty much twins who even share a similar body type.

And now for the 15 celeb kids who look nothing like their parents...

15 Blue Ivy (Beyonce)

Bravo TV

For some reason, a lot of people were surprised that Blue Ivy wasn't Beyoncé's mini-me. The overall consensus seems to be that Blue Ivy looks just like rapper dad Jay-Z. Essence recently covered a father-daughter outing between Jay-Z and Blue Ivy, and in the photos, this girl looks nothing like Beyoncé—she is all Jay-Z. Every feature on the Blue’s face points to her father rather than her famous mother. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, because plenty of people love how Jay-Z looks.

14 Hazel, Henry And Phinnaeus (Julia Roberts)


Julia Roberts is a beloved actress and remains America's Sweetheart. While she's the first actress who could command $20 million for a role, she's also been a dedicated mom and wife, according to US Weekly. Roberts has three children—daughter Hazel and son Phinnaeus are twins, and Henry is her oldest. The three kids apparently favor their father far more than their superstar mother, however. Julia Roberts has been married to Daniel Moder for over 16 years, and the kids look just like their dad.

13 Lourdes Leon (Madonna)

E! Online

Lourdes Leon attended a lot of fashion events with her Material Girl mother Madonna, and has now begun to model herself. Besides the fact that she sported a distinctive bra—a fashion move Madonna made decades ago—Lourdes looks nothing like her mother, as per USA Today. Lourdes' father is Carlos Leon, a 52-year-old actor. Lourdes Leon and dad Carlos Leon look very much alike, although it appears she will continue to pursue modeling, rather than singing or acting like her parents.

12 Max (Christina Aguilera)

Moe Jackson

Christina Aguilera has been bringing her kiddos along with her recently on tour in an effort to balance work time with family time. While daughter Summer Rain is showing every sign of looking just like mama, son Max Liron doesn't look as much like his singer mother, according to People. Christina shared some Valentine's Day photos of her and her kids, and while he's a cutie, he does not take after his mom.

11 Finn McDermott (Tori Spelling)

Getty Images

Tori Spelling has been public about her life as a mom to her five children. Finn is her five-year-old son, and this year he's off to kindergarten. We've got tons of pictures of the McDermott children, and it's plain to see how much Finn looks like dad, as per USA Today. Finn's letting his hair grow longer than dad's, but that smile looks very similar to Dean's. Kids can certainly change over the years, so it'll be interesting to see if his looks continue to favor dad, Dean.

10 Monroe And Morocco (Mariah Carey)


Mariah Carey shares twins Monroe and Moroccan with her ex Nick Cannon. Recently the diva posed with her kids in Harper's Bazaar, and while they are super adorable, they definitely look more like their dad Nick Cannon than mom, according to BET. Carey's son Moroccan is the spitting image of dad, while Mimi's daughter Monroe is more of a blend of her parents. Nevertheless, Mariah gushes about her intelligent and talented children and how they bring her a lot of happiness.

9 North West (Kim Kardashian)

Entertainment Tonight

Kim Kardashian has three kids, and it’s interesting that the only one that looks like her is the one born via surrogacy, according to People Magazine. Her first daughter, North West, doesn’t look like either of her parents. She doesn’t have many features from Kanye’s side, and she certainly does not look like anyone on the Kardashian side either. This is one of those cases in which this baby girl just wanted to have her look rather than looking like her parents.

8 Suri Cruise (Tom)

New Idea

Suri Cruise looked nothing like her father Tom for a good part of her young life. In fact, many say that she resembles her mom, Katie Holmes, far more. Suri was in the public eye a lot when she was just a little tyke, according to Honey Celebrity, but since the divorce of her parents, her appearances in public have been scarce. Interestingly enough, a girl who once looked nothing like her father is beginning to look more and more like him every day.

7 Haven (Jessica Alba)


While Jessica Alba's older daughter Honor is a carbon copy of her, daughter Haven definitely doesn't share the similarities. Jessica Alba is fiercely protective of her children, but when she spent a mommy-daughter day on the town with Havie, it was clear that the six-year-old looks a lot more like dad Cash Warren than mom, as per Hello!.  Little brother Hayes is not quite a year old just yet—but we'll be watching to see if he turns out more like mom or dad.

6 Benjamin Brady (Gisele)


Another child who looks more like his dad and nothing like his mother is the son of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. Most of the time, for parents who are of mixed ethnicities, the child comes out looking more like one than the other. Gisele happens to be from Brazil while Brady is from the US. On the other hand, according to Daily Mail, sometimes dads carry the more dominant genes, which could be why Ben looks like Tom Brady’s twin.

5 Rob Lowe And Son Matthew


Rob Lowe is seen in public with his boys quite often, and it is quite apparent that they don’t look like him at all—especially his son, Matthew. The two boys are both handsome just like their father, according to Bravo TV, but their good looks are completely different than their father’s. Similar to North West, these boys both have their own looks completely unlike either of their parents. Lowe admits that both of his boys get a lot from him, including his smarts—apparently, both boys are brilliant.

4 Sparrow (Nicole Richie)

Hollywood Tattle Tale

Here is yet another little kid who looks a whole lot more like his father than his mother, Nicole Richie. According to Us Weekly’s interview with Richie, she admitted that her son Sparrow looks so much like her first-born—but neither of them looks like her. She had both of her children with Joel Madden. Both are the spitting image of their father, and Nicole Richie hasn’t commented on whether or not she agrees. Their facial features, such as their eyes and nose, come from daddy Madden!

3 Kingston (Gwen Stefani)

Hollywood Life

Gwen Stefani shares 10-year-old Kingston with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, which is evident because Kingston is his little twin. Gwen is very fair-skinned with light blond hair, while Kingston is dark-eyed with dark hair just like dad. Her other son looks like her which is probably why she is okay with Kingston not looking so much like her. According to Entertainment Online, it is interesting how many little ones look so much like their fathers and nothing like their moms—even though we know that Gwen gave birth to him.

2 Michael Jackson’s Kids


The late Michael Jackson had three children before his unfortunate passing. Jackson was known for his hugely successful musical abilities, but interestingly enough none of his three kids seem to look anything like him. Each of his three kids has an incredibly unique look and is very similar to their mothers. According to NME, his daughter Paris recently came out about the criticism she receives regarding Jackson being her real dad because she looks nothing like him. They love their late father and don’t want any negative media.

1 Khloe Kardashian (Kris Jenner)

Us Weekly

There has always been gossip about where Khloé came from because she looks nothing like her parents. Her siblings always teased her about being adopted. To this day Kourtney, Kim and Rob look like mom Kris as they grow older, and Khloé remains the odd one out with her height and lighter hair. According to In Touch Weekly, Khloe has dealt with a lot of pain because she looks so different, but as she gets older, she has begun to accept how she looks.

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