15 Biggest Mama's Boys In Hollywood (And 10 Who Keep Their Distance)

Society says that boys are usually closest to their moms and not their dads. Moms are known to have much closer relationships with their boys than their daughters, leading to a lot of men who are considered mama’s boys. Those with that stigma are usually very attached to their mothers, sometimes just in their young age, but for many men the attachment sticks into adulthood.

For women, the important thing to note is that they are not the only women in their lives because mom is always number two. Mama’s boys are usually not very independent because they often have their mothers doing stuff for them until they find another woman to do things for them. On the other hand, there are men who are not close to either one of their parents; they are extremely independent and do everything for themselves with no help from mom or dad. Some Hollywood men are pretty independent based on their jobs, but there are still quite a few men in Hollywood that are definitely mama’s boys. But then there are also a lot that want nothing to do with their mothers. Men who are extremely fond of their mothers will often show them off; for celebrities this may mean walking down the red carpet with mom on their arm!

Let's start with the 15 male celebs who are Mama's Boys...

25 Ryan Gosling Loves His Mom The Most


Most celebrities do not take the time to talk about their mothers on national television while being interviewed. They typically talk about their accomplishments as well as their upcoming projects. Ryan Gosling surprised everyone when he took time on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about his mother's wedding. According to Martha Stewart Weddings, Gosling gushed about how good the food was and how much everybody loved it! His mother tied the knot in Italy, and apparently, the food was the absolute best. The actor has to be extremely close to his mother to talk about her wedding during an interview about himself!

24 The Rock Is Her Rock

Sky News

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has always been known for his time with World Wrestling Entertainment. But another thing he is known for is being a huge family man—especially when it comes to his mom. Another male is honoring the women who gave him life on Mother’s Day. Johnson opened up to E! Online about a tearful conversation he had with his mother about the life she has now due to his success.

She confessed that sometimes life was worrisome because she wasn’t sure how she was going to buy groceries and now she has everything she could ever want because of her son.

23 Colin Farrell Loves Her  More Than Ireland


Our mothers bring us into the world, and for the most part, they are the ones who teach us everything we know about life. Actors usually bring a date to award ceremonies—someone they’re dating or a significant other—but Colin Farrell was different, as he brought his mom. He took time during the Golden Globes to let everyone know how close he was with his mother because she has always been his biggest supporter. Farrell is well known for bringing his mother to big events according to Hello Giggles—who doesn’t need the best support at all times?

22 Justin Timberlake Credits Her With Everything


Everyone celebrates their mothers at least one day of the year—usually on Mother's Day—and this year, Justin Timberlake did just that, not only for his mother, but also for his wife too. It takes a special kind of man to take the time on his social media account to reveal how he feels about the special ladies in his life.

Timberlake makes it clear that mothers are the most important people in an individual's life and showing them off to the world is essential to being a good kid, according to People Magazine.

21 Drake Can't Shake His Momma


Not many singers take the time to be photographed out in public with their mothers. Drake is one of those celebrities who loves being seen with his mother—definitely a mama’s boy. Narcity leaked pictures of Drake and his mother Sandi from when he was a small boy until now and in each photo, they are as close as could be. The singer makes sure his mother has everything she could ever want—similar to The Rock—and he loves to show off his mom now more than ever. His mom means so much to him that he apparently gave her his Grammy statue.

20 Leo DiCaprio Would Go Down With The Ship For His Mama


Actors who make it big love to give their parents the best life they could have. It takes a lot of love and respect for a boy to buy his mother a huge house only steps away from him. Mothers typically like to be involved more than they should be and kids don’t usually want them right next door. But according to the National Enquirer, DiCaprio wants nothing more than to have his mother near him at all times. But even though he wants his mother close, he does keep a little area of privacy for just himself on his property.

19 Bradley Cooper's Mom Is Super

NY Daily News

A relationship with one's mother is not always the same throughout life. Some people remain incredibly close while others find other companionship. Living with mom at a certain age begs the question of how independent someone is. Most men who are living with their moms into their late 20s and 30s are known as mama’s boys.

It is interesting that someone as successful as Bradley Cooper at the age of 43 lives with his mother.

But according to NY Daily News, we shouldn’t worry too much—he moved in to be there for his mother after the passing of his father.

18 Matthew McConaughey Is A True Southern Mama's Boy

Southern Living

Out of all the male actors out there, Matthew McConaughey has to be one of our most favorite mama’s boys. According to Southern Living Magazine, the actor makes some excuse to bring his mother—whom he refers to as K-Mac—up in every single interview. Ever since starting a family, the father of two decided that being near his mother was critical for him as well as for his kids. For this reason, he moved his family of four to Austin, Texas specifically to be near grandma every weekend rather than once in a while.

17 Jared Leto Kind of Love


Most celebrities start with nothing, and Jared Leto is no different. He takes the time to thank his mother for everything she had to sacrifice and go through to keep him safe. Jared Leto was once nominated for an Oscar, and in his award-winning speech, he talked nothing but highly of his mother. Leto tells Daily Mail UK that his family often moved around from school to school and the only thing that kept him going was his mom. He thanks her for where he is today in his acting profession and the moment was moving.

16 Jake Gyllenhaal Has Superhero Feelings For His Mom

Just Jared

Moms are usually tough cookies—to get through their little boys most women have to go through them—and Jake Gyllenhaal's mother is no different.

The actor admitted during an interview with Forward that every first date happens at his mother's house that way she can approve them—or at least give her opinion.

He talks about how his mom would love to be able to pick her son's future wife, but she knows that modern times are straying further and further from arranged marriages. Taylor Swift happens to be one of the ladies he brought home that didn’t quite pass with his mother.

15 Usher Goes To Great Lengths


Being a celebrity means employing a manager to keep all the work straight—this means appearances, contracts, etc. Usher was so close to his mother that for a long while she was his manager. There is a little bit of drama between the two as of recent being that his mother did not even show up to his wedding after being fired from her position as his manager. But according to an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the two are working to mend their relationship, and they get closer every day.

14 Justin Bieber Wants To Share The Wealth

W Magazine

Moms are forever proud of their children no matter what they do, and Justin Bieber's mother is no different. Although they haven’t always been close, Justin’s mother, Pattie, doesn’t miss out on an opportunity to rave about her son on social media. Kids feel the best when they know their parents are paying attention and proud, which is probably just how the singer felt after his mom’s sweet social media post back in January, according to Us Weekly. The pair loves to do things such as vacation together to get that mother-son bonding in from time to time.

13 Shia LaBeouf Isn't Running From His Feelings


When a mother goes through something difficult, it is common for her children to be her greatest crutch. Mothers who have a child often do a whole lot better and Shia LaBeouf’s mom Shayna proves that. According to Telegraph, Shia could not be closer with his mother feeling like he always needs to protect her. Not only does he feel the need to keep his mom safe, but he does this by living with her full time—what a dedicated son! Having a boy is the best because they are almost always built to protect.

12 Zach Braff Thinks Mom Should Benefit From His Celeb Status


Scrubs star Zach Braff has not always been close with his mother. Their relationship was rocky in his younger days during the divorce his parents went through—unfortunately he took a lot of his emotions out on mom. He realized that his anger was not helping anyone and it was affecting the bond he had with his mother, according to the Huffington Post. Nowadays, the two are much closer—the divorce is in the past—and Zach respects what his mother went through as it could not have been easy. In his interview, Zach talks about how acting opened his eyes to what he could be, and it took a lot of the pain away.

11 Ashton Kutcher Makes Room For Mom—Even With Mila


Ashton Kutcher is just like everyone else in that he wants to give his mom the best life she can have with his fame. Most famous for his role on That 70s Show, Kutcher seems to do it all between acting, putting together charities to help find missing children, and even finding the time to do special things for his mother. According to The Nest, his mother has wanted a renovated basement for the longest time, and he finally made her dream come true with a beautiful and updated relaxation space. He loves his mom a lot to take the time out of his busy schedule to do this for her.

And now for the 10 who are not so close with Mom...

10 Macaulay Culkin Is Home Alone


As mentioned before, while there are a lot of close mother-son relationships, there are also difficult ones as well. Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin is not so close with his mother. In fact, according to Independent, the actor recently talked about how he wanted someone else to be his mother that he has a better relationship with. Not only do they not speak, but Culkin also took away any access she may have had to any of his fortunes. Parents have to be loving and supporting to get any amount of money.

9 Eminem's Feelings For His Mama Might Surprise Us

Showbiz Post

Sometimes relationships can be repaired and sometimes they can’t. The relationship between Eminem and his mother is an example of this. According to MLive, Eminem's mother has tried everything imaginable to get her son to visit her, but he refuses to. According to Debbie Mathers, everything started to go downhill and soon came the harsh song lyrics and even a lawsuit. Since then this mother and son duo haven’t come back together. Who knows what lies ahead for this mother and son; maybe they will figure things out or perhaps they won’t.

8 Brad Pitt Could Be Making Amends

Celebrity Insider

Brad Pitt’s relationship with his mom is weird, but his former wife is the one who apparently isn't fond of her.

According to Jolie and Pitt, his mother has very different views based on subjects such as child raising and because of this, they do not have much of a relationship with her.

One of the significant rifts in the relationship between Brad and his mother was caused by how his then-wife felt about her, according to Daily Mail. Coming between mother and son can be pretty tough, but Angelina played her cards well.

7 Michael Jackson May Have Left A Void

The Inquisitr

Some relationships are better with one parent than the other—this is so for the late Michael Jackson. He always made it clear that the relationship with his mother was a close one. She was the first to notice his talents, and she stood by him through thick and thin. It was the lack of bond he had with his father that ultimately pushed him away from his family. According to Access Online, Joe Jackson pushed his children to be the best even though it might have been driving them away in the process.

6 Tracy Morgan Went Public


Often celebrities become estranged from parents because the parents feel entitled to everything and anything their child has accomplished. Back in 2014 after the car crash that put Morgan in the hospital, his mother rushed to the hospital to see him. The problem was that Morgan’s fiancé refused to let his mother in the room. As reported by LA Times, Morgan would not reveal the reason behind the rift between him and his mother. He said that was strictly between them and he wanted to keep that private.

5 Gary Coleman Is Totally Transparent

ABC News

Different Strokes star, the late Gary Coleman, is another celebrity who chose to give his parents nothing of his fortune. After his passing, his friend and former co-star who was put in charge of Coleman’s estate revealed to Daily Mail that the actor wanted his parents to have nothing. Apparently, after his passing, his parents wanted their son's remains, but when they learned that they were to get nothing from him, they decided against it. There has been a lot gossip about what went on between him and his parents, but maybe now the world will never know.

4 Oliver Hudson Won't Back Down

Closer Weekly

The Hudson family is extremely popular, including siblings Kate and Oliver who are the children of Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn. They have become even more famous with all the family antics they are involved in. Both Hudson kids have made it very clear that they are as close as ever but their relationship with both mom and dad is strained. According to Us Weekly, they realize how important family is and the four of them are working to mend their very rocky relationship. It’s important to remember that family is everything!

3 Gavin Rossdale Can't Compete


When Rossdale was 11 years old, his parents went through a messy divorce that caused him a lot of heartache. Separation is always a sad thing, especially when children are put in the middle of it. According to The Sun, Rossdale and his two sisters were raised by their father after the divorce. The hard part is that their mother ran off and remarried rather than sticking by her three children. Because of this, his relationship with her has always been strained. It takes a lot for a mother to leave her children, which is what hurt the Rossdale kids.

2 Charlie Sheen Doesn't Forgive Or Forget


Another family is seemingly being torn apart, but in this situation, is it the parents’ fault or Charlie Sheen’s fault? It is no secret that Sheen has been a partier all of his life and has been involved in things he probably shouldn’t be. Sheen’s father, the well-known actor Martin Sheen, knows full well the problems that his son has gone through, and he wants to help as much as possible. Martin revealed to Daily Mail that he only wants the best for his son and this means being involved in interventions from time to time to help him out.

1 Connor Cruise Puts His Love On Pause

NY Daily News

Connor Cruise is the adopted son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. His parents have been divorced for a long time, and Cruise has been estranged from his mother pretty much since the divorce. An example of why this mother-son duo hasn’t been close happened last year when Nicole Kidman referenced her two most recent children in her speech, but not her two older kids with Tom Cruise. According to Now to Love, neither of the kids want anything to do with their adopted mom, and that might be how it is going to stay.

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