11-Year-Old With Brain Tumor Uses Make-A-Wish To Help Others

Edward Liu

The Make-A-Wish Foundation and such charities do incredible work, providing something special for a child who faces a devastating medical diagnosis. Often times, these children aren't lucky enough to celebrate many birthdays to come. Many people work hard to fulfill these kids' dreams, whether it's to meet Mickey Mouse at Disney World, meet their favorite celebrity or sports' star. For some youngsters, like Edward, it's a dream to have their own playground, which makes all the difference.

It's bittersweet to see medically fragile, yet brave, children live to fulfill a dream they might have not been able to experience otherwise. But what's even more amazing is to know the heartwarming wish little Edward Liu made.

The 11-year-old boy has been battling complications, since he was 9 years of age, due to a brain tumor. It has left him in a wheelchair and his language has regressed, said his parents to Today. But when asked for what his one wish was, in the whole world, he thought of his friends. A child's heart can be so pure. He is so kind and selfless.

Edward asked for a special playground to be built at his school. He wanted something indoors, high-tech, and accessible to students like himself. And that's what he got. The best part for him was that the entire school would benefit from it.

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Edward Liu and the play structure at his school
Credit: Prevention

The 15 x 8 feet geodome was recently installed at Edward's elementary school in Dover, Massachusetts. It's accessible for his wheelchair, and it includes a virtual reality gaming system with supplies to make 3D art projects.

Children who have physical disabilities and medical ailments, many times struggle with the typical outdoor playgrounds; although many schools and public parks have areas which are accessible for disabled kids. Edward's vision of a high-tech, indoor playground is unique. It really inspires many kids to think outside-the-box, and continue to be creative while having fun.

At this age, Edward is likely to go to middle school soon. However, his classmates and others who follow, are going to get to enjoy the coolest, 21st-century play area for years to come; thanks to his generosity and thoughtfulness.

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