10-Year-Old Reacts To Hearing Mom Say 'I Love You' For The First Time

When your kids don't have medical issues, it's easy to take a lot of things for granted. We never think about the multiple struggles medical parents and their children have to deal with. But we also don't think of the everyday things they encounter either. In honor of Mother's Day, Children's Health from Dallas, Texas shared a video that will warm your heart, even if you're not a mother. In the video, a 10-year-old girl named Jaylin is reacting to just receiving cochlear implants. Her reaction is priceless, but it's the way she responds to hearing her mom say "I love you" that gets you.

The short clip begins with Jaylin realizing that with her new implants she can hear people. "So whenever people talk, the sounds will go in my ear!" she exclaims. Her face is a mix of shock and awe at the prospect. We don't have any additional info about her ability to hear before her implants. But you can tell from her reaction that this is an entirely new concept to her. Just the thought of hearing people talking to her overwhelms her.

As she begins to cry (because who wouldn't) her mom, who is filming asks if she can hear her. Because the girl is still emotional, and likely getting used to the new notion of hearing, she doesn't immediately respond. But her mom keeps asking, until she gets her daughter's attention. When she says Jaylin's name, the girl finally looks at her. This is presumably one of the first times this has happened. You can hear it in the mom's voice as she says off camera "I love you."

Jaylin can barely get out her response before she starts to cry. And we can only assume that mom is crying too. How could you not? Clearly, it isn't the first time Jaylin's mom has said the words. But there is a big difference between saying them and having her understand, and having her hear them.

We can only imagine what must have been going through their minds in that moment. For us parents of children without hearing issues, we probably take their hearing for granted. But this video is a beautiful example of the love between a mother and child.

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