10 Ways Mom's Beauty Regime Has To Change After Kids (And 10 Products That Come In Handy)

Thinking back to the time before they become mothers, mothers usually reminisce on the big beauty budget they had, along with the many expensive products they seldom used. But all that changes when a little one is brought into the mix. Budgets are often halved, and grooming habits change. New moms experience a lot of changes, and it’s hard to find the time to do two hours of makeup every morning when there are some days when a woman doesn’t even feel like getting dressed or brushing her teeth.

Moms who used to have nails that were long and worthy of Instagram hashtags, now glare at Kylie Jenner and wonder how she is able to care for a baby with such long, beautiful nails?!

And don’t even get me started on hair appointments because sitting with a tiny baby for hours while the color sets is not a fun experience.

Products that were once loved, such as primer and highlighter now become impractical and time-consuming. Instead, organic soaps and natural deodorants become more appealing. Below are 10 ways a beauty routine changes during motherhood, and 10 things that will come in handy; dry shampoo will become the must-have product, and no mom will leave home without a really great hand lotion and eye cream!

Here are 10 ways mom's beauty regime changes...

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20 You'll Discover Super Long Nails Are So Impractical

Via Kylie Jenner Instagram

It’s a little confusing how Kylie Jenner and her famous siblings (barring Kendall Jenner) are all mothers but also have super long nails because this is something that usually changes when you’re a mom. The most obvious reason to say goodbye to long nails is they are not practical as they break and chip so easily when you’re running around doing chores, but there is also the concern that these talons could hurt your little one.

And then, there is the issue of time. Instagram may be filled with photos of beautiful nail art that took half a day to do, but few moms have the time to get this done, only to have it destroyed a few hours later.

19 The Time Between Hair Appointments Changes Drastically

It’s true that there are few things as wonderful as getting your hair done because it can really give a woman confidence, but having a color, cut, and blow wave is a time consuming (and often expensive) outing. It’s also something that can get pushed back when you have so many other things on your mind.

Before you became a mom you may have gotten your hair done every two months, and now it’s pushing three or four months. According to Scary Mommy, now that she’s a mom she laughs at the six-week haircut rule she once had, and now she’s become more of a twice a year trip to the salon type of girl.

18 They Might Smell Great, But Foot Masks Are Time Consuming And Over Hyped

Via: Huda Beauty

"Me" time is important, and if you can schedule a time to pamper yourself and enjoy a blissful day of relaxation, then that’s wonderful, but no one really needs a foot mask. This product is designed to exfoliate the feet, leaving them softer and smoother, but you may find once the mask goes on, the baby starts crying, and trying to run in a foot mask is complicated.

Also, foot masks are generally an overhyped beauty product, and a good cream can do the job.

According to Momtastic, this is a product women do not need, and although many of the products smell wonderful, you really just need an exfoliating pumice stone or moisturizer.

17 Let's Be Honest, No One Really Cares About Primer

In the first few months after childbirth, your vanity and your beauty routine are going to go out of the window, and there will be times when you don’t want to brush your hair, your teeth, or change out of your pajamas.

But gradually, as things return to normal, so does your love of makeup.

According to Scary Mommy, the changes include the beauty budget, which is often reduced, as is the time and energy you’re willing to spend on your appearance. So, a primer is one product you don’t need, and World Of Moms notes you can definitely do without an eyelid primer.

16 Your Go-To Makeup Routine Is Minimal And Won’t Include A Highlighter

Some women still find time to spend hours doing their makeup, and they look exceptional; like a celebrity or an Instagram beauty blogger. But most moms will find that the time they have to spend on makeup has been cut down, and the desire to wear products like primers and highlights disappears.

Instead, you will probably find that you prefer a straightforward, minimalistic approach that is perfect for every day. According to Land Of Mom, because of how busy you are you’ll find that sometimes you skip the makeup altogether, and other times you opt for a natural, minimal look that’s pretty but not over-the-top.

15 Overly Expensive Beauty Products Become A Thing Of The Past

Via: Theresia Feegy

This point really goes hand-in-hand with the above one, but firstly, you’ll be wearing a lot less makeup and thus, feel you won't need to invest in overly expensive beauty products. Secondly, as Scary Mommy pointed out, being a mother cuts your grooming budget -- there are so many other expenses now.

But it’s also worth noting that expensive beauty products are not necessarily better, and Real Simple asked this question to dermatologist Amy Newburger, who revealed that although some expensive products do have great ingredients, others don’t. At the end of the day, it’s really what works for you.

14 Grooming Eyebrows With Gel Is Not Really Necessary

Along with primer, highlighter, and incredibly expensive beauty products you do not need, eyebrow gel could be added to the list of things you'll say goodbye to.

It’s not that having good eyebrows doesn’t matter to us, it’s just that priorities change.

When you become a mother, spending time and money on products that are not necessary results in them being eliminated from your beauty routine. According to Momtastic, you can get by without this product and although women with unruly eyebrows may benefit from an eyebrow gel, brushing them with clear mascara does the trick.

13 Painful Wax Strips Can Be Replaced With Razors

Via: YouTube

There was a time when waxing was incredibly important, but why wax and endure all that pain when a simple shave with razors can achieve the same appearance, albeit temporarily? Also, shaving is so much quicker and can be done during a shower or bath.

In addition to the pain that comes with waxing, probably the biggest reason why this product gets ditched is that you come to realize we all have hair, and there is no shame in having hair in certain places. Also, there are so many better things to be doing than applying wax and waiting for it to dry (all the while thinking of the pain that’s going to follow). No thanks!

12 You’ll Discover There Are So Many Better Products Than Toner

Toner is one of the beauty products we start using as tweens in our skincare routine, but chances are, most people don’t even know what it is. And honestly, it doesn’t matter because you don’t need it. According to Momtastic, a toner is one of the most over-hyped beauty products and skipping this step won’t make a difference in your skin care routine (it also saves a valuable minute or two).

Babble also notes that although many women have been using toner for years without needing it, there are many better products on the market like an earth-friendly soap or cream cleanser that is alkaline-based.

11 You Realize You Don’t Need Those Anti-Aging Products

Society places a huge importance on aging, or rather, the lack of aging, and in Hollywood we often see a woman playing the mother of a man her age, or missing out on parts entirely.

This way of thinking needs to stop as anti-aging products are not necessary.

World of Moms points out the obvious, and that is there is no one who is going to have skin like an 18-year-old for the rest of their lives, and instead of focusing on this, and purchasing products with bees venom and a list of other, sometimes downright strange ingredients, simply focus on a good moisturizer and cleanser.

And here are 10 products that will come in handy...

10 Organic Soaps Can Really Come In Handy

There are a lot of products that you do not need as a mom, but one that will always come in handy is a hand wash, especially those little ones that fit into your purse for emergencies. However, Wellness Mama notes that the FDA has announced there are no added benefits to using antibacterial soaps over plain soap.

It's for this reason many moms prefer to use organic soaps.

Organic soaps are free from chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients, but can also reduce the appearance of scars, can be used on sensitive skin, and can be used to moisturize and smooth dry skin, Sapo Company notes.

9 Hand Lotion Can Keep Your Hands Soft

As a mother, you are always doing things and this includes dishes and diapers. Because of this, you wash your hands often to remove germs and bacteria. However, constantly washing hands with soap can strip the natural oils. According to Shape, if you wash your hands regularly, and more often than your body can produce oil, then they can become dry and cracked.

For this reason, it’s great to have a hand lotion, and Parents notes this should be one that is paraben and phthalate-free, like J.R. Watkins Lavender Hand & Body Lotion.

8 Multi-Purpose Dry Oil Will Work On A Number Of Conditions

Instead of buying many different products, sometimes all you need is one; a really great multipurpose oil. And according to Mum Central, it’s a beauty product that can change a mom’s life.

Although there are many different brands on the market you can try, and the right choice comes down to personal preference, an oil that the publication recommends is jojoba oil. The reason is that it's natural and comes from the jojoba bean, and it's close to the body’s own oils, so it won’t clog pores. It’s also able to be used on scalp, face, and skin, and can be used to treat scars.

7 Anti-Puff Eye Roller Is The Perfect Product After A Sleepless Night

We can never find enough time to sleep, especially as new moms, but there are a few products which can help the dull appearance and dark circles under the eye area, and according to The Bump, one of the best beauty buys would be an eye cream.

Erica from SweetLeighMama.Blogspot told the publication her must-have product, saying, “While I may have been running on pure adrenaline post delivery, operating on about 20 minutes of sleep took its toll on my tired eyes. Thank goodness for this eye cream. A few dabs under the eyes not only reduce puffiness, but it made my eyes look bigger and brighter too.

6 Tinted Moisturizer Reduces The Appearance Of Discoloration

Motherly asked moms to share their favorite beauty products, and among them was tinted moisturizers. One mom explained her love for this product, writing how her favorite was Suntegrity 5-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer, and she couldn’t get enough of it because it has “the slight tint makes it a perfect replacement for my foundation.” Plus, it contains “clean/nontoxic formulations!” she adds.

This brings us to the topic of tinted moisturizer versus foundation, and which is really better? Of course, it depends what you’re looking for but tinted moisturizer allows the skin to breathe more and according to Self has more humectants to hydrate.

5 Natural Deodorant Will Keep You Fresh On The Go

Constantly being on the move requires the use of deodorant, but instead of opting for the regular store-bought deodorants, you may find that a natural deodorant is a better option. Another favorite beauty product of moms that was shared on Motherly was natural deodorant, in particular, the Schmidt's Magnesium + Charcoal deodorant, which one mom raved about and said it was the product that truly works.

The argument for switching from antiperspirant to natural deodorant is because they won’t block your pores, but Well Insiders claims it can still keep the odor down and allow the good bacteria on your skin to live.

4 Makeup Remover Wipes Are A Faster And Easier Alternative

According to Mum Central, a product that has the ability to change a mother’s beauty routine is makeup remover wipes. The publication specifically notes one brand, Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, because this product has both cleansing and makeup removal capabilities, which clean deeper than the skin’s surface.

Makeup wipes are convenient and simple, but they are not all made equal and it seems this is one of the preferred brands.

Blogger Jenn Lloyd Life + Style also reviewed these wipes, writing that after trying multiple makeup removers and other wipes, she was sold on these.

3 Lip Masks Are Super Hydrating (And Kinda Fun)

Lip masks may look a little ridiculous, but they are fun, and they also have the ability to save your lips from a dull, cracked appearance. These masks are especially useful during the winter months when the cold, dry air can cause dry lips, and can moisture and sometimes even reduce fine lines.

Lip masks, unlike foot masks, are so easy to use, and you can use them while walking about the house. For these reasons, and many more, they are appealing, even for a busy woman. Plus, if you’re not convinced of their results, at least they make for a great Instagram post (thanks, Emma Stone for your KNC Beauty All Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask pic).

2 Dry Shampoo Is A Life-Saver For When There’s No Time To Wash Your Hair

The greatest thing about dry shampoo is it provides a much-needed solution when you haven’t had time to wash your hair.

It masks any odor and soaks up oil, and according to Good Housekeeping, this product can also help volumize hair, slows color fade, and can be used whenever your hair needs a little extra care.

Dry shampoo is useful for busy moms, but another benefit, as mentioned above, is it can slow color fade, and we’ve already discussed that appointments to the hairdresser start to slack once you become a mother, especially a new mom trying to navigate new territory.

1 A Spritz Of Facial Mist Is Super Refreshing

With demanding work schedules, having to keep the kids clothed, fed and taken care of, along with bringing them to of their various activities, sleep is often a luxury and one that most women wish they had more of. Although a facial mist won't give you the same feeling that a good seven hours in bed will, it is great for a little pick me up and can really make you feel revitalized.

According to Beauty Taps, a facial mist is a must-have product for moms, and the publication notes this is because it offers instant hydration and can help with a number of problems, from “dryness to dead skin to a dull complexion.”

References: Scary MommyBabble, Wellness Mama, Parents, The Bump, Self, Beauty Tap.

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