10 Ways A Baby Mama's Style Changes After Having Kids (And 10 Things That Stay The Same)

Clothing is a form of self-expression, and a way to show the world who we are and what we like. It’s also a choice that is very personal for each woman, and something that changes multiple times in our lives, depending on a number of factors (like age and motherhood).

It’s no secret that when a woman becomes a mommy, a lot of things in their life changes, and this includes their wardrobe. When we have less “me” time in our life, we start thinking about functionality and washability more than we do the latest trends and designer get-ups. Before having a kid a woman may not have thought twice about spending thousands of dollars on a designer top that they don’t really need, and their wardrobe may have been a collection of really trendy pieces that they couldn’t possibly imagine getting stained or torn.

But when a woman becomes a mom, their wardrobe changes to become more functional and adapts to their new way of life, and not only that, but they have a new body that they need to embrace. Below are 10 ways that a woman's style changes after having children, and 10 things that are going to probably stay the same!

20 Outfits Become A Whole Lot More Practical

When you’re a mom, you don’t have the time to dress in clothing that is impractical. You are a busy woman who needs to be able to move without her accessories falling down or her top having to be adjusted 100 times.

Also, new things become important; for example, the washability and durability of a fabric, whereas before you may have had a wardrobe filled with hand-wash only items or pieces that require a trip to the dry cleaner. Once you’re a mom, you notice that your wardrobe is transforming from those uncomfortable corset belts and sequined tops to something that is far more practical for everyday use. You'll need clothing that can be thrown into the washing machine whenever necessary.

19 New Moms Are Probably Less Likely To Buy Into The Annoying Trends

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of trends in the fashion world that may look great on the runway, but when it comes to wearing them and going about your daily activities, you have to wonder what the heck these designers were thinking. Take the fringing or feather trends as an example, not only are they hard to wash, but they can also easily get stuck on things, and there’s nothing worse than taking public transport only to have half your outfit catch on the chair or be closed in the door of a moving train. But moms are so much more practical about what they buy and less likely to find themselves in this situation.

18 Athleisure Is Literally The Best Thing Ever

In recent years, athleisure (simply a combination of athletic and leisure wear) has enjoyed a surge of popularity, which is not surprising because it’s not only super cute, but also extremely comfortable. Plus, celebrities have given this new style their stamp of approval, which makes it that much cooler.

It’s about time fashion relaxed its standards! This is a style that every woman can rock on her day-to-day activities, and it can be worn in a variety of different settings, from a school run, to a casual dinner with friends.

17 A Woman's Body Has Changed And It’s Time To Embrace Those Changes

When you become a mom, your body changes, and many women find they are having to reinvent their style after giving birth to suit their new curves. According to EU Mom, when you have come to terms with your new body and the way that it is now, you will start to feel more like yourself. The site also notes that you shouldn’t try to hide your figure in oversized clothing, nor should you squeeze into old pieces that are too uncomfortable. Be you!

16 New Moms May Be Tempted To Live In Leggings, Forever

Considering the rise of athleisure, yoga pants and joggers have become increasingly popular and more acceptable. In some cases, you may even spot women wearing these pants in the office. Leggings are another item of clothing that is practical (more than it is fashionable) and the stretchy fit and soft fabric makes for extreme comfort — which is a bit of a godsend when you’ve been up since four in the morning with a crying little one.

It’s also so much easier to throw on a pair of leggings in the morning than wiggle into jeans or bring out the cropped trousers or palazzo pants, especially within the first year of giving birth.

15 Revealing Clothes Are A Thing Of The Past

Weekends and nights out become a rare occurrence after you become a mom, and so does the need to wear cleavage-baring or booty-revealing clothing. (More power to you if that's your thing, of course!)

A mommy blogger told SheKnows, she became more conservative after having children and started watching the cuts of her blouses. Another mom revealed that she became more conscious of what she wore because of her daughter, and wanted to set a “good example” for her.

That said, no matter what a woman chooses to wear, she should be able to do so without fear of judgment, and it’s really a personal decision.

14 Those White Shirts Have Suddenly Become Less Of A Style Staple

When creating a minimalist wardrobe, one of the key colors is always white. In fact, if you ask any fashion blogger or expert what a woman’s style staples should be, a white t-shirt is bound to be on that list (as New York Mag notes). But as a mom, you realize that keeping white clean and crisp is a difficult task. You may find that the colors in your wardrobe are changing from bright, crisp hues, to the more solid, darker tones that are forgiving when it comes to dirt and grime.

13 Moms Are Probably Less Likely To Splurge On Designer Garments

Most women really love designer items, and their high-quality and super trendy styles make them lust-worthy. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean your desire to own pretty things disappears, of course, because it doesn’t! But you may think twice before spending thousands of dollars on a pretty blouse or an awesome pair of heels that you won’t wear more than a handful of times. The reason for this is that you now have a little person to think of, and buy things for, and we all know having kids is not cheap!

12 Shopping Becomes Less Spontaneous Than It Was Before

This point is mostly aimed at new moms who have that constant feeling of being exhausted, and it feels as though you may never have a full night’s sleep ever again. It does get easier, hang in there! Of course, the thought of a spontaneous shopping trip to browse at clothes and search through rack after rack for a bargain is going to become a lot less appealing when you have to cart a crying infant in a pram with you!

11 Clothes Are Going To Get Dirty And Stained And Are Therefore Less Important

When your clothes are going to be washed multiple times, and possibly ripped, it makes sense to not spend a fortune on them, and to also not get too attached.

Before you were a mom, you could have thought about your favorite items of clothes as if they were your babies, but you really get a moment of clarity after being barfed on for the tenth time and realize that what you need in your wardrobe is items that are good quality basics.

10 Comfort Doesn’t Mean Boring, And They're Not Boring

A common thing people seem to forget is that comfort is not boring, and mom style is definitely not boring. Being comfortable and not wanting to try out the latest trends—most of which are so impractical that you would have only worn them a handful of times before the season is over—does not mean you’re not fashion-forward.

When you become a mom you still want to look good, but you also know what looks good on your body, and what’s best left on the racks. That’s the real difference, the new understanding of your body.

9 Their Wardrobe Staples Are Going To Stay The Same

If you had to create a capsule wardrobe, there are always going to be the same items that are timeless, classic, and undeniably chic. This is not going to change just because you become a mom, and if anything, you get to rely on these good quality staples more often; we are talking about the perfect little black dress that you know hugs your curves in all the right ways, the fitted blazer that adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit, and the t-shirt and jeans combinations that are easy to mix and match.

8 Moms Will Still Have That One Outfit That Is Their Go-To Look

Your style and outfit choices may change in some ways, but there are always going to be the wardrobe basics; your favorite outfit that you can always revert back to. This may be a pair of skinny jeans and a stylish button-down top, or a cotton maxi dress and cropped leather jacket, whatever the outfit you love is, it’s not going anywhere because it makes you feel comfortable, looks great, and is a reminder that not everything changes after you give birth.

7 Moms Will Still Want To Dress Up When They Go Somewhere Special

It’s no secret that women with children have less time to do things that they may have enjoyed before, as well as less time for themselves, but that doesn’t mean that the desire to dress up and look really good has flown out the window. Being able to take time for you, and to wear something that makes you feel beautiful and confident is incredibly important. No matter how exhausted you are, when you head out looking like a million dollars for some “me time” there is nothing that can replace that feeling.

6 There Are Going To Be Multiple Pieces They Already Own That They Can Modify

As women, our bodies are always changing, and yes, they do change after giving birth. However, that doesn’t mean you need to throw away every item in your wardrobe and find a new style entirely. What you'll find is there are many items that you already own which you can keep, and simply mix and match with new clothing and accessories. What I’m trying to say is this; there is no need to do a complete overhaul of your wardrobe!

5 Moms Understand The Importance Of Having A Statement Piece

A statement garment or accessory is a unique piece that can completely transform an otherwise basic outfit into something trendy and chic. For this reason they are a must-have for every wardrobe, and provide an opportunity to express yourself and your style. These could be pieces that could be anything from a bright and bold handbag, a fancy pair of earrings, or a patterned jacket or kimono, which adds a pop of life (and color) and an extra personal touch to your look.

4 Timeless Outerwear, Like A Leather Jacket, Still Has A Place In The Wardrobe

If you’re like me, then outerwear is an important element of every outfit — it’s also the first thing that people see in the colder months, and therefore the piece that makes the biggest fashion statement. More often than not, outerwear is not seasonal like so many other fashion items. A classic item like a trench coat or a leather jacket (which is also functional) is a timeless piece that will always have a place in your wardrobe, no matter your age or your lifestyle.

3 Moms Appreciate The Importance Of GREAT Underwear

Underwear really sets the mood, whether you’re spoiling yourself (and your spouse) with a pair of lacy intimates to make you feel feminine, or being practical by wearing a large pair of granny panties that keep everything in — every woman understands the importance of good underwear. This is one thing that doesn’t change after giving birth, but you may find that your choice of underwear will shift, especially your choice of bras because as Prevention notes, as a new mom you’ll be going through a lot of changes; from swelling to sagging.

2 T-Shirts Are Still Yours (And Every Woman’s) Favorite Garment

You don’t have to be a mother to appreciate the functionality of having a good t-shirt, but yes, this easy-to-wear garment does become even more applicable to the way of life when you have children. Now, when I say t-shirt, I don’t mean the oversized by two sizes kind, but the solid fitted tees that are perfect for layering, or wearing with a pair of skinny jeans and a blazer.

Plus, tees are usually very cheap and you don’t feel guilty when they get ruined, and it's fine to get rid of them once they have served their purpose.

1 When Moms See A Really Great Item, They Don’t Have To Wait To Buy It

Being a mother requires a large amount of selflessness, and there is always going to be another person’s needs that are put before your own. That said, it’s important to remember that despite cutting back on many of your previous vices, if you feel you need a really great top or a new pair of jeans, there is nothing wrong with buying it. You work hard, as a mother, and in the workplace, and there is nothing wrong with occasionally spoiling yourself.

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