10 Unnecessary Items Moms Buy For The Baby (And 10 Reasons She Can't Help It)

It’s tough for a new mom to leave a store without buying something slightly unnecessary for her little one. A new mama almost always has a continuous to-do list running at all times. This list can be mental or physical, but it’s a list nonetheless. Therefore, the moment a mom walks into a store, that to-do list immediately starts growing. It goes from being a list of necessities (such as diapers, teethers, wipes, formula, and baby food) to becoming one that also includes a few extra, less necessary items. She typically doesn’t mean or want her list to grow because that means her budget will grow as well.

However, when it comes to adorable onesies and perfectly plush toys – a new mama can’t resist. It’s natural for a mom to want to give her child everything they deserve and more. Parents want their children to feel loved, cared for, and comfortable in every way.

It’s also natural for Moms to go a little overboard when it comes to giving their children everything they deserve. Sometimes, they may give their little one too much – but really, is a little extra love “too much?”


Between budgeting finances and letting loose now and then, moms may feel conflicted when it comes to purchasing items for their baby that aren’t necessary. The thing that some anxious mamas forget is parenthood should be enjoyable.

Yes, there will be stress and yes, there will be tears. However, it is a time when memories are made and a lifelong relationship and love are created. Spending extra time with your little one and a few extra bucks (on occasion) is something that comes with being a Mom. Creating lasting memories is what motherhood is all about.

20 Unnecessary Hair Bows

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Some babies are born with hair and some are not. However, it seems that no matter the amount of hair a baby girl has, moms must try every type of bow out there on their little one.

There are many different hair bow companies, vendors, and businesses out there and, as a new mom, it can be tough pushing away that credit card when a discount or deal pops up on your social media. It can also be tough not giving in and trying out every color, size, and style available out there simply because, well, you have a baby.

19 “I Can’t Resist How Cute She Looks In Them!”


Hair bows. She definitely doesn’t need them or the amount we have, but I can’t resist how cute she looks in them,” says Ashley VanHusen, mom of one.

Between Olivia’s Bow Club, Modern Piggy Bows, and Crafty Bug Bows, there are many unique vendors out there for Moms to investigate when it comes to budget-friendly bows. Many different vendors also do collaborations with Moms as well as ambassador programs that give little ones a chance to try out their selection at a discounted price.

With opportunities like that available, it's no wonder new mamas can’t help themselves when it comes to dressing their little one up in a different color or style bow every day.

18 Unnecessary Props For Photos

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With social media being the powerhouse it is, new moms tend to take over timelines with nonstop photos of their little ones. Even though many people would much rather see adorable baby photos instead of political or negative posts, some people may think moms cross the line a bit when it comes to their posting habits.

A new mom crossing the line? Never! Yes, that’s sarcasm – and yes, I am a new mom who posts way, way too much.

Since cameras on smartphones take such high-quality pictures these days, many moms decide to take their own themed photographs. This means, of course, props must be purchased. Why not find a wagon or tin bucket for your little one to adorably lean on or a bowl of lemons with a makeshift lemonade stand? Michaels, Homegoods, and Amazon truly adore new moms for this specifically.

17 But Memories Are Priceless!


It may seem over-the-top to some, but for a new mama – it simply doesn’t matter. The photographs being taken are memories in the making. Before you know it, your little one may not want anything to do with a lemonade stand or wagon themed pictures.

Taking advantage of the precious moments when you still can is crucial. Overload your smartphone or camera or social media account with pictures filled with unnecessary props and themes.

Someday, your cuddly newborn may be a teenager who doesn’t want to be seen in the same room as you. If you’re someone who likes to fancy-up photographs – don’t let the thoughts of others stop you. Find those discounts and sales on items that could be used as photograph props as well as nice nursery or house décor.

16 Unnecessary Frilly Holiday Dresses

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For a mama of a girl, specifically, it can be hard not diving into a pile of pink, frilly, fluffy tutus and dresses.

Even if your little girl grows up to despise dresses and bows and fancy little shoes, it can be hard not buying all the most feminine baby items you can find.

[I can’t help but buy] Really frilly holiday dresses she only wears once and is starting to hate wearing them,” Amber Bowman, Mom of three, explains. “But I have a girl to dress up – so too bad!

For parents who had boys before finally getting that little girl, it can sometimes be impossible not getting lost in a pile of frills and glitter and tutus.

15 But Dressing Up The Little One Is Too Fun


The reality of motherhood is that babies grow up. They do not stay little forever, no matter how much a mom wants them too. This doesn’t mean those “grown-up babies” aren’t loved as much as when they were little.

It just means parents can’t get away with as much of the, well, over-the-top, unnecessary parenting things as they could when their baby was little. A good example of this is dressing your baby up in the cutest, craziest, most ridiculous outfits out there.

When you’re a new mama and you have a baby to care for and dress, you may have way too much fun with outfit choices. It’s natural to get excited about dressing your little one up in fun and cutesy outfits. It’s an excitement that’s ingrained in a mom and when you feel that genuine thrill, go with your gut and make the memories last.

14 Unnecessary Stuffed Animals


Stuffed animals and plush toys have been staples in the lives of babies and children for decades. Having a soft, textured toy for your little one to latch onto is a vision many parents never let go of.

Not only that, Creative Child states that “babies love to touch the surfaces of stuffed toys, feeling their bristly whispers, soft fur, and hard eyes.Stuffed animals provide children with a soothing, sensory-focused item to clutch to when frustrated or upset.

So is there such thing as too many stuffed animals? Well, depending on the parent, there might be. However, knowing the positives behind stuffed animals can help reassure parents when they think they’re going overboard with all those adorable toys.

13 “She’ll Hug Them So Hard Their Head Will Pop!”

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Stuffed animals cute and cuddly and babies are cute and cuddly. Therefore, the combination is perfect.

I like to get her stuffed animals because she’ll hug them so hard it looks like their heads will pop,” says Alyssa Kurtzworth, mama of one.

Parents often can’t help themselves when it comes to collecting toys for their little one – especially if their baby’s reaction is priceless. When you get a positive reaction from your baby, you want to keep that positivity going. If the stuffed animal is bringing them more joy than any other toy or treats you can find, why not keep that joy going?

Three days later, you just may end up with a pile of brand new stuffed animals – and one very happy baby.

12 Unnecessary Baby Outfits... On Sale

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Whether you’re a mama who works hard to budget or a mom who is financially in a rut, sales catch your eye almost instantly. Not only do the sales and clearance racks probably give you a ridiculous amount of excitement, they probably are the first place you go when you’re shopping for your little one (or yourself).

However, sometimes all those products you purchase from a sales or clearance racks add up. You may not realize it at the time (due to the excitement), but when you purchase a lot of sales products, your bill may even out to a handful of items from a regularly priced isle.

11 It’s Hard To Say No The Word “Sale”

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When moms are frugal about money, they make a beeline for those sales. Whether or not you meant to purchase items for your little one when arriving at the store, if there’s a sale, it’s hard to say no.

This goes for many other things in a mama’s life, but when it comes to making their little one smile, it’s hard to avoid the word when it catches your eye. Even if it seems like all those onesies and shoes and books are adding up, you could have probably purchased half of what you got if you had avoided the clearance or sales section.

In the end, you are saving – and that’s what matters.

10 Unnecessary Baby Sunglasses

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When a new mom sees those bug-eyed baby sunglasses at the store, she probably has a tough time not buying them. She will probably picture how adorable her little one will look wearing them, even if they slide off their face most of the time.

Moms may also buy a few pairs in different colors and styles for different occasions and outfits. In truth, buying seven pairs of infant sunglasses that probably will fall off your baby’s face or be pulled off immediately is a bit unnecessary.

“Sunglasses – where do they even go? A Black hole?” says Mom of two, Renee Saraceni. However, that thought often doesn’t cross a new mama’s mind when she sees the shelf of “Buy One, Get One Half Off” sunglasses at the store. All she pictures is her little one wearing each and every pair – even if they will probably get lost or break within hours.

9 They Keep The Baby Adorably Safe

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The American Academy of Pediatrics says, “UV damage is cumulative over a lifetime. Sunglasses may help to reduce UV-related eye diseases later in life.”

This little tidbit of information is important for adults as well as little ones. Even when sunglasses seem like they’re an unnecessary purchase for an infant or baby, those bug-eyed lenses could be incredibly helpful in the long run.

AAP also pushes parents to “beware of excessive blinking or unexplained crankiness [in their child]. Remember infants under six months should be kept out of direct sunlight. You want sunglasses that clock or offer 99% and higher of UV-A and UV-B radiation, fit snuggly, cover the entire area between the eyebrows and middle of cheeks.”

And, of course, look oh-so-cute on your little one.

8 Unnecessary Balloons

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Some moms may see balloons and grumble under their breath the moment their little one also sees those balloons. Other moms may purposely get their baby balloons because, well, they’re balloons.

They’re exciting, different, and a new “toy” for their little one to stay busy with. Balloons have been celebratory items that represent joy for longer than anyone can remember.

Therefore, many parents may go a little bit overboard when it comes to buying them and decorating with them. For children who are sensory-focused, balloons can also be soothing, calming objects for them to play with. Whether or not your little one enjoys balloons because they are fun to play with or for sensory purposes, if a parent sees their child happy, they may have a hard time not spoiling them.

7 But The Reaction Never Gets Old

Via: Confetti balloons Ireland

I surprise my two-year-old every few weeks with about four to five helium balloons,” says mom of two, Ally Kogut-Lands. “He’ll come down the stairs from naptime and when he sees them, he throws his hands in the air. He then tries to share them with his baby brother and our dog, Cale.

Parents, like Ally, may not just find balloons to be a unique surprise for their little one, but also a fun tradition to build upon. Seeing your child’s reaction when they are surprised with something they love is priceless.

Making memories rooted from little traditions as innocent as “surprise balloons” is what parenthood is all about – embracing those little, unexpected moments.

6 Unnecessary Matching Outfits With Mom And Dad

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“Mommy and Me” outfits are often one of those silly things moms look forward to when starting their adventure into parenthood. Picking out outfits that match their little one is an experience that automatically pulls at those heartstrings.

It’s a memory many women talk about and picture even before babies are in the picture.

Cabbie hats and bow ties. I can’t get over how adorably dapper he is when he’s wearing these,” says Alicia Horspool regarding her son’s style. “My husband likes to wear cabbie hats and bow ties and I love seeing them match.”

Many moms may even enjoy when “Mommy And Me” style turns into “Daddy and Baby” style. Why? Because that tiny personal connection is just so darn precious.

5 It's all about The Personal Connection


When a new mom and her baby dress similar or she puts together an outfit that brings forward emotions, it’s important. You wouldn’t expect matching outfits to provide a bonding, heartfelt experience, but more times than not – it does.

Having that connection is not just fun, but personal. The pictures attached to those moments are memories a mom never forgets. Sooner or later, that little one won’t want to match their mom. They will probably want nothing to do with matching outfits or pictures or mom in general. The truth is sad, but it’s the truth nonetheless.

Therefore, take advantage of all the unnecessary (but necessary) matching moments you can.

4 Unnecessary Birthday Party Details


Parents often have mixed feelings when it comes to birthdays. Some parents want to go all-out and put on an extravagant party while others keep it small and low-key.

Well, if you’re a parent who believes in celebrating the life of your little one every year, you probably go all-out.

Not just cake and ice cream, but a party theme they choose – and I Pinterest the heck out of it,” says mom of two, Michele Graham. “They still talk about them, even want repeat themes.

For parents who enjoy putting parties together, they make it a memory their little one, or ones, will never forget. For some, the details may seem unnecessary. For others, the memories are worth it.

3 “I Love Their Face When It All Comes Together”

Karas Party Ideas

“I love the planning process and their faces when it all comes together,” says Mom, Michele Graham, of her party-planning experience. “There will be a time they won’t want it, so I’ll do it as long as they’ll let me.”

That mindset is what makes those “unnecessary” details necessary in the end. The expressions, comments, and reactions on your child’s face after a time-consuming, energy-draining party has finished are what makes it worth it.

Whether you purchase a few extra balloons or order hundreds of pricy, themed details, a mom does it all for the reaction on their little one’s face. In the end, that’s truly what matters and what makes all the work worth it.

2 Unnecessary Shoes

Charlotte Observer

Babies don’t need shoes because, well, they can’t walk. Therefore, shoes are simply decorative additions to a baby’s outfit. However, many parents look around this little detail and go berserk when it comes to buying their new baby shoes.

They want to search out every sale for little moccasins or converse sneakers or sandals to highlight those teeny, tiny toes. The saddest part is that most of the shoes new moms will purchase fall off their little one’s feet before anyone can even see them because they’re often too big.

Why, you may ask? Because shoes aren’t meant to really fit feet that small.

1 Teeny, Tiny Shoes Are Just The Cutest


No matter how unnecessary shoes are for newborns and infants, Moms will buy them for one reason and one reason only: They look cute.

It doesn’t matter if they fall off almost instantly or barely tie or buckle. If a mom can get those unnecessary, yet necessary shoes on their little one long enough for a picture or a concrete memory to be engrained – they’ll do it.

Also, many moms have a connection to certain brands. Whether it be Converse and Nike or Robeez and Jordans – if you prefer a certain brand, you’ll probably want to get your little one in on the action. This may mean searching out the best sales or putting too many of a certain kind on your registry.

No matter the circumstance, baby shoes can bring a smile to any new mama’s face – even when they fall off...all the time.

References: Statements from “real-life” moms who gave consent to use direct quotes (via Momhood Mayhem on Facebook and jenniferalinewrites on Instagram), Creative Child, American Academy of Pediatrics.

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