10 Times Moms Shouldn't Feel Guilty For Pulling Their Kids Out Of School (10 Times They Should)

A lot of moms and dads would agree that planning out the perfect (yet affordable) family vacation isn’t always easy. What’s more, there’s always a family function or wedding that tends to be scheduled during a busy month at school, the grandparents visiting in between holidays, and of course, once in a lifetime opportunities (that are usually sports or extracurricular activity related) that happen during a child’s school schedule. As much as many moms and dads try to emphasize the importance of school and a solid education (along with good attendance), it seems like the school schedule always gets in the way.

So, what is a parent to do? Should they pull out their children from school for a few days to spend time with the grandparents or go to a wedding? Or forgo any of these life events because their classroom work is more important? Of course, this has been an issue for parents for many years now. That’s why we’ve got 10 reasons why moms shouldn’t feel guilty about pulling their kids out of school and 10 times they should. Now, everyone might not agree with the list, but check it out below and let us know what you think!

Let's start with the 10 times it's totally okay for a mom to pull her kids out of school...

20 A Family Vacation

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A lot of people would agree that parents should not feel guilty pulling their kids out of school for a family vacation. After all, traveling during the low or off-season can help save you tons of money, especially if you are traveling out of state or out of the country. It’s without a doubt that kids will definitely learn more while immersing themselves in a different culture than in a classroom on most occasions. Plus, there’s nothing more important in this world than family bonding time, and for many, that happens the most when they are on holiday together.

19 Grandparents Visiting In Town

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Speaking of bonding, it’s very important for children to maintain good relationships with their grandparents, especially if they are still alive. And if they are, they should consider themselves to be very lucky. Many grandparents love being a part of their grandchildren’s lives, and if they happen to be visiting from out of town, parents shouldn’t feel guilty about pulling their kids out of school. After all, there’s only so much time that can be spent between grandparents and their grandchildren. Your best bet is to make the most of it while you can. Trust us that you won’t regret this later on.

18 Weather Delays


It shouldn’t matter if it’s a big snow storm, a hurricane or a tsunami or even a dustbowl: if the weatherman says to stay home, then stay home. There’s really no need to take any chances, especially if your child’s safety might be in jeopardy. Also, the great thing about the school system these days is that – gasp – your child can do all of his or her homework and makeup classwork at home, and online. Don’t you just love technology? They can stay at home without missing a beat, although we are sure they would prefer other options if you catch our drift.

17 Weddings and Anniversaries

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For a lot of people and families, many weddings and anniversaries only happen once in a lifetime (at least they should only happen once in a lifetime, but as we all know, that’s not always the case). But if there’s a close family member that is celebrating his or her wedding and they live out of town, by all means, take the kids out of school and join them on the most important day of their lives. Young kids should be able to experience all of these celebrations, even if they don’t happen to fall during their school or summer breaks.

16 A Sporting Event

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Now, this one might be a little more controversial for some parents, as it’s perhaps not as important as a vacation, wedding, anniversary or having grandparents from out of town to visit. But if your hometown sports team (whether it’s professional basketball, baseball, or football) just so happen to be in the finals, and it’s on a school night, don’t feel bad about letting them skip their classes. After all, this doesn’t happen very often and kids should be able to experience such an exciting time for the entire community. Trust us, they will love you for it even more!

15 Mom Or Dad’s Work Trip

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Now, keep in mind that this isn’t the same as a family vacation. More often than not, many parents have to travel out of town for work-related meetings, conventions and so on. And unfortunately, you can’t always rely on a babysitter or trusted family member to be there when you need them the most. With that being said, parents should not feel guilty about taking their kids with them on work trips, especially if they have no other choice in the matter. Your family is important, but someone’s got to put bread on the dinner table too, right? It’s called compromise.

14 Sicknesses

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By all means, no parent should ever feel guilty about pulling their kids out of school, especially if they are sick or feeling under the weather. The last thing any responsible mom or dad should do is spread unwanted germs, coughs, and colds in the classrooms. If your child is showing any sign of sickness-related symptoms, keep them at home, even if it’s just a low-grade fever. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Plus, children need to stay at home and rest before they can fully recover and be back at school. Trust us, that your child’s teacher will feel very thankful.

13 Emotional Time Off

Believe it or not, there are a lot of children out there that could definitely benefit from “emotional time off.” In other words, they should be able to take time off from school if they aren’t feeling up to it, sad, upset, or if they can’t take their mind off of a personal matter. Many children won’t be able to focus on their studies and classwork if they are thinking about their personal troubles, right? It’s the same with adults. You shouldn’t feel guilty if your child needs or even request emotional time off, especially if it’s for a legitimate reason.

12 Extra Time To Study (For Older Kids)

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Let’s face it: sometimes we would rather just sleep an extra few hours than hit the books before a big test or exam the next day at school. And if your child needs that extra shut-eye then, as a parent, who can really say no to that, right? That’s why if your child needs a little extra time to study for an important school exam, then, by all means, let them take the day off or simply go to school late. Plenty of parents do it, as not every child studies at the same pace. Their health and rest are sometimes more important than the final grade.

11 Volunteering Opportunities

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Now, this doesn’t happen very often, but if there’s an opportunity to volunteer with a great organization for a good cause then, as a parent, you shouldn’t have any reservations about letting them take a day off from school (unless this happens all too often, of course). Because if there is anything more important than their education, it’s learning how to give back to their community. As many teachers have said in the past, it’s important to think globally, but act locally. Putting in volunteer hours at a special engagement is a great way for kids to build their skills and shape their character for the future.

And here are the 10 times it's not okay for a mom to let her kid skip class...

10 Visiting A Theme Park (When It’s Less Crowded)

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Now, a lot of school administrators, teachers, and anyone else who truly cares about school attendance would tell you, this isn’t very recommended. But if you are very eager in visiting a theme park during the school year, why not take them out of school during the low season when the parks are less crowded, right? Because let’s face it: the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney is never fun in the summertime, especially when you’ve got hundreds of people elbowing you in the line to It’s A Small World. If you must do a theme park during the school year, do it just once.

9 The Kids Are Grumpy In The Morning

Sorry, but there’s no reason to miss school if your child is feeling particularly grumpy during the morning. Because, yes, a good number of adults feel the same way every time they wake up for another day in Corporate America, but no one is calling in excessively sick because of it (although we are sure that they would love to). Your child is going to have to learn how to go to sleep earlier or simply suck it in and do what millions of kids do every morning and that's going to school, my friends. The Monday blues happen to even the best of us.

8 The ‘I’m Bored At School’ Excuse

Just because your child is complaining that he or she is bored at school, this isn’t another excuse to pull them out. Nine out of ten times we can guarantee you that your precious sweet angel is not a child prodigy (despite what you keep telling yourself), but instead, just needs to be better motivated to do their school work. Or better yet, you might want to talk to his or her teacher about challenging your child at school. There’s a good chance that your star student might just be learning at a different pace than his or her peers.

7 Missing More Than 10 Days A Semester

There’s a good number of reasons why your child would probably miss school throughout the school year and as we’ve mentioned above, it could be for a family vacation, a wedding, or a close relative in town. But if your child is missing more than 10 days a semester, then it’s time you start putting school as a priority in his or her life. If this was their job, they would have gotten pink-slipped a long time ago for calling it in way too many times. School is their job and they need to be there every day, on the dot and on the calendar schedule, whether they prefer to or not.

6 Sleeping In Too Often


This might apply more to older kids than younger ones, but if you have a tween, pre-teen or a teen that sleeps in too often and misses his or her alarm clock, then you might have a problem on your hands. Either your child is seriously sleep deprived, or making some sort of excuse not to go to school in the morning. As a parent, the one thing you should do is make sure that your child is getting enough sleep each and every school night. That means up to 10 hours for children, 8-12 and a minimum of ten hours for children 13 and older.

5 Afternoon Date With The Kids (Like The Movies)

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Sorry folks, but if you are looking to have a “day date” with one of your kids while he or she is supposed to be at school, you are committing truancy. Skipping school to do something that can easily be done after school hours or on the weekends shouldn’t be an option. If you do this too often, don’t be surprised if your child ends up skipping school on his or her own during their high school years. Not only will this get them in trouble, but you’ll feel guilty for teaching them this little school crime, too. Don’t do it.

4 Not Being Prepared For School

If your child lacks the basic necessities for school and is constantly unprepared for the day ahead, this shouldn’t be an excuse not to go. As a matter of fact, the earlier you teach your child to be responsible for their belongings, the better off everyone will be. And by this, we mean making sure that they have all of their paperwork in order, signatures in place, and whatever important supplies needed to do their best at school. As a parent, it’s your job to supply them with their basic needs, but as a student, it’s their job to make sure they take care of it.

3 Failing Grades


Here’s a huge one: if you have a child who isn’t doing too well at school, then, by all means, do not take them out of class. If they are missing too many school lectures, classwork, or projects, and their grades are slipping as a result, then don’t pull them out. School is important and every parent should emphasize this to their children. Now, this doesn’t mean that your child needs to get straight A’s throughout the school year, but if you see that their grades are slipping and you are concerned, definitely talk to their teacher. It’s important that they learn their material.

2 The Never-Ending Tummy Ache

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If your child always complains of a never-ending tummy ache (and this might even be a weekly occurrence), then he or she is telling you that they don’t want to go to school. This might be more of an emotional problem than a physical one, and it’s something that you might want to talk to your child about. Because if they are making physical excuses not to go to school (especially when you can use your motherly intuition to sense that there is a deeper issue here), then check with your child’s teacher to see if your child is acting this same way in class, too.

1 Your Child Has No Interest In School

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Last but not least, if your child simply shows no interest in going school (and doesn’t give you constant tummy ache, bored excuses, or sleeps in too often), then there might be another issue here. The best thing you can do is talk to a guidance counselor or the school’s staff and administration to see if there’s something you can do to help encourage your child to get excited about going to school each and every morning. Sure, that in itself sounds difficult, but it’s not impossible. Every child should be treated on an individual basis, especially when it comes to their method of learning.

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