10 Times Mom Should Follow Her Instincts And 10 Times She Should Ask For Advice

Listening to your gut is a really cool thing, but not everyone does it. The fact that some of us don't really trust our gut instincts or aren't sure when they're right makes a lot of sense. After all, we see so much information everywhere these days, and our friends and family members all have a lot of different opinions as well.

This is especially true when it comes to parenting. Sometimes advice is the perfect thing to hear and we can't imagine not asking people who we trust for some help in some tough or tricky situations. Other moments, there is such a thing as too much advice, and we're more baffled and stressed out than we ever were before. It's like that old saying about "too many cooks in the kitchen." We know that people mean well, but maybe we should have followed our gut and never asked anyone a single thing. Our guts tell us stories and predict future outcomes, and it's important to listen for sure.

There are times when a mom is totally right to follow her instincts and other times when asking for advice could be super helpful. Read on to find out these times.

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20 Follow Her Instinct: When She Wants Her Children To Eat Healthier

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Some children eat vegetables, no problem, and would even rather eat them than chocolate or ice cream (okay, maybe no kid is quite that health-conscious, but you get the point).

It can be tough to get your kids to eat better and healthier, but it's definitely a goal that is worth pursuing. When this is something that you want to work on, it's a time when you should follow your instincts as a mom. Even if a friend or your sister tells you that it's okay for kids to eat treats all the time, you can respectfully disagree, and do what feels right for you.

19 Follow Her Instinct: When She Wants To Talk To The School Principal


Unfortunately, some kids get bullied. It's not something that moms want to think about. When you're pregnant with your first child, you hope that this will never be relevant and that you'll never have to deal with it. You should know that it isn't impossible you could have one kid who is bullied at one point or another.

This is another time when your mom instincts will help you out more than anything else. If you want to talk to the other child's mom, you should do that. If you also want to talk to the school principal or some of the teachers, you should do that, too. This is when you will do anything to help and protect your child.

18 Ask For Advice: When Her Toddler Is Having Lots Of Tantrums


If a mom's toddler is having a lot of tantrums and it's really out of the ordinary, a mom should absolutely ask for advice.

There are a lot of ways that a mom can stop tantrums or figure out how to lessen their impact. No mom would hate getting this kind of advice.

The main reason that a mom might not want to ask for advice here is that she might be embarrassed or wonder if the tantrums don't make her a good mother. But she's absolutely a good mother. These things do happen and it's all okay. It's better to find some solutions instead of wondering why it's happening and hoping it will just go away.

17 Follow Her Instinct: When She Wants Screen Time To Be Almost Non-Existent

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It's fascinating how different our relationship is with screens throughout the stages of our lives. When we're kids, we want to watch as much TV as possible (or as much as we can get away with). The same thing is true when we become teenagers and also into our young adulthood. Before we have kids, our relationship involves a lot of binge-watching on a weeknight or weekend evening, and it's great.

Once we have kids, we have to deal with something that all parents do: screen time. When we want to lessen our kids' screen time, that's really all that we have to say. We definitely have a right to do what feels right here, and we don't need to get advice.

16 Ask For Advice: When She's Debating Public Or Private School (Or An Alternative Option)


Your child's education is a super important thing. There are so many options, from private school to public school to academic institutions that reflect your family's religious background. You can also send your kid to an alternative school such as one that focuses on the arts, and you can even homeschool them.

What's a mom to do?! For one thing, you can ask people that you know for advice when it comes to where to send your kids to school. There's absolutely nothing wrong with getting some opinions from your family and friends or other moms that you know. If you're really not sure what is the best option, hearing some different opinions could help.

15 Ask For Advice: When Her Schedule Is Piling Up And She Gets Stressed

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Laundry. Meal prep. Cooking. Breakfast coordination, getting the kids dressed, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the rest of the house. Working. Playing. Cuddling. Sleeping (wait, what's that?!).

When your schedule starts piling up and you're more than a little bit stressed, you might not want to mention it to anyone because you figure that everyone is the perfect mom and everyone has everything under control. That's totally not the case, though, and it's good to chat with other moms about what you're feeling and going through. You can help each other and will feel so much better about the conversation.

14 Follow Her Instinct: When She Wants To Quit Her Job And Be A SAHM


If a mom is wondering if she should leave her job behind and become a SAHM, that's a really important decision. It's also something that she should follow her instincts about.

Sure, you can get all kinds of advice on this subject. And the thing is that you will hear so many different things from different people. While one person will say that staying home is the only possible way to raise children, the next will say "OMG I couldn't possibly do that, I have to work." There's no right or wrong answer here. It's best to go by your gut instincts.

13 Ask For Advice: When Her Well-Behaved Kid Is Acting Differently


There are a lot of tips and advice in a Reddit thread about moms and dads who have normally super well-behaved kids who are all of a sudden acting super differently. One parent smartly wrote,

"Model the behavior you want to see. You can’t expect a kid to be less aggressive and angry if you are always yelling at them. Similarly, you can’t expect them to be polite if you aren’t polite to your spouse and others."

Whether you want to ask a friend, family member, or go on Reddit, you definitely need some advice when you're in this situation.

12 Ask For Advice: When She's Wondering What Parenting Style Is Right For Her Family


Helicopter parenting, attachment parenting, following the way that your own mom brought you and your siblings up: there are so many ways to parent.

It can feel like you don't have any idea how you should be a parent, besides the fact that you know that you should give your kid lots of love and opportunities and be there for them always.

When it comes to what style of parenting you should follow, while a mom definitely has her instincts, you can also ask for advice. Why not hear some different perspectives and what various people in your life are doing? It will only help you come to your own conclusion.

11 Follow Her Instinct: When She Wants To Work On Her Marriage


Having a baby can bring a couple closer together. It can also be a strain on a marriage since date nights, time alone, and everything that the couple ever knew pre-baby is now so different.

If your gut is telling you that you want to spend more time with your husband and that you want to work on your marriage, you don't need to get any advice. You can go with your gut and tell your husband that this is what you feel you guys should be doing. Of course, getting some advice wouldn't hurt since you would feel comforted that other couples have gone through this. But it's okay to go with your instincts here and know that this is the right thing for you and your marriage.

10 Follow Her Instinct: When Her Kid Is Unhappy And Wants To Quit An Activity


Some kids love art and some love sports. Some love both and some don't really enjoy either. One of your kids could adore baseball and want to play 24/7... and their younger sibling couldn't care less about it.

People often talk about picking your battles when it comes to parenthood, and this is one time when you have to do that. When one of your kids wants to quit an activity or sport that you hoped they would stick with, it's best to go with your instincts.

If you see how miserable they are, you definitely don't want them to keep feeling that way, so no matter what anyone thinks or says, you agree to let them quit.

They know best, after all, and they're following their own gut instincts (which is awesome).

9 Ask For Advice: When She Works Full-Time And Wants To Spend More Time With Her Little Ones


No matter what kind of mom you are -- a SAHM, a working mom, or however else you would like to define yourself -- you know that it's hard. It's one of those rare things in life that is hard but also the best thing ever. Every mom knows this complex feeling.

When you're working and would like to figure out how to spend more time with your kids, which is something that every mother can relate to, there's no reason not to get some advice from the moms in your life. They can help you find more time in the day (because no one can do that like a mom).

8 Follow Her Instinct: When Her Baby Is Sick And She Wants To Go To The Doctor


It's tricky to try to get advice when your baby is sick. You could hear so many pieces of information and they could all seriously conflict with one another. The same thing is true if you ask relatives or friends. People think such different things and there are so many opinions out there.

When your little one is sick and your instincts are shouting at you to take them to the doctor, you should do that.

It's okay not to ask anyone for advice. And it's okay to do what feels like the best thing for your family. That's your job as a mom, after all.

7 Ask For Advice: When Her Baby Isn't Sleeping


Any mom knows that when a baby is having trouble sleeping, it's the worst thing ever. It's also a time when a mom can ask for advice, whether she inquires with her family doctor, asks mom friends what they have done, or goes to her own mom for some kind and helpful words.

Again, a mom definitely isn't a failure if she's experiencing this with her baby, and so you don't have to feel that way at all.

You would rather find out why this is happening and fix it, right? The only way to do that is to ask for advice.

6 Ask For Advice: When She Isn't Sleeping, Either

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Moms can't exactly sleep if their baby isn't sleeping. Were truer words ever spoken?!

When you're going through this, you really need to ask for advice. Going to your doctor is a good idea since they will for sure have some tips and ideas for how to get your baby to sleep. You can also ask any mom that you know because they have absolutely gone through this. And even if you just Google (but be careful where you're looking), you can find some good ideas. No mom should go through this alone because you're already exhausted enough, right?

5 Follow Her Instinct: When She's Ready To Have A Baby


Are you ready to have a bun in the oven and welcome a bundle of joy?

If you're nodding your head, then that's literally all the information that you need to have.

Having your first child is totally a "go with your gut" kind of moment. While people can advise you to make sure that your relationship is strong and that your finances are okay and that a lot of other things are organized, you really have to go by instinct here. It's such a big decision and you and your partner have to know within your hearts that it's the right one.

4 Follow Her Instinct: When She's Ready To Have A Second Or Third Child


Just like no one can tell a mom when it's the right time to have her first kid, no one can tell her when she's ready to have her second or third child.

This is another time when a mom has to follow her instincts instead of asking for advice. Honestly, getting advice could just be super confusing and not helpful at all, and then you'll wish that you hadn't even asked people for their opinions.

If you want to add another bundle of joy to your family, it's your decision and yours alone. Well, your partner's too, of course. But that's it.

3 Ask For Advice: When She Wants Her Kids To Play Together And Get Along Better


It's a mom's dream: her children all play nicely, get along, love each other, and would rather hang out together than with anyone else. They're always smiling, always laughing, they share toys, they rarely fight, and they encourage each other to be their best selves.

Well... that's a dream all right, but it's not always the case. If you wish that your kids would get along better and want them to play as a sibling team more often, there's no reason not to ask for advice. If you know any moms of more than one child, they have probably gone through this before and can help you out a lot.

2 Follow Her Instinct: When She Needs More Help Around The House


How many moms feel that they have everything under control? That would be no one. When a mom wants more help around the house, she should follow her instincts and make that decision.

If you have dealt with this situation before, then maybe you were worried that other moms would judge you or wonder why you couldn't handle all of the cooking and cleaning yourself.

But, of course, all moms understand that momming is tough and that everyone needs some assistance. If you want to hire someone or get some family help, there's nothing wrong with that, and your gut is telling you what to do.

1 Ask For Advice: When She Wants Confirmation That She's Doing A Good Job


You do your best every single day and know that you're a great mom... or at least that's what you hope.

You must be a good mom, right? But what if you aren't? What if you could be doing more? What if your kids wished that you acted differently or did more?

Every mom has these thoughts, and it's super common to wonder if you're a good mom. This is another time when you should definitely ask for advice. Whoever you ask will absolutely give you a hug (or send you a cute emoji if you're texting) and say that you're doing an amazing job. And you absolutely are.

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