10 Times Mama Wanted To Throw In The Towel (And 10 Proud Mama Moments)

Moms aren’t perfect. There are times when that little bundle of joy (joy being a strong word, at times) hits a last nerve and Mama wants to explode. She may want to crawl under her covers, close her eyes, and not wake up until the next day. She may want to scream, throw things across the room, and run out the door. At the same time, motherhood is both tricky and rewarding.

Mamas will have moments when they just need a break from “momming,” but they will also have moments of extraordinary pride. Even though these thoughts may pass through a mom’s mind on occasion, she will look at her child and magically compose herself. It isn’t always easy, and sometimes takes time, but it happens.

Why? Because no matter how frustrated a mama becomes, she always will look at her little one and be proud.

It’s natural to get stressed with the chaos of motherhood. Motherhood is both tricky and rewarding. Children go through many different transitions and phases and some will be a little tougher than others, pulling harder on those nerves. On the other side of things, Mamas will find moments along the way they are extremely proud of. There will be experiences that make Moms feel like superheroes.

And every mama knows those proud moments need to be cherished - especially after Mama wants to throw in the towel because of this or that.

20 Towel-Throwing Moment: Not Listening (After Lots And Lots Of Repetition)

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Doing the exact thing I just asked them not to 30 seconds earlier. And when I ask, ‘Why did you do that when I just asked you not to?’ it’s the same response every time – ‘I don’t know!’” Cari Roraback, mom of two, understands the frustration that comes with the “special listening skills” children can have.

When a child is not listening and Mom has repeated herself what seems to be a bazillion times, her breaking point may not be far away.

Moms have a lot of patience and will-power. However, sometimes it gets to a point where she just can’t repeat herself or reword something any more times. Even though many say that repetition is simply part of parenthood, it isn’t always easy to handle when Mama is tired.

19 Towel-Throwing Moment: “Mom. Mom. Mommy. Moooom. Mom!”


Most of the time, parents love hearing their little one babble and giggle and make noises. However, on days when Mom has just had enough, the cute baby noises become a teeny, tiny bit irritating. Mom may have a headache or maybe she didn’t get enough sleep.

Therefore, the continuous “Mooooom” sound may be like nails on a chalkboard.“One word that gets louder as my child stands still… ‘Mom. Mom. Mommy. Moooom. Mom! Moooom,’” explains mom of two, Erin Israel Paris. Remember the excitement from when your little one could finally say “Mom?” Well, that excitement dissipates when it becomes whiny repetition.

18 Towel-Throwing Moment: Throwing Food And Bottles Off The High Chair

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It’s exciting when your babies begin feeding themselves and experimenting with different foods. It can be fun watching them feel different textures and have unique likes and dislikes. However, they also start to experiment with different sounds and reactions – such as the sound of a bottle hitting the ground and the parent’s reaction.

The first time this happens, Mom will typically just pick up the bottle or sippy cup and give it back to her baby. However, by the third or fourth time, Mama may be ready to chuck the bottle through the window. Finding a creative way to connect the bottle or bowl to the highchair may be necessary if this is something that makes you want to just “throw in the towel” (or throw the bottle).

17 Towel-Throwing Moment: “Doing Exactly The Thing I Told Him Not To.”

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Stephanie Newman, mom of two, understands the frustration that comes with a little one (or ones) simply going against your direction. “Stare me straight in the face and do exactly the thing I told him not to,” she says regarding something that makes her want to just explode in frustration.

And no one likes being a frustrated mama on the verge of explosion.

Parenthood comes with many “expected” stressors. This is sometimes seen as one of those “expected” stressors, but it doesn’t make handling it any easier. It’s irritating when someone doesn’t listen – especially when it is someone you love with all your heart.

16 Towel-Throwing Moment: Fussiness When Doing The Dishes


Renee Saraceni wants to “throw in the towel” when the following happens with her youngest: “She won’t let me wash the dishes. Every single time.

This can drive a busy, working mom berserk – especially when her to-do list is already off the notepad.

Moms wear many, many hats and must learn to be professional multitaskers. Therefore, when it comes to getting the housework done and your baby won’t let you clean a single dish without fussiness – it can make a mama nuts. Multitasking can be made easier when your little one is in a carrier or wrap. However, once your baby starts becoming more active and mobile, they won’t want to watch you do the dishes for all that long.

15 Towel-Throwing Moment: The Chaos When Mom Walks Away


Even though Moms love spending time with their little one, they must get other things done as well. Moms must work and clean and shower and socialize and rest – all things that mean not constantly showing her baby attention.

Sometimes, when that little one isn’t getting the attention they want, their reaction can put a mama on edge. Even though Moms build up their patience over time, it doesn’t always mean it stays that strong forever.

I have something that needs my focus for just a few minutes and then, suddenly, shrieking,” explains mom of one, Kira Literalee. “I am really bad about losing my patience when I am distracted while I am trying to concentrate.”

14 Towel-Throwing Moment: “Asking Me For Something When Daddy Is Right There.”

A lot comes with being a mom. On top of work, housework, appointments, and trying to fit in the occasional night out, you must take care of yourself while also caring for your little ones. Even though every family dynamic is different, moms are usually the primary caretaker (or one of the primary caretakers).

So, when Mom wants a few minutes to herself and her child is constantly going to her for every answer, it can make a calm mom, a crazy one.

Asking me for something when Daddy is sitting right there,” Michele Graham, mom of two, says about her Towel-Throwing moment.

Moms need breaks – and, yes, so do Dads. However, when Mom’s break gets interrupted by a question that could have been answered by her partner, she may have a breakdown rather than a break.

13 Towel-Throwing Moment: Nonstop Whining

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Baby noises are the cutest. The giggles, the belly laughs – they all make a mama’s heart melt. However, not every baby noise stays cute forever.

Once a baby starts discovering their voice and learns how to grab Mom’s attention with it, the sound can be deafening.

This sound is also known as whining. When your little one figures out how to whine, your patience may grow very thin. Even the most strong-willed, unfazed mama can find whining to be a devilish sound. When you don’t prep the bottle or feed them as quickly as they’d hoped – whining may happen. When they’re overtired and just don’t know what other sounds to make – whining ensues. It sometimes becomes a noise that rings repetitively in your ear non-stop.

No wonder Moms get so many headaches.

12 Towel-Throwing Moment: “Anything That Requires Anything Is The End Of The World.”


The toddler. Waking up, eating, getting dressed, getting in the car… anything that requires anything is the end of the world,” explains mama, Renee Saraceni.

Oh, toddlers. They are spunky, opinionated, and dramatic. However, they can turn into quite the little monsters when they don’t get what they want or get it how they wanted it.

They can be the most lovable species of monster out there, but that doesn’t mean Mom will stay sane every second of every day. The personality radiating off a toddler can go from sweet to sour in an instant. Sometimes that switch can make a mama absolutely insane.

11 Towel-Throwing Moment: Nighttime Wake-Up Calls

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Once a new baby is brought into the picture, parents may convince themselves that sleep will never be the same again. Even though that is true for many, many parents, there are the occasional babies who do sleep well through the night from the start. They even go down for scheduled naps without the high-pitched, continuous cries.

Most moms are jealous of those “phantom and fictional” babies.

Not sleeping through the night still at eight months,” says Chelsea Marie, mom of one, regarding her “towel thrower.” Even though it is expected that most babies will give new parents wake-up calls, it still doesn’t mean those calls get much easier. Sometimes those nighttime cries cause parents to cry just as much as their baby does.

10 Proud Mama Moment: Sticking To Schedule

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While some mamas are proud of their ability to be spontaneous and spur-of-the-moment, other moms are proud of their ability to stick to a routine.

Heidi Jerlyn Gilbert, mama of toddler twins and a newborn, believes it is critical to have a “consistent bedtime/naptime schedule.” She is proud she has been able to stick to a routine that works well for her twins, her newborn, and herself. It takes patience and preparation, but in the end – it is worth it.

Mom of two, Kristeena Titus, also believes in the importance of routine, “We’ve kept a consistent schedule and nap/bedtime routine. It’s tough sometimes and we continue to make sacrifices in order to ensure the girls stick to their schedule, but we love it. We’re happy that we’ve been able to provide them with that kind of stability.

9 Proud Mama Moment: “I’ve Kept Name-Brand Things At Bay.”

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“So far, I’ve kept name-brand things at bay,” says mom of two, Michele Graham. “Clothes, shoes, etc. It’s tough getting them to understand need and want – they already have more than most.”

When you’re a new mom, you want to give your little one everything. You want your baby to have the best clothes, best food, best adventures, and best toys. However, sometimes that comes with a hefty price-tag. If you’re a budget-conscious mama who wants your little one to grow up humble, swaying away from name-brand products may be something to focus on.

8 Proud Mama Moment: Co-Sleeping (Despite What Others Say)


Co-sleeping is a topic many parents don’t like discussing due to the opinions of others. While some specialists say it isn’t safe, another specialist will say it is okay. It’s a tough discussion to have, but if you are someone who has co-slept with your little one since the start and found it to be a bonding experience, you may dismiss the thoughts of other mamas and professionals.

I love having her close to me at night and being able to easily check on her every hour because I’m that Mom,” says mom of one, Ashley VanHusen. Mom, Amy Stanton, is also proud that she has stayed true to herself when it comes to co-sleeping. “Even though many people said, ‘don’t do it,’ my boys love that connection.

7 Proud Mama Moment: “Always Explaining.”

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The word “no” often brings forward uneasy emotions. While some parents believe the use of the word should be avoided, other parents believe the word should be used when necessary as well as followed by an explanation.

Sometimes that explanation can give a child a better understanding of the reasoning behind their behaviors.

Always explaining the reason behind the answer, ‘no.’ I’ve been doing this since she was two and could speak,” states Tina Monachino, mom of one. “She’s sixteen-years-old and humble, kind, and appreciative. I’m happy with my decision. Not for everyone, as it may be hard at times.”

6 Proud Mama Moment: Following Through With Cloth Diapers

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To cloth or not to cloth: sometimes this decision can be a tough one for parents. While there are positives to both disposable and cloth diapers, there are also negatives. However, this is the obvious truth with most things. It’s often just up to the mom’s specific parenting style and interest.

Never let others impact a choice you have made when you are confident and certain about it.

We haven’t started it yet, because she’s too little, but I’m proud I have stuck with the decision to cloth diaper when she’s big enough – even with everyone trying to get us to change our mind because of ‘inconvenience,’” explains proud mama, Ashley VanHusen.

5 Proud Mama Moment: “Feeding Him Pureed Foods That We Were Eating.”

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Feeding him pureed foods we were eating, seasonings and all,” states Lacey Deiter, mom of one, about her proud mama moment. Now I have an almost two-year-old who will eat just about anything I cook.”

Each parenting lifestyle is unique and that is what makes each child unique. Sticking to your personal style is important in a judgmental, “mom-shaming” world.

Another somewhat touchy subject Moms face is the “feeding” topic. Some parents believe in only feeding their baby breastmilk until they turn one while others will test out bite-sized, soft finger foods. Some parents do not feel rice cereal is a good choice while others will follow what their medical professional says and test it out.

4 Proud Mama Moment: Dental Hygiene Awareness


Even though some parents get excited about the teeth-brushing phase, it can also come with frustrations. However, by jumping on dental health from an early age, your little ones will become more accustomed to the activity and the importance behind it.

For years, I made my three kids brush their teeth two times a day and inspected their breath and dental scum to ensure they weren’t fibbing or just licking the toothpaste tube” explains mama of three, Rebecca Ames. “Now I have three young adults with solid teeth and limited cavities who swish with ACT like pros.”

3 Proud Mama Moment: Breastfeeding And Pumping

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The benefits of breastfeeding are explained to moms many times. Though this can be slightly irritating a confident, formula-feeding mama or a woman who had difficulty with milk production, those who decide to breastfeed are often very proud of what their body could do. It is a remarkable thing to think that your body alone could feed your child.

Mama of twins, Mae Blasczienski, is incredibly proud of her ability to breastfeed and pump for her little ones. “Going through mastitis twice now already caused an oversupply. It’s definitely not enjoyable most of the time being glued to a pump every three-to-four hours, but I do have a good freezer stash already for them. It’s a blessing and a curse.”

2 Proud Mama Moment: “I Have Stuck To My Morning Coffee Routine.”

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A multitasking, overworked mom needs one thing she can count on to remain constant every single day. When she is feeling insecure, she needs something to lift her up and remains loyal. When life has interrupted the usual routine and everything seems out-of-order, Moms need something to relieve the chaos.

Sometimes, the proudest moment of your day comes with sugar and creamer.

I have stuck to my morning coffee routine,” says proud mama, Bree Hudson. “My coffee game is on point!” Sometimes, all you need to uplift those spirits is a cup of coffee – simple as that.

1 Proud Mama Moment: “Listening To My Own Instincts.”

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Listening to my own instincts and not other people’s opinions,” says mom of one, Chelsea Renee Swan in regard to one of her proudest moments. Following your own beliefs without letting others negatively impact those beliefs is incredibly hard. Some moms feel the need to throw their opinions at you even when you do not ask for any suggestion or advice.

This can make even the calmest mama go bonkers.

When someone wants someone else’s support, they will ask. Even body language and tone-of-voice can tell someone whether or not they are open to advice. Though it is nice to receive support without asking, it needs to be genuine support. When you are able to see beyond the criticisms of others, that is something to be incredibly proud of.

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