10 Times It's Okay For A Kid To Be Hyper (And 10 Times It's Not)

Every kid can be a handful. But it seems like the ones who have the most energy to let loose are the ones who cause the most stress. At least, this tends to be people’s perception. But the truth is, these kids have a lot to offer the world. There are a variety of reasons why kids have a lot of energy. Some have to do with chemical imbalances, while the vast majority are just their unique personalities. Counter to some people’s beliefs, just because these kids have a lot of energy doesn't mean that they're doing anything wrong. They just need to know how to control and harness their hyperactivity.

The kids with the most energy are often labeled negatively. They tend to be called “difficult” or “challenging” just because they have loud voices, like to run around or become incredibly passionate about things. But they’re simply exploring themselves and the world around them. This is a good thing. And it’s something that can be put to good use. Parents just need to find the right outlets for their kids. They need to teach them when it’s okay to be hyper, and when it’s not. This article will explore both. Without further ado, here are 10 Times It's Okay For Kid To Be Hyper (And 10 Times It's Not).

Let's start with the 10 times it is not okay for a kid to be hyper...

20 In The Classroom

When a child is hyper in the classroom, they can cause an assortment of issues for the teacher as well as the other students. Of course, the teacher has to maintain control and a safe space for all of their young learners. When one of the children is acting up, they can make it harder for other kids to absorb knowledge. This is one of the many reasons why it's important for kids to be able to vent their hyper-activity elsewhere, and not while in class.

As we will find out in this list, there are ways to channel their hyper-activity while in the classroom, but on the whole, it's est for them to avoid it altogether. Parents should work with their kid's teacher to be able to mitigate this type of behavior.

19 When Crossing The Road

We all know what it's like to be running late. It causes us to press on the accelerator a little harder and focus a little less while driving. As bad as it is, everyone does it. This can pose a lot more risk to kids when they cross the road. This is why it's so vital for parents to encourage kids to maintain their focus when crossing an intersection, no matter how small.

Crossing the road is absolutely not the time when a kid should be allowed to be energetic. It's a time that requires their respect and their focus. Because, no matter how aware they think they are, there could always be a late or distracted driver out there.

18 Reacting To Something Bad

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There are many ways a kid could react to bad things happening. But hyperactivity isn't a good one. It's not a constructive way of dealing with conflict. First of all, if the hyperactivity is overly positive, they may be repressing their feelings and downright avoiding them. On the other hand, if their hyperactivity is primarily negative when responding to bad things, they are letting their more primitive personality traits run free.

Kids need to be taught to manage conflict and sad feelings in constructive and healthy ways. This means being able to think things through, separate themselves from the conflict, and attempt to better themselves and those around them. This can be a learning curve, but it's important so that they avoid the repressiveness of certain hyperactivities as well as the utterly confrontational ones.

17 At Weddings And Funerals

Weddings can be a lot of fun for kids. They get to dress up. They get to see a lot of new and interesting people. They may even get to bust some moves on the dance floor. But kids don't always understand that weddings aren't really about them. And sometimes, all of the excitement that they have can be a bit annoying to those who the wedding is truly about, as well as the other gets. This is why kids need to maintain a little control when they are at a social function like this one.

Additionally, funerals are also not the place for a kid to be hyper. This one may seem slightly more obvious as there will be a bunch of people who are in mourning. Acting hyper might be seen as quite disrespectful.

16 During Bathtime

In a previous entry, we spoke about the pros and cons of a kid being energetic while swimming. We concluded that swimming can be a great way for kids to release some of their pent-up energy if they are proficient swimmers and know how to respect their environment. Well, the same can't be said for bath time, especially while they are younger.

This is because bathrooms tend to be full of lots of potential hazards. The hard corners and slippery floors can be risky in a variety of ways. This is why it's important to make sure that kids know that they can run around and be overly hyper in this part of the house.

15 With The Elderly

One of the best ways to cheer up the elderly is to put them around younger kids. This is because they can feed off of their positive energy. There's also something about being around young kids who aren't yet jaded by the world that livens up anyone. But kids also have to learn to be gentle around their respected elders. This is because they are a lot frailer than those they are accustomed to hanging out with.

Additionally, the elderly can only handle so much activity themselves. This is why parents need to help their kids tone down their energy while around older people. However, this doesn't mean that they can't have fun and exude positivity.

14 In The Car

The car is a very important place for kids to maintain control over their hyperactivity. This is because it's the most challenging thing that their parents do daily. It also has the highest stakes should something go wrong. And things easily could go wrong if a child is kicking and making a lot of noise in the backseat. Overly hyper kids can also cause a lot of distractions for the driver, even if they're just talking to their parents. This is the time when their parents need to focus on the task at hand.

Not only could things be bad for them and their parents, but also other drivers and pedestrians. Parents need to encourage good car behavior from a young age and not flinch to keep enforcing the right rules for them as time goes by.

13 At Bedtime

Child psychologists speak about the importance of winding a child down before bedtime. This is because sleep is easily one of the most important things for their mental and physical health. So, parents should try to make sure that children vent their energy earlier in the day in a constructive and fun way. This way, in theory at least, they should have less of it come the night.

Unfortunately, children often can become hyper at night time. This can be because they are excited to spend some alone time with their parent. Additionally, they can also be wanting to avoid sleep entirely. But this is a kind of behavior that needs to be curbed at all costs. It's vital that children get a healthy and uninterrupted sleep as much as they can.

12 While Eating

There are many studies surrounding the importance of not distracting kids while they're eating. This is because they can easily eat more or less than they should while they are watching T.V., listening to music, or even talking. In short, eating is pretty much the only thing they should be doing at breakfast, lunchtime, and dinner. Being hyper can easily be something that distracts them, causing them to not truly comprehend that they're putting in their mouths and how much food they actually require.

But most importantly, it's important that a kid reigns in their hyperactivity because food could go down the wrong way. This is why it's so important for a child not to be energetic while eating.

11 On Airplanes

Okay, we all know what it's like to be around a loud and irritating kid on an airplane. Although it can be far more work to actually be traveling with one, being considerate of the other passengers is important. Nobody wants, nor deserves, to have their seat kicked repeatedly, or to hear crying in their ears for four to six hours. Additionally, kids who are overly energetic on airplanes can cause problems for the airline and crew themselves.

One of the best pieces of advice for parents of hyperactive kids is to find ways of tiring them out before they get on a plane. Additionally, they should wait until the final boarding call to board the plane itself. This is because the kids shouldn't be cooped up for longer than necessary.

And here the 10 times when it's okay for them to be hyper...

10 During Athletics

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Taking part in athletics and athletic activities are one of the most natural and healthiest ways for a kid to vent their excitement. Sports that involve running can help to tire a kid out as well as use their energy in a productive way. Team-oriented sports can also encourage them to channel their energy into a collective goal, and thus control it. Then there are things like yoga and martial arts which teaches hyper-active children patience and incredible discipline.

This is one of the best ways for kids to let loose and explore their hyper side. For those who have kids that they just can't seem to reign in, sports may be the best choice for them.

9 When They're Given A Daily Task

Earlier, we spoke about how it's important for kids not to be too hyper in the classroom. Sometimes this can be a hard thing to control. One of the ways that they can channel their energy and put it to good use, is if they are given a daily task within the classroom. For instance, they can be the one to hand out the homework or the papers to each kid. This gets them up and off their feet for a moment to let out some energy in a way that actually helps the class move forward. This is a good time to be somewhat hyper.

But daily activities are not just for the classroom. At home, they can be responsible for certain chores that require some energy.

8 Cleaning With Low Stakes

In this entry, we will add another type of daily activity to the list... cleaning. Specifically, cleaning low-stakes items and areas. We say "low-stakes" because nobody wants a hyper kid top break something valuable while channeling their energy productively.

But it's okay to let your child be a tad hyper while they are washing the floors, or they are cleaning dishes that aren't particularly breakable. This is a way that they can do something helpful, productive, and are allowed to make it fun because they can be their most energetic selves.

7 In Energy-Zones

Although the bathroom is a bad place for kids to be overly hyper, they should have a room or two where they can be. If a child knows that they have a room that they can have control over, they may be more respectful of other rooms. For example, chances are you don't want your kids to be running around in a dining room full of delicate dishware and hard corners. But if they have a playroom that doesn't have these kinds of limitations, it can be a great place for them to be themselves.

Of course, this isn't always possible as homes aren't always big enough to contain this type of room. But if they can, parents should find a place (or a time) where kids don't need to be in full control of themselves.

6 Around The Holidays

It doesn't matter if they have faith or not, kids get excited around the holidays. It's just because it's a time of year when they have less academic and extra-curricular activities and get to unwind. Of course, at the end of December, they don't just have Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanza, but they also have New Years. All of these means days off schools, parties, and maybe even a present or two. It's natural for them to get a bit hyper around this time.

The point is, you want to allow them to be a little more hyper. They're excited about something, and life is so much better when there's an event to look forward to. Of course, you may want to attempt to control them, but maybe this is a battle you'll want to let them win.

5 During Art Time

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Art time is one of the best times for children to explore themselves. It teaches them to free some of their most inner feelings on the page. It also helps them with their eye-hand coordination, improves their creativity, and even is a productive way for them to vent their energy. Not all art is about painting by numbers or being incredibly focused. Sometimes it's about making a mess. Getting their hands full of paint. And creating something that makes them happy.

This is why art time is one of the most effective times for children to release their hyperactivity. It's something that parents should take note of and encourage their kids to do. To put it simply, it's not a time when kids should have to reign in their excitement.

4 During Gymnastics

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Gymnastics is another physical activity that encourages kids to focus and channel their incredible hyperactivity into something productive and exciting. It's also a sport that requires a large amount of energy and, eventually, skill. This is why parents should ease up on their kids when they are doing this. It's a great time for them to run around and have fun.

Especially when they are really young, kids aren't expected to be too focused on gymnastics class. They simply need to respect the equipment and people around them. Otherwise, they get to climb up things. Bounce around. And swim in foam pits. All of which, are great ways to eat up their energy.

3 During Music Time

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Much like painting or creating other works of art, music time can be one of the best ways for kids to explore their energy. At first, one could think that music lessons, whether they're at school or elsewhere, is a time when a kid should focus. While this is true, the focus tends to come a later. First, they need to release their hyperactivity through the sounds of the instruments they are playing.

Eventually, kids tend to learn to calm down and focus on the music at hand. This is because the rhythm can help kids channel their energy in a productive and engaging way. In fact, music is one of the best times for kids to be energetic. This is because you want them to build a connection to the music and eventually let it carry them away.

2 During Playtime

Playtime is for hyperactivity. This is one of the times of day that kids shouldn't be too reigned in. They need to have a moment or two to release any of the energy they've been storing all day long. For this reason and more, recess is a very important part of a child's schedule.

But playtime is also something that they should experience at home and on weekends. Not everything can or should be scheduled for them. They need some time to run around, play on the jungle gym, with their toys, or simply with their imaginations.

1 Swimming

On one hand, swimming is a time when kids need to be very careful and not overly energetic. This is because water is something they should respect. It can easily get the better of them if they aren't paying attention. Additionally, when others are around, too much energy can be harmful to them as well.

However, if a kid knows how to swim, as well as respect the water and space around them, they should be able to release some of their energy. This is because swimming is one of the best physical activities. It's great exercise and therefore can tiresome kids out. Swimming can also be a lot of fun. You probably also want kids to adore the water and not be afraid of it.

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