10 Times Celeb Parents Had To Bail Out Their Kids, 9 Times The Kids Did The Bailing Out, And 1 Parent Who Just Bailed

It's not uncommon for parents to be overly protective of their children. After all, it's a trait of all mammals. But this behavior doesn't just come out in moments when a child is heading towards trouble, it also happens when they're already entangled in it. Sometimes parents, including celebrity parents, make excuses for their child and essentially bail them out of the consequences of their actions. This can also include helping them save face in the community that they're a part of. Parents are also more forgiving when it comes to their children. But what's funny is the same can be said for children. Even if they know that their parents have messed up, they too will do their best to bail them out. However, there are some circumstances when a parent and child don't have a relationship at all and thus bailing the other out is impossible.

The following list delves into a few very public instances of parents literally and symbolically bailing their children out of their poor choices. Additionally, it includes scenarios where the opposite happened and the child showed more intelligence and maturity than their mother or father. But what makes all of this interesting is that these situations are seldom black and white. The complexity of them either made it easier or far harder for these celebrities to come to the defense of their loved ones.

Without further ado, here are 10 Time Celeb Parents Had To Bail Out Their Kids, 9 Times The Kids Had To Help, And 1 Parent Who Just Bailed.

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20 Parent: Robert Downey Jr.

Everyone knows that Iron Man himself has had a long and sad history of hardships. After all, Robert Downey Jr. has spoken out about it on many occasions. It's what made his clean come-back in 2005 all the more exciting. But some don't know that his son, Indio Downey, battles some of the same problems.

In 2014, Indio Downey was caught partying. Robert Downey Jr. did what any father would do and bailed his son out.

Afterward, he encouraged him to go off and seek professional help immediately. Since Indio Downey was a first-time offender, he didn't receive any hard time but was sent to a facility to get better.

19 Kid: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and her father, Jon Voight, have had a very public feud for a great number of years. Although the pair has buried the hatchet in recent years, they spent the better part of a decade not even speaking to one another.

A lot of Jolie's animosity for her father came from the fact that he left her and her mother when Jolie was merely a year old. Voight spent most of Jolie's formative years far away from her, even though a lot of the time they lived in the same city. Jolie has stated that she blames a lot of her problems on her father. In return, Voight has wondered about her mental health.

But Jolie completely put all of this aside to accept Voight back into her life. However, they've never spoken about their fractured relationship since.

18 Parents: Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson

Via: USA Today

Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, have some of the best reputations in Hollywood. One of the reasons for this is because they always present themselves in a humble, calm, and collected manner. However, the same can't necessarily be said for their son, Chet.

In 2016, he rear-ended another man's car while driving one of Hanks and Wilson's vehicles.

The man blamed both Hanks and Wilson for negligently letting their son drive when he was not in the right state of mind. Hanks and Wilson were quick to make the problem go away and encourage their son to seek treatment, which he did.

17 Kid: Tatum O'Neal

Both Tatum O'Neal and her father, Ryan O'Neal, have had some very public and quite troubling problems over the years. Some of which we can't get into on this particular format. However, we can speak about the time that Ryan O'Neal made some rather poor comments about Tatum O'Neal's mom's passing due to cancer. Tatum O'Neal is the daughter of actress Farrah Fawcett, of Charlie's Angels fame. Fawcett struggled with Cancer before passing away in  2009.

Back in 2011, Ryan O'Neal was on Piers Morgan's show and said that his kids, "particularly Tatum" were the reason why Fawcett became ill.

Any child would be furious with their parent for claiming such a thing, but Tatum O'Neal bailed her father out by saying that the comments were taken out of context by the press.

16 Parent: Martin Sheen

How do you parent Charlie Sheen? It seems impossible since the actor became famous at a very young age and quickly learned that he could have anything he wanted. Unfortunately, Sheen used various things that ended up finishing his mainstream acting career.

But even with all of Sheen's downright colorful misadventures, his father, famous actor Martin Sheen, attempted to help his son on several occasions. Charlie Sheen explained that his father was the most helpful during his 2011 meltdown which caused him to lose his job on Two and a Half Men.

During this time, Martin Sheen didn't jump to any conclusions despite being confused about his son's actions. He simply stood by his son publically and continued to give him good advice.

15 Kid: Aaron Reid

Via: Youtube

Back in 2013, TLC released a film that detailed the dramatic lives of Perri "Peebles" Reid and her ex-husband LA Ried. The film wasn't afraid to talk about the relationship problems between a once 19-year-old Peebles Reid and her 41-year-old husband LA Reid. Although this was factual, it angered Reid who was also hurt by some of the other things said in the film, and sued.

Both the Reid kids, Ashley and Aaron came to their mother and father's defense in some pretty colorful ways.

Aaron made it clear that he didn't like how his mother was portrayed instead of just admitting her past decisions.

14 Parent: Tommy Hilfiger

Via: Page Six

It's hard to live in the shadows of your parents, especially when one of them is a multi-millionaire fashion designer. Still, there's no excuse for Richard Hilfiger's 2010 charge.

Hilfiger was caught with certain herbs that he intended to sell. At the time, this was a big "no-no" and he was charged for it. However, his supremely talented and successful father, Tommy Hilfiger, came to his aide. Hilfiger senior organized for his son to be released on a $20,000 bail instead of letting his son face the consequences of his actions.

In recent years, it seems like Richard Hilfiger has attempted to clean up his act. He's now an up-and-coming rapper.

13 Parent: Will Smith

What's the first thing you think of when you hear "Jaden Smith's" name? Frankly, it should be that he was the author of about five thousand dumb tweets.

Seriously, this son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith wrote some truly strange, pretentious things. Most of which made no sense. At best, these tweets were the ramblings of a misinformed teenager wanting attention. At worst, they were the ramblings of a misinformed teenager who let fame and arrogance get to his head.

But his talented father wasn't shy about coming to his aide in a 2016 interview with Vanity Fair. Will Smith claimed that his lenient approach to parenting, as well as encouraging his kids to speak their minds, was the reason for Jaden's actions. In short, he couldn't come out and say that his son had crossed a few lines.

12 Kid: Lindsay Lohan

Via: Thought Co

Lindsay Lohan was one of the most promising young stars to come out of the 1990s. However, as we all know, she hit some rough patches. Although everyone should claim responsibility for their actions, it's easy to see why Lohan turned out the way she did.

Lohan's dad, Michael, was the worst. On many occasions, he'd try to profit from his daughter's fame. He even took the police to her house to claim money she didn't owe him. Because of this, Lohan has had a negative perspective of her father. She even claimed that he stole her when she was four.

But she still reached out to her father, publically and privately, giving him the benefit of the doubt when he truly didn't deserve it.

Bailing him out of his actions with her love clearly only led to more pain.

11 Parent: Dina And Michael Lohan

Via: Youtube 

Even though most of the world sees Michael and Dina Lohan as monsters who clung to their daughter's fame and fortune like parasites, they did claim some responsibility for their actions in 2016. During an interview with Steve Harvey, both parents stated that their parenting during the earliest stages of Lindsay's life led to her excessive partying and state of her health.

Although this action seems to show some growth, whether you believe it was authentic or not, it doesn't excuse Lindsay's actions. It essentially bailed Lindsay out of the emotional consequences of her actions.

Yes, Michael and Dina Lohan were bad parents who without a doubt negatively impacted their daughter, but Lindsay hasn't claimed responsibility for her own actions.

10 Kid: Destiny Odom

Basketball player Lamar Odom has struggled with substance use throughout his life. They've put him and his loved ones in an assortment of precarious positions. One such position was his breakup with Khloe Kardashian.

Those who care about the Kardashian and Jenner families quickly sided with Khloe, who was angry with Odom for various reasons. But Odom had one very strong supporter, his daughter Destiny.

Instead of admitting her father's actions were wrong, Destiny Odom claimed that her father was struggling, and Khloe fed attention to him.

She then went on to bail him out by saying that the relationship was "toxic".

9 Parent: Kris Jenner

Via: ABC News 

Kris Jenner has never missed an opportunity to make money off of her kids by selling their personalities and private lives off to the hungry public. Nothing can stop her from "supporting" her children by making them millionaires, not even a very public feud.

Even though Rob Kardashian has received some public backlash for his feud with Blac Chyna, Jenner has been defending him by shifting the attention onto his physical health.

While it's unclear what Jenner's motivations are for keeping her son in a good-light before he spends more time on their reality show, her actions essentially bail him out of his inexcusable behavior. Sooner or later, Jenner's talents will have everyone quickly forgetting about the things he's done.

8 Kid: Briana Isaacs

Uber talented singer and performer Mary J. Blige was fairly public about her messy divorce from Kendu Isaacs. She even claimed that she was hospitalized due to the sheer amount of stress that the divorce caused. But Blige was certain she needed the divorce because Isaacs was taking her money and never truly loved her.

When Isaacs attempted to obtain alimony from her, the public vilified him for it. But his daughter, Briana Isaacs stood by him. She publicly claimed that he deserved and needed the money and that Blige was wrong.

By doing this, Brianna Isaacs bailed her father out of the negative perspective that the public had due to Blige's claims. Whether this was the right move or not, remains to be seen.

7 Parent: Sharon Osborne

Via: ABC News

Sharon Osbourne is the definition of a fierce mother. She'll go to any and every length to defend her cubs. A good example of this is how she confronted Jonah Hill's brother after he insulted her daughter, Kelly. But Sharon has come to Kelly's aide more publicly and far more recently.

In 2016, Kelly Osbourne had a little outburst on Twitter when she revealed the identity of her father's girlfriend, who contributed to a temporary breakup between Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne.

Although the press had a field day with this, seemingly believing that it was an unfair move, Sharon was having none of it. She claimed that her daughter was merely expressing her anger in a comedic way.

Kelly's decision to tweet that information may have actually harmed her parent's relationship, but Sharon proved that she would stick by her daughter no matter what.

6 Kid: Justin Bieber

Via: US Weekly

Justin Beiber's father, Jeremy, got himself into some warm water after he made some peculiar comments after Beiber's private vacation photos were leaked online. Instead of staying away from the topic, Jeremy commented on details of his son's appearance, claiming that he was proud of what his son had.

Many were put off by Jeremy's comments. Even Bette Midler tweeted about how "sick" it was that a father, who "abandoned his child" would say such things. But Beiber was quick to bail his dad out of the negative press. He claimed that his father was just attempting to be funny and no one should spend any time thinking about it.

By the sounds of it, Bieber was bailing his dad out of for far more than just a few distasteful comments.

5 Parent: Tom Brady

In early 2018, a Boston radio show host, Alex Reimer, made some hurtful comments about Tom Brady's daughter, Vivian. This was after Brady's documentary, Tom V.S. Tom aired. The documentary features a brief scene where Brady's daughter is begging for her father's attention even though he was busy.

Reimer believed that the young Brady was acting spoiled and commented on it.

Instead of acknowledging his daughter's poor behavior, Brady stood strong and voiced his unhappiness and distaste for Reimer. He claimed that kids should be exempt from criticism no matter what. But iconic radio host Howard Stern came to Reimer's defense, stating that Brady opened up the opportunity for criticism when he decided to put her in the spotlight by keeping the scene; a very valid point.

4 Kid: Frances Bean Cobain

Via: W Magazine

During Kurt Cobain's brief moment of stardom, he spent his time with Courtney Love. The two of them would feed off of one another until it ended Cobain far before his time was up. But Loves' issues were just as bad. She did not take care of herself when she was pregnant with her and Cobain's daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

The fact that Love put her daughter in this unsafe position before she was born, and throughout the majority of her young life, should have pushed the two apart.

Instead, Frances Bean Cobain defends her mother at every turn. She claims to have a deeper understanding of the issue and thus forgives her. Cobain even defends her mom in smaller instances, like when Love made some strange comments about Janet Jackson's Super-Bowl appearance.

3 Parent: Howard Stern


King of All Media and the master of celebrity interviews Howard Stern is often very open on his Sirius XM radio show. However, when it comes to his three daughters, he plays things close to the chest. He was even private about an instance in 2006 when the NY Daily News revealed that he came to the aide of his eldest daughter, Emily.

Although her director said differently, Emily Stern claimed that her parentage was supposed to remain anonymous when performing in an off-Broadway play. Instead, the director promoted the fact that she was Howard Stern's daughter.

Emily Stern was unhappy about this as she wanted to act on her own merits. To support his daughter, Stern pressured the director to release her from her contract.

2 Kid: Billie Lourd

Actor Billie Lourd belonged to a family of giants. Both her mother, Carrie Fisher, and her grandmother, Debbie Reynolds, were titans of the screen. The two cast large shadows that Lourd lived in.

On top of all of this, Lourd had to deal with her chaos-ridden mother. It's hard to say anything bad about Carrie Fisher since she was just so lovable, honest, and fierce. Frankly, she's an inspiration. But she did struggle throughout her life. This led to a rocky childhood for Billie Lourd.

In 2017, after the passing of both Fisher and Reynolds, Lourd stated that she completely understood her mother's situation and had no ill-will for her. In fact, she was sure to stand by her mother on practically anything, even if it wasn't to Lourd's benefit.

1 Never There: Sir Anthony Hopkins

Many would be curious to know that Silence of the Lambs and Westworld thespian, Sir Anthony Hopkins has been estranged from his daughter for more than two decades.

Very little is known about the reasons why Hopkins and his estranged daughter, Abigail Hopkins, haven't spoken. But it seems to be a two-sided issue.

When he was questioned about it in May 2018, he simply explained that "people break up" and "families split". And he's right about that. Just because you're related to someone, doesn't mean that a relationship is required. Having said that, it's very sad that the two can't find some sort of reconciliation.

Therefore, you can't count on Hopkins to be bailed out by his daughter, or be the one bailing her out. He simply bailed on her.

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