10 Things Moms Will Miss About Newborns (And 10 They Won't)

Ah, those tiny and adorable newborns! What isn't there to miss about them being so cute and small? Well, quite frankly, there's quite a bit that parents don't really miss about the newborn stage, and for good reason. Like, who likes all the laundry that comes with a newborn, or the constant sleep deprivation? Exactly; no one. On the other hand, there's plenty of things parents get nostalgic about when it comes to the newborn phase. The cuddles and that special baby smell are only some of the things worth mentioning. So we decided to make a list and pick out 10 things parents will for sure miss, and 10 they most likely won't. Obviously there's way more things they tend to miss than not miss, however we had to put a limit somewhere, so 10 seemed like a good place. It was also because it is really hard to find more than 10 things parents hate about their newborns. Trust us, parents are mostly just nostalgic about how tiny and beautiful their babies used to be, and very rarely will they confess that they don't miss the phase.

So here we have it, 10 things parents will definitely miss about their newborns, and 10 they absolutely won't.

20 They will miss that they can't move on their own

Yup, newborns pretty much stay where you put them until you pick them up again and put them somewhere else. While this can seem a bit annoying, once the baby starts crawling and walking, parents definitely miss the days their little cutie wasn't that independent. And that is mainly due to the fact that now they have to watch their crawling or walking child 24/7 because the world can be such a dangerous place when you're a constantly falling toddler.

19 They will definitely miss that they ate one thing and they loved it

Whether the parents decide to breastfeed or bottle feed them, their newborns eat only one thing, and they are absolutely happy with it. Once the baby starts growing, they can become more picky with what food they like and want to eat, which can be a real struggle for parents who want to make sure their kid gets all the necessary nutrients. However, newborns only know one thing and they only need one thing, which makes feeding a whole lot easier.

18 Those tiny clothes are just too cute not to be missed

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Let's be honest, this is something everyone loves about newborns, regardless of whether they are the parents or not. Seeing those adorable tiny clothes just warms everyone's heart up, because it just looks so darn cute. Some of it basically just looks like grown-up clothes but in super tiny sizes... And don't even get me started on how tiny their shoes are! Just seeing clothing in such a small size is bound to make anyone feel content and happy.

17 Their adorable baby rolls

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This is something that their kids generally grow out of, so of course, parents end up missing it! Newborns tend to have really chubby thighs and wrists, and there's just something about seeing those that makes you want to pinch them all the time. In a cute and non-harmful way obviously... no one likes a crying newborn. Jokes aside, the babies usually lose the chubbiness once they start growing, so it is natural for parents to look at old pictures of their newborns wishing they could gently squeeze their chub one more time.

16 They will miss their tiny fingers

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Speaking of tiny and chubby things, a newborns fingers are something parents will never forget. Especially when they hold on to them so tight - never underestimate the power of a newborn's grip. Just putting their hand on your hand and comparing the size is such a beautiful experience. But as with everything, this eventually changes, so parents end up missing holding their baby's tiny hands and fingers and feeling their newborn squeeze back. They do grow up so fast, don't they?

15 Help was offered all the time... but not anymore!

Another thing moms will miss, not necessarily about the newborn, but that time period is the constant help that was offered to them. Especially if the moms gave birth themselves, it seems like all close family and friends come by all the time and offer to help with whatever is needed. But of course, that only lasts the first few months, and after that parents are on their own most of the time. And sometimes even when you have a kid that's a few years old, some help from close ones would be really nice and appreciated.

14 That intoxicating smell

There's something about the way newborn babies smell that immediately fills their parents' hearts with pure joy and happiness. Just holding them and smelling their head and fine hair is definitely something parents wish they could experience again. And they definitely get super nostalgic when they hold someone else's newborn and experience that familiar newborn baby smell again. If you're currently the parent of a newborn, definitely try to remember and enjoy the smell as much as you can, because you will miss it for sure.

13 That portability was so useful

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Remember how we said they don't move on their own? Yeah, and that makes them so easy to take everywhere. Literally, you pick your baby up and you take them with you. Of course, you'll need the necessary equipment depending on where you're going, but just the fact that they are so portable is something you will miss. And the best thing about newborns? They don't complain wherever you take them, so if you feel like having a big shopping day, they will be totally okay with that.

12 They will miss that they can sleep anywhere

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And the main reason newborns are okay with whatever you decide to do and where you decide to take them is because most likely they will just sleep through it anyway. Yup, newborns eat and sleep and cry, and that's about all they do. Well, they also poop, but we will get to that later. The fact that newborns sleep so much also means they are easily adaptable to sleeping even if it's super bright or loud where they are. Not that you should take your baby to loud places, but a shopping mall definitely won't bother their beauty sleep.

11 They will *definitely* miss those constant cuddles

Last, but certainly not least, is all the cuddles. As sad as it sounds, parents will most likely cuddle with their kid the most while they're a newborn, not because they don't want to cuddle the kid later, but mainly because the kid has other priorities once they start growing. And cuddling a newborn is pretty much the greatest feeling in the world, so no wonder all parents end up missing that. And everything else on the list so far.

10 Parents won't be missing having to always support the head

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One thing that parents cannot wait for is for their babies to finally grow strong enough so that they can hold their head up on their own. Having to constantly remember to support their newborn's head is definitely not something they will miss. But it's okay because this fragile phase does not last too long, and soon enough your newborn will be a toddler. And as much as we love newborns, toddlers definitely have their good sides too.

9 No one will be missing getting up at all times in the night

It's no secret that parents of newborns barely get any sleep. And when we say any sleep, we really mean any sleep. Yeah, and if you thought sleepless nights were bad, how about sleepless months? Newborns don't care if its 3 in the morning. If they feel like crying and eating they will definitely let you know. And let's be real, we all know how important sleep is, so this is definitely something parents won't miss about those first few months with their newborn.

8 And feeding them during the night

Whether a mom breastfeeds or bottle-feeds, it is definitely not a pleasant experience when you have to sit in a chair at 3 am until your lovely little newborn has decided it has had enough food to stop crying and go back to sleep. It is one thing to not get enough sleep, but it's way worse to have to get up in the night and do things. So yeah, this is definitely something that most parents don't feel too nostalgic about once their kid grows.

7 Definitely won't miss the fact that they're little poop factories

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Because newborns eat all the time it is only natural that they poop a lot. This means parents need to change diapers ALL THE TIME. Now, of course, this differs from baby to baby. Some parents are lucky to have babies who don't poop too much, but generally speaking, chances are if you just changed your little one's diaper, you'll have to change it pretty soon again. And we promise you, changing diapers is something most parents won't ever miss.

6 Definitely won't miss having people around you all the time

Okay, we mentioned how nice it is to have help offered to you all the time, and that is definitely something that moms and dads will miss, but having people around you all the time is definitely not. Yeah sure, you have a newborn that everyone wants to see immediately, but can't they just settle for that insta pic you posted? Nope, having a newborn kinda also means having visitors all the time, and while that can be nice, it can also be quite exhausting. Sometimes parents want a little time on their own, especially 'cause having a newborn can be really exhausting.

5 The constant laundry isn't hard to say bye-bye to

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Who likes doing laundry to begin with? But with a newborn, there's so much more laundry just because they spit and spill things left and right. Yeah, you'd think such a tiny thing cannot possibly create so much laundry, but oh boy are you wrong! It is not uncommon for parents to have to do laundry daily in order to get rid of those piles of dirty sock, onesies, and bibs. And yeah, those also need to be folded and put away, just saying.

4 All those doctor's appointments, no thank you

This one is a quite obvious, but it can also be pretty annoying. Of course, everyone wants to make sure their newborn baby is happy, healthy and growing, but regular check-ups can become quite annoying, especially for moms who are trying to find clothes that are comfortable and fit them. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to make sure you're baby is doing well, and eventually, the check-ups stop and you definitely don't end up missing them...

3 They definitely won't miss constantly feeling the need to pay attention to them

Okay, this one is probably just parents of newborns overreacting, but somehow they always end up feeling like their little one needs their attention 24/7. Which is good, but it also means they can't ever relax, and that also leads to being super tired. It is natural that parents feel like they can't take their eyes off their baby for one second, but sometimes they are busy and need to also focus on other things. So juggling between all of this is not an easy task, and it's definitely something that won't be missed.

2 They won't miss their fragility

Remember how their head needs to be supported at all times? Well, newborns are generally super fragile, and they need to be taken care of very gently and with a lot of patience. They still have soft spots on their head that go directly to their brains, which is why parents and anyone holding them needs to be extra careful. But once you're babies have grown a bit, this is something you don't need to worry about anymore, as they are not as fragile.

1 ... Or the spit-up

Last but not least, here it is: the spit up. It's kinda cute at first, but oh boy does it get annoying. Especially cause it happens all the time and it is one of the biggest reasons that the laundry pile is growing. And it's especially bad if you just got freshly dressed, you take your baby for a second and whoops, there it goes, all over your shoulder. The spit up sometimes might seem funny, but in reality every single parent can't wait for their kid to stop doing it.

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