10 Things Moms Should Always Pack In Their Kids Backpack

A child's backpack is the holy grail of all things useful, but also acts as a container for all things extremely useless. That's right, managing your kid's backpack can be a grueling process, especially when you have different activities planned for the same day. Yes, your little ones come with so many things, from a change of clothes, toys, lunches, drinks, and of course, no backpack would be complete without the remnants of a previously soiled diaper or something equally as awful. Plus, as things change the older they get, gone are the wet tissues, and in their place come the exceptionally expensive electrical items. So, let's take a look at 10 things Mom should always pack in their kid's backpacks.

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10 Wet Wipes And Tissues

Whatever the age, every kid needs a tissue or a wet wipe. From babies to preschoolers and teenagers to young adults, tissues and wet wipes really are the bee's knees when comes to cleanliness. Yes, tissues are useful for just about anything and can really come in handy when your little one needs their nose wiped, eyes wiped, and anything else that might need wiping. Plus, wet wipes really are the best of the best when it comes to cleaning up messes and can be used for food and drink spillages. So why not let them carry their own? It's their mess after all!

9 Toys

Toys are a vital part of anyone's bag, even when we reach adulthood. Think about it—as a grown-up, bags contain smartphones, headphones, kindles, and a number of other entertaining electrical items, with our happiness often depending on these forms of entertainment. Therefore, every child's bag needs at least two or three toys to help them on their way, just like an adult needs theirs. Toys can also really make or break an outing, with it being extra important that you have brought the right one. Because, if you haven't, all hell breaks loose, and the walls come crumbling down. Quick, pack another one just in case!

8 Reading Material

Books can come in all sorts of shape and sizes and are vital to a kid's backpack no matter the age. From preschoolers to teenagers, a book can really help your little ones pass the time, wherever they may be. Also, why not pack something a little off the cuff like a language book or a do it yourself manual? Such books can be great for expanding your kid's minds, especially if they are at that age of absorbing information at rapid speeds. Books can also help kids develop relationships with other children of the same age, as it gives them something to bond over and talk about in their free time.

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7 Coloring Books

There is nothing wrong with handing over an iPad some headphones and a Disney film to entertain a crying or restless child, but sometimes it is fun to do something a bit different. Why not pack a coloring book and coloring pens and let them go to work on their own personalized masterpiece? Coloring books are also cheap and can be pretty much found everywhere and anywhere. They are also great for some bonding time and are great for working together on an activity that you might both enjoy. You never know, your kid might be the next Michelangelo.

6 Entertainment

Electrical items are some of the best ways to distract and entertain your kids, especially on long car journeys or flights. Things such as iPods, smartphones, and iPads can really salvage a holiday and give you that much-needed break from the stress of traveling. However, just make sure you pack specifically designed headphones for kids, otherwise, the incessant noise of Peppa Pig will likely make you throw the thing out the window. Unforuntaley, wifi is one thing that can not be packed, so make sure you go to a place that has free and available wifi, or you'll have one unhappy child. Nevertheless, although tablets and smartphones are a great way to entertain kids, it is also important to limit that screentime to a suitable amount, however tempting it may be not to.

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5 Ziplocks

Ziplocks are one of the best inventions in the world... for a parent, that is. Yes, ziplock bags come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for a number of inventive and wonderful things. And the best thing? They weigh hardly anything and take up zero space. In fact, you could probably pack over a thousand ziplock bags in your kid's backpack and still have room for a change of clothes, an iPad, and a box of tissues. Ziplock bags are also great for storing trash and other unruly items that may have come from the inside of your kid's nostrils, mouth, or other less-than-pleasant areas.

4 Snacks (And Plenty Of Them)

Kids eat a lot—like seriously, they eat a lot. No matter how much food you pack, you are always going to run short when it comes to snacks. So, to save yourself from spending money on pitstops, why not pack a few extras, just in case? Plus, it doesn't need to be unhealthy; fruit can survive in a child's backpack for a while, as can granola bars and other nutritious snacks. Bottles of water are also useful to carry and can be packed neatly into the side of your kid's bag—assuming it has a drink holder. If you really want to make other mothers jealous, why not pack a few surprise lollypops in there, too? Every kid can be bribed, right?

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3 Change Of Clothes

A change of clothes is absolutely necessary, especially for younger kids who like to get messy. Yes, we've all been there; picked out a lovely outfit in the morning only to have it ruined by midday. Plus, the weather can really affect how you dress your child, with it sometimes becoming extremely difficult to choose what to bring and what not to bring. So what do you do? Bring it all, of course. That's right, always pack a light sweater or cardigan in case it suddenly gets a little frosty, and always bring a hat in case it rains. Oh, and a change of underwear, a change of socks, some shoes... you get the picture. However, try not to go too overboard, as you don't want your kid weighed down by their ever-expanding backpack.

2 Band-Aids

Band-Aids are an essential item for any kind of bag and should always feature wherever you go, even if you are only going to your nearest store. Yes, whether your child is a preschooler or a teenager, band-aids are always extremely useful to have in your kid's bag and really save the day when it comes to making your kid feel better. Plus, your kid also has a chance at being the savior. For instance, if your kid's friend hurts themselves, your son or daughter can dive into action by pulling a band-aid out of their bag and saving the day.

1 Another Bag

What's better than having one bag? Two, of course! Yes, packing a second bag into another bag can be extremely helpful, especially for youngsters. Think about it; maybe your kid has had a little accident or spilled something on their clothes. The second bag, which is usually a tote bag, can be used as a way to store some unsavory items, and also maybe mask the smell. Moreover, what do you do if the original bag is full? Pull out the second bag, of course! Yes, the second bag really is a lifesaver and is much more practical than you would originally believe.

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