10 Things Moms Look Forward To After The Newborn Phase (And 10 Things They Miss When It's Over)

It’s natural to look forward to future moments with the new little one. New moms often adore almost every little thing about their new baby - even the weird, unexpected things. They may even find the spit-up and diaper blowouts to simply be memories in the making. Some moms even look forward to waking up before the sun rises to that shrill, early-morning cry. Though this may seem a bit overboard for some new parents, most will find something they can’t get enough of.

On the other side of things, moms may also start looking forward to the next phases of “babyhood” for one reason or another. This doesn’t mean a mom doesn’t cherish and enjoy those precious newborn moments. She may also find herself looking back and wondering why she ever looked forward to her baby growing up (even just a little).

It’s natural to look forward to future moments with your little one. It is also normal to miss some of the moments that flew by too quickly. Moms often do their best to embrace those newborn moments, but sometimes there are certain things about the newborn phase that can break a parent’s patience or make them a little nervous. The same goes for every stage of childhood. There will be moments a mom will never want to let go of and moments and a mom will be secretly excited to let go of.

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20 Looks Forward To: Baby Having More Neck Strength

Melody Travers

Your baby’s neck muscles are fairly weak at birth. For the first few months, she’ll rely on you using your hand to support her head and neck when you hold her,” explains BabyCentre.

Although this means parents get more time to hold their newborn close, it can also bring forward anxiety. New moms may get nervous and extremely particular with how their little one is held and how often the baby is held by others – especially children.

Even though parents watch children carefully when they are holding a newborn (with adult support, of course), the slightest movement could be dangerous for a newborn. This is why, sometimes, new parents can’t wait for a baby’s neck strength to build up.

19 Misses: The Days Of Many Naps

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Even though a newborn’s sleep schedule can sometimes be a little backward, they often have many naps throughout the day.

This isn’t true for every baby, but most newborns follow the typical “eat, poop, sleep” schedule for the first few months.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “During the first month, babies usually sleep and wake round-the-clock, with relatively equal periods of sleep between feedings.” Once a baby starts becoming more aware and mobile, their naptimes typically lower to only one or two times a day. This often means you either must wear your little one while you do your housework or career-based work, make sure your baby is safely confined in a high chair or playpen, or wait to do work until the baby naps.

This can be a tad frustrating for a busy mama who is feeling in over her head since much of the work gets done when the baby isn’t awake. When those naps start to lessen, so does the workable timeframe – unless you’re a magical, multitasking supermom.

18 Looks Forward To: A More Solidified “Number Two”

Gardening Knowhow

When you become a parent, “poo” becomes a staple in almost every conversation. You start worrying if your baby hasn’t gone and you worry when your baby has gone too much.

You may stress when the poo looks a certain way and you may stress when the texture is a little weirder than usual.

The poo struggle is always real during those newborns months.

The poop of breastfed newborns tends to be pasty and seedy, and more solid for formula-fed babies,” says Dr. Richard Schreiber, a pediatric gastroenterologist at BC’s Children’s Hospital. No matter what kind of poo your little one has, it usually is a tad softer than a parent would like it.

This means it gets all over the diaper and the baby and it can be tough to fully clean. Even though cleaning dirty diapers doesn’t get much easier, many parents look forward to a less mushy “number two.”

17 Misses: Less Wiggly Diaper Changes

Making Manzarita

Newborns make changing diapers look easy – despite the blowouts, of course. So when they start becoming mobile and want to explore their surroundings, diaper changes become a little more frustrating. The baby may try to flip and grab whatever is around them and cry if they don’t feel like laying on their back for that exact second.

No matter what kind of hold a parent has, it can be tough tackling a stubborn baby during a diaper change. Even though diapers weren’t always the best during that newborn phase, you may find yourself missing the days of your still and smiley newborn.

16 Looks Forward To: Holding Bottle Without Support


Every baby is unique when it comes to feeding themselves. Some babies will grab their bottle and immediately start figuring it out while others don’t want a thing to do with a bottle or the independent feeding process. According to BabyCenter, “Some babies have the fine-motor skills required to hold a bottle and get it to its target as early as 6 months. For others, it will be closer to 10 months.”

For moms who have multiples or are constantly on the move, stopping to feed their little one can be a bit more stressful than they’d like to admit. Even though breastfeeding and bottle feeding gives Mom time to stop and bond with her little one, it also can, unfortunately, be seen as time taken from other things.

This is a reality many moms don’t like to speak out about due to embarrassment. Once a little one begins holding their own bottle, the moment can be positively reinforced and Mom can keep moving and multitasking.

15 Misses: “Gassy Smiles”


Some professionals say that when a newborn smiles, it’s because they are in REM sleep. Others say newborns smile because they truly are happy. Some even say newborns smile because they’re having some really feisty gas going on.

Whichever reason works best for you, one thing is for certain: Those newborn smiles are the sweetest smiles in the world.

Just seeing your little one grin can be the perfect antidote to a stressful day. You may be covered in spit-up and formula and smell a little like baby poo, but that smile makes everything worth it in the end. Cherish it – those “gassy smiles” don’t last forever.

14 Looks Forward To: Not Waking Up Every Hour At Night

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When a mama is breastfeeding or pumping, she is often on a very meticulous schedule. If she isn’t, she may grow sore and achy – possibly leading to clogged ducts or other painful conditions.

Even for the formula-feeding mama, many babies do not sleep through the night until a few months have passed. That means Mom must wake up, groggily prepare the bottle, and tend to her little one.

Even though nighttime feedings can be terrific bonding moments, realistically, they can also be exhausting. Many parents cherish those moments but do look forward to being able to sleep a full 4-5 hours each night (at least).

13 Misses: Safely Walking Away For A Minute


Newborns are usually either snuggled with or put in swings, bouncers, or bassinets. Some parents can even get their newborns to become comfortable in their crib from the start.

The positives with all these things is that a newborn can be confined to one spot – as weird as it sounds. Once they start moving and staying awake for longer, the less they will stay in one place before the whining begins.

Moms need a few minutes to themselves. Whether it is to shower or nap or walk the dog, no matter how much a mama loves her little one, she deserves a break. Taking a few minutes away is sometimes possible when the baby can be safely set in one place.

When that baby is on the move, those quick “Mom Breaks” start lessening.

12 Looks Forward To: The Umbilical Stump Falling Off


The American Pregnancy Association says, “It will take some time (approximately 1-2 weeks) before the stump dries up and falls off. It will take a little care and attention to prevent irritation and infection.”

During that couple week span, new parents often get a little weirded out by the “ramen noodle-esque” stump sticking out of their baby’s belly button. They have to be extra cautious when cleaning it and must keep a close eye out for infection.

Many parents are ready for that little stump to just fall off and, when it does, panic sometimes ensues. Where did it go? Will we step on it? Will the dog eat it? Should we keep it? It’s an odd piece of infancy that can be a memorable experience, but also a

11 Misses: The Teeny-Tiny Outfits


Whether a mama has a preemie or a ten-pound baby, those teeny-tiny onesies, dresses, and suspenders are simply the cutest. Even if you’re someone who despises the use of the word “cute,” there’s a high chance you will give in when it comes to seeing newborn outfits.

It isn’t that baby and toddler clothes aren’t cute, but there is something about the itty-bitty, newborn onesies and pajamas that just make a heart melt. When a mom looks back through the dresser and starts boxing up the teeniest of teeny outfits, she may never want to let them go.

10 Looks Forward To: Not Having To Haul Around A Stroller

The Home That Made Me

Everyone reminds moms to embrace every moment of motherhood. Well, when you have to haul around a huge double stroller that takes up your entire trunk, it can be a tough moment to cherish. Whether or not you use a double stroller, a jogging stroller, or even an umbrella stroller – the constant in-and-out of the car gets old.

Yes, the stroller is incredibly useful and, yes, it’s worth having – especially when you have multiples or more than one child. However, it can be one heavy piece of equipment to constantly haul around.

This may not mean a mom is really looking all that forward to her baby being more independent and mobile - those are phases that give Mamas a rush of mixed emotions. It may just mean she is looking forward to more trunk space (until she has to pack for a trip and the trunk gets filled with diaper bags, duffel bags, food bags, and extra coffee).

9 Misses: Baby-Wearing

Marys Saalbert

Many parents rely on baby-wearing to get them through the day. They throw on a carrier or wrap, put the baby inside, and move forward with either housework or career-based work or, on the rare occasion, relaxing. Baby-wearing and going for walks can be a great bonding experience that doesn’t include a hefty stroller or a wagon.

The unfortunate truth is that babies grow. Sooner or later, wearing your not-so-little one may be straining on your shoulders and the stroller or wagon will become the new go-to.

The feeling of holding your little one close and being able to have them snuggled against you is a moment many mamas don’t want to see disappear.

8 Looks Forward To: Breaking The Pumping Schedule


Even though there are many benefits to breastfeeding and breast pumping, it isn’t always an easy or enjoyable activity for moms. While some moms find it to be a comfortable, bonding experience, others may have a hard time producing milk or may experience painful clogged ducts. Others just may find the whole process to be uncomfortable and, if that is the case, it is important for women to know the following that it is okay to feel that way.

If you find being plugged into the wall with suction cups on your chest to be frustrating, you probably are ready to break that stubborn pumping routine. For moms who want their little one to get every nutrient possible from their breastmilk, this process can be tough. If the decision has been made to supplement, it’s important to lessen the pumping safely and slowly.

However, when the process is complete, you may feel like a weight has been lifted from your chest.

Hey, moms have jokes too.

7 Misses: When Baby Sat Still For Pictures

Truly Yours, A

With social media being the powerhouse it has become, many new moms feel the need to swarm their timeline with baby pictures. While some people find continuous posting to be a bit much, most people would rather look at pictures of a baby than read political rants or public arguments.

However, once your little one starts discovering the world around them, they won’t want to sit still for long. Since many moms enjoy taking monthly pictures for keepsakes and to share with others, it becomes tougher to capture those precious moments.

The baby may want to eat the monthly sign placed on their chest or on the chair next to them. The baby may want to pull off the little shoes or bows they are wearing. Even though moments like these are frustratingly laughable, they can also make moms miss that “smushy” newborn phase.

6 Looks Forward To: Playgroups And Friends For Baby


Interacting with others at a very young age builds social skills and confidence,” says Corina John, a family support worker at Ontario Early Years Centre in Toronto, Canada.

Face-to-face interactions and conversations with newborns help them learn the different sounds of people’s voices and how they express emotions.”

It’s important to get your little one out-and-about. This is beneficial for both the baby and for the mama – who probably could use an escape. It sometimes seems like forever before the newborn has gained immune system strength and it is safer for them to be in the public. This waiting period can feel like forever and the excitement over playgroups and watching your little one make friends builds and builds.

5 Misses: Eating Whatever Mom Wanted (Well, Sort Of)


When a woman is breastfeeding or pumping, they often need to eat a little bit more than usual. This is because the baby is quite literally consuming what the mama does, so the mom’s body needs to keep up. According to Mayo Clinic, a woman must eat “about an additional 330 to 400 calories a day” to keep that energy going.

This reality gives many breastfeeding and pumping mamas the right to eat as much as they want – or so they think. Breastfeeding or pumping moms may want to dive right into a feast every night and, in a way, sometimes they can. However, even though it is important to have those additional calories by the end of the day, it’s also important to make healthy choices.

What Mom consumes, Baby consumes.

4 Looks Forward To: When Baby Shoes Actually Fit


Even though baby shoes are often unnecessary during those early stages of infancy, moms may have a tough time saying no when they see them. It’s hard to walk away from itty-bitty converse sneakers, boots, and moccasins – mostly because of how small and precious they are.

They also look small and precious when they fall off onto the floor. Some women are simply “shoe people” and look forward to when those shoes don’t fall off every time they’re put on. Other mamas like putting outfits together and shoes just give it that finishing touch.

When it comes to weather changes, shoes keep a baby safe and warm – truly, this point is the most crucial. If Mom is a shoe person or is a stickler for safety, she will look forward to the time when those shoes stay on for more than

3 Misses: Wanting A Break Without Feeling Guilty


This is one that sometimes a mama may never have the chance to miss because, well, it may never go away. However, some moms push through those feelings of guilt and make sure they find time for themselves – whether that be going through the Starbucks Drive-Thru or getting to a fitness class.

It’s important for nonstop, multitasking mamas to have time for themselves without their little one (no matter how much they love them).

It isn’t easy, but once you get to the point of understanding the importance of taking time for yourself, the guilt becomes a little less. It’s natural to feel bad for stepping away from that “Momhood Mayhem” to take time for yourself. However, it’s healthy and necessary – especially if you want to feel sane and coherent most of the day.

2 Looks Forward To: That Soft Spot Closing Up

Via Toronto Star

Not long after your little one is set in your arms, discussion involving the “soft spot” may happen. Summit Medical Group explains the soft spot to be a “diamond-shaped area on the top of the head in newborns. Babies have a soft spot to allow the bone of the skull to expand as the brain grows rapidly.

For many parents, any medical discussion involving a major organ (such as the brain) can cause anxiety. This paranoia may make a mama look forward to not having to worry as much about washing her baby’s head or putting on clothes or hats. Even though newborns are incredibly resilient, it is important to be cautious of that soft spot.

1 Misses: The Non-Stop Snuggles


It’s hard not to swoon over every second of a newborn snuggle session. You get to lay there with your little one curled up against you while you listen to them breathe and make those funny, REM-sleep smiles. When a baby is only days or months old, they sleep much more often. That gives Mom the chance to hold and cuddle her baby as much as she can.

It’s a tough truth to face, but babies often become less snuggly the more active they get.

This doesn’t mean they don’t still want to cuddle, it just means their attention isn’t just on those three newborn necessities: feeding, pooping, and sleeping.

Take advantage of every snuggle session you get. The sad reality is that babies don’t stay babies forever.

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