10 Reddit Stories Of Kids Who Saved Their Mother's Lives

Most heroes aren't the heroes that you see in film or on television, they don't have a hidden persona and they most certainly don't wear capes. Instead, heroes come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, with kids proving to be some of the bravest heroes around. That's right, throughout history, children have been known to react well under pressure as well as being able to understand the necessary thing to do during an emergency. Yes, it is never too early to teach your kids what to do when there is a problem, from dialing the emergency services to going over the details of what to say on the phone. Here are 10 Reddit stories of kids who have saved their mother's lives.

10 Mom Collapses, Son Calls For An Ambulance

Jailyn Emmett was at home with her two children, Tregan (aged 5) and Lincoln (15 months) and had just gotten off the phone to her husband who was working away. Not long after speaking to her husband she felt a shortness of breath which resulted in her passing out.

Emmett had previously been diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia, a heart-rhythm disorder and had been taught how to deal with episodes should they arise. Sadly, Emmett didn't have time to control it but somehow managed to dial 911 before she fell to the floor. Not long after, she woke up in an ambulance, with the paramedics explaining to her that after she had fallen, her little boy, Tregan, picked up the phone and identified himself as "Spiderman" he then told dispatchers where they lived and that they should hurry because his Mom had just died. Thankfully, Emmett survived, with dispatchers praising Tregan's ability to stay calm which resulted in saving his Mom's life.

9 Pizza Slap

After an afternoon of eating pizza and watching television, seven-year-old Rita left the room for only a few minutes before coming back to find her mother lying unconscious on the floor. Not knowing what to do, Rita grabbed a piece of pizza and slapped her Mom in the face. Sadly, the pizza slap didn't work as well as Rita had wanted, so she picked up the phone and called 911 instead.

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At the time, Rita didn't know her address as they had just moved, so she directed dispatchers around her neighborhood and stood outside waving her arms when they got near. In the end, Rita's Mom was ok, and Rita also received The Sarasota County Fire Department award for bravery.

8 Choking On A Snickers

It is always important to remember that it is never too early to teach your kids life-saving techniques. That's right, things such as first aid, the Heimlich maneuver, or mouth to mouth, can really make or break a life or death situation. For instance, eleven-year-old Keith Corbett certainly took that into account, when he found his mother choking to death on a chocolate bar. Keith, who had previously been taught the Heimlich maneuver at school, managed to remove the chocolate from his mother's throat and eventually save her life. So, what are you waiting for? It could save your life one day.

7 Saved The Day

Home invasions are probably one of the worst things that can happen to you, especially if you are inside the home or asleep while the burglary is happening. Unfortunately, for eight-year-old Jaden, this was a real-life situation, when two armed robbers smashed through his front door and demanded that his mother and her partner give them money.

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At the time, Jaden was in his bedroom, so he quickly climbed out of his bedroom window and alerted his neighbors who then called 911. When the police arrived, the burglars were still in the house and were eventually arrested and sent to prison.

6 House Fire

House fires are everybody's worst nightmare and are extremely terrifying and frightening. Therefore, it is important to teach your kids exactly what to do if they are unfortunate enough to experience one. For instance, ten-year-old, Samantha Christian managed to save her whole family after waking up in the middle of the night to the smell of smoke in her home. Firstly, Samantha immediately woke her mother, who then tried to put out the fire with some water. While her mother was attempting to wash out the fire, Samantha went and collected her younger brothers and escorted them both outside with her mother escaping not long after.

5 Mountain Ride

In 2012, eight-year-old Johaven Gonzales was almost killed when the car that he was in fell off the side of a mountain. Johan's grandmother, sister, and pregnant mother were also in the car, as it slipped off the steep mountain roads and into the abyss.

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Thankfully, all of the passengers survived, however, due to the location of their car it seemed unlikely that they would ever be found. Johaven quickly called 911, then climbed out of the vehicle and climbed the 100ft cliff in order to direct the emergency services to the car. As a result of his bravery, Johaven was gifted with a bike from the first responders.

4 Choking On Chips

Everybody knows that potato chips are bad for your health, but did you know that they can actually kill you? Well, attempt to anyway. Sadly, this was a real-life scenario for five-year-old Chloe who suddenly spotted her mother choking on a potato chip. Chloe knew that something bad was about to happen if she didn't think fast, so she quickly dialed 911 and told dispatchers that her "mommy was choking" and that they should come quickly. The dispatcher then told Chloe to leave the front door open and that they would be there as soon as they could. Thankfully, Chloe's mother was saved and Chloe was hailed as a hero.

3 Human Shield

Everybody knows that most parents and children have a special bond that usually means one would give up their life for the other if they so had to. Thankfully, these situations are rare, however, that doesn't mean that they don't happen. For instance, In 2007, seven-year-old Alexis Goggins attempted to save her mom's life by using her body as a shield to save her from a gunman. The gunman in question was Alexis's mother's ex-boyfriend, Calvin, who had sought revenge after a messy breakup. In the end, both mother and daughter survived, with Calvin later arrested by the police.

2 Ask Siri

These days, people might berate parents for letting their children spend large amounts of time on their iPhones or iPods. However, you never know when they might just save your life. That's right, a four-year-old boy saved his mother's life by dialing the emergency services when she suddenly fell unconscious. Just thirteen minutes later, officers and paramedics arrive to find the four-year-old boy along with his twin brother sat with their mother who was on the floor. Thankfully, paramedics were able to save the mother's life who eventually made a full recovery. It was later revealed, that the boy had used his mother's iPhone after unlocking it by using her thumb. He then asked Siri how to get help which put him through to dispatchers.

1 Don't Skip School

Six-year-old Malak Touak managed to save her mother's life using a set of skills that she had previously learned at school three days earlier. Malak's mother, Zahia Halfaoui, had been feeling unwell after spending the day cleaning. As a result, Zahia passed out onto the floor, forcing Malak to put into action everything she had studied at school. First, Malak put a pillow under her mother's head and then put her into the recovery position. She then called for an ambulance who arrived and took her mother to the hospital. Thankfully, her mother made a full recovery and Malak was awarded a bravery award.

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